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The Jennings Family

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 9:

More Than He Bargained For

The morning breaks far too early for some, no matter what the hour. This is why Dan and Kenny still slumbered at 10:37. Only the pressure of a morning bladder was sufficient to rouse oneof them, who staggered and stumbled to reach the adjacent bathroom. His clumsy attempt at silence were less than good, for the other's eyes opened and darted quickly around. Unfamiliar surroundings brought him quickly to alert. After a few seconds of confusion, he relaxed, recalling all that had happened last evening, night, and into the early morning.

How many times had he come? How many had Kenny? Fucked? Three? Four? Although it didn't matter, it seems to be the natural score-keeping tendency of men to make it so.

The sound of water falling into water made him look toward the open door, from which the sound emanated. It reminded him that he too should follow the same trail for similar relief.

Tossing back the single sheet they had slept under, he rolled to the side of the bed and lowered his feet to the floor. Upon rising, he stretched his arms, threw back his head, and yawned. Somewhat revived, he entered the bathroom, just as Kenny was finishing up. With a shake of his limp penis, the few clinging drops fell away. Kenny flushed the stool, then moved to the counter to brush his teeth.

Squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush, he looked up into the mirror at the precise instant when Dan did. For an instant, a sort of “I know what we did last night” recognition telegraphed between them, and smiles creased their faces.

Dan raised the lid and pushed it back against the tank. Free now to pee, he aimed his semi-rigid morning hard on, and waited. All men know that feeling!

His bladder was unwilling to cooperate. In frustration, he adopted his normal stance: waiting. Finally the dam broke. With a sigh, pee streamed down to splash into the pool below.

Finished with the most pressing issue, Dan closed the lid, and flushed it.

At the counter, he found a long, slender white box containing a brand new toothbrush. He gratefully tore it open, and tossed the box and wrapping into the trash.

“Wow!” Dan enthused.

Kenny asked, “What?”

“I just love the ergonomically shaped handle!”

“What the fuck!” Kenny declared. “It's just a toothbrush!”

“You are not a morning person!” Dan said, chortling at his joke.

By now, Kenny was laughing at his overblown response. “Definitely not where toothbrushes are concerned, but I can wake up for the right guy.”

“Mph…,” muttered Dan, just beginning to brush his own sparkling teeth. “With you in a minute.”

Kenny retreated to the bedroom to await Dan.


They had eaten a simple but tasty breakfast of waffles, bacon, coffee, and orange juice, while each perused one part of the newspaper in relative silence.

Dan, the news junkie, chose the front two pages, Kenny the sports and gossip sections.

“More coffee, Dan?” asked Kenny, offering the carafe. Nodding in lieu of speaking, he refilled the cup, setting it before Dan.

“Thanks,” was Dan's muttered response.

Kenny knew that Dan was in town on business as well as pleasure. So when Dan took his soiled plate, cup, and utensils to the sink, he knew that it was over, for the moment.

Standing beside the door, they reviewed final plans.

“I have to make three calls in person to people who will be the core of my business here,” he explained, yet again. “I'll call you around 3:00,” he said. “You have the directions. We'll meet there. OK?”

“OK! Got it.” They kissed at the door, and Dan was out. He closed the door and turned to take care of morning chores. All the while, he was fantasizing about the day ahead.


At 3:27 the phone rang.

“Hello, Dan,” said Kenny.

“Yeah, babe. Sorry to be so late. Business is business, and that comes first.”

“No problem,” he replied. “Where are you?”

“I'm headed there now.” He gave an intersection Kenny was familiar with.

“I'm leaving right now. See you in 15 minutes,” came his reply.

“I'm about 15 minutes away too. When you get there, stay in your truck. We'll go in together. I've told Jim I'm bringing a friend, and he was very excited.” A few more words, and the connection was broken. “Maybe I can help two lonely men at once,” Dan pondered.


He was pulling into the driveway just as Kenny’s truck arrived and parked beside him. They got out of their vehicles together, greeted each other again, and walked to the front door.

A touch of the doorbell brought the “ding, dong” of chimes inside. A moment later, the door swung wide. “Come on in,” said Jim, who was standing naked, exposed to any who might walk by, but for the two men in the doorway shielding his body. Stepping inside, Jim closed it behind them.

He was an attractive man, with a body meant to be looked at. His cock, half hard, was impressive. Kenny made a soft whistle of admiration and reached over to take it in his hand. “One nice piece of meat!”

Jim grinned appreciatively. “I'm glad you like it.”

“Jim, this is Kenny, a recent friend,” Dan said, introducing them.

“Hello, Kenny,” said Jim, taking his hand and pumping it. “So glad to meet you.”

“Why, thank you, Jim. I'm glad to meet you as well.”

Turning to Dan, Jim put a hand behind his head, pulled his face to meet his own, and kissed him deeply. When Jim allowed their mouths to part, he said softly, “And so very nice to see you again.”

Dan looked almost embarrassed, being kissed so aggressively and so… so… so nicely!

“Jim is damn good at this,” he said to Kenny.

“I'd like to see if that's true, or just your opinion,” declared Kenny, looking expectantly at Jim.

