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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 18:

Explanations and Confirmations

Leaving the Chandlers' home was a sad event. Hugs and kisses all around, leaving no mouth untouched by another. They stood at their door, still waving, as Brian and his family drove away. The ride home was quiet.

Brian pulled into the garage and stopped the engine, but nobody moved. Donna broke the spell. “I want to get out of these clothes.” Brian and Oliver agreed. Doors opened, each stepped out. For the first time, Oliver did not slam the car door and rush to the one leading to the kitchen. Instead, he waited for his mom and dad, so he could take one of their hands in each of his own.

Once inside, Donna and Brian turned toward their bedroom. Oliver obviously agreed, for he ran off to his own, where he quickly began stripping. His briefs were already tenting from a growing hard on. The merest recollection of the last 24 hours was setting him off.

His mind flickered back to the moment when Meredith, a girl, had made him hard. He smiled seeing her hand simultaneously around his and Donny's cock. “They're the same size,” she had said. A shiver went through his body, recalling how her lips had felt around his erection. Seeing her head bobbing up and down! It hit him then that a boy or a girl could make him feel this way, horny as hell!

He wondered just then, as he stroked his erection, if dad felt the same way. He was married to a girl, after all. Was it different for him, the way mom sucked him or how Dave or Donny or he did it? Many questions swirled in his head. Nobody had warned him that girls could be as good a partner as a boy. Fucking her cunt had been an exciting experience. He wanted to do more of that. He smiled involuntarily at the thought of… yes! His mom. Would her pussy be as warm, soft, and wet as Meredith's?

He left his room, thinking that his mom and dad would be in the family room. He was walking back. Passing his mom and dad's bedroom, the door was still closed. He'd watch some TV until they came out.


They found Oliver in the family room lying on the couch asleep. The last day and night had exhausted him. Donna found the TV remote to mute the sound, and they quietly tiptoed into the kitchen, where she took glasses out of the cupboard, and opened the refrigerator to get the iced tea. Pouring each a glass, she handed one to Brian and signaled him to follow her to the patio. It was a beautiful afternoon, too good to waste inside. Fortunately the glass door opened smoothly on silent wheels, as did the screen door.

Outside, they took seats in chairs side-by-side and sat silently for a moment, letting recent memories pass through their minds. “That was an amazing and exciting experience,” Donna said simply, which was the simplest single word that described her awakening. “I had often wondered what it would be like to make love with a woman, but was too uncertain how to begin,” she went on.

“Same for me when I realized the way Dave made me feel. It was arousing, exciting, thrilling.” added Brian. “I don't need to tell you that sucking cock is a very… uhm… hot.”

“When I saw you sucking on Donny's little thing…!” she looked at him. “At first it was shocking to know that you even liked cock, and doubly so to see you sucking on a boy.” She paused to gather her thoughts. “He was delightful! As though it was the most ordinary thing in the world when he told us that you were sucking him off.” She laughed at the irony of the act. Brian laughed along with her. She glanced at him, “you did, didn't you? Suck him off?” Brian was smiling. He nodded.

“Yes. I did,” said Brian, realizing this was the moment to come out. “I did, and I loved doing it. His cock felt so good in my mouth. After what Dave and I did, it just seemed right to continue.” He was looking closely at her. “Are you angry about it?”

Donna gasped at his bravado. “How can I be?” she cried out in frustration. “Marsha and I were equally guilty as you two men. When Meredith joined us, I… I… I touched her and kissed her. I can't blame you without blaming myself!” She was staring at him, seeking what? Reassurance that her behavior was OK.

“I think, honey, that you're suffering from your upbringing. All those years being told that homo sex is unacceptable, bad, even evil.” he said softly. “Now you've found that it isn't bad. It can be wonderful.” She was nodding in agreement, so he continued. “With the right partner or partners, like Marsha and her daughter.”

Her eyes opened wide, her hand over her mouth. She drew in a sharp intake of breath and said, “Yes! That's it. My parents repeated their disapproval and hate over and over, until it was a mantra that we all spoke.” She burst into giggles. “Now I'm one. And you know what, I think I'm going to love this.”

Their chat was interrupted as they heard the screen door open and watched Oliver step out onto the patio. He closed the door. “A new development?” Brian wondered.

“Mommy,” he said, in the little boy voice he'd not used in years. “Can I sit on your lap? Like you used to do?”

Puzzled by this reversion to his old self, Donna said, “Of course, baby,” holding out her arms. Oliver walked toward her, climbed onto her lap, and laid his head against her chest. Donna leaned her head down to kiss him lightly on the head. Brian saw her lips move, but could not make out the words.

Oliver looked up at her, his eyes aglow, and asked, “Really?”

“Uh huh, if you want to,” she assured him.

Oliver moved his head down to take her nipple in his mouth, as he had as a small boy. His hand moved up to cup the other. Donna leaned her head back and sighed. “Oh, my little boy! You suck mommy so nicely.”

Brian watched this act between mother and child, and caught his breath at how it simultaneously looked so arousing, yet so normal. She told him at one time that occasionally, as Oliver sucked her breast, she would have an orgasm without touching herself. Her hand moved down to take his hard cock in her hand and slowly stroke it.

