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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 11:

Brian and Grant

Grant was using his mouth, tongue, and both hands to touch Brian in ways that that combined to titillate and maximize his sexual pleasure. Brian was groaning under Grant's expert touches. From time to time, Grant would raise his head to look at this man tossing in the sensual sea he was creating. “Do you like that, daddy?” Brian had lost the ability to speak; he was so overwhelmed by Grant's ministrations.


Grant had sucked many cocks since his dad introduced him to it. His uncle and grandfather had taught him how to sense the mood of his partner. All this impromptu schooling in the art of fellatio made him a master at the act, even at such a young age. It was enhanced by his love of cock. He sucked Fred often, sometimes three times a day.

His mind went back to a day long ago when he had been taken to his dad's father, Chris, to show him off. “Keep my cock head in your mouth and your grip loose, Grant,” his grandfather had said. “Oh! Yeah! That's it. Good! Good!” Grant was happily giving his grandfather a blow job, a task he truly enjoyed.

“OK, now stop, boy,” the man instructed him. Grant obediently lifted his mouth from the thick, uncut, seven-inch rod he still held in his fist.

“Did you notice how I was tensing up?” Grant nodded. “Well, that means I'm about to cum. When you're sucking your man, learn to sense his body. Don't let him cum, not at first anyway. Keep your lips around his prick, and slide your mouth slowly back until it's just out of your mouth. Try it.”

Grant put his mouth around the lovely man meat and went down again. In a moment, he felt his grandfather's body stiffen. He pulled back until his lips just touched the pee slit.

“That's it! Perfectly done. Now look up at me.” Grant lifted his eyes to stare into the clear-blue ones. The hard on he held in his fist was no longer twitching spasmodically. He knew it was ready for him to resume, so, without being told, he returned to his task. This time he took his writhing grandfather over the edge, and received his reward: three shots of semen, which he savored before swallowing.

His father and his uncle were watching, applauding Grant's growing skill. After a moment, grandpa sighed and asked, “You noticed how I relaxed just then? My lust had gone down, so you can return to sucking. This time, move your mouth up and down my shaft.” He sighed in satisfaction, as every nerve in his shaft was being lit up. “Use your fingers around the base; circular motion.” He gasped, his nipples hardened. “My god, boy. You are doing so damn well.” He was watching 10-year-old Grant, his head rising and falling on his shaft. Just as he had reached a peak, Grant backed off, sensing growing tension in his body language. Grant's mouth was now lightly touching the skin of his erection and his fingers' grip loosened, to generate a lesser, but satisfactory, stimulation. “Good, boy!” He watched his young grandson with the pride that any teacher might have: recognizing talent, regardless of what his skill set was.

It was so good! He could not recall a time when he didn't have a cock in his hand, or a mouth, or an ass once a day. Even in his earliest memories, his dad was pumping cum into him. He liked the unique tangy flavor, although the feeling of a pulsing cock filling his anus and breeding him was a very comforting feeling. He'd become a master at masturbating a man. Not just up and down, but in a circular motion, while his tongue did wonderful things to one of his uncles or father, equally enjoyable for both him and his man. Through his father’s training, he could bring a man to the edge of a climax, and let him shoot a small jet of semen onto his cock head, for Grant to lap off. Yes, he was just all around good as a cock sucker and fuckee.

“When my eyes open, Grant, it means you've done a fantastic job. You cleaned off my cock head very well.” Grant sat back on his heels and smiled. “Thanks, gramps,” he said enthusiastically. “I really liked sucking you off.”

The old man looked with pride on his grandson and, seeing his stiff four-inch prick, asked, “Would you like me to take care of you, Grant?” Grant smiled and nodded. “Then come up here and straddle my chest. You can fuck my face.” He needed no second request, but scrambled to his feet to step up next to his grandfather's head, lower his body to sit astride his chest, and lean forward, inserting his cock into the open mouth. The lips closing around his hard on felt so good! He began to slowly thrust in and out of the sucking mouth. “You're really good too, grandpa,” he said, as he increased the pace of his hip thrusts.


