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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 13:

Dave and Donny

They had finished dinner, so Donna and Brian were relaxing in the family room watching a movie when the doorbell sounded. “That must be Fred, come to fetch Grant. I'll get the door, and you can get Grant rounded up,” he said, as he rose to walk to the door. Donna followed, then veered off to Oliver's bedroom.

Switching on the outside light, Brian opened the door. “Come in,” he said, stepping aside to admit Fred. He closed the door, moved closer to Fred, and put his hand on Fred's crotch to find a massive dick, and kissed him briefly. “Oh, baby, you are one hot…”

His words were cut off by the sound of running feet and laughing boys. Grant appeared first, and jumped into his dad's arms. More than a peck on the lips; they kissed for a few seconds. “How was your visit?” he asked.

“It was great. Oliver's mom makes the best food!” Both were happy to see each other again.

“He was no trouble, Fred,” said Donna, stepping forward to shake his hand.

“Ah, the lovely Donna I've heard so much about.” She blushed. “I'm glad to hear that. He's always been a good kid when we go places.”

The adults passed another five minutes in idle chat, when Fred said, “Well, thank you so much for your hospitality, but we really must go.” Putting Grant down, he said, “Get your bag, son.” Oliver stepped to the door to open it for them.

“Goodbye,” said Grant, as they went out.

Turning back, Fred said, “Brian, could we talk for a minute?”

Oliver looked toward Donna. She nodded, and he trailed Fred and Grant out. “I'm setting up a hot tub party for next Friday. Can you make it?”

Brian's face lit up. “Love to,” he said.

“Good, this will be smaller, since you're new and one other pair, Dave Chandler and his son, Donny, are coming to their first one.”

“How old are they?” Brian ask, “Not that it matters.”

“Believe me, lover. Age doesn't matter. The guys who come for this are all active and dynamic — even the older ones. Dave is your age, and I believe Donny is 10.”

“Same age as Oliver. He'll like that.”

“OK, gotta run. See you next week.” He stepped toward Brian, to kiss him firmly on the mouth. Then he and Grant went to their car, and Brian went back inside.


By Oliver's reckoning, the week seemed to crawl by. “Dad,” he'd asked in frustration on Wednesday, “Why does it always take so long for the good stuff to happen?” They were seated side-by-side on the couch in the family room, more or less watching whatever was happening on the TV.

Brian laughed, recalling his own sense of the passage of time at Oliver's age. How it seemed to speed by sometimes, then move at a snail's pace at other times. “You're really anxious to see Donny naked, aren't you?”

When Brian told Oliver that Donny Chandler would be coming, Oliver's eyes lit up. “He's in my history class,” Oliver told him. “I like him. He's my friend.”

Oliver giggled, buried his face in Brian's chest, and nodded. Looking up at his dad, he said, “Yeah, I am. I hope he's got a nice cock like Grant's.”

“Grant is four years older. His will be more like yours.”

Oliver became introspective for a moment, then said, “Yeah, his would be, wouldn't it?” Then he added, “Do you wonder what his dad's will be like?”

Brian laughed. “Not at all. The only thing I care about is that he's got one.”

“You like sucking cocks, don't you, dad?”

“What is it with you and penises anyway, you little pervert?”

“I ain't no perv,” Oliver explained. “I'm just horny all the time!”

“So that explains it!” Brian began, when Donna walked into the room.

She was wearing a red t-shirt with beige shorts, both fitting her snugly enough to show her lovely figure, which Brian always admired even after years or marriage.

“Hi, beautiful!” he greeted her. “Come on over here and join us.”

Donna looked at her two men and sighed. She was so lucky to have a normal loving family. No drugs, no chasing women, no drinking habits, and no smoking. Walking to the couch, she leaned down to kiss each of them.

“Kissing time,” exclaimed Oliver, putting his arms around Brian's neck and kissing him full on the lips, just as Grant did Fred. Donna laughed at this latest display of affection between them. Another sign their family was normal.

“What are we watching?” she asked, looking at the action on the screen.

“Dunno,” answered Brian. “Oliver and I have been talking, so we didn't care.”

