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This is the twentieth chapter of “The Policeman.” As we have stated in earlier chapters, the story contains bisexuality and sexual acts involving adults and under-age minors, both related and non-related, in accordance with the shared story preferences of the authors. If any of this is objectionable to you, you might like to leave and go to another story.

This story is a work of fiction. Some persons and events are based on actual ones, but even those have been so significantly changed that nothing in this story should be read as anything but fictional.

For those who were wondering about the policeman who provided the title for the story, who has not appeared since the first chapter, here we finally return to his story.

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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 20:

Brian Goes On Line

They were nearly finished when the shower door slid partly open and Dave's face peered in. “Oops!” he laughed. “My, my! What a lovely pair you are. Even soaking wet.”

“Hi, lover,” Brian said, slipping from Meredith to lean into Dave's face. Their lips met in a hungry kiss. When they separated, he said, “Nice to see you back. Where's Oliver?”

“He went…,” Dave began, when the sound of running feet interrupted, “… to take off his clothes.”

“Hi, dad. Hi, Meredith!” he said, squeezing in front of Dave. “Oooo…” Seeing Brian's hard cock, he grabbed it. “Nice one, dad. You must be happy to see us, huh.” He stepped away just in time to avoid Brian's hand reaching out to grab him. “Hello, son,” Brian said, ruffling his already-mussed hair.

“Did you and Brian have a good evening?” Dave asked Meredith.

Her eyes became misty at the question. She was looking into the past, recalling every romantic moment. “Yes,” she whispered, reaching for and taking Brian’s hand. “It was one of the most wonderful ever.”

Brian pulled her to him and put his arm around her protectively. “It was,” he agreed. “Your daughter is a wonderful lover.”

Not wanting to be left out, Oliver moved over to Dave and took his hand. “We had a good time too!” he said most emphatically. “Didn't we, Dave?”

“Most definitely,” agreed Dave, squeezing Oliver's hand. “This kid has more energy. He's insatiable.” Oliver was grinning from the praise. He knew he was a good cock sucker and loved the feel of Dave's cock sliding up his boy cunt.

Meredith joined in with a cheerful, “Hi, Oliver.”

Brian turned off the shower and reached for towels. Handing one to Meredith, he said, “Don't know 'bout you, guys, but I'm cravin' some food for my belly.” As if in response, he felt and heard the rumble of his empty stomach.

“We'll get breakfast going,” said Dave, he and Oliver departing.


Brian and Meredith dried each other and left the bathroom. Walking into the kitchen, they saw that French toast and rashers of bacon were already on the table. “Took you two long enough,” Dave observed, seeing their happy expressions.

“Hey, good morning, all,” said Brian, walking to the table, where he and Meredith sat down. Talk was limited, as the four devoured the entire plate formerly heaped with toast with much gusto and little talk. Only crumbs and a some oily streaks remained, reminding them of their recent feast.

“Ah,” said Brian. “That was excellent.”

“Thanks,” said Dave, putting his fork down. “Oliver helped too.”

“Let's get this mess cleaned up,” said Meredith. The other three rose as one, and in two minutes the table and range were cleared. Meredith was busily wiping down the surfaces, while Brian brushed heavy debris off of the dishes and Dave loaded the dishwasher. Oliver just stayed out of the way.

“Honey,” said Dave to his daughter, “Brian and I are going to check out a special site on the internet. Why don't you and Oliver go check out a movie? We'll be back shortly.”

“You guys go ahead. We'll take care of the dishes,” she confirmed.

“Thanks,” he said, rising along with Dave. Both of their cocks were hard, pointing almost skyward. Meeting, they didn't move right away, but took time to french kiss, happy to allow their kids to know how much they cared for each other.

“Hey, you guys. Don't get so gay here. There's a room for that,” Meredith chastised them jokingly.

With that rebuff, they walked on, whispering to each other as they went.


Oliver and Meredith were seated on the couch, the TV on an ignored movie playing. “What do you think? Are you worried about our dads being in love with each other?”

“And what about our moms? You know how they feel about each other!” she replied.

“I don't know. I guess it's OK. I mean your mom is married to your dad and mine are married to each other,” Oliver said. “Isn't it just sex?”

“Not any more,” explained Meredith. “They got the hots for each other, but it’s more than that now.”

“I think we need to talk to them about it.” With that concluding statement, their attention was back on the TV.


