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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 14:

Secrets Revealed

Brian awoke with the memories of a very pleasant visit to the hot tub party at Fred's home. Like a child at Christmas, hoping all his letters to Santa would find the gifts he's asked for piled beneath the tree. What remained was for him to scamper out of bed and rush to the living room and see them. For Brian, his gift list was short, and it had been filled in the most pleasant way possible.

Dave and Donny were the perfect additions to his life. Both were excellent cock suckers and kissers. Very important for any future re-enactment of last evening's love making. For that's what it had surely been.

Donny was a sweet boy, who had the innocence of a child seeking a pleasant place to cuddle. That he found when he was mounted on Brian's cock buried deep in his boy cunt while he begged, yes, begged in that soprano voice for more and harder. The cooing sound he made as Brian released his cum into his love chute made Brian fall in love with him. The eyes that looked back at him, as they rested from their pursuit of sensual release, made Brian's heart melt. The words he spoke, as they lay still connected, Brian's still-hard cock embedded deep inside him, were tender and filled with promise of future visits to a paradise that only he could share.

His kiss! What a wonder of oral stimulation! Eager to please and ready to accommodate, his mouth opened seductively, slowly allowing Brian's tongue gradual entry. Once in, his own tongue danced with Brian's in a way that made Brian long for more. The boy was a wonder of sensual pleasures, and willing to share those with the right lover. Brian hoped it would be him.

Dave had a mouth that was like magic. The near-blow-job that he had performed on Brian had sent him close to the edge very quickly. The man teat he'd offered Brian in return was a beauty. As large as Jerry's, it instantly brought back memories of those times he'd lain with Jerry to satisfy his new-found lust, and received Jerry's elixir from his balls. They hadn't gone that far, for they needed their semen to fill Oliver's and Donny's young love tunnels.

His hand automatically reached down to find his cock hard and wet with precum. He was about to quietly slip from the bed, and resolve that longing, when he felt Donna roll against him and heard her say softly, “Good morning, my love.” He knew his latest prayer was about to be fulfilled.

“Hi, honey,” he'd whispered back, as he felt her warm lips kissing his shoulder. The erotic mood grew further, as her hand slipped down to find his cock throbbing.

“Mmm… Been thinking about me, have you?” she asked, in a voice grown sultry with desire.

“Nobody but you,” he lied, his mind switching back to hetero mode.

“Let me take care of that for you,” she offered.

“Oh, baby. I love it when you talk like that,” he moaned, rolling onto his back.

“This guy seems to need some action,” she said, throwing back the blankets and sliding over him to engulf his prick.

“Mmm…” she sighed, allowing the circle of her lips to engulf more and more of his throbbing head. Down they went, until she wrapped them firmly around his shaft and began to tease him with flicks of her tongue just as… just as… “Oh my god,” he was thinking. The same technique Dave had used last night. That thought overwhelmed him, and he began to shoot. Trooper that she was, Donna clung to his erupting jets of semen that shot into her mouth.

“MMMM!” she moaned happily, as she swallowed Brian's morning gift. Her talented tongue lapped the residual cum still dribbling from his spent penis, until it shriveled to a limp has-been. “Oh, baby,” she said, “That was so good. I'm glad to know that I can still turn you on so much.”

Brian was shaking from his powerful ejaculations, one of the hardest he'd had in… well, awhile. Concern began gnawing at him. Was he going to be unable to enjoy a blow job from his wife without thinking of a male lover? What had Jerry cautioned him? “Don't get caught up over thinking gay sex. Just enjoy your wife.” With that comforting thought, he held Donna, thankful she was his.

They lay together for the next half hour in a lovers' embrace, as they each spoke of their affection and desire for each other. Donna's eyes were brimming with happiness, knowing Brian was hers completely. As he held her soft compliant body next to his, he too felt contentment. She was the only woman he could love.

“Hey,” she said, “Let's take a shower and start the day.” Brian agreed. They rose and they ambled naked from their bed to start the shower. As always, the first task was brushing of their teeth, which they did together. Rinsing their mouths, they spat water mixed with tooth paste into their respective sinks.

Brian took out shaving gear to remove the stubble that had grown overnight. Donna got out her own equipment: hair drier, brush, and body lotion. Staring at her in the mirror, he was once again entranced by her beauty and figure. “What a woman!” he thought.

The water had warmed, so Donna opened the shower door and stepped in. The room instantly filled with steam, causing the mirror to fog slightly. Nearly finished, Brian took a final two strokes across his chin, rinsed the razor, and opened the shower door to join Donna.