Donna reached for the remote. “I'm gonna find something better, then.”


Oliver's last class ended on Friday afternoon at 3. He was waiting for Donny Chandler to join him. It wasn't long before he saw Donny walking his way and waved. Seeing Oliver's hand in the air, he smiled and walked faster.

They were standing apart from the rest of the kids, talking in low voices. “You excited about getting together at Fred's place?” asked Donny.

“Yeah!” said Oliver with a grin. “I been thinking about it all week.”

“Me too,” replied Donny. “We ain't never done nothin' like this.”

“You and your dad, like, suck, don't you?” asked Oliver.

“Yeah, we do all the time, but I ain't supposed to tell anybody.”

“Me neither. My dad could get into humongous, gigantic trouble if someone found out.”

“I mean we ain't never been to a place where everybody gets naked and has sex.”

“My dad has a big cock. Does yours?”

Donny shrugged. “Dunno. His is the only one I ever seen.” He pondered the idea of Oliver's dad's cock. “How big? How big is your dad's hard on?”

Oliver held his hand apart about eight inches. “And 'bout this big around.” His hands made a rough circle, about two inches across.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Donny. “How do you get that in your mouth?“

Oliver shrugged. “It was hard the first time, but I got used to it. Now it's easy. Besides, I like sucking him till he comes in my mouth.”

All eyes turned toward the sound of a bus pulling up the the curb. The door opened, and students filed on board. Donny and Oliver found a seat they could share to talk on the way home.

“It's gonna be fun,” Oliver assured Donny. “You'll see.”


Brian pulled his car onto Fred's driveway. Another was already there, half filling it. Getting out, he and Oliver walked to the door to ring the bell. A moment later, the door swung open, and a man Brian didn't recognize stood there naked. “Come in. You must be Brian,” said the man. “I'm Arnold Green, and this is my son, Jed.”

“Nice to meet you guys. Looking forward to checking out that equipment. This is Oliver, my son, both of us relatively new to the game. Give us a moment to get comfortable.” The Greens watched intently, as Oliver and Brian quickly stripped down, folded their clothes, and placed them on the table. Arnold was admiring Oliver's beautiful bubble butt.

Arnold was a good-looking guy, with brown wavy hair and little on his body. His hard cock was about six inches, with a beautiful sack of low-hanging balls. Jed got a lot of exercise, and his firm body and nice butt showed it. His pretty, hard cock was a little longer than Oliver's, and was standing up over 45 degrees, like his dad's, his balls just beginning to descend.

Oliver and Brian were both sizing them up with admiring stares, as were the Greens at them. Fred entered the room, naked and buff, along with Sean, his younger son. “I'm glad that you've met and are getting acquainted.” He went to Arnold and kissed him deeply. There was more than a little affection between these men. Coming to Brian, his kiss was tender and deep as well.

The sound of the doorbell broke their embrace, as Fred left Brian's arms to open it. He greeted the two outside, then moved back, and they came in. Brian got his first look at Dave and was satisfied. Of course, he assumed Fred would choose only men and boys who were at least moderately attractive. Dave and Donny certainly were.

“Come in and let me introduce you to the cocks you'll be sucking tonight.” This announcement brought a modest round of laughter. They shook hands with the Greens, Brian, and Oliver, then stepped to the table to undress and place their clothes on the table. Turning to face the staring eyes, they grinned self-consciously.

“Come on,” encouraged Fred. “The hot tub awaits. The three pairs followed him inside, the last one closing the door.

Oliver took Donny's hand and headed toward the water. Dave and Oliver stepped gingerly into the 106-degree water. It felt far warmer than it was, causing them ease into it lightly. The boys were already kissing. “Looks like the kids have the right idea. May I kiss you too?” Dave didn't say a word, just turned his face toward Brian, who began kissing him. Dave was no novice to gay sex. His talented hands roamed Brian's body, causing him to shiver in delighted ecstasy. “You are really good at this,” Brian whispered to Dave.