Dave was typing rapidly, then hit the return key, a website appeared, and Brian's face broke into a smile. “Daddy's Pleasures” was the name splashed across the monitor. Dave moved the cursor to sign in. Typing his screen name, then a password. Immediately a “Welcome DadSon36” appeared, along with some verbiage about behavior while in the site. Dave tapped the “Agree” button, and a window opened with typed messages zipping across the screen, while others responded. Lines appeared and rode rapidly up the screen, to vanish at the top.

“There's a guy I chat with all the time,” Dave said, pointing to MarknRJ35. He pointed to a box and selected “Private Chat,” then the name, clicked it, and another window opened. He typed in “Hi, Henry,” and the return key. After a short delay, “Hi, Dave. How's it hangin'?”

“Good here. U?”

“Couldn't be better.”

“Brought a friend who fucks his son.”

“Mmm… Sure is nice to stick your dick in a boy's ass, huh?”

“Hi, Henry. I'm Brian. Yeah, it is nice to feel my throbbing cock slide into a tight hole.”

“Let's go video.” Instantly a small window opened off to the side. Henry was seated with two prepubescent boys. One on his lap; the other beside him. All were naked. “Cute kids!” Dave typed.

The second video window showed Brian and Dave, their cocks, torsos and heads clearly visible. “Nice dicks,” responded Henry.

Henry typed something on the keyboard, the camera panned back to give a fuller view of him and the boys. The one on his lap had legs on either side of Henry's thighs, which gave a nice view of both cocks. Brian gasped. “Holy shit! They're beautiful!”

“And talented too. Show them, boys.” he said. They immediately moved to kneel between his open thighs, to kiss his cock head.

“They're real hot,” typed Brian. “I envy you.”

“Would love to meet your son here, Brian,” Henry typed back.

After Brian and Henry promised to trade pix of their sons, Dave signed off. “There's lots more. I'll introduce you to a few more guys I can trust, and you'll get to see some of the cutest little boys. One guy is a grandfather. He brings his grandson along. Another has a little girl.”

Dave and Brian rose from their seats and joined the kids. “Let's go watch a movie. Your moms will soon be home.”


Phil is at the wheel of his car on the way to a recent report of an attempted abduction. Traffic was light, so his attention is focused on some details of the report. Looking down at the clipboard lying on the seat, he was distracted for only a fraction of a second. When he again looked up, a child on a speeding bike came whizzing into the intersection, colliding into the right side of his car.

Phil slammed on the brakes, screeching to a halt. Putting on his emergency blinkers, he opened his door and rushed around to the other side, to find a boy sitting on the blacktop, dazed but unhurt; at least, there was no blood on his hands, face, nor clothes. The helmet he wore probably saved him from a head injury.

Kneeling next to him, he put his hand on the boy's shoulder. “Are you all right?” he asked anxiously.

“Yes,” said the boy, removing his helmet. “I'm OK.” Then he stopped speaking and stared.

Phil stared back. “Christopher?” he asked tentatively.

“Phil?” said the boy querulously. Then he jumped up and rushed into Phil's surprised but welcoming arms. “I'm so glad to see you.”

Phil was suddenly aware of the small crowd that had gathered around them. Lifting Christopher in his arms, he said to them, “It's all right, folks, I know this boy. I'm taking him to the emergency room.”

The sound of a siren made Phil look at the approaching emergency vehicle, which pulled to a stop behind his car. Two EMTs rushed over to him.

“Hi, Phil,” they greeted him. “Looks like our emergency is under control.”

“Hi, guys,” Phil replied. “Yep, he's got a few scrapes, but his bike is in worse condition than he is.” Their eyes turned to look at the bent front wheel. “Maybe you could load it into my trunk for me.”

“Glad to,” said one. In seconds it was stowed in the car trunk. “We're off then, Officer Phil,” said the older, giving him a salute.

“Cheers!” said Phil, watching them back up, then pull forward to drive on down the street.

Looking at Christopher's smiling face, Phil had one of many flashbacks to his most recent dream.


He was dreaming that he'd been awakened by the sound of his bedroom door opening, then the soft “snick” of its latch as it closed. He opened his eyes to see the dim but distinct form of… “Christopher?” he asked softly.

The boy didn't answer but climbed onto the bed and knelt there, next to his head. He was naked.

“Christopher?” he repeated. “What are you doing…” That was as far as he got before he felt Christopher's hard cock push into his mouth. He closed his eyes and gave in to the desires that had begun to burn in his loins. He began to suckle. Savoring the delectable flavor of young boy cock.

That's when he woke up!


That image was burning in Phil's mind as he held the boy, looking into his smiling face and eyes that bespoke promises. Phil felt himself being pulled in two directions. What he should do wrestled with what he wanted to do.

