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This is the twenty-first chapter of “The Policeman.” As we have stated in earlier chapters, the story contains bisexuality and sexual acts involving adults and under-age minors, both related and non-related, in accordance with the shared story preferences of the authors. If any of this is objectionable to you, you might like to leave and go to another story.

This story is a work of fiction. Some persons and events are based on actual ones, but even those have been so significantly changed that nothing in this story should be read as anything but fictional.

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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 21:

Brian Is Introduced to Bob

Brian had spent several days recalling the online visit with Henry and his sons. Each time he did, his cock got even harder. Today the urge was simply overwhelming. Donna had gone out for a few hours. With time alone, Brian chose to go back to “Daddy's Pleasures.”

He went to find Oliver, which wasn't very hard. If he was home, he'd be reading in his room, talking with friends, cruising the net, or playing one of his computer games. Brian had tried to be interested in the computer games, but they didn't stir his interest. The skills level didn't actually involve more or better skills; the program didn't require improvement in strategy, just faster reaction. All in 2D. Paintball was more interesting. It was played in various terrains, in good or bad weather, but in the 3D world. Chess, the ancient game of military strategy, offered even better opportunities to win by stealth. Either required more skill.

“Hey, Oliver, I'm going back onto that chat site. Wanna come along and see what's going on?” Oliver jumped up from his task to walk over and take Brian's hand.

“You think we'll find any other guys with cute boys?” he asked.

“Never can tell, babe. That's the beauty and the curse of the Internet. It's got a million different places to go, to check each one out.”

Brian had found some nudist sites that were alleged to be family oriented, with pictures of real families, he was sure, but the arrangements seemed to favor the women and girls. Occasionally a sop would be tossed in for the cock lovers, like him, of a husband and/or a son in full frontal view. He had kept some choice pictures of young boys with small erections.

How Dave had ever found this site, he never let on. “The less you know, the less you can give away,” Dave told him. So he didn't ask Dave any more questions.

He'd gone out on his own to check out the site. Seeing the screen with those chatting made his head spin. All those men, some married, some single, looking for young cock. Brian had caught on easily and quickly, and became adept at deducing what various visitors were seeking.

Dave had warned him to be cautious. Some guys had disappeared from the home screen, which sent a message to the others: know who you are talking with. Brian knew Henry and had seen his kids naked, albeit without sexual interaction. This seemed to be the difference between legal and illegal. So long as there was no touching of genitalia nor anal areas, anything was OK.

Henry was a master of just barely, but not quite, touching. He'd sit with one naked boy on his lap, yet avoiding any touch of the forbidden areas. He was so very agonizingly close.

After a week of casual browsing, Brian felt that he was well-prepared to broach the dark zone and avoid entrapment. He would not be seduced into any activity proscribed, by law, as untouchable.

He couldn't fault them, who were charged with finding, prosecuting, and sending to prison, those whose desires overcame common sense. Legal action could effectively end their lives. They'd be labeled sex offenders, which would haunt their personal as well as their professional lives.

One close friend, a teacher, had pulled into a vacant parking lot around 11:00 PM to seek relief. He sat in this lot devoid of all personal traffic, and masturbated. The camera perched on the pole recorded every salacious moment.

The letter from the city's District Attorney's office caused his gut to wrench and his heart to sink. It stated that he had been recorded “engaging in a public sexual display,” for which he would be prosecuted.

School was to commence in a few days. Alex went to the principal to explain the circumstances. The principal was very sympathetic; the law was not. Alex was going to be screwed.

His attorney had gone to the HR people to ask the purpose of the video. “Safety and security of the premises” was their response. Carrying this line of logic further, he'd asked how a behavior that happened late at night in the privacy of his car was a danger to company property or anyone. The logic was irrefutable, the company withdrew charges. The DA's office had no choice but to drop them.

The wheels of justice turned slowly, taking over a week to unwind and release Alex from its grasp. Today he still teaches, albeit with far greater fear of those ever-more-ubiquitous video cameras: Big Brother come to life.

Both he and Oliver were naked as he signed onto the site. “If you have questions, tell me and I'll type.”

He signed on, using Dave's password and screen name. The home window opened, and he immediately saw Henry's name. He typed in a request for private chat.

Henry acknowledged his request almost instantly, as though he'd been expecting him to sign on.

“Hi, man. Glad to see you came back.”

“I had to.”

Henry chuckled at his confession. “I know what you mean. I can't stay away.”

They chatted for awhile before getting down to what they both came for. Turning on the camera, Brian introduced Oliver, standing next to him in a way that displayed his balls and stiff young cock.

“Oh my gawd, he's gorgeous! I can almost taste his morsels. What a pretty boy!”

Reading the words, Oliver beamed. Without any prompting, he slowly turned around, then, with equal slowness, bent and and spread his cheeks.