“Dad got me started sucking cock when I was very young. He was my only partner until I was 15, in high school, and started scouting for cocks in P. E. showers. Some cocks saw me. Had my first steady boy friend by the end of September,” he informed Brian, before urging him to take a seat on the side of the hot tub. “Open wide,” he urged in a sultry tone, pushing Brian's thighs apart. “Daddy wants your cock.”

When Dave’s mouth moved down, it was to lick the underside of his oh-so-hard prick. Brian was still enjoying that when his lips closed around the head and he began to suckle. “Dave, your mouth is truly magic,” he gasped. A few seconds later, he told Dave, “Ease up, I don't want to cum yet. The evening is young.”

The two men reversed positions, so that Brian could go down on Dave's magnificent cock. He looked at the thick rod he held in his hand, admiring it. Eyes shifted up to Dave's face and he whispered, “It's beautiful!”

“Suck me, sweetheart,” Dave demanded. “Make me feel good, you cock sucker.” His hands gripped Brian's head in a vise-like hold. “Here it comes.” With those words he began to fuck Brian's face.

“Oh, god, you wonderful cock sucker. I love your mouth, and you're gonna take my cock as deep as I can push it.” He'd no sooner spoken those words than he pushed his cock deeply into Brian's compliant throat. Holding it there, he growled, “Swallow! Swallow it! Keep it down and hold it there!” Brian swallowed hard several times, causing his throat muscles to tighten around Dave's throbbing drooling prick. Dave's body jerked and shuddered, as muscles clenched his dick. He groaned out, “Oh, yes, you fucking cock sucker. Your mouth is so hot.” Pulling his dick from Brian's throat, he began a slow in and out rhythm. He was purring from the tongue lapping his rod as it thrust deeply into and out of his throat.

He stopped, held it in place for a second, then extracted it. “Getting real close.” His head now released, Brian pulled back from the beautiful shaft. The two men looked admiringly at each other. “Know what I'd like to do, just now? My nuts are crying for relief.”

Dave smiled and nodded his head. “I think so too.” They turned to look at Oliver and Donny, who were in a 69. “Uh huh,” agreed Brian. They moved toward the boys lost in their suckling of each other.

“Donny,” said Dave, touching the naked boy's shoulder.

“Huh,” he said glancing up at his dad. “What?”

“Time to change partners, son.” This brought a smile to Donny's face, as he rolled away from Oliver's mouth. Since everybody was standing, Oliver got up too. “Let's find a bed or a carpeted area to fuck.”

Leaving the hot tub room, they turned left and proceeded along the hall. The door to the first room was open. Inside was a king-sized bed, which all but beckoned them in. Brian moved to it first and pulled back the top blankets and sheet. “You're on that side, Oliver, with Dave,” he said, pointing to the opposite side.

Taking Oliver's hand in his, Dave led him to the far side. Donny looked at Brian with large trusting eyes.

“OK, boys, up on the bed and spread your legs. Dave and I are going to fuck you both.” Those words brought instant reaction. The boys lay there, obediently spreading their cheeks and pulling back their legs. Brian found a tube of lube in the night stand, poured some onto his fingers, and tossed the tube to Dave, who did the same. Feeling his fingers slide into Donny's boy cunt gave Brian a thrill. He knew this boy would be a wonderful partner. Dave had just finished coating his own cock, and tossed the tube back to Brian, who caught it in the air. In seconds his cock was slick and ready to go.

Dave was between Oliver's thighs, feet against his shoulders, when Brian moved onto the bed between Donny's legs. His cock moved inward to find the target, Donny's sweet boy pussy. As the tip of his prick touched home, Donny began to squirm. “Fuck me, daddy!” he whispered, urgency compounded with desire sounding in his voice.

In a single slow thrust, Brian was buried to his balls in the Donny's tight passage. The sigh was mutual. “Ready, baby? Here I go!” Brian said softly, beginning to withdraw. Donny's back arched in pleasure, knowing his body was for this man. Another long slow thrust inward, Brian refilled the cock-hungry hole.

