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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 3:

Brian's Seduction

For the first time Brian became aware of their surroundings. There were only men at the tables. The waiters were men, young and very good looking men. His eyes grew wide, his mouth dropped open, with the realization that, for the first time in his life, he was seated in a bar filled with men who liked cock or to fuck ass holes rather than moist pussies, like he did. The thoughts that raced through his brain in the first two seconds were calm ones. These guys looked just like any other men, like his neighbors. There were young ones; some who were as old as he, and others even older. Sitting here in at their tables where it was safe to hold hands, they were otherwise a cross section of men like that at any bar, straight or gay. Guys as normal as could be.

He'd gone online to check out some gay sites, to see what they did. He didn't really find much to attract him. Later at night when Donna refused his suggestions, he'd risen from the bed, and gone into the bathroom to quietly jack off. Sometimes he visualized a guy sucking his cock. Now he was surrounded by the very same men. His cock twitched as he visualized that scene once again. This time seeing any one of these guys kneeling before his open thighs to suck his cock. It grew harder.

“Oh, my God!” Brian mumbled. “Why the fuck did you bring me here?”

Jerry laid his hand on Brian's in a friendly gesture meant to calm him. “Brian, don't be so surprised. We know that you are one of us.” His voice was soothing.

Brian's eyes shot from the table next to theirs, where the two men were kissing, to confront Jerry. “What? What do you mean? I'm not queer, I mean, gay. I'm married, happily. I have a son.” His voice had risen two octaves, with a slightly hysterical edge. Then he caught himself and spoke in a more rational way. Brian shivered. “I'm not,” he whispered. “I'm not.” He was no longer so confident of his orientation. The look he gave Jerry was one of a lost man, seeking reassurance. Jerry gave it to him — but not the way he expected.

Reaching over to Brian's head, Jerry's fingers turned Brian's face toward him and brought his lips to Brian's. The kiss was soft, lingering, and very erotic. Brian's heart was pounding, the fear replaced by desire. He opened his mouth to the gently touching tongue, allowing Jerry to penetrate his mouth in a French kiss. His head was spinning now, not with anger, nor disgust, but with want.

Old memories from a misty past began to emerge. The scene was the same, but with a different man. He was kissing, feeling that tongue from long ago.

When Jerry's hand touched, it caressed the hardness in his pants. With that touch, he was Jerry's. It was Jerry who broke the kiss and pulled back. “You are, you know. You're one of us.” His hand remained on Brian's cock, moving back and forth in a stroking motion.

Brian could only nod. “I am,” he said, calmly looking deeply into Jerry's eyes. “Yes, I am,” he said, confident of his answer.

Music began as the band struck up its first song of the evening, a slow romantic one. Several couples rose and moved to the dance floor.

Jerry broke the spell by taking Brian's hand and rising. “Let's dance,” he said.

Brian laughed. “The hell you say. I'm no good at dancing.”

“I'll show you. Just follow my lead,” insisted Jerry, urging Brian onto his feet.

Brian rose, albeit reluctantly, following along behind Jerry, who still held his hand. On the floor, Brian moved easily into Jerry's embrace, and they began to sway, more than follow any dance steps. The floor wasn't crowded yet, so they had plenty of room to move around in. But Jerry chose to remain in the same place, to hold Brian close to him. Brian laid his head on Jerry's shoulder.

“I can't believe this,” he said softly. “How did you know?”

“Gaydar,” replied Jerry.

“Gaydar?” said Brian, confused for a moment, then understood. “Gaydar.” he confirmed.

“How are you feeling, Brian?” he whispered.

“Hot. Horny,” came the instant reply. “I can feel your cock against mine.”

“I can't wait until your lips are around that cock,” said Jerry a bit more loudly. The faces of one nearby couple turned to look at them and smile.

“Me too. It feels big.”

“It is, but you'll get used to it,” said Jerry with a chuckle.

Brian lifted his head to look into Jerry's eyes. “Well, aren't you the confident one!” he said, laughing. “But you're right. I suddenly have the urge to suck every cock in the house.” Just before closing the gap between their lips, he whispered, “Beginning with yours.”

The dance ended, but Jerry kept Brian close in his arms, while most of the other dancers moved off. Brian didn't object to this proximity, nor to Jerry’s hands roaming his ass. “I like this, the way you hold me. I like the way you've assumed that I want you to rub my ass,” Brian said, looking into Jerry's eyes. “But I do like that too.”

The band was playing another song, this one faster, but Jerry didn't change the beat with which he was dancing with Brian, just moved a bit faster to the music. They swayed in silence, Brian's mind putting all this new understanding of himself into a rational thought. “What are you thinking?” whispered Jerry, continuing to caress Brian's ass. All this was so new, yet he liked it. He wanted more.

Brian raised his eyes to gaze into Jerry's. “What am I thinking? I'm honestly confused. I like what's happening; the way you're firing me up. No, I do know what I'm thinking about right at this moment.” He smiled in as seductive way he knew how. “I'm thinking about sucking your cock, and James's too.”

“Mmm…,” sighed Jerry. “Good boy. My thoughts exactly. We should go, but not before…,” he didn't finish, for it is impossible to speak when hungry lips are pressed against yours. They stood, more just swaying than actually dancing, until the music ended, then walked hand-in-hand back to the table. “We're going back to the hotel,” said Jerry.

“So I can get a taste of his cock and yours too, James,” added Brian with a huge grin.

That brought James to his feet quickly. He dropped a $20 on the table, which would more than cover their drinks. The ride back to the hotel would be new and different for Brian.

A cab pulled up the the curb within a minute after Jerry raised his hand and waved at one. By chance it was the same driver. “Hi, fellas, have a good time?”

“Yes, and no,” quipped James, sliding into the front seat. “I hope you don't mind, our friend is going to need some more room back there. The driver winked and asked, “