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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 17:

The Morning After

Marsha held Donna close and whispered sweet words to her, words that Brian often said before they made love. Donna felt her breath catch at the effect of those words. A warmth was ignited in her belly. Marsha's gentle touches and light kisses were slowly, irrevocably, feeding the fire that was gradually growing.

Marsha closed her mouth around Donna's large, brown, and very hard nipple to suckle.

Donna's head fell back. She was thrashing at their covers, trying to push them back. She wanted them off, to be free to love! With one final kick, they flew away, exposing both women's naked bodies.

Her lover's hand, which was lightly squeezing her other nipple, now released her stiff ball. It was moving down Donna's body, leaving a sensuous trail leading directly to her moist lips. Fingers slid between, spreading them, exposing the stiff target. As they touched her upright clit, it was like an electric spark.

The unexpected touch caused a two-fold reaction. Donna gasped, and her legs jerked backward together, pressing against those fingers, holding them captive. Donna moaned a deep guttural sound and threw her head back, mouth open, gasping for breath, her own fingers clutching at the sheets they lay upon.

“Shhh…” coaxed Marsha. “It's OK. I'll take good care of you.”

The fires, which had only been smoldering, burst into a flame, a flash fire, consuming Donna's body.

“Oh, my god,” she sobbed out. “Take me, Marsha! Take me!”


Brian awoke to a marvelous feeling of lethargy, suffused with the sensual and slow sucking of a warm mouth around his cock. He lay quietly, allowing sleep to evaporate from his being. Gradually he opened his eyes and gazed downward, across his body. “Oh, damn,” he moaned, moving his hand to ruffle the hair of his fellator. “You are one hell of a cock sucker.” His toes curled in response to the delicious sexy feelings that swept over him. He was soon gasping, being taken to the edge of ejaculation.

“Please stop!” he pleaded. “I don't want to cum yet.”

Dave reluctantly released the rigid dick from his mouth, rolled over, and slithered his way up to come face-to-face with his lover. “I do so like to suck you, but I like to kiss you just as much.”

Brian didn't need a better invitation than that. He opened his mouth to accept Dave's open mouth against his. Their tongues caressed and danced, each sucked in its turn. It was all so sensual and sexy that even with no hand nor mouth enclosing his raging cock, he could sense the steady approach of a massive ejaculation.

Laughing, he pulled his face back from Dave's grinning face. “You are so sexy, Davie,” he said.

“So are you, sweetie. I could just eat you up.” They had shared words such as this before and reveled in their new-found relationship. As much as he wanted to say those three words, Brian knew it was still too early. Instead he looked deeply into Dave's pleading eyes and whispered, “Take me, lover.”


The two women lay together, side-by-side, holding hands and saying nothing. The effect of their lovemaking, an emotional hurricane, still left them satisfied but breathless. The sense their motionless and sweaty bodies exuded was a deep peaceful one. Minutes passed, their spirits returning from some heavenly place that only they could inhabit.

One inert body began to twitch. Then another. Another. Finally, a voice. “You were magnificent!”

“Was I?” asked Donna's soft voice. “If I were, it was you, my darling, who made me so.”

“Then you are my yin and I your yang,” Marsha said back. Her hand reached out to find Donna's hand. Fingers intertwined.

Long silence.

The sound of the door opening caused Marsha to turn her head. It was Meredith's lithe naked form who entered. She closed the door, turned, and tiptoed to the bed. “Are you awake, mommy?” she asked.

“I am. Unfortunately,” she said with a laugh.

“Did you and Donna have fun last night?” she asked, as she began to pull herself onto Marsha and Donna's bed.

“We did,” answered Donna. “We had a lot of fun.”

“Tell me,” urged Meredith.

“First, where are the boys?” asked Marsha.

“Oh, they went off to see daddy and Brian,” she answered casually. “I think they're just horny. Their little cocks were very hard.”

“Then they went to the right room, huh, Donna?” Her head turned to look at the lovely, smiling face that looked back at her.

Donna blushed and giggled, then said somewhat incredulously, “I can't believe this is happening. You and me together. My Brian and your Dave in bed together, probably sucking the boys.” Her blush deepened as she spoke those words.

Marsha's brow furrowed. “You mean Brian didn't tell you he's bisexual?”

Still blushing, Donna admitted that he had not. “But I hadn't told him I am too.”

Those words caused Marsha to giggle and touch Donna's face lightly. “Only bisexual?” she asked. “That was one of the best lesbian lovings I've had in a long time.”

“I'm no lesbian,” protested Donna, looking off into space. “I just did what I wanted and what seemed so… I don't know… natural, I guess.”

Marsha didn't argue, there was no point. “What say we take a shower? Wake us up and have coffee.”

“Can I come too?” asked Meredith.

“Of course, you can, dear,” she confirmed. To Donna she said, “Meredith has learned how to properly wash her mother.”

The three rose from their bed and went into the bathroom, where Marsha started the water.


“I'm cumming,” cried Dave, pushing his spurting cock deeply into Brian's love tunnel.

Uhggg…” grunted Brian from the hard thrust into his hole. He could feel several jets of Dave's semen gush into him, breeding him.