Brian's pace matched Dave's, and they gradually increased until they were slamming deeply into the slick depths of the pair of love tunnels Oliver and Donny offered them. Brian knew he couldn't last much longer, though he would have preferred to fuck this boy all night. His body was such a marvel the way it pushed back for each of his inward thrusts. Both boys were grunting in satisfaction of the sensual delights their fathers were giving them.

“I'm cumming, daddy,” Oliver cried out in an almost girlish soprano. Donny followed a few seconds later.

“Me too, baby,” Dave whispered huskily, driving his love arrow deeply, impaling Oliver on his man stake. His balls shot forth once, twice, then thrice. Dave slowly lowered himself on the panting boy beneath him, as he praised him for his love making.

A moment later, Brian entered Donny once more to breed him with his semen in three large ropes of cum. Then he too lay down on the boy beneath him. He just wanted to lie there with his cock up Donny's ass forever, it felt so good. But that was not to be, for his flaccid cock was too soon pushed out by a triumphant sphincter. His semen followed, oozing out into his ass crack.


The four of them left soon after, telling Fred what a great time they had and how they looked forward to the next hot tub party. Outside Fred's place, they talked. Brian feel an unusual attraction to this man, one he hadn't felt since meeting Jerry. Dave's eyes seemed to send the same message; he knew it was mutual.

“Dave, I don't want this evening to end, but I know it must. Let's get together when we can speak more easily. Say, tomorrow afternoon around 3:00? For a beer at Gilligan's Pub? You know it?”

“I agree most wholeheartedly,” Dave said. That look! What could this translate into, although he suspected. Deep down, he knew and welcomed it. The two men kissed to seal their promise.

“OK, kiddo,” Brian said to Oliver. “Time to go, hup, hup!” Oliver scrambled into the car. A moment later they were driving down the street, back toward home.

“Dad?” whispered Oliver, snuggling close to Brian. The warmth of his body! What it did to Brian, who was deeply in love with his son in a way he'd never believed possible. Now it had come true.

“What?” he responded almost mechanically, as he kept his eyes on the heavy traffic.

“You really like him, don't you?”

Shocked at Oliver's insight, he mumbled, “Sure I do. He's a nice guy. Who wouldn't like him?” he hedged.

Oliver snuggled even closer. His hand slipping over Brian's erection, “What the hell!” exclaimed Brian.

“You do like him. Your cock's like a rock. Would you like to fuck him?“ pressed Oliver.

“Damn, boy. Don't you just take all,” said Brian softly, mostly to himself. He placed his hand over Oliver's caressing his hard cock, seeming to grow even harder as he thought about their date tomorrow. “Yes, you're right. I do like him. Do you think I should fuck him? What if he doesn't want me to?” Brian asked teasingly.

“Oh, daddy!” Oliver said looking up at him with those adorable eyes. “He likes you too! He wants you to fuck him. Yes, you should.”

Brian laughed, but it was a nervous one. Would he be able to conceal his growing attachment to Dave?

Oliver's hand was lightly rubbing up and down Brian's aching cock. He was suddenly aware that he might cum. “Stop it, or I'll blow my load in my pants.”

He felt Oliver's hand sliding the zipper down. Brian sighed in anticipation. “Hurry, honey,” he urged. The zipper down, Oliver reached in to push down his briefs, freeing the raging boner. Now it was in his son's hand, the merest thought making him even hornier!

“Hurry!” urged Brian, in a shaky voice. “Take me now. I'm gonna blow!”

Oliver's soft lips had barely closed over the head, his tongue barely begun its act of love when he cried out, “I'm cumming, baby boy. I'm cumming.” Oliver was ready, as he always was, for a man's semen. Feeling his daddy's cock jerk releasing a volley of love juice, he swallowed. Another volley, another swallow. Yet more shot out into Oliver's small but ravenous mouth, so hungry for Brian's cum. “More,” his mind pleaded, and was rewarded with another, albeit weaker, jet of semen-filled juice. Oliver's tongue roved slowly over Brian's cock, still rigid from making its deposit in the boy's mouth. When he sat back up after replacing the softening cock into its cloth cocoon and re-zipping his fly, he was content.

“Thank you, baby,” said Brian, putting his arm around this rare treasure of a son. “Thank you.”