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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 19:

Love Requited

“Honey! Brian!” Donna was calling. “Where are you?”

“In here,” he replied, putting down his book and looking up expectantly.

She walked into the room, holding her cell phone, and raised it. “Honey, it's Marsha. She's invited me to spend this weekend with her at that very nice hotel in, uhm… Darn, I forgot the name already. Anyway, she wants me to go with her. We don't have anything planned, so it wouldn't interfere with your plans.” She gave him her heart-melting super-sad looking expression. “Please?”

He laughed, “How could I possibly say no to that look?” he asked. “You go along and have fun.”

“Goody! Thank you so much, baby.” She said a few more words that Brian couldn't hear, ending with a soft kissing sound and a “Bye, lover.” He caught that.

Arms crossed over her chest, and holding her closed phone, she added. “There's more, though.”

“Oh?” He was about to rejoin the story in his book, when he looked back up at her.

“Yes. Dave wants to spend the weekend with you. It's been awhile since he's been with Oliver. Says he misses the little guy.”

Brian's eyes lit up at this news, which faded into a frown. “What about Donny?”

Donna smiled in a way that Brian knew she was holding back. “Oh, Donny's already committed to spend the time with his friend…” she was grinning. “You know the one?” The wink meant it had to be his latest seduction.

“Oh,” said Brian dejectedly. “I haven't been with him in quite awhile either.”

She dropped the bomb. “In compensation, he's bringing that little sweetheart for you!”

“Holy shit!” Brian breathed out, his face brightening considerably. “Meredith? He's bringing Meredith?”

“Uh huh,” she said. “He said that he wants to take Oliver off for the day and night, so you and Meredith will have the house to yourselves.”

Brian was lost for words at this stunning news. His eyes were suddenly on the future.

Donna walked over to him; he stood to meet her. “Honey, every one of us knows that you're completely infatuated with her. And I want you to know that I approve. I certainly don't want you turning gay on me.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him soundly on the mouth.

“Baby,” he said, looking into her eyes. “You are the best! I love you.”

“I love you too. From time to time, you need a little pussy to distract you from the cock you so dearly love.”

If the thought of Meredith, with that sweet little girl body, spending the weekend in bed with him, weren't intoxicating enough, Donna's acknowledgment of his desire for penis was making his cock rise. She felt it through their multiple layers of clothing.

“Hmm…” she said, reaching down to grip it. “Maybe we should take care of this now. I certainly don't want you lusting over whatever lascivious thoughts you're having without relief.” He allowed her to lead him to their bedroom.


“Dinggggg Dong!”

Donna, who had been sitting in the living room chatting with Brian, turned to look at the door, “That's Marsha. And right on time too. What a sweetheart.” She rose and walked to the door, her high heels click-clacking as she went.

It was Marsha and Dave. Meredith was coming over too, he expected. But she didn't walk in with them.

Marsha stepped into the room to embrace Donna and firmly kiss her on the mouth. Donna, arms wrapped around Marsha's neck, responded just as enthusiastically.

Dave had come over to Brian to greet him in a similarly enthusiastic way. Their eyes closed, and mouths met and opened. Tongues danced, intertwining around each other in a most heated way. A small sound pulled his attention to the door. It was Meredith! He released Dave and turned to look at her.

This was Meredith all right, but not the one of 11 years he knew and expected. She was a ravishing older girl with breasts, and taller by three inches. Dressed in a fashionably short skirt, with a translucent blouse hinting at a sensually interesting bra beneath its flimsy fabric. The beautifully coiffed, brunette hair cascaded down gracefully over her shoulders.

He closed his gaping mouth to greet her. “Hello,” he began “How… uhm…” He was lost for words, looking at this vision who had transfixed his ability to speak.

“I wonder,” the sultry voice began. “if I could get a glass of wine?” His mind was numbed by the face, the figure, and now a voice that suggested more than wine.

