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This is the twenty-second chapter of “The Policeman.” As we have stated in earlier chapters, the story contains bisexuality and sexual acts involving adults and under-age minors, both related and non-related, in accordance with the shared story preferences of the authors. If any of this is objectionable to you, you might like to leave and go to another story.

This story is a work of fiction. Some persons and events are based on actual ones, but even those have been so significantly changed that nothing in this story should be read as anything but fictional.

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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 22:

Brian's Downfall

This was it. The Day. The day Bob had promised to give him the information where to meet him and Jimmy. He quickly signed onto Daddy's Pleasures, then looked with wonder at all those dads' screen names. Where was Bob's? He hadn't backed out, had he?

One minute passed, then two and three.

Brian was nervous and excited, his nervousness growing with every passing second. What could he do? He waited.

As the fourth minute approached its end, Brian thought, “Shit! He isn't coming. That fucking bastard was backing out.”

He was just about to hit the log out icon, when a window opened, an invitation to join bob43. His blood pressure diminished substantially as he answered.

“Hi, Bob. Thought you weren't going to make it.”


What Brian didn't know was that Bob was really a cop named Phil on the local police force. He had made a reputation for ferreting out the sleazy bastards who victimized young boys. Who brought pain into their lives. It looked like sleazy bastard #42 was about to take the bait and the fall because of his despicable lifestyle.

“Gawd?” thought Phil for the umpteenth time. “How can they do this?” He felt physically ill to his stomach each time he recalled the face of the most recent boy victim he'd interviewed in the hospital. The shattered look on his young face. Those eyes! He clung to his father, not yet accepting that his ordeal was over. Yes, he was safe in the arms of one who loved him, but what of his soul? While growing smaller with each passing year, those scars would be with him forever.

With funding from some federal organization that paid for expert advice, Phil had overseen the building of a unique high-tech studio.

He was using advanced software that had been developed for professional psychologists who chatted via internet with their patients. In its beta testing, a patient would be chatting, not with his or her doctor, but with a computer! The software was so sophisticated in the interchanges, that most patients never realized they were not having an intimate conversation with their psychologist. The few that did were, to their credit, quite impressed that they could have been taken in by “a machine.”

The program performed two functions. The first was scanning every line of chat on the home screen, searching for key words and phrases. The second was chatting with individual users in private rooms.

By analyzing the number of key usages, and the time spent chatting, it would identify usernames of potential perps. These were recorded for future observations.

When men are aroused and excited, Phil observed, they were such suckers. He doubted that any of these horny bastards even realized they were being snookered by a computer!

The benefit of such equipment minimized officer time in actual observation. He knew that some secretly did turn on the monitor and drool over the salacious conversations going on. Better than reading stories on Nifty. This was the real world!

He kept a file of their names, for times when he might need to “convince” one to “volunteer” for some duty. Fear that their supervisors would know they'd been watching some verbal porno on a homo site was sufficient to gain their cooperation.

When Phil knew he had a possible perp, the second part of his project swung into operation. He had set up a studio that looked like a computer room located in a typical home. The difference was the video equipment, which recorded both sides of the chat. Video of each participant and every keystroke made.

Finding two men to play the parts of Bob and Jimmy required some sensitivity. Both would be nude on the set, and they would have to perform what looked like homosexual acts.

The introductory scene where Jimmy was sitting on Bob's lap and kissing him. At certain points in the chat, Bob would rub Jimmy's thigh, making it appear that he was reaching down to touch Jimmy's erection.

When asked to see his cock, Jimmy would turn and spread his legs over Bob's so that both sets of equipment were displayed. Each time he watched this, Phil could feel his cock getting hard. He was so caught up in watching, he didn't realize until later, that he'd had a hard on. Had he given any thought to this behavior, he would understand that he enjoyed watching them. Deep inside was growing awareness of his love for boys.

To find two gay men to play the parts of Bob and Jimmy, Phil went to an acting agency. Bob would be a 36-year-old man who looked like a typical father, not a screen star. The focus was to be on Jimmy.

Age and appearance were important for the adult actor who played Jimmy. He had to be pretty, a little on the feminine side, and must appear to be 14 or younger.

After interviewing over 20 gay men for the two parts, Phil decided that Landon would play the part of Jimmy and Dylan would play Bob. Each knew they would be naked and touching. What they liked about this gig, was that they'd be playing the loving dad and son. Kissing and touching was second nature to them.

