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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 12:

Oliver Seduces Brian

Arriving at home, Brian wheeled into his garage just as it opened completely. Pulling forward, he checked his location to make sure the car was fully in, then pressed the button to close it. Both boys had leapt from the car the instant it came to a full stop, and raced for the entrance into the house.

As he entered, Brian's nostrils were filled with the marvelous aroma of cooking food. “Wow! What is that?” he asked, knowing that part of Donna's personality was to keep the food at meal time secret until placed on the table before her family. “Never mind, love. Why don't you go check on the boys? Make sure Grant's clothes are removed from his bag. There's room for them in Oliver's dresser.”

Brian leaned over to Donna to kiss her smiling face. He realized at that moment that he loved her so much. Yes, he was happy he was married to this woman, who gave him the son he adored. Now he had to argue the morality of cheating on her with their son and other men. Taking a deep breath, he let it out as he approached Oliver's door. He tapped on the door. “It's dad,” he said.

“Come in,” came Oliver's voice from the other side.

Entering, he saw both boys sitting side-by-side on the bed. “OK, guys,” he said. “What's up?”

“Nuthin', dad,” replied Oliver. “We're just talkin'.” The sight of two beautiful boys in one place was pushing his attention away from his original mission.

“OK!” Brian said, coming to his senses. “Mom is going to be calling us for dinner in a few minutes. I came in here to make sure Grant's clothes are hung up. Did you do that?” he asked.

Both boys looked silently down at the floor. Brian said, “Let's get moving, then. Hop to it. Hup! Hup!” Hop they did, Grant opened his bag and removed his outer clothes, all neatly folded. Oliver took them, opened his dresser drawer, and laid them in carefully. Next came underwear and socks, which went into a corner.

Brian looked into the bag to see a brown sack taped shut. “What's this?” he asked Grant.

“Oh, yeah, Dad told me to give that to you. He said it might be useful.” Then he looked at Brian and asked, “Can we open it?”

“I don't see why not,” Brian replied. With that, he carefully loosened the tape, opened it, and looked in. He began to laugh.

“What is it, dad?” asked a grinning Oliver.

“Yeah, Mr. Wick. Show us,” added Grant. He and Oliver were almost bouncing from curiosity.

Brian pulled out a plastic bag containing four butt plugs. They ranged from a middle finger size to six-inch cock size. A small bottle of lube was included.

“I want to try the little one,” exclaimed Oliver. His shorts and briefs were already on the floor, and he stood there naked from the waist down, his small penis hard with desire. Brian looked at this beautiful boy, wanting him even more.

“Get onto the bed and raise your butt,” Brian told him. Grant stood to the side, watching this scene that had happened many times in his home as Fred prepared his brother for his first fuck.

Oliver was kneeling on the bed, his face in a pillow, hands holding his cheeks wide, while Brian expertly slathered lube into his hole several times.

“That ought to do it,” he said, reaching for the smallest plug in the package. Quickly adding a layer of lube to it, he said, “Ready? Here it comes.” Without waiting for a reply, he pressed the tip against Oliver's opening and began to push it in slowly.

Oliver jerked as it touched him. He tried to convince himself it would be OK, just like his daddy pushing his hard cock up inside him. But it wasn't. Despite Brian's slow advancement of the fake prick, it did hurt. Not a little. He pushed his face into the pillow and whimpered, hoping for it to end quickly. Almost as soon as his prayer began, he felt the hot pain turn to a burn. “It's in,” Brian announced. “Now just leave it there.”

“How long?”

“Boys?” came Donna's voice from the other side of the door. “Can I come in?”

With a speed previously unseen, Oliver was dressed again and the bag of butt plugs hastily tossed beneath the bed. “Sure, mom. Come on in.”

“I'm about to put our dinner on the table, so I thought I'd drop in and see how things have gone here.” Brian held up the empty bag Grant had carried his change of clothes in. “See. Empty. Just got these guys moving. Everything's put away properly.”