Now it was Jim's turn to be in the spotlight, and he blushed slightly. “How can I let a challenge like that go unanswered?” he said, stepping over to Kenny and kissing him.

Jim's tongue pressed hard against Kenny's lips until they opened, and it dove in to run around the inside of his mouth. Then Kenny's tongue pushed back. That long thing reached back almost to his throat, causing him to choke.

Now it was Kenny holding Jim's mouth hostage with a hand on the back of his head. The last time Jim had met a man with such an extension, he recalled what happened next and melted into his embrace.

Two hardening cocks, one clothed, one bare, were pressed together. They rubbed themselves against each other in an erotic dance of lusty desires.

For a long moment, Dan watched, feeling his own erection growing stronger. When Kenny broke the kiss, he continued to held Jim close to him, still grinding their crotches together.

“Hey, guys, why don't we get these clothes off? Looks like you two need more freedom.”

They did, albeit reluctantly, step apart, their eyes not leaving each other. Jim was enthralled by that kiss that brought back memories of a previous lover similarly talented.

“My bedroom. We can strip there,” he said.

Kenny knew the signs. Smiling, he took Jim's hand, and said, “Show me the way.”

Walking from the entry way toward the bedroom, they passed by the family room. Dan turned his head to look out through the large sliding door to the pool.

When he saw the boys who frolicked there, he wished desperately to be naked, like they were. “Soon,” he thought, “I can get away from these two horny guys.” His interests were in smaller cocks and tighter asses.

“In here,” Jim said, feeling more in control. That brief memory of the oral magic Kenny had performed was slipping away. He was ready to renew it.

Kenny sensed that Jim would be the perfect lover. The kind of man who would give himself in any way he led. He squeezed Jim's hand suggestively. Jim smiled back, acknowledging it.

The three quickly stripped off their clothes, folded them neatly, and put them on the dresser, a space… cleared just for this. Standing naked, each admiring and evaluating the other bodies, which were similar in physical fitness.

Dan's was hard from the daily work he did on customer sites, although that was becoming less, with more men to do the hard labor.

Kenny's work, as a flight attendant, required minimal physical exercise. He compensated by spending at least one hour, sometimes more, at the gym. His body was important, not just for his own personal health reasons. He wanted to remain attractive to other men.

Jim's eyes roved up and down over it, stopping at his stiff cock. Angled sharply up, it was unbelievably thick! He wanted it in a way he'd almost forgotten.

Jim did some of each; both sedentary and manual labor. He maintained his exceptional fitness by daily swimming, an exercise that worked most muscles of the body. The striking difference between his and the other two was his almost total lack of body hair. Oh, it was there, but very light in color. He didn't mind, as many men preferred his smooth look. Kenny obviously did.

What they all had in common were long hard cocks and low-hanging balls.

Jim was smiling at Kenny, and Kenny at Jim. Their mutual attraction was drawing them together like iron to a magnet. Old memories told Kenny that this was the time to take action, and he did. Reaching out, Jim came to him into his embrace. They kissed passionately.

When they broke, Kenny whispered something into Jim's ear. His eyes lit up, and he nodded enthusiastically. Kenny took his hand, and led him to the bed.

“Kneel down on the bed, and spread your cheeks.”

Jim quickly complied. Kenny, licking his lips and eying Jim's puckered hole, knelt down behind him. Dan didn't much care for what they were going to do, so bid a silent “Adieu,” and walked out of the bedroom. Behind him, he could hear Jim’s low moans of sensual delight. This was only the warm-up for what Kenny had planned. Dan wondered how his moans would sound as Kenny slowly filled his ass with that monster cock.

Walking quickly away from the bedroom, he rounded the corner into the family room. He could hear the boys yelling and screaming in play, even though the door was closed.

“Is it ever possible for males to play quietly, no matter their age and the activity?” he wondered. “Probably not,” he answered himself.

Four heads were bouncing around, water being splashed around wildly. He couldn't help but admire them. So full of energy, their bodies so pretty. But it wasn't until he stepped right up to the door, so that he could see…!


Four heads?

Recounting confirmed it. Definitely four heads. So much water was being thrown about, none were distinct. Until, suddenly, play ceased. All eyes swiveled toward the door, where he stood.

Heads together, conferring. Lips moving and fingers pointing. Suddenly embarrassed, Dan stepped aside so he was no longer visible. Holding his breath, he waited.

“Swoosh!” the door slid open, and four, yes, four, naked boys stepped inside to confront him.

“Hi, Dan,” Alex greeted him, embracing him tightly. His hard cock pressing against the boy's midsection. It felt wonderful! This was what he had come for. “I sure been missing you, daddy.”

“I missed you too, Alex,” Dan replied.

The identity of the fourth boy was the question hanging in the air. When Dan opened his mouth to ask it, Alex beat him to it. “Dan, this is my cousin, Derick,” he said, introducing them.

“Can I ask,” was Dan's reply, “what is he doing here? I thought it was just going to be us?” He was peeved, not only at finding a fourth boy in the pool, but equally so at being thrust into the mix with them.

“Sorry, Dan, we didn't know he was coming. His mom and dad came by and dropped him off. They done that before.”