Chris himself had learned to be a talented partner, outstanding cock sucker, and with the ability to tighten his ass for any man's cock buried therein. By building a network of other men and boys, he had contacted and partnered with gay and bi men in higher and higher positions. It did help also to be talented in knowledge of banking and economics. He climbed his ladder, cock upon cock, until he no longer needed a mentor. Now he was the mentor, helping young gay men advance. Stepping out as his own person, he had not only made many friends and lovers, but a substantial company, and with a salary to match.

Did it matter that others knew he preferred men? Not when he could be a good hetero lover when business called for it. Not when he could all but guarantee his clients a comfortable income. He wanted his grandson to be equally successful in both areas. He could be a good partner for any man, boy, or woman when need required. He was very pleased at Grant's oral skills; he took to it so well.

He felt so sorry for those poor fools who believed the nonsense about not touching their sons' bodies. Many boys would experiment before puberty. Why make them feel guilty about it, forcing them to keep silent about their newly-discovered cock sucking skills? He was thrilled when Fred had come to him, telling him in an excited voice of his first gay conquest, a close friend. How many men had missed such a declaration from their sons, who longed to talk with a father they loved?

Just then, he sensed that Grant was approaching climax, and clenched his lips even tighter around the small, hard, thrusting boy flesh. The prick slammed against his mouth, as Grant tried to push in deeper, then held. Grant's small body tensed, and he grunted, “Uh, uh, uhhhhhh!” He felt the prick tighten and seem to expand, although no cum shot into his mouth. It was sufficient to him to know that Chris felt nothing but pride in a skill most grandfathers would find repugnant. After holding his body in the stiffened mode for a few seconds, he relaxed, opened his eyes, and looked down at Chris. “That was great, grampa,” he said, pulling his softened penis from the old man's mouth.


Now Grant was kneeling between the open thighs of another of his father's friends. He loved Fred deeply, and would happily suck or be fucked by any man that Fred told him to do. He was aware of his grandfather's desire that he have these additional talents, for there are many gay and bi men who can help him. Science and math were his passions when not in bed, and he was learning to practice them as well. Sensing that this was the moment, Grant really sucked and stroked Brian to an explosive ejaculation, while he took it in his mouth. Men liked that.

Brian was left panting from the most amazing foreplay and build up he'd ever experienced. When a smiling Grant moved onto his lap to stick his tongue into his mouth, he happily complied. Their kiss lasted a long time. When it ended, Grant stood up, and planted his feet on the bench on both sides of Brian's thighs. Placing his hands against the wall just behind Brian's head for balance, he moved his hips toward his mouth. Brian opened his mouth to accept the slender five-inch, cut prick into his mouth.

For the moment, until he had caught his breath from Grant's breathtaking performance, worthy of an Academy Award, he rested his head against the pillow Grant placed behind him, and let Grant slowly fuck his face. He could get used to this boy very easily.

His horniness was regrowing, thanks to his partner's ability to please. Brian tightened his lips around Grant's stiff little cock. Unusual for balls of his age, they were already descending into a long sack. Brian cupped them, massaging them lightly.

Grant was groaning, as Brian’s hand did its work. Opening his mouth slightly, he could use his tongue to tease the cock sliding in and out. Suddenly Grant's body tightened up. Opening his lips, Brian collected a mini-climax; a small jet of semen, but not a full load. Grant sighed in relief, then Brian returned to a slow in and out. After two more minis, Grant pleaded, “I gotta cum.”

This time, Brian kept his lips tight around the reciprocating prick, which moved faster and faster and faster until, with a groan, he shot a small, but satisfying, load of cum onto Brian's hungry mouth. They remained connected like this for almost half a minute, while Grant's cock drained the remnants of semen onto Brian's tongue. He got a nice pool of white, sticky elixir. A lot of cum for one so young.

When Grant pulled his flaccid prick from between Brian’s lips, he sat down on Brian's lap. They held each other, with encircling arms, for a few moments, quietly reliving their love making. Grant looked up at him wide-eyed, and whispered, “You're hard again?”