“Well, aren't you boys the hard workers? Come on and eat. You must be starved.” She led the way to the dining room, where the boys sat down. Oliver and Grant ate ravenously. “You sure cook good, Mrs. Wick,” said Grant, between massive mouthfuls of food. “We don't eat anything like this at my house.”

“Thank you, Grant. I”m glad you like my cooking,” replied Donna. “What happened to your mom, if I can ask?”

“She and my dad stopped loving each other,” he said, his food intake slowing for a moment. “She left with my sister and moved to Colorado.”

“I'm so sorry, Grant! You must miss her.” she said.

“It's OK. I talk to her every week and with my sister too. She says she's doin' OK out there.”

“That's wonderful,” enthused Donna.

The dinner went on with less talking. When Donna rose to clear the table for dessert, she asked Brian to help her. “Who wants a slice of pie?” she asked. Both boys smiled, their eyes lighting up.

“My mom makes the best pie in the world,” Oliver said. “You'll love it.”

“If it's as good as this was,” Grant said, pointing to the meat and potatoes, “It'll be the best I ever ate.”

“OK,” Donna said, and her attention moved on to cleaning the plates before placing them into the dishwasher. She turned to take the pie from the oven, where it had remained warm, setting it on the counter, then slicing it into six pieces. “Could you take this to the table, while I get the plates?” Donna followed, carrying dessert plates to the table, and began serving her latest creation. “Here we go, boys.” she said, with a smile.

After dinner, Brian and Donna went into the family room, to watch TV as they sipped their coffee. Oliver and Grant dashed off to Oliver's room “to play computer games,” as he put it. Brian smiled, knowing that in three minutes, they'd both be naked, and sucking each other. “Lucky boys!” he was thinking, his eyes looking at the glowing TV, where some movie had just begun. In his mind, he could already imagine their lithe, naked bodies stretched out on the bed, their mouths wrapped around each other's small but erect penises. Oliver would soon have a blazing dry climax, while Grant's would shoot his warm semen into Oliver's mouth!


Brian awoke before Donna. He was horny, but not for the lovely woman who lay beside him. Glancing at the clock on his night stand, he saw it was 6:49. Moving very slowly, he slid to the edge of the bed, lowered his feet to the floor, and rose.

Padding quietly to the door, he eased it open gently, stepped out into the hall, then closed it, and went down to Oliver's bedroom. Opening the door quietly, he stepped into the room, then quietly closed it behind him. He gazed at the the two forms sleeping on the bed. These two boys were enjoying a kind of boyhood he had never experienced. He looked at them jealously, longing to go back in time and… He quickly stopped that line of thinking.

He approached the bed, knelt, and reached beneath it to remove the bag of dildos. Taking it, he rose and retreated quietly to the door. Out in the hall again, he walked to his office. Closing the door, he sat down in the easy chair and opened the bag. Grinning in anticipation at what he would be using to open his Oliver's bottom, he reached in to take them out.

Brian looked up, surprised at the sound of the door opening. Reacting quickly, he flung the bag behind his chair, and saw Oliver sticking his head in. “Hi, son,” he said, relieved that it wasn't Donna. “What are you doing up so early?”

Oliver came over and climbed onto his lap. “I woke up and thought of you. But you weren't in your bed, so I came here.”

“Everything OK?”

“Well, kinda and kinda not,” Oliver replied.

“Tell me.”

“It's my ass. I want you to take the dildo out and put in the larger one.”

“Let's go to the guest room. It's got a bed you can lie on while I take out the one up your ass and insert the next one. It will be more comfortable for you,” Brian responded. Taking Oliver's hand, they walked out together, turned right and down the hall to the first door, and entered. He then directed Oliver to lie on the bed.

First pushing down his pajama bottoms, he clambered onto it. Kneeling there with his face in the pillow, he spread his cheeks, exposing the circle of the butt plug that kept it from slipping all the way in. Brian gripped the plug firmly and pulled it slowly until it popped free from his son's ass.

“Ahhh…,” sighed Oliver.