He laughed, realizing the effect she was having on him. Squatting down to open his arms, he said. “I'll give you a lot more than a glass of wine. Come here, you little minx!” She did, but in a sensuous swaying walk that promised him much more than wine. He enfolded her in his arms for a moment, then drew back enough for their faces to tilt slightly and meet again, this time in a slow kiss.

The applause startled them. They broke their kiss to look at the others, who were laughing and clapping. “Great job, Meri!” said Marsha enthusiastically.

Just then the patter of bare feet brought them back to the moment. Oliver had heard the doorbell and come to see who it was. “Hi, Dave! Hi, Marsha! Hi, Meri,” he yelled, as he ran to greet them. After briefly hugging Marsha and giving her a perfunctory kiss, he turned toward Dave, who opened his arms for Oliver to rush to him.

Meeting, they kissed just as passionately as the adults had. Brian's cock grew hard, knowing that in a very short time Dave's cock would be buried in Oliver's tight, little ass. Donna folded her arms across her chest and looked at the man and her son and smiled approvingly. “Aren't they a great couple?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” agreed Marsha.

Separating, Dave rose, lifting Oliver in his arms. “Welllll…” he said. “I hope you don't mind if I take this boy off for a few hours.” Without waiting for their answers, he said, “Good bye, honey. Bye, Donna. Have fun!” Oliver didn't even wave good bye. His eyes were exclusively for Dave, his lover.

“Well,” Donna said, taking Marsha's hand. “Shall we be on our way?”

Marsha looked at Brian and Meredith, smiled, and said, “Bye. Thanks for the loan of your wife.”

“Thanks for the loan of your daughter,” he answered.

And they were gone into the kitchen and out to the garage.

“What now?” he asked, looking down at Meredith, who was smiling up shyly.

“Brian?” she said, barely above a whisper.

“Yes, my little love.”

“Was it cruel of me to dress up for you and make your eyes fall out?”

Brian scooped her into his arms. “Oh, Meredith! You lovely, beautiful seductress! You can make my eyes fall out anytime you want.”

Their lips parted, but Brian could not take his eyes from the face, not of a school child, but of a young woman. She looked like a woman. She smelled like a woman. She reacted as a woman would. Her needs were those of a woman!

Brian bent and put one arm behind her knees, the other behind her shoulders. Meredith had one arm around his neck. In one smooth motion, Brian lifted her from the floor, their faces never leaving each other's. Her gasp was followed by a giggle.

“Oh, Brian,” she sighed. “You are so romantic!”

He carried her to his bedroom. This is where they would spend their weekend. Across to the bed, Brian lowered her carefully to the satin cover.

“My dear, sweet Meredith,” he breathed. “How beautiful you are, and how I want to make love to you.”

Meredith didn't need to say anything. Her sultry look told Brian exactly what he wanted to hear. “I have something for you,” he said, handing her a small package wrapped in silver paper with a matching bow.

“Oh!” she gasped in surprise. “For me? What is it?”

“Take it to the bathroom and open it.”

Package in hand, she padded quietly but quickly across the room. He watched her go, her beautiful bottom swaying, making his cock seem to harden even more.

He quickly stripped and pulled back the covers. The door opened, he turned to see this lovely thing wearing the nightgown he had chosen for her especially for this night.

Thin black silk straps stood out against her cream-colored skin. Delicate lace half-hid her breasts with their erect nipples. The black diaphanous fabric clung to her, emphasizing the roundness of her small body.

“Oh my! Meredith, you are a goddess.”

Her face was aglow with excitement of what awaited her. In fluid motion, she approached him. “Sit here,” he said, patting the edge of the bed. Handing her a small box, he said softly, “Open it.”

She lifted the lid to find a bracelet with a small tag attached. He lifted it and turned it so she could read. “Meredith” on one side. Turning it over were the words, “belongs to Brian.”

“Oh, Brian! You mean it, don't you?” He was smiling as he looked at her happy face. “Put it on me please.” He quickly attached it around her ankle. “So it won't get in the way,” he said.