Henry whistled. “You're killing me, boy. That's one sweet bottom!”

Brian produced a dildo, and lubed it. He set it aside on a small table.

“How big is that?” Henry typed.

“6×1” came the reply. “He's fully ready.” Brian said, then asked, “How are your kids coming along?”

“It wasn't me who made that decision.”

“What do you mean?”

“I held back as long as I could. One day I found them playing a game I'd played as a kid. They invited me to join them. That was four months ago. It's amazing to me that at such a young age, they act just like us adults when they learn about sex.”

Their conversation continued in a circumlocutory way. There was no plain speech in this channel.

This was Brian's fourth visit, and Henry asked if he longed for more boy flesh. Of course, he told him. Did Henry know of someone who could assist in hooking him up with a real boy?

“I heard of this one guy who seems to have a lot of connections. His screen name is bob43, on this site. I can't vouch for him. You'll have to do that yourself.” Thanking Henry, Brian signed off to look for bob43.

He was easy to find. Brian signed on many times over the next three days at different times: day, night, late night, early morning. Every time he signed on, bob43 was there. He should have been suspicious of anybody spending so much of their day on line.

Oliver and Karl had become passé in his search for more sexual sport. He needed more and different boy cock and ass. He pondered this move into new territory. He opened a private chat room, then typed in an invitation for bob43 to join him. The delay was negligible: another sign of far too much interest. All the flags that Brian should have been paying attention to, were flying. He ignored them; his lust so great that it blocked any concerns.

All too soon, he and bob43 were chatting about their mutual interests: especially naked boys.

“You got a son?” Bob asked.

“Yes. You?”

“Mine's Jimmy, age 14. I prefer them younger.”

“Oliver is 10, almost 11.”

“Mmm… Perfect! He must get lots of attention.”

“He does, but I'm looking for more. Fourteen would work.”

“Can you put him on your camera?” Brian asked.

“He's not here. I can bring him next time.”

Brian froze. No boy? He'd play it loose too. “I'll have Oliver with me too.”

They made arrangements to meet again, and Brian signed off.

When he closed the site, he realized his hands were shaking. Brian's brain was swamped with possibilities. A 14-year-old boy!


He was spending more time at the public pool, checking out boys who came in with an older man, possibly a father or brother. In his time in the changing room, he'd seen many repeat visitors. Analyzing what made a boy attractive, he decided, was their lack of pubic hair. Once those small signs of manhood appeared, their cocks weren't as appealing.

In his introduction to gay sex back in Chicago, all his partners' pubes were shaved. To Brian, bare pubes were a throwback to childhood. That's where his gay interest first began to bloom.

“Daddy,” Oliver asked Brian. “When are we going back online? I want to see those naked boys again.”

“You really like seeing their cocks, don't you?”

Oliver giggled. “Uh huh. I think about how nice it would be to suck them.”

“So do I, baby,” he said, before pulling Oliver to him so they could kiss passionately. He truly loved his son. “Tomorrow,” he promised Oliver.


Once again, Brian was feeling, alternately, excited and a little scared. Dave had warned him about men who had vanished from the room. “There's word that some of those out there are cops, fishing for us.”

Bob seemed sincere enough, and he'd been honest so far, so Brian was willing to take the risk. He signed onto Daddy's Pleasures, answered all the questions, then looked with wonder at all those dads' screen names. Just like him, seeking that new cock and bottom to own. His heart was beating as though he'd run a mile. Looking for bob43, he was disappointed. No bob43. Panic clutched at him. Was Bob going to stand him up? He'd always been…

Suddenly a window opened, an invitation to join bob43.

“Bob. Wondered where you were.”

“Can't be everywhere at once. I've got a life besides here. LOL”

“OK. Just glad you're here. Is he with you?”

“Yep. Let me show you.”

A video window opened. There, sitting naked on Bob's lap, sat a young boy. He seemed to be kissing Bob on the mouth, but all Brian could see was the back of the boy's head. Nonetheless, he felt his prick stiffen. Then his face turned back and he mouthed the word, “hi, ” and blew him a kiss.

“Gawd, but he's pretty!”

The video was far enough back to show Bob's hand caressing the boy's naked thigh, seeming to dip in to touch his treasure. Bob said something to him and he stood, a full frontal view. The small stiff cock devoid of hair was perfect!


“YES! YES! YES!” Brian felt his heart pounding so hard that he feared it might stop. He had to have this boy, to caress him, and devour him.

“OK, here's the deal. We don't live in your town, so you'll have to meet him and me here. I'll let you know when and where tomorrow at this time.”

“Good. I really want him.”

“You'll be very surprised at what this boy can do for you. LOL”

They signed off. Brian leaned back and sighed, already imagining himself with Jimmy. He was so hungry for that cock and ass. Soon they would be his.

Brian would soon learn: things are not always as they seem.