They spent a pleasant 20 minutes of soaping each other, kissing, and touching. It was so erotic that Brian's cock soon rose to full extent. This time it was his turn to observe her lust-hardened nipples, which he sucked to further hardness, then dropping to his knees to worship her equally stiff clit. It only took a few swipes of his tongue for her to beg him, “Fuck me, you horny bastard.” And he did.

It was with great energy and tenderness, her back against the shower stall wall and legs wrapped around his waist, that he slipped his erection into her wet pussy. Hard, slow, fast, easy until she screamed her release and shoved her cunt down on his intruding cock. Afterward, she clung to his neck, and between their mutual panting, told him what a great lover he was. This time, with no intrusion of gay lovemaking.

They had just finished drying themselves, and stood in yet another embrace, Donna's arms around his neck, their naked bodies pressing together, when the door opened unceremoniously, and Oliver rushed in.

“Dad! Mom! Do you…” he began, then stopped, seeing his parents in a clinch. They stopped kissing; their heads turned toward him and simultaneously said, “Don't you knock any more?” It sounded so like their parents that they laughed.

The moment had passed, Donna tried to get a towel that was just out of reach. Oliver was still standing stock still, gazing at his naked mother. Well, only her exposed side. Brian looked at her and said, “Honey, what is this sudden shyness? It's only Oliver!”

“I know, but it's been years since he's seen me naked!” she burst out in frustration.

Oliver suddenly unfroze and turned to leave. “No! Wait!” she said, moving away from Brian, exposing her body to Oliver's view. They both looked at each other, as a grin spread over Donna's face. “You know, I think we should all do this!”

“What?” asked Brian. “All of us do what?”

“You're shitting me!” Oliver burst out. Suddenly realizing what word he had said, he clamped his hand over his mouth. “Sorry,” he mumbled, unmoving.

Brian laughed, “You mean you want all of us to get naked, here? Now?”

“Yes. I've read that home nudity can lead to a healthier attitude towards our bodies. I visited a couple of nudist places when I was in college. Me and a couple of friends, female, we went off to expose ourselves to the great outdoors. I loved it. Kinda like to go back.”

Oliver still stood where he had stopped, and openly gawked at seeing his mother, naked again, for the first time since he was six. His ears burned in embarrassment. Donna walked to him, her breasts bouncing slightly and squatted before him. “Honey, I don't mind showing you my body, and I'd like to see yours too. Will you do this for me?”

Oliver nodded dumbly, not really conscious of what his hands were doing as he pulled his t-shirt off, over his head, dropped it, unbuckled his belt, popped the button, so that shorts slid down his legs to the floor. Stepping out of them, he reached for the waistband of his briefs. Before he could push them down, he saw the tenting from his hard on. This time, he blushed all over and stopped.

Donna reached for his waistband and asked, “May I?” He didn't answer, his head bowed. “Honey, I've seen your daddy's penis hard lots of times. It's OK.” He still didn't speak, which Donna interpreted as assent. She reached for his waist, and very gently began to push his last item of clothing down. As it reached the floor, Donna took his hand and led him to Brian, whose cock had similarly grown.

“Well, my, my! Two horny men. Am I that much of a disturbance?” Looking down at their erections, she noted the difference in size. Then, before she could even think what she was doing, she leaned down, took Oliver's small prick in her hand, and kissed the tip. Oliver gasped; Brian shivered, watching his wife kiss her son's cock. Standing up, she grinned. “That's a kiss to grow on.” Putting on her most sultry look, she walked away from Brian and Oliver and said, over her shoulder, “I'm going to get something to eat. Anyone want to join me?” The sight of her beautiful swaying ass brought both of them to full attention, and they rushed to accompany her.

The remainder of the morning was spent completely unclothed. Oliver's little penis finally became sufficiently accustomed to seeing a naked woman that it retreated to its normal soft size. Brian's continued to remain slightly turgid, though he managed to keep his thought to the more mundane.

They announced their activities for the day. Donna planned to clean house, cook a little, and generally putter at home. Oliver had just hung up the phone to tell them he was joining some friends in the park, to play a little baseball. “Grant was going to join us there,” he told them. “Can I bring him back home after their game?” They agreed. Brian told Donna he was having a beer with one of the men he'd met last evening at Fred's.

While he waited until it was closer to 3:00, when he and Dave had planned to meet, he got on line to check emails. Seeing one with an unfamiliar address, his first impulse was to delete it. Never knew what kind of crap or, worse, virus-bearing missives they were. Yet, there was just something about the address that sent a warning: don't delete! Hoping he'd made the right decision, he clicked to open it.

To his delight, it was from Jerry! “How's my favorite cock sucker,” it began, and went on with a surprisingly romantic tale of how much he'd missed their nights in Chicago and longed to hold him, and kiss him. “Especially, though, I'd truly love to feel my cock sinking into your sweet bottom.”