In the first script reading and walk through, the two men played their parts perfectly. Phil was convinced these guys really were father and son. The kissing and touching gave them and him massive hard ons.

He was quite impressed with “Jimmy's” erection. While the make-up artist could give Jimmy any juvenile appearance, he could do nothing to make his cock smaller. Phil's hope was that the perp would be so distracted by their father-son acting, that a large prick on a 14-year-old would be more an attraction than a diversion.

Phil's discomfort was not their homosexual behavior but his own desire to take Dylan's place as the father. Landon was so pretty. His lips so kissable. His thighs so touchable.

More troubling, however, he found himself being drawn to Landon. He feared that Landon felt the same. Phil found a message to call Landon. The first thought that came to his mind was, “Oh, shit! Now what?” But it was nothing like that. Everything was fine, Landon told him. Could he meet Phil for a beer?

Gay bars made him nervous. He'd visited a few in line of duty to check out the occupants. He was just as nervous today. Landon waved to him from a table away from the others. They'd have some privacy.

“Hi, Phil,” said Landon, rising to shake Phil's hand. “Glad you could make it.”

“Sure, Landon,” Phil said, trying to maintain a professional demeanor. “What's up?”

“Just want to clear the air,” Landon said.

“About what?” asked Phil, puzzled.

“You,” replied Landon. “Are you gay?”

Phil laughed nervously. “Why… what makes you think I am?” he responded defensively.

Landon was smiling confidently, when he pointed out, “You get a hard on when you watch me and daddy making out.”

The smile on Phil's face faded. He looked down at the table and sighed. “What do you want to keep your mouth shut?”

“I'm not going to blackmail you, Phil,” said Landon, placing his hand on Phil's.

His first thought was to jerk it away and angrily declare he wasn't supposed to get involved with the actors. But he didn't.

“What is it you want?” asked Phil, still unconvinced.

“I want you,” were the words that stunned Phil.

“Me?” he asked.

“Yes, you. You look so much like my own real dad. I loved him, but he never let me love him back the way I wanted to. He told me ‘I'm your father, you need someone your own age to have sex with. Not me.’”

“Was your dad gay?”

“I'm not sure. I thought so at first, even though I never saw any signs except the way he treated me. Guess I was just hoping.”

Licking his lips, Phil put his other hand on Landon's. “Your place or mine?” The two rose and left the bar together.

As they rolled together in Phil's bed, he “admitted” this was his first time with a man, a small lie. He learned that Landon's lips were very kissable; his thigh very touchable; and his cock very suckable.


Today the trap would be sprung! When Brian signed into the site, Phil saw him immediately. “Let's see how hot this guy is to continue,” he wondered. Rather than reply right away, he waited. After almost four minutes, he invited Brian to a private chat. “This guy was hot!” Phil thought, smiling inwardly. He turned on the camera showing Bob with Jimmy sitting on his lap.

“Hey, DS36, how you doing?” he typed. “Sorry, I'm late. Phone.”

“No prob,” answered Brian, who wanted to scream. Instead he typed, “How's Jimmy?”

“Jimmy” turned to display his erection, waved at him, and blew him a kiss. Damn, but he was pretty! That cock was gorgeous. He licked his lips in anticipation that it soon would be in his mouth.

“You got the info for me?” Brian typed back.

“Yes. Best time for Jimmy is mid-week. That's Tuesday. Here's the address of the motel and time we'll be waiting. You don't show up in 15 minutes, we're gone. You understand me?”

“Yeah, I got it. Thanks. See you guys on Tuesday.”


Phil was glad that was over. He had to make some arrangements for several other officers to accompany him to make the arrest. Then he was off to pay Christopher's mom a visit. She'd left him a message that it was important that they speak, and could he please come over.

Pulling up to their very nice home, Phil walked to the door, and rang the bell. He heard it chime inside. A moment later, Christopher's mom opened the door and invited him in.

“Won't you please sit down?” she asked him, indicating the couch. A carafe of coffee and 12 cookies, laid out in an attractive geometric design, sat on the table between a couch and two chairs opposite.

“Thank you,” he said taking a seat.

“Now, you're probably wondering about my important message,” she began. “So I'll come right to the point.” Her eyes were sparkling as though she had something wonderful to tell him. When she did, Phil felt fear grip him. “I know that you and my Christopher are lovers.”