Laying it aside, Brian opened the bag to take out the next larger one and the bottle of lube. It didn't take him long to re-lube Oliver's oh-so-cute puckered hole and press the dildo against it. As much as it hurt him to cause his son pain, they both knew it was necessary for their love to begin. In a moment it was done.

Brian moved onto the bed to lie alongside his son. Oliver rolled into his arms. “How does it feel?” Brian asked.

“It burns a little, but it's OK.” He hugged his dad, burying his face into Brian's shoulder.

“You're being very brave,” he congratulated Oliver.

“Thanks for doing this for me,” said Oliver.

The two lay quietly for a short time until Brian suggested they wake Grant and Donna and go out for breakfast. With the thought of eating, Oliver came immediately to life, rose from the bed, and raced to the door. “Come on, dad,” he said. “Let's go!!”

Laughing, Brian said, “Take it easy, young man.” He moved less quickly from the bed. Looking at the bag in his hand, he flipped it beneath the bed, planning on retrieving it later. They stopped at Oliver's room, where he went in. At his bedroom, Brian entered quietly. Donna was naked, still sleeping, her covers tossed aside as though she'd been thrashing about. “Oh…,” she moaned. “It feels so good when…” Curious, Brian moved closer, to hear what was so good. “Oooh!” she mumbled again tossing her head back against the pillow and arching her back slightly. “Oooh, Jan…”

He realized that Donna was dreaming about… about… love-making. But whose name did she say? Jan? Jan who? No, he was shaking his head. It was not possible that he'd heard her correctly. That thought was still teasing his imagination when she whispered again. “Jan…,” she began, but stopped when her eyes flickered and she saw Brian standing next to the bed.

“Oh, hi, honey,” she said, stretching her arms. “You're up already!” she asked when she also noticed that he was fully dressed…

“Yeah,” he said, still shaken from what he'd heard. “Oliver was up too. Wants to go out for breakfast.” He rose from the bed.

“Perfect,” agreed Donna, moving lithely to the side of the bed and dropping her feet to the floor. “Give me 15 minutes and I'll be ready.” She gave Brian a peck on the cheek as she passed. He was mightily drawn to her naked body, but restrained himself. For her, when it came to making the choice between food and sex, food usually won.

“I'll meet you in the family room,” he said, as she began to brush her teeth. If she answered, he couldn't tell, between running water and the electric brush. He wandered to the family room, where Grant and Oliver were both dressed and watching TV cartoons. Donna arrived ten minutes later. “Good morning, boys,” she greeted them. “How'd you sleep?”

“Real good, Mrs. W.,” responded Grant. “You got nice beds.”

“Thank you, Grant. I'm glad you were comfortable. What say we go to the car? I'm hungry for some breakfast.”

That's all it took for the boys to lose interest in the action taking place between Road Runner and Coyote. Five minutes later, Brian was backing out of the garage on the way to their favorite restaurant.

After a satisfying meal, they were on their way back home, when Donna announced that she and Janice were going shopping at 10:00.

“Is this trip going to cost me another small fortune?” laughed Brian.

“Oh, you!” said Donna, poking him in the side. “I'm very good at taking care of our bank account. This is just a girls' day out. I'll be back by 2:00.”

“Honey, I know you are. But I love to kid you about it.”

He was turning onto their driveway, the garage door already open. Inside, they exited the car; this time, Oliver remembered to shut his door. Brian got out of the driver's side and Donna got in. “I'll call you when I'm on the way home.” They kissed good bye as Donna closed her door. Brian stood, watching her pull out of the garage, before he pressed the button to lower the door and step inside.

Walking past the family room, he looked at the boys lying stretched out, prone, on the floor, their feet idly rising and falling. “I'm going to take a shower,” he said, continuing on by them.

“OK, dad,” said Oliver and Grant simultaneously. Brian grinned at the thought that Grant was already accepting him as his lover. It would make the transition from Fred's sexual interest much easier. At his bedroom, he entered and stripped off the clothes he'd worn yesterday. In the bathroom, he turned on the hot water and looked at his image in the mirror. The man he saw there had a fit body. Wide chest, good pec's and a trim waist. His cock, half-way inflated, was quite nice, he had to admit. A little over six inches long, with a nice mushroom head and quite thick. He'd used it successfully with a few ladies in his courting days. With the dawning of his gay days, he knew he'd soon be using it again. This time, for mouths and asses.