Brian was overwhelmed with a sudden burst of desire. He hadn't really believed, as much as he wanted, that Jerry would try to contact him. Too much at risk, with both of them married. He was also horny as hell at reading such erotic gay yearnings from another man to him. Jerry went on, asking how things had gone with Oliver. “I hope you've made your dream come true.” Then he signed off.

He quickly wrote a response, laying out how Oliver was as excited as he to make love and it had gone splendidly, then paused to consider what had happened. Almost as if Oliver had seduced him. His son would make a lot of men happy if he stayed on the gay path. He closed by saying how excited he was to get a message from “his first boy friend” and sent it off. Afterward he leaned back and let the words roll around in his head, “My first boy friend!” They sounded so deliciously erotic and forbidden that a shiver ran up his back and he giggled.

Checking his watch, Brian realized it was almost 2:30. He wanted to be at the bar before Dave arrived. To find and claim a table out of the way, so they could speak freely and openly. Gilligan's Pub was a gay bar that Brian had seen on his way through that part of town. Now was his chance to experience it.

As he was cleaning up his computer to deter anyone from following to his favorite sites and for other personal reasons, he was thinking about this impending date with Dave. He knew Dave would be there, and possibilities seemed literally mouthwatering.

As he left the office, the soft sounds of a Mozart concerto led Brian to the kitchen, where Donna was cutting up vegetables for their dinner.

“Honey, I'm off to meet Dave. Be back before 5:00,” he said, giving her a quick farewell kiss.

She stopped chopping and put her arms around him. “I love you, Brian,” she said. “I'm so glad you're my husband.”

“Me too, baby. I love you like crazy,” he said, gently extricating himself from their embrace.

“Where are you going to meet?” she asked, as she returned to meal prep.

Brian froze. He hadn't expected this. He didn't want to lie, yet he cringed at the thought of naming the bar. What if she knew about it? “It's called Gilligan's Pub.”

“OK, thanks. See you around 5:00.” she said, without giving any hint of knowing about the bar.


Brian was shortly in his car and on the way to Gilligan's, happily daydreaming about meeting Dave. His heart was pounding with the thoughts of the the marvelous time he'd had with Dave and Donny. What a sweet boy. “Perfect for me,” he thought. The few miles slipped by quickly before he was turning into the parking lot. He parked his car far enough back so that if they progressed to that point, they would have a relative privacy.

Exiting his car, he used his remote to lock it as he walked away. The satisfying “beep” assured him it was as safe from break-in as he could make it.

He'd not been inside Gilligan's before, and took some time to gaze around the room. It was a nicely decorated place: Small tables with two or four chairs, and spaced discreetly far apart around the room. He found one against the wall that seemed well positioned for Dave and him to have a quiet tête-à-tête. The guy at the bar waved at him. He waved back, pulled out a chair, and sat down. A moment later, the bar man approached and asked, “How can I help you, sir?”

Brian smiled up at the young man wearing very tight jeans, his package plainly visible. For one mad moment, he was tempted to reach out, to caress it. The man stood silently, waiting for Brian to make up his mind. “You have Mexican?” he asked. Pulling a slim menu to him, he pointed. “Good. I'll take it,” he said. “Oh, and I'm expecting a friend shortly. “Right away,” was the response as he walked away.

“My god, but this place is having such an effect on me. I'm already acting like I did in Chicago.” He recalled what an easy mark he'd been when Jerry took advantage of him. That was so exciting: to learn how much he'd always wanted a man make love to him. Hidden deeply in his memories, all his longing burst forth over those very short nights.

Returning with the beer, the bar guy placed it before him, along with a glass and coaster. Lifting the bottle to pour beer into his glass, he looked at the coaster. A simple pseudo-Irish theme with the words “Gilligan's Pub” across it. He'd barely taken his first swig when the door opened, admitting the light from outside, within which was the silhouette of a man. It was Dave. He raised his arm to wave, which caught Dave's attention, and he walked toward him, a large grin across his mouth. He rose, and Dave came into his arms. Their mouths met, opened, and admitted tongues that teased each other.

He's already been aroused by the sight of the bar man's crotch, so his cock was at full staff confined to stretch out sideways in his pants. Their bodies pressed together, crotch against crotch. The pressure of Dave's hard prick added to his excitement. Time was no more. He wasn't even aware of how long they'd held each other and kissed. Dave's man-smell and the taste of his mouth had aroused him to an unexpected height.

It was Dave who pulled apart, whispering in his ear, “I'm ready right now to have you fuck me, darling.”

Brian's head swirled with the randy thought of their naked bodies lying against each other, Dave's bottom raised, offering his man-cunt for Brian's ass-hungry cock to penetrate and to fuck him slowly, enjoying each thrust of his love spear, making Dave cry out.