Phil was left breathless. He imagined two of the men he supervised would step into the room and arrest him.

Seeing the look of confusion on the usually unflusterable Phil, she smiled. “Phil, dear, a mother can sense things about her children. I know Christopher is gay, and I'm concerned about it. Not that he's gay, I can't do anything about that. I can give him something that will keep him from meeting those men.” She curled her lips as she ended the sentence. Phil knew of them, for he'd seen Christopher with several. Focusing her look on Phil, she continued. “I'm giving him you.”

Another shock, this time more pleasant. Phil sank back into the couch with relief. “But how…” he began.

“…Did I know?” she finished for him. “Oh, Phil, you don't think I couldn't tell that he's in love? So are you.”

Phil's head shot up. All at once it became clear. That was it! For the first time in a long time, he was in love. Not with some 25-year-old, big busted beauty, but with a boy!

“You know, Mrs…,” he started.

She interrupted him to say, “Please call me “Margaret,” since we are going to be seeing a lot of each other.”

“You know, Margaret,” he continued. “I do believe I am in love with your son.”

He was surprised that she actually giggled, like a little kid. “I'm happy that you're taking all this so well,” she began. “But now we must discuss the details.”

“Details?” he asked. It was all coming at him too fast to absorb. The next thing, he imagined, she'd tell him he could make love with her son at her home.

“I haven't told Christopher yet, as he is still in school, but I think it might be best if you are here when I do. Please plan on staying the night. You can make love all you want. I won't hear a thing.”

Phil was still stunned by this situation. Smiling broadly, he said, “Of course, I'd be happy to.” Glancing at the clock on the wall, he said, “School is almost out. Why don't we both go pick him up? You can tell him on the way home.”

“Phil, you sly devil. You know he'll want to go right to bed.”

Phil chuckled at her perception. “I hadn't considered that aspect, but why not. I could use a good blo…” He blushed and corrected himself, “…time.”

In a distinctly improper action, Margaret reached down to place her hand over his growing erection. “You can say ‘blow job’ all you like. My husband told me that I was better than most men.” She looked at him meaningfully. “What does that tell you about him? The bastard! Although I do have to say, I rather enjoyed doing it.” Again that meaningful look.

When she touched him there, Phil jerked back as though stung. “Margaret!” he exclaimed and laughed nervously. “Please don't. I'm already horny enough thinking about taking Christopher to bed.” This time he didn't blush.

Then she repeated her grab and observed, “My, but you do have a substantial package, don't you?”

“Margaret!” Phil said sternly.

Looking meekly, but only for a second, she said, “I'll be good. Promise.” Then she smiled and added, “You'll see that I can be very, very good.”

They walked to the car and got in. Destination: Christopher.


At the motel, Phil stood with Landon at his side. This was the moment he'd been waiting for. They stood together outside his car, waiting. At the exact time he told that scum to meet them, headlights swooped across the parking lot as the car bounced over the rough parking lot to the run-down motel.

The driver pulled up next to Phil's car, just as he was supposed to, turned off the ignition, and got out. “Bob, that you?” he asked uncertainly.

“Yeah, over here.” Phil swung the flashlight to indicate where they were.

The poor bastard! He walked right up, just like they all do and asked, “Is this Jimmy?”

Brian handed over the agreed price, took Jimmy's hand from Phil's, and said,” I paid for you. Let's go.”

Phil stepped up to him, grabbed his wrist to snap on the cuffs, and said, “You are under arrest for attempted sexual assault of a minor,” declared Phil.

The other officers stepped out of their concealment toward Phil and Brian. Landon walked off to be driven back to the police station, where he would tell them what he had seen and heard. Then he'd go home.

Phil let the other officers take Brian back to the city, where he'd be booked, given a phone call, and locked up. Just like a criminal.

He made his call to Donna, explaining what happened. “Oh, Brian!” she'd exclaimed. “How could…” then she was silent. “I'll be down to bail you out when our attorney says it's OK. We have much to discuss. Not just me, but Oliver and the others.”

Brian could hear the teardrops falling. He'd been so selfish! So caught up in his own interest, he'd lost track of where love begins. He'd ignored every sign he should have been more careful about, and considered himself first.

He truly was the lowest of the low. A criminal. Unless he had a good attorney. They were to meet tomorrow. He looked at his watch. It was already tomorrow.