Dave lowered his face to Brian's and they kissed deeply. Their kiss had just ended when they heard the doorknob turn and two boys rushed in. As usual, they didn't close the door. Both men were too happy to see their sons running to their bed to notice nor care about some silly door.

Dave's cock had slid out of Brian's man pussy, his semen trickling down between his ass cheeks. He moved off of Brian's cum-slicked body to lie next to him. On the bed, Donny and Oliver saw the evidence of their father's lovemaking.

“Let's get a wash cloth and towel and clean them up; then they can suck on us,” suggested Oliver. In a flash, both boys were off the bed and in the bathroom to get what they needed to clean up their dads. They giggled and snickered at what they were about to do.

Returning, they scrambled onto the bed with towel and wash cloth. Donny used the towel to wipe the cum off of Brian, while Oliver washed Dave's soft cock. Once that was done, they tossed the dirty items onto the floor.

Donny moved into Brian's arms to snuggle, then kiss with him. Ditto for Oliver and Dave. After a few minutes of physical touching, Donny moved to position himself next to Brian's head, his cock offered for consumption. Rolling to his side, he opened his mouth, into which Donny's hard on vanished completely. Soon the only sounds were those of sucking, moaning and sighs.

It was at this instant that Donna, Marsha, and Meredith happened by the open door. Looking in, they could see a short naked and kneeling form, whom Marsha recognized as her son. The longer adult body stretched out on its side, head hidden by the boy's form. One arm that curled around the boy was caressing his bare, smooth bubble cheek.

Hearing the soft footsteps outside the door behind him, Donny turned his head and saw his mom, sister, and Donna. “Hi, mommy,” he said. “Brian's sucking me!”

“We know, dear,” Marsha said. “We'll be waiting in the kitchen.”

Rather than move quickly away, they stood waiting for Donna to stop watching. When she turned to follow them, Marsha asked, “Satisfied now that you know there's no doubt? That was definitely Brian, right?”

Donna's face bore an expression of puzzlement for a moment, followed by a shake of her head. “It was him, all right,” she admitted.

“You OK with this, Donna?”

“Yes and no. It's all such a surprise. I liked sucking Dave's cock and having him cum in my mouth. I enjoyed what we did, more than I can tell you.” She reached out to squeeze Marsha's hand, and touched her cheek. “And you!” she said, turning to the girl. “I loved it when you washed me all over.” Meredith glowed with pride. “You didn't miss a spot.”

“Sooo…?” asked Marsha thoughtfully. “Is there a question?”

“It's Brian. Somehow seeing the guy I thought was Mr. Straight sucking on a boy's cock…” she sighed. “I don't know what to say. Just a big shock.”

“Now that you know he likes cocks and boys, is it going to be a problem between you two?” asked Marsha with some trepidation.

“No. Definitely not!” Donna said with conviction in her voice. “Not at all.”

They had reached the kitchen. Marsha went to the coffee maker and punched the start button. She had thoughtfully loaded it up the night before their festivities began. Meredith knew the routine so well that she went directly to the refrigerator to pull out cream, then to the pantry to get sweetener. She placed them on the table. Her mom was getting down cups for all. Donna was already seated and looking pensive. Marsha joined her. It didn't take but a moment for Donna to speak.

“Marsha, I'm amazed that you and Dave have formed a family where each is free to love the other in their own way. You guys seem so natural and normal. I've read of children being forced into such relationships, to their detriment.”

Meredith came over to sit beside her and held her hand. “Daddy and mommy both love us a lot. Daddy has always been very gentle with me, even the first time he fucked me.”

“Yes,” interrupted Marsha. “I was there for her first penetration. I wanted to reassure Meredith that it was OK. It was the same for Donny's first time too. Kids need to know that we both care.”

Donna's face took on a very calm expression. “You know, I get it. I like it.”

“What?” asked Meredith. “What do you get?”

“Brian, for one. I realize this is where we're heading, after all. The sooner I accept it, the better.”

“And the other?” asked Marsha with a slight smile. “You mean Oliver's first time.” It wasn't a question.

“Yes!” Donna declared emphatically. “Oliver's first.” She looked happy. “In fact, I'm looking forward to watching my husband and my son make love.”

They were seated at the kitchen table, sipping a second cup of coffee, when the men entered, each holding the hand of one boy.

Marsha saw them first and applauded. “Wow! Here come the slug-a-beds. We were almost ready to charge in and bring you out.”

“Well, we're here now,” said Dave. “Any coffee left?”

Marsha lifted the carafe. “Right here.”

“I need to use the bathroom,” Brian asked.

Meredith slipped from her chair, and came up to him to take his hand. Looking up at him with her young innocent face. “I'll show you, Brian,” she said, taking his hand.

“Umh, OK,” Brian said, letting her lead him. When they disappeared down the hall, Marsha said, prophetically, “Don't expect them back soon.”

“Why?” asked Donna without thinking. “He's just going to the…”

Marsha placed her hand on Donna's and repeated, “They're going to be awhile.”

Uttering a gasp of sudden insight, Donna suddenly sat up, put her hand over her mouth, and said, “Ohhh… Be awhile. OK. I get it!”

Marsha said, rising, “I'll make some more coffee.”