He leaned down to open the passenger door and lower Christopher into the seat. Just as he did, their faces were but inches apart. He should just buckle him in and drive away.

But he didn't. Their eyes met again, Christopher pulled Phil's head to his mouth and kissed him. Deeply. Phil began to tremble from the new feeling washing over him, while he kissed Christopher's lips.

He should take Christopher to the emergency room, so they could check to see that he was OK. But he didn't.

Christopher recognized the signs. “Drive,” he said, and so Phil drove.

“Where?” asked Phil, breathlessly knowing what lay at the end of their drive.

Christopher was leaning right up against him, looking up at him, confident that Phil would do as he asked. He'd seen this same look in men again and again. “I know a place where nobody can find us,” he said. “It's what you want, isn't it, Phil?”

“Yes!” Phil hissed through clenched teeth. Yet the two voices battled for his soul.

Christopher had his hand on Phil's thigh, moving it upward in a slow, deliberate manner, aware that Phil knew what its destination would be. How this would end. Both the boy and the man yearned for that ending.

“Turn there, to the right,” said Christopher.

“To the river?” asked Phil.

“Yes. You can park your car way back and we can walk the rest of the way. It's not far.” Christopher's hand reached Phil's bulging cock, stretching the material in his pants. He looked up at Phil, “It's so big!” Without asking, he took the zipper and slowly pulled it down. What lay beneath those white cotton briefs. “Turn left, down that dirt trail.”

Just as he turned, Phil felt his erection being taken out of his briefs.

“Pull in to the right, behind those bushes. You can park there. As he did so, Phil felt Christopher's warm mouth enclose his cock head and the mouth begin to suck! He gripped the steering wheel! Never before had anyone done such magical things to him.

All those women! Rita, Julia, Connie, Pamela… All of them. Good for a fuck and a good-bye. But what this boy, Christopher, was doing to him… It was indescribable! He groaned, head thrown back, gasping! Any second, he'd mercifully be relieved of the pressure, when suddenly, Christopher raised his head and his hand stopped stroking. “That's enough. Let's go,” he said so very calmly.

“What? What are you doing? Where are you going?”

Christopher just hopped out of the car and began to run. Phil jerked his door open, hastily got out, and slammed it behind him. He raced after the boy, who had just vanished behind those bushes. By the time he reached the bushes, he was panting.

Following the trail used quite often was easy to follow. He didn't rush, stepping carefully and holding each branch away until he passed by, then releasing it. Then he stepped into a small clearing, perhaps 12 feet across, surrounded and protected by the bushy walls.

In the center of the clearing, on a blanket, was Christopher. He was on his belly stretched out on it, naked. Smiling seductively, his look declared without words, “Come to me. Touch me.”

Phil took a step toward Christopher, then another and another, until he stood, towering over the beautiful naked boy. Christopher rolled onto his back, exposing that small hard prick just begging to be devoured!

Quickly stripping, he neatly folded his clothing and placed each item on the blanket. He moved his hand, indicating Phil should kneel, which he did. Then, sensing what to do next, he stretched out over the boy to place his hands next to the boy's hips.

He felt a hand cup his large balls. Another closed fingers around his thick shaft, pull down on it and warm lips close around it. One hand stroking it, while the tongue lapped at dripping precum and the magic mouth began suckling him.

All men have an inborn sense of how to suck a cock. Obeying those senses, his mouth went first to Christopher's balls, taking both of the marble-size orbs into his mouth to gently lap at them with his tongue. A satisfied sigh encouraged him.

He ended his oral visit to Christopher's balls, by gripping the base of the small cock in one hand, and licked it from base to head, over and over. Christopher's body was wriggling in suppressed desire.

He moved down to take the head, turned red from arousal. Licking as he'd felt Christopher do, he let it roam over the shaft, while he began to suckle the head.

Their climaxes erupted nearly simultaneously. Phil's semen shot onto Christopher's tongue, the small mouth accepting all that those balls could deposit there. Phil pushed, trying to press his cock deeper into Chris's tenacious mouth.

Seconds later, Christopher had his first climax from Phil. No fluid flowed between his balls and Phil's mouth.

In a flash it happened. Then it was over. Each mouth released the softening prick from their partner's mouth. A moment later, they were lying on the blanket, side by side, Phil holding Christopher in his arms. Soft words between them as they rested.

After a period of time, Phil told his young lover that he needed to get back to work and Christopher needed to be home. He'd go with him to explain what happened and that Christopher was unharmed.

Phil would soon learn that he would desire that boy more than he'd ever thought possible.