He stood. His very stiff cock was but inches away. She knew what he expected of her, and she slid from the bed to kneel before him. Holding his erection at its base, she looked up at him in what she hoped was a most sultry way. Sticking out her tongue, she began to lap several drops forming on the tip of his head. sending him into a frenzy. Then, closing her warm, wet lips around the shaft, she began to suck, and lap with variations of speeds and touches. He was soon thrusting into her mouth, his head back, daring his climax not to come. But all too soon he felt it approaching.

He stopped, and he pulled it from her hungry mouth. Her eyes opened. “But…” she started to protest.

“Shush, my sweet Meredith,” he said, raising her to her feet. “This night it must be inside you. Here,” his hand lightly touched her pussy.

She shook her head. “No! You took me there the first time. Tonight I want your cock in my bottom.” His smile told her that wish would come true. She was quickly out of her nightgown and onto the bed. “Get on your elbows and knees,” he said. She quickly complied, her young cheeks spread wide for his attention.

Opening a jar of KY on the nightstand, he used two fingers to gently massage her anal opening, fitting first one, then two fingers inside her. He took a moment to make his prick slick, then moved behind her on the bed.

She tensed, awaiting the touch of his love spear. When it did, she gasped. This was it. The Moment. Holding her hips, he increased the pressure, she grunted and pushed back.

It began to hurt. “God, but he was big,” her mind said. Her body cried out simultaneously, for him to stop, and yet to keep going. She was close to crying when she felt his head, victorious over her sphincter, move just within her.

“How are you doing, honey?” he asked solicitously.

“I'm OK. It's been awhile,” she said. Brian stopped, letting her get used to his cock. “It's OK, Brian. I'm fine — really I am.” A long pause. “Brian?” she whimpered.

“What is it, baby.”

“Make me your woman.”

He pushed slowly but continuously into her, loving the tightness of her ass, until his balls were against her pussy. “I'm all the way in, hon.”

“Then love me, Brian. Make love to me. Hard!” she cried out, wriggling her hips to encourage him. So he did. An intimate ballet, scored by the sighs and moans of sex, until she was squealing in delight.

He felt his own climax approaching, he stopped, grabbed her legs, and flipped her over. His cock never left her heavenly gate. Now he was facing her. Soon, inevitably, his breathing sped up and finally broke into urgent gasps, his eyes now shut as the greedy tunnel pumped him dry.

Then it was over, and he lowered his sweat-drenched body atop hers, but not allowing his full weight to press her down. When her eyes flickered open to full consciousness, she smiled, put her arms around him, and said, “Thank you, that was the best one yet.”

They continued to talk softly, in just a whisper, before he rolled them to their sides and they gently drifted into Morpheus' arms.

Tomorrow would not be an ordinary day.


Brian awoke, to a weight on his belly and a wonderful warm feeling emanating from his prick. It was hard, very hard, and being serviced most properly by a mouth, lips tightly wrapped around it. He allowed himself to slowly enter the world he'd left only a few hours past. His eyelids flickered open gradually, until he was staring at the ceiling.

The blankets were tossed aside so that he and his lover's bodies were completely exposed. Raising his head slightly, he looked down to see the back of a head, dark hair askew, spilling over his torso. The head was slowly nursing on his cock. Reaching down to caress her hair, he mumbled, “Oh, sweet baby, you suck me so gooood!” Those words brought a wriggle of happiness from the body stretched away from his body. He was just about to cum!

“Ohhhhhh!” he softly moaned, as his body took over, bucking his cock deeply into her mouth. He heard a cough when his prick unexpectedly pushed into her throat. It remained there for a moment, his semen spilling. Regaining control, he pulled back to allow two more jets to shoot onto her tongue.

“Mmm…,” was her response upon tasting his tangy sperm flood her taste buds. Lips clamping it tighter, so as not to lose one drop of his cum, she held his prick captive there.

When she had lapped the last remaining drops dribbling from his cock slit, she raised her head, rolled over into his arms, and smiled.

