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This is the fifteenth chapter of “The Policeman.” As we have stated in earlier chapters, the story contains bisexuality and sexual acts involving adults and under-age minors, both related and non-related, in accordance with the shared story preferences of the authors. If any of this is objectionable to you, you might like to leave and go to another story.

This story is a work of fiction. Some persons and events are based on actual ones, but even those have been so significantly changed that nothing in this story should be read as anything but fictional.

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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 15:

Discovering Nudism

Brian was learning that he had to get his mind back into his home mode before arriving. The images of fucking Dave were replaced with those of Donna and their romp in the shower that morning. He sighed as those memories came to him easily. Turning into his driveway, he saw that the door had already opened. For him, it was the welcoming home he needed to be his hetero side's reminder of who he was in this place.

He pulled in, and pushed the button to send the door down. He was already in the house before it closed. No Donna in the kitchen.

“Brian? Brian, honey, is that you?” he heard her voice from down the hall.

“Yes, it is, baby. Who were you expecting?”

She stepped out of the office. Seeing him, she rushed out to meet him. She was still naked, which made it so much easier to be hetero. They embraced, kissing deeply, then parted. “Oliver isn't home yet. Thought that door closing might be him.”

He stood back and looked at Donna's beautiful body. “Baby, you make me love you even more each time I see you like this.”

Donna blushed prettily and giggled. “Then I suppose I should just stay naked all the time?”

“When you want more lovin',” Brian teased.

“Why don't you get out of your clothes and tell me how your meeting with Mr. X went?”

“Honey, I mentioned his name on the way out, but I'll tell you again, it's Dave, Dave Chandler.”

Donna, snapping her fingers, said, “Oh, darn… Senior moment, I guess. You did tell me.”

Brian was stripping right there in the hall. He had his shirt off and was about to unbuckle his pants.

“Honey, why don't you undress in the bedroom instead of hopping around here. I can wait a few minutes.”

With that encouragement, Brian picked up his shirt and went into their bedroom. Tossing them onto the bed, he quickly pulled off his pants and briefs, which joined the shirt. Naked, he rejoined Donna in the office, where she was busily typing.

“What's up, hon?” asked Brian, taking a seat in the chair next to the desk. He and Donna had a tacit agreement not to pry while the other was using the computer.

“Nothing much. Just answering an email from Joyce.” She and her husband had moved out of the neighborhood to a nearby city. They often talked on the phone, but when pictures need to be exchanged, it was via computer. Donna made a few more strokes on the keyboard and turned to Brian. “Done!”

Brian was about to speak when they heard the front door slam. “That would be Oliver,” she said with a laugh.

Her statement was confirmed when the sound of running feet terminated outside the office. “Oh, there you are,” Oliver said. Behind him, a stunned Grant stared at Donna.

“You're naked!” he gasped out.

“Yep, we are, aren't we, Grant.”

Oliver poked him in the ribs. “Yes, they're naked. We're gonna be naked at home. Come on.” He took Grant's resisting hand and pulled him from the room. Grant took one last glance at the naked woman and went with him.

“That went well,” observed Brian sarcastically. “Didn't it?”

Donna simply smiled. If an old lady such as she could hold a boy spellbound by her body, she knew she was still pretty damned hot looking.

“The look on Grant's face was priceless,” Brian went on. “I wonder if he even noticed I was in the room.”


“She was naked,” repeated Grant. “I saw your mom's titties!” With mention of that forbidden word, both boys broke into a fit of giggling. Once they'd recovered, Grant asked, “What's goin' on? Why was Donna naked?”

“Don't forget dad, he was too.” replied Oliver.

Grant smiled. “All I noticed was your momma. She was just sitting, smiling at me. She's real pretty!”

“OK, she's pretty, and she was naked, and so was dad.”

“Why? Nobody sits around their house not wearing nothin'.”

“Mom explained to me,” Oliver was telling him when they heard a tapping at the door. “It's dad.”

“Come in,” Oliver said. Brian opened and stepped through the door.

“Hi, Grant,” Brian said. “You were kinda surprised to see us naked, huh?”

Grant blushed slightly and lowered his eyes. “Yeah, I was.”

“Tell you what, why don't you take your clothes off? You and Oliver and I will sit around in here for awhile naked. Until you get used to the idea, then we'll go to the family room. Donna is making dinner…”

His question was cut short when Grant looked up, grinning, “Is she still naked?” Grant's cock was tenting his shorts.