“That's right, Mr. Dan,” said Derick. “They just stopped the van, told me to go inside, and tell Uncle Jim that I needed to stay for a few hours. Scout's honor!” He held up his hand in salute.

Dan was about to say something, to tell Derick that he understood, and all that. In his typical bluntness, Alex said, “Derick wants to learn how to give a blow job. I'm the oldest, so I'm going to teach him.”

Stunned, Dan was caught in something he hadn't anticipated. Yet the idea that he was going to be the subject of a cock sucking lesson was quite a turn-on.

Alex knelt down and indicated that Derick should too. “Dan has a big cock,” he said. “Take a look.”

Derick leaned in to examine it. Precum was oozing out. “What's that stuff?” he asked, pointing.

“It's called precum. Go ahead, you can touch it,” said Alex.

Derick cautiously ran his finger over the slickness and brought it to his nose.

“Taste it. It won't hurt you,” Alex encouraged. Taking a swipe from the leaking tip, he demonstrated by sucking on his own finger. Derick did the same. His face crinkled up a little.

“You like it?” asked Alex.

“It's OK,” he said with a shrug.

Dan was completely taken in, watching the easy way Alex was instructing Derick in the art of fellatio.

“After you've sucked off a bunch of guys, you'll get used to it,” declared Alex confidently, then went on. “Now you watch me. After I do it, you do it too.”

Taking Dan's cock, in one hand, his other cupping the pair of large balls, he stuck out his tongue to lap off the dripping precum, then ran it around the rim.

“Oooo!” Dan moaned, a shiver running through his body.

“See how Dan likes it, when I licked his cock head?” asked Alex.

“Uh huh,” replied Derick.

“Now you do it, while I watch to be sure you're doing it right.”

Derick repeated Alex's actions, generating the same response.

“OK, you got it. Now watch as I take his cock and begin to suck. Start out easy, then jack him as you suck harder.”

Derick was very excited; his cock agreed. It pointed very strongly upward, as he took in every word and action. He was anxious to suck his very first cock today.

Putting his mouth at the tip of the large dick in his hand, he began to slowly lower it over head and shaft. All the time, his tongue was licking the head; his hand leisurely stroking it up and down. Dan sighed, feeling his lust level rise. Derick was watching everything, from Alex's actions to Dan's reactions.

Coming off of the thick cock, Alex grinned and said, “Your turn, but we'll do it in my bedroom. If we don't give him someplace to lay down, Dan might collapse.”

Derick took Dan's hand and led him to Alex's bedroom, with the other three following along. “Lay down on the bed,” he instructed.

Dan was fully enjoying everything these two young boys were doing to him. He spread his thighs, making room for Derick to lie down.

“Lay between his legs, up close to his cock.”

“Like this?” asked Derick, positioning himself close to Dan's balls.

“Yeah, like that, just get comfortable, then go ahead and start sucking on him,” suggested Alex.

Derick stretched out between the open legs. Taking Dan's cock in one hand to hold it upright, he looked at it, kissed it lovingly, and lowered his mouth, enveloping the head.

Alex was overjoyed, watching his friend taking his first cock. “Yes,” he whispered excitedly. “That's it. Now suck.”

Derick's eyes closed, focusing all his being on the long cock in his mouth. He began a slow sucking action, simultaneously jacking it.

It felt so good, this cock. Hard, thick, stiff, everything he'd always imagined. While sucking and jacking Dan, he was rubbing his own rod against the bed. Lust on high, Derick wanted more. The desire to suck was strong, the desire to be sucked even stronger.

Nature took over. Firmly attached to the cock in his mouth, he turned completely about, offering Dan his own small prick. Equally hard and just as stiff, it was what this man wanted.

With a cock in his mouth, Dan was suddenly aroused far more. The mutual effects of the two, amplified the effect of one. That Derick was a natural cock sucker made it even better.

Man vs. boy. Who would be the first to cum?

It was the man. With a growl, he pressed his cock as deeply into the boy's mouth and shot his load of cum there.

Derick coughed. But kept his lips closed tightly around it. His easy acceptance of deep throating and cum swallowing demonstrated even more his natural skills at fellatio. He was prepared for this and more.

Seconds later, Derick's own ejaculation, the most powerful and enjoyable that he had ever had, consumed him. He moaned as he ground his cock into the face below and spewed several jets of hot, sticky semen. His mind and body were completely focused on this singular event.

After he had fully emptied his balls, he was aware of the laughter and applause the other boys bestowed on him.

“Good blow job,” one remarked.

“I like the way you switched to 69,” said another.

“Kiss Dan, share your cum,” Alex told him.

He raised his head and struggled to turn about so that he was face-to-face with Dan. Their mouths and tongues connected and merged.

He was lying still on top of Dan, their tongues lapping in a sensuous dance of desire. “That was so hot!” Derick said, in a very aroused voice. They rested together thus, until Derick rolled off of him and lay recuperating in his arms.

“Derick, you haven't been fucked, have you.” It was not a question.

Snuggling against his man, the little cutie looked up at him, smiled sweetly, and asked, “Not yet. Are you gonna do me?”