“Easy, big boy,” Dave said, laughing softly. “Let's have a beer and think about this carefully.” He paused, and went on, “then do it.”

“Right-o,” agreed Brian, re-taking his seat. Dave sat adjacent to him. The bar man was there again, to take Dave's order.

“Wow!” Brian said, breathlessly placing his hand on Dave's. “That kiss was spectacular! Gave me goosebumps!” He fanned his face, as though overheated.

They began to talk, recalling their meeting at Fred's and how good it had been. “Donny was asking, as we drove home, when you and he could get together again.”

“Shit, man! I would love to take him to bed and spend the night with him. He's very talented sexually.”

“Should be. I started him eight years ago. Taking over the duties of bath time. Can't believe how quickly he took to my cock!”

“How did you manage to have so much privacy from your wife's prying eyes?”

Putting his other hand on top of Brian's, he said in a low voice, “This has to be completely confidential, Brian. Totally.”

Brian said, “Your secrets are safe with me.”

“Couple of things you need to know about us, me, my wife, and our family.”

“OK,” Brian confirmed.

“We're nudists. At home, and when we take trips to nudist resorts.”

“Oooo!” breathed Brian. “Sounds exciting.”

“Not meant to be sexy. Just a way to accept our bodies and see others in the same light. Body image can mess up a woman's mind. Making her believe she has to be perfect for others to see her body. My wife, Marsha, has put on a few pounds over the years, but she's still looking good. She isn't concerned, when men look at her, that they'll be turned off. Trust me, buddy, she's a dish.”

“You have another kid besides Donny, don't you?”

“Yes, Meredith, 11 years old, and going to grow into a beauty like her mom,” Dave said proudly.

“How did they take to being naked around other people?” asked Brian.

“Never been a problem. We started them when Donny was five and Meredith was six. Seeing people naked doesn't faze them in the slightest. Well, I've seen Donny sporting a few hard ons around other boys and some men, but that's considered normal for males. It will go away once us guys get our brains back to earth,” he laughed.

“Sounds like you have a great family,” Brian enthused.

“It is. I love every one of them — but in a far deeper way than most dads,” said Dave, looking somber for a moment.

“Oh?” Brian asked, his tone encouraging Dave to tell him more.

“Again, completely confidential.”


“Marsha and I came out to each other that we're bisexual before we married. The kids know we have, I guess you'd call them my boy friend, and her girl friend.”

Brian raised his eyebrows in surprise. “You guys do this without jealousy?”

“It's worked for over 15 years,” declared Dave.

“You said there's one other secret?” Brian prompted.

“Yes,” answered Dave looking pensive. “Marsha and I practice incest with Donny and Meredith.”

“Holy shit!” Brian burst out. “That sounds sooo… I don't know… exciting, arousing. With a ready cock or cunt at your disposal all the time. Whoa!”

“It can be, and it was initially when I broke Meredith in and Donny first fucked Marsha. We've raised out kids to be respectful of others' bodies, and not share theirs with just anyone. They usually ask permission to have a sexual partner. Although, from time to time, the inevitable happens. I was so proud the day Donny came to me with his friend in tow to announce that they'd sucked each other off!”

“Oh, my god!” exclaimed Brian. “His first gay seduction.”

Anticipating Brian's question, Dave went on: “They are as normal as any other kids, possibly more so. Having grown up able to express their sexuality with us, they aren't hung up by the dos and don'ts of what they pick up from friends. You saw how enthusiastically Donny took your cock.”

Brian shook his head in wonder. “You and Marsha love your kids in the same emotional and physical way you love each other.”

“Exactly,” confirmed Dave.

“I guess that's the direction I'm taking Oliver. Or he's taking me.”

“One more thing,” said Dave. “We'd like to invite you folks over for dinner and an evening in our hot tub. Nude, of course.”

I'd love to,” admitted Brian. “I'll have to get back to you. Preparing Donna for the idea of visiting another nudist family. I must caution you though, Donna is unaware that Oliver and I enjoy each other.”

“I understand,” said Dave. “Uhm, Brian, could we…”

“My answer is yes, I desperately want to make love to you. In my car. It's parked way back.”


The afterglow of their love making still permeated Brian's mind as he was driving home. His mind went back to the moment he'd pushed his aching cock against Dave's puckered anus. It had slipped in so easily, like a velvet glove surrounding his cock. The man beneath him groaned out, “Oh, yes! Fuck my ass!” His pace quickened, and soon Dave cried out, “I'm cumming,” and his balls shot forth their load. Seconds later, Brian was pouring his semen into Dave's love tunnel, breeding him. They lay together, sweating body against sweating body until strength returned. Satiated, they happily went on their way.

Everything looked so very right.