“Yep! Sure is. You want to see her naked again?” Grant's look of total lust made him laugh. “Then get undressed and let's go.”`

Grant was a flurry of motion as he stripped, clothes being tossed and kicked off. Within seconds he was gloriously bare, his cock stiff, pointing up at a 45-degree angle. Obviously Grant had a lot of hetero going for him. All his thoughts were of a naked Donna.


The three entered the family room, which had a full view of the kitchen. As promised, Donna was naked, dishing food from pans into serving dishes. She turned to see her men. “So you are alive,” she commented jokingly. “I thought I'd have to drag you out of Oliver's room.” She was pleased to see that Grant had agreed to take off his clothes and join them in their personal social experience. The sight of his hard on brought a smile to her lips. She was pleased that she had such an effect on boys as young as him. He was definitely one little straight kid.

Grant was totally entranced at the sight of such a pretty woman doing what she was doing like a normal person would. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Brian put his hand on Grant's shoulder and whispered in his ear. “Yeah, me too.” Grant looked at Brian and noticed his cock was hard too.

“OK, guys grab a dish and bring it to the table when you come,” said Donna, picking up the roast and leading the way with the others trailing her, each bearing one plate or bowl. She directed them where to place the food, then each took a seat in their usual places.


After dinner they were seated in the family room chatting about this new idea of being naked. Grant and Oliver each had his own idea about it. Both agreed it was a pretty cool.

Then lightning struck.

Grant was squirming in his chair, uncomfortable about something. Donna noticed and asked, “Grant, are you all right?”

Grant didn't answer right away; then it came out. “Oliver said you kissed his cock. Is that true?”

“Yes,” Donna answered unhesitatingly. “A kiss to grow on.”

“Donna?” he began shyly.

“What, Grant?”

“Will you give mine a kiss to grow on?”

The room fell silent. Such a request seemed outrageously improper, yet Donna answered all the same, “I can't do that unless my family gives me permission.”

Grant couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Donna looked at Oliver, then at Brian, who said, “If you're OK with doing it, go ahead.”

Oliver looked very serious. He knew this was an important question. Grant had become a good friend, and he wanted to see if his mom would do it, but… this was the hard part. She was his mom. He loved her. It didn't seem right… but yet it did. Everyone was watching him as he finally said, “Sure, mom. Go ahead, but only if you want to.”

Donna slid from her seat to her knees and sat back on them as Grant approached, his prick swaying before him. As he stopped just in front of her, she took his cock, smiled at him, and ran her tongue across it. “That's a lick to grow on and…” pursing her lips, she put them against Grant's cock head, and with a loud “smack,” “a kiss to grow on.” She raised her head and whispered, “That better?” Then she took her seat again, a smile creasing her lips. Looking at Brian and Oliver, she saw that they were both hard. Crooking one finger at him, she said, “Well, I might as well give daddy a kiss to grow on too, huh?” He looked surprised, then stood and walked to her. “For you, my best kiss.” She lowered her mouth to take his entire cock head in and pull off with a loud kissing sound.

Grant's eyes got wide, and Oliver's mouth dropped open. “Holy crap,” he said under his breath.

After a moment of silence, Donna said, “All right, guys, snap out of it. You act like you've never seen a woman kiss her man's cock.” Those words broke the intense silence, and they all spoke at once.

“That was totally hot!” said Oliver.

“So cool, mom,” said Grant.

“Very arousing,” added Brian.

The door bell rang. Grant jumped from his seat. “That's daddy,” he cried, running toward the door.

“Hold on!” ordered Brian. “You don't know who it is.” Grant slowed his headlong dash to a fast walk, beating Brian to the door. He looked through the peep hole and saw Fred.

“Daddy!” he said, throwing the door open wide. Fred was surprised to see his son, naked, and behind him an equally naked Brian.

Accepting the tacit invitation, he stepped through the door. Grant jumped into his arms; Brian closed it. Entering, his eyes went wide at the scene before him, especially at the beautiful and bare Donna.

“Pardon me for staring, Donna. You truly are lovely.”

“Thank you, Fred. Would you care to join us?” she said.

“I do believe I will,” he said, quickly removing his clothes. His cock was slightly turgid, but not hard.

“Have a seat.” She indicated the chair just to her right.

He settled comfortably into it, looked toward Brian, and asked, “Care to tell me why we're all sitting here bare-assed naked?”

While Brian explained their experiment in lifestyle, Donna's eyes swept the room, pausing for a fraction of a second on each penis, all in some state of erection. A bonanza for the brave. She didn't feel very brave at the moment.

That would change. Soon.