“Yes. Again. You know what that means, don't you?”

Grant's head was going up and down rapidly. “Fucking time!”

As much as Brian wished to get his cock into this boy's bottom, he decided on a more relaxed route. “Can you move aside so I can stand up?” he asked the happy boy.

“You wanna fuck here, in the hot tub?” gushed Grant mischievously.

“How about we go to your bed?” Brian responded, taking the boy's small hand.

Leaving the hot tub room, they padded down the hall hand-in-hand. Brian looked at the boy walking with him. At 12, Brian had been involved with girls. He also recalled the tightness in his gut when he looked at naked boys in the showers at school and harbored a secret desire. Their soft, swinging penises held an attraction for him that he could not fathom. That interest was brought fully home to him when the boy standing next to him as he dried off whispered, “You like them too, don't you?”

“Huh? What?” he asked, his mind snapping back.

“Cocks. You like to look at them too, don't you?” the boy asked again, a knowing smile on his lips.

Shaking his head, he stared at this kid who could see in him what only his subconscious could sense: his burning desire. “No!” he whispered harshly. “Leave me alone!”

Stunned by his rejection, the other boy quickly dressed and moved to wait by the door. Brian's heart was pounding so hard. “No,” he whispered to himself. “I don't like cocks!” Yet he didn't feel convinced.

Now he was a cock sucker; it had taken years for that facet of his personality to shine through. And be good at it, at that. They stopped at an open door; Grant tugged his hand. “This is my room.” Brian let Grant pull him in and lead him to the bed, where he turned on a light next to it.

“Aren't you going to close the door?” Brian asked.

“No,” said Grant smiling at him. “I like to have my dad or my brother watch me. I like them to see how much I like sex.” Pointing to the bed, he said, “Lay down in the middle, on your back.” Reaching into the drawer of the night stand, he brought a bottle of lube. Opening it, he poured an ample amount into his palm. Taking Brian's large and leaking cock in his hand, he began to massage it. “You have a gorgeous cock, daddy,” he whispered admiringly. His eyes were locked onto this pole upon which he would soon impale himself. He could already sense the thickness penetrating his anus and sliding up his tunnel of love.

“It's about the same length as your dad's,” Brian commented absently, his eyes on the slow manipulations Grant was performing, in preparation for his fuck.

“But it's thicker!” Grant emphasized, looking up to see Brian's face. “Thick ones are the best. Really stretch my butt.” Smiling, he handed the bottle to Brian, turned, and leaned over while spreading his cheeks. “Could you lube me now?”

Brian had not seen the ass holes of his previous lovers, now he was pushing his lube-covered finger into the tight boy cunt. After pulling out, adding more lube, and sticking it in several more times, Grant stood up, took the lube, and placed it on the night stand. “I'm ready,” he said, moving onto the bed to straddle Brian's hips. Lowering himself, he found Brian's cock, and pointed it up for his boy cunt to make contact with it. This done, he looked up at Brian, and said, “I like doing this. For both of us,” he whispered, as he continued his slow descent.

They watched each other, the expressions on their faces changing as Grant's boy pussy began to swallow Brian's aching prick. The cock head easily penetrated the boy's sphincter and Grant smiled. “Mmm…,” he breathed. “Your cock feels soooo good in me, daddy,” he crooned, allowing it to go even deeper. His eyes were staring at a distant place while he moaned, “Ahhh… ahhhh… ahhhh!”

Brian's first and only fuck had been to bust the cherry of a virgin ass. The tightness was like a fist gripping his hard cock. Like comparing beer to champagne. Grant's hole was a slippery ride, with the walls of his gut wrapped around his shaft like velvet. He was fascinated watching his prick vanish up the boy's passage until his cheeks rested on Brian's groin with a satisfied, “Ahhh!”

Grant's eyes opened to look at Brian's face. “Feels good, doesn't it?” he asked with a knowing grin.