Donna began to climax in a slow simmering wash, rather than the tidal wave that usually happened. Her moans began softly. Likewise, Oliver was writhing, as he too approached his own edge. Finally she arched her back and froze, a cry escaping her open mouth. Oliver released his hold on Donna's stiff nipple to cry out as well.

“Ahh…” sighed Donna; then, looking at her son, she said, “I loved how you did that.”

“I loved sucking your tit,” he said unabashedly.

She ruffled his hair and smiled. “It was beautiful. I never thought that such an intimate act between you and me could be so erotic.” Then she turned her attention to Brian. Reaching out to take his hand, she said in a sultry voice. “You know,” she all but whispered. “You know, there is one more, very intimate act that I would like to witness.”

Brian looked at her, brow furrowed, then it came to him. “You want to watch us make love.”

“Exactly. When?”

Oliver solved the conundrum by asking, “Why not now?”

“Sure,” agreed Donna. “Why not now?”

“OK by me,” said Brian, rising. Donna got up slowly, with Brian's hand steadying her. Oliver had run to the door to open it; they all went inside.

Oliver had run ahead of them, his cute little bottom swiveling as he ran. Donna wondered if it was a soft as Meredith's, or if his anus was as easy to push a finger into as the girl's. Brian stopped by their bedroom. “I need the lube,” he explained. He was back in a flash, and they continued on to Oliver's room.

“Come on, dad,” Oliver said, clearly excited to be doing this. “Let me lube up your cock.”

Oliver quickly coated Brian's very hard cock with sufficient lube and wiped his hand on the towel, which he placed on the night stand… Brian took the tube, and Oliver clambered up onto the bed, raised his legs, and spread his cheeks. A moment later, all was in readiness. Brian wiped his hands.

Donna was fascinated by how men prepared for love. She took a seat in the nearby chair to watch their mating…

“Ready?” asked Brian.

“Uh huh,” Oliver answered.

Brian moved onto the bed to lie on his back. Oliver stood over him, then began to lower himself slowly. Brian positioned his cock so that Oliver's small pucker would find it. When he felt Brian's tip just touch his gateway, he looked at Donna and smiled. “Here I go!” he said, his weight pressing down on Brian's cock. From where she sat, Donna could see Brian's cock slowly vanishing into Oliver's small body. How could that tight little anus stretch so much? A grimace passed over his face again and again, as his body accepted his father's love spear. For one manic moment, Donna wanted to rush to him and pull him away, to end his torture, but she swallowed hard and ignored her mother bear desire.

Down, down, down dropped Oliver's body, until at last he sat astride Brian's groin. “Daddy's inside me, mommy,” he said, in such an excited voice that every fear she had been thinking vanished. Her son looked happy, serene even. Like the young bride taking her husband's cock.

Waiting a moment to get used to having Brian's thick, hard rod inside him, he leaned forward, allowing himself to gradually move onto Brian's body. “Hold on tight,” Brian said. “We're going over.” With a single movement, Brian rolled them so that Oliver was beneath Brian. “Ready?” Oliver's smile said it all, and Brian moved his cock backward until just the head resided inside.

Their dance of love began.

Pausing for but a second, Brian was pulling back in a slow withdrawal, while Oliver's eyes were closed, feeling his body being emptied of what he longed for. Pause. Then it was returning, re-filling his gut, along with Oliver's answering thrust. Retreat, advance, retreat, advance, until, like a smooth machine, father and son were pushing and pulling in concert. It went on like this with neither seeming to grow weary. In the end, entropy won; their energy was nearing its end.

The prelude to this conclusion was from Oliver as he grunted out, “Daddy, I'm cumming.” Then followed by his entire body trembling for a moment, then relaxing, his prick throbbing in a pseudo-ejaculation.

Brian was not far behind. He made three more thrusts into Oliver's interior, before succumbing to a similar reaction, his semen coating Oliver's interior. Panting, the pair allowed the afterglow to envelop them, and they rested, sweaty body against sweaty body…

Donna too had become excited watching her husband mate with her son. A day ago, it would not have been possible for her to accept this act. But with a revised view of sexual matters, she found that such gay love was as beautiful as hetero love. She too was weary from touching and bringing herself to another climax.

She quietly left the two lovers, to return to her room. Her initial trepidation about Oliver's body's ability to accept Brian's cock was allayed. A warm bath was just what she needed. A place where she could relax and contemplate what she had witnessed. This, along with those recent memories of what she had experienced with Marsha and Meredith, made her open her mind to other couplings. Oliver was one horny boy. “Would he…,” she wondered. “And if he did, could she accept him as a lover as well as a son?”

“You'll soon find yourself contemplating all the carnal pleasures possible,” Marsha had told her, in a most sensual whisper. Was it a warning, or the simple statement of changes in hers, Brian's, and Oliver's lives. Immersed in the warm waters of her bath, Donna felt tension drain from her body, and knew she was ready to accept whatever was to happen.