He touched her face, the smooth skin of youth feeling so good. “You are one hell of a cock sucker,” he said.

“Only because I love you!” she replied, eyes alight from pleasing her man. “Daddy tells me that all the time,” she added.

“I love you too, honey,” he replied. “Even if you never sucked me again!”

She giggled her little girl giggle and kissed him lightly. “Like that will ever happen!”

“You're right,” he laughed. “It will happen again and again. Until you're too old to want to suck cock again.”

Laying in his arms, with one hand on his chest, she looked up at him, her beautiful eyes aglow with the affection she had for him and knowing that he cared for her as he did. “Brian, will you tell me the truth, if I ask you a question?”

“I am always as honest as I can be when you ask me a serious question.”

“Well, I'm only 12 now, well almost 12. You, daddy, Oliver, and Donny fuck me and touch me all the time. Sometimes when I don't even want to. I like making you guys happy, but what about me?”

“What about you, honey?”

“Nobody ever asks me, like, “Meredith, do you mind if I fuck you. I'm just sooo horny!” And I let you, and them, do it again and again.”

“Hey, baby,” he said, pulling her close to him. “I love you, and so does your daddy. We never, ever want you to do what you don't want. That's a promise. I guess we haven't been as sensitive about what you want. Is that it?”

“Uh huh,” she replied. He felt wetness on his chest. She was trying not to cry. “When you ask, it's like I feel like I have to suck you or let you fuck me.”

“Well, I am telling you here and now that you are in charge of your body,” he exclaimed, running his hand down her back on her oh-so-smooth skin. “It's just that we guys are horny so much of the time and you, baby girl, are delightfully beautiful.

“Oh, Brian!” she laughed, snuggling closer to him, making his cock begin to rise again. “You are the most romantic man! I love it when you tell me how pretty I am and how much you love me.”

“From this day and forever, when you aren't in the mood, say so. Tell whichever horny guy wants to satisfy his itch, to back off or your boyfriend, that's me, will cut his nuts off.”

She slapped him on the shoulder. “Oh…! you wouldn't, would you? I mean really?”

“No, not really. But you can bet, with those words coming from your mouth, he will listen. It's time for you to take over, to decide who touches you, kisses you, wants to fuck you, you decide. Not him. That includes me. I'm yours to command.”

“Thank you for listening to me, Brian.”

They lay together, in each other's arms, allowing the afterglow of a good blow job to envelop them.

Perhaps it was five minutes or, maybe, a half an hour passed, when Brian suggested they take a shower. “To wake us up.”

“I'm already awake as I can be, but I could sure use a bath.” Like the energetic colt she sometimes reminded him of, she was up, and off the bed in seconds. She had such a sweet ass. He could never get tired of seeing it swivel away.

She disappeared into the bathroom, and Brian took his time rising to allow her some privacy. The sound of a flushing toilet brought him into motion. His feet had barely touched the floor when she stood at the door. Her hands were on both sides so she could lean out, as she said, “What's taking you so long? Getting too old to shower with me?

Then he was at the door too, pressing his body against hers. “God, but you are sexy,” he breathed.

“I know, and proud of it. Now come on! Let's get under the shower.” She began to turn from him, but his hand gripped her arm.

“In a moment,” he said, pulling her into his arms. Her arms flew around his neck, as she surrendered to him and kissed back. It was passion restrained; standing like marble made warm in a lover's embrace.

When it was done, her arms still held him. Eyes sparkling, smile bright. “You are such a romantic. Donna is a lucky woman.” Then she released him and turned to start the water. He moved behind her, his partially hard cock resting against the crevice between her ass cheeks.

“Mmm…,” she sighed, wriggling it against his growing erection.

“Sexy, sexy, sexy…,” he told her.

“Water's ready,” she said abruptly, stepping away from him with a a laugh to stand inside beneath the cascading shower. “I'm in charge now, remember?” He followed, joining her there. She picked up the soap and began to rub it on him.