“Best I've ever felt,” agreed Brian. No use telling him that this was only his second fuck. “I like it.”

“Men do,” Grant intoned. “Please take my hands.”

Brian raised his hands to grip Grant's. “It's hard to balance while I fuck myself, so I need your hands to support me. I'll do all the work. You lay back and enjoy!”

He did just that, as Grant began to lift himself up until just the head was inside, then sit back down. Beginning with a slow pace, he was soon rising and falling with an increasing pace. The look on Grant's face was priceless, displaying effort and happiness at the same time. He was concentrating on getting off. Brian felt himself nearing climax when Grant groaned and three jets of semen shot from his erect penis, depositing white pools on Brian's belly and chest. Seconds later Brian felt himself shooting, coating Grant's guts with cum.

Grant stopped moving and sat silently on Brian's groin, breathing hard and resting. He remained thus until the hardness inside him became a soft thing his sphincter pushed out. The plug now missing, Brian's cum was trickling out onto his balls. What an odd sensation! Grant released Brian's hands and lowered himself onto Brian's cum-covered torso.

“Oh, baby,” Brian whispered to the exhausted boy. “That was wonderful. Your cunt was so smooth and easy to penetrate.”

Grant didn't raise his head from Brian's chest. Just lay quietly breathing hard. “I know. It's been well-tested.”

Brian was curious but didn't want to spoil this moment by asking a lot of useless questions. No man should pry into his lover's sex history. He simply held the boy, letting him relax. “You are one hot little fuck.” He couldn't see it, but sensed Grant's smile.

They must have drifted off to sleep, for Brian felt hands shaking him. “Daddy,” said Oliver, “Wake up.” His eyes opened to look into his son's face. Grant was stirring too. Behind Oliver stood Fred, a big smile on his face.

Grant was moving off him, leaving the room. Brian grinned up at the pair and stretched. “That was one hot time,” he enthused. He rolled to the side of the bed and dropped his feet over so he could rise.

“Daddy,” said Oliver breathlessly, “Can Grant come stay with us? Huh? Can he? Please.”

Brian gave a short chuckle. Fred confirmed Oliver's request. “Could you? I'd like for you to spend some quality time with him.”

Looking back at Oliver's pleading eyes, he nodded. “I don't think Donna would mind,” he said. It was at that moment when Grant returned. Seeing the smiling faces, he smiled too, “What's up?” he asked.

Fred and Oliver explained that Grant could spend a few days with Oliver at his place. Grant smiled broadly and looked at Brian, who smiled and gave a brief nod of his head. “Yay!” shouted Grant and Oliver.

“I've got to clean up. You guys get dressed and pack up a few things for Grant,” Brian said, walking to the bathroom.

When he returned, he quickly dressed and was tying his shoes when Fred came to him. “Where are the boys?” Brian asked.

“They're waiting by the door,” he replied. “I've got to tell you, Brian, Grant really likes you. Apparently you have a way with kids of his age. I appreciate your willingness to spend a few days with him.”

Brian finished tying his shoe and stood. “Grant is a fine boy. He's got real talent for one so young.”

Fred moved into Brian's embrace and kissed him lightly, pulled back and looked him in the eyes. Cupping his cock, Fred said, “I'd like to get with you alone. Give this a test ride.” He squeezed the re-hardened rod and purred.

“We can discuss that later, I've gotta get home. Donna will be surprised I've won the prize,” he said, laughing.

“OK, babe. You scoot along. See you in a couple of days.”

When Brian came to the front door, the boys were laughing and poking each other. “OK, guys, let's get home. Your mom's gonna wonder about this one,” Brian said, as Fred opened the door for them.

“Bye, dad,” said Grant, waving back at Fred.

“So long!” replied Fred.

A few minutes later, Brian and the boys were driving down the street. Checking in his rear view mirror, only one head was visible. “Horny little foxes!” he thought, grinning as he realized what was going on back there. “This is going to be an interesting few days,” he was thinking to himself.

He had no idea just how interesting.