The water was ready. Reaching in, he adjusted the temperature and stepped beneath the cascading water. He always appreciated this aspect of civilization: hot water directly into the home.

He'd barely begun to rub soap over his body when the door slid open and a naked Oliver stepped in. “What…?” he began, when Oliver walked to him, took the soap from his unresisting hand, and began to rub it over Brian’s body. “…are you doing here?” he continued, making no effort to stop Oliver's soapy hands rubbing his body.

“Washing my daddy,” whispered Oliver, looking into his eyes. “Don't you like the way my hands feel?”

“Uh huh,” he sighed.

“You got a really big cock, daddy,” Oliver enthused, looking up at Brian's face, “I can't even get my fingers around it.” Nonetheless, he was managing to hold it and rub his hand slowly up and down the rod with flesh hard as steel. The water raining down on them had washed Brian's front free of soapy foam.

Oliver's excited voice informed him, “So much precum, daddy. You got a lot of that stuff leaking out.” Looking up again with a mischievous grin, he whispered seductively, “Can I lick it off, daddy?” The next thing Brian felt was his son's velvety soft tongue running over the head of his prick. That single stroke was almost enough to push Brian to the edge. It wasn't enough for either of them. Oliver knew what he wanted, and right now it was his daddy's big cock. He began to suckle softly.

Brian was shivering uncontrollably, his knees almost jelly from the new heights he was being driven to. “Baby,” he gasped, “I'm cumming for you. Take my cum in your little mouth.” Brian's cock was now jerking slightly. He was very close. In just a minute, Oliver knew he'd be tasting his daddy's cum. At last!

Geysers of semen shot from his dad's throbbing prick. “Uhhh…” grunted Brian, his hands holding Oliver's head tightly and pushing in more deeply. Feeling and tasting his father's tangy cum, for the first time, made him giddy. The purely sensuous feeling of being connected to Brian's cock like this was so arousing. He felt his own prick jerk spasmodically in sympathy with Brian's cock. A moment later, Brian's soft prick had slipped from between Oliver's warm lips.

“Come up here, honey,” whispered Brian. “Kiss me. Share my cum.”

He stood obediently. Brian pulled him close, embracing his loving boy, and their mouths met for their first sensuous and cum-drenched kiss. It was very passionate, their tongues dancing together, Brian's elixir shared.

They both laughed and held each other closely, enjoying the feel of naked, wet, slippery bodies against each other for a moment. Brian released Oliver's slender, young body and said, “This is all very wonderful, to suck me off in the shower. Very romantic, in fact, but let's go to our bed so I can return the pleasure.”

“Daddy, I'm soft!” Oliver whimpered.

“You won't be for long. Let me take care of you.”

Opening the shower door, Brian took two towels and they began to dry each other. The pure lust that existed between father and son was making them both hard again. “Daddy!” gasped Oliver, drying the hardening prick. “You… You're getting big again.”

“So are you, baby. I'm gonna suck your prick until you cum for me!”

They dropped the towels carelessly to the floor and, hand-in-hand, walked together to the bed. Brian noticed that Oliver had placed the tube of lube on the nightstand. He took the tube and lubed his cock for what lay ahead. Brian lay down first, on his back. “Come up here, baby. Sit on my chest so you can put your cock in my mouth. I want you to fuck my face.”

Oliver quickly knelt over Brian's chest and leaned forward to place his rigid penis into the open mouth that awaited him. When the lips closed around it, he began to thrust. Father's eyes were locked on those of his son, sharing this moment visually. Oliver's pace did not, could not, remain slow. He was too horny, and needed to give his lust to his dad.

As he pushed repeatedly in and out of Brian's mouth, he felt himself getting closer. “Dad,” he groaned, pulling his cock out of Brian's mouth. “I want your dick up my pussy!” Sliding backward from Brian's chest, he wriggled his body down until he felt the slick tip of the waiting love spear. “Spread my cheeks, daddy,” Oliver demanded. Surprised at the vehemence of his son's voice, Brian reached down to find those soft boyish cheeks and move them apart. That obstacle removed, Oliver slid down the last inch, until he felt Brian's cock meet his pucker. “Oh, daddy!” gasped Oliver. “Your cock. I'm on your cock! Mmm…”

Brian felt it too. His rigid dick was now at his son's anal entrance. Just a little more! He felt Oliver's movement down against his thick manhood, grunting to get it in.

“Sit up, baby,” whispered Brian. “Sit on it. It'll go in much easier.” He helped Oliver move into position, and looked down the length of his body to see his cock head just disappearing into Oliver.

A sudden noise startled them. Looking at the door, they watched Grant enter. “Oh!” he gasped. “Are you fucking him?” He came closer. The triumphant look on Oliver's face told him all he needed to know. “Can I watch?” he asked, moving even closer.

“Oh, Yes,” Oliver replied happily. “Watch my daddy fuck my brains out!” he giggled, then looked down at Brian's happy face. He grimaced and paused.

“Are you OK?” asked Brian, worried that he was hurting his son.

“It's OK,” Grant assured him. “He'll be good in a minute.”

Once Brian's large cock head slipped past the objecting sphincter, Oliver continued the slow descent upon his father's cock until impaled upon Brian's groin. He shivered from the intense erotic feeling of fullness. “You're all the way inside me,” whispered Oliver in sheer wonder.

The three laughed at Oliver's excited cry. Neither had noticed that Grant had stripped off his clothes to be naked with them, and was slowly rubbing his own hard penis. He was impressed by the loving way Brian was helping Oliver. Just for a moment, his and Brian's eyes looked into each other's and he saw the nascent affection there.

“Lie down on my body,” Brian said softly to Oliver, who slowly leaned forward until Brian could wrap his arms around him. “I'm going to roll over so you're under me. Hold on,” he warned Oliver. Pressing his legs tightly against Brian's hips, they rolled together. Raising himself up onto his elbows to relieve Oliver of his weight, the two lovers gazed into each other's eyes. “I love you, Oliver,” whispered Brian, softly realizing how much he really did.

Oliver wrapped his arms around Brian and confessed his own love. They kissed passionately and deeply. When their mouth parted, Brian said softly to Oliver, “Now I'm gonna fuck your brains out.”

Oliver giggled, “Fuck me.”

Brian did too. Easily at first, his thrusts in were met by Oliver's pushes back to meet him. They rocked together like a machine, push meeting thrust. “How are you doing?” Brian asked as he sped up. His lust for this boy was growing. He needed to breed him, fill him with his sperm.

“I'm… O… K… dad,” grunted Oliver, unable to speak from Brian's increased pace. “So… good!

On his knees, Grant moved closer to Oliver's head. “Take my cock,” he whispered hoarsely. Turning his head, Oliver opened his mouth to accept Grant's five-inch prick. “Suck!” Grant demanded; Oliver sucked. The intensity of the moment made Oliver's cock twitch, then jerk. An orgasm overwhelmed him just as Grant's cum filled his mouth. He was panting and sucking in alternate breaths. Grant moaned as he felt his balls release their load.

Seeing this was enough to make Brian come once again. A load made heavier by the heat of desire for his son's bottom his cock now filled. He grunted, pushing his cock in as deeply as it would go, while his cum coated Oliver's guts. Too soon, his cock shrank and was pushed out of Oliver's sweet bottom.

And it was over.

He did not collapse onto Oliver, as he might with a larger partner, but remained over him. When their eyes met, Brian saw more than simple father-son love, but one far deeper, through the power of their love making, which neither could have anticipated. Brian rolled them onto their sides just as Grant yelled, “Me too!” and cuddled against Brian's back. With that connection, one boy on both sides, Brian realized he was the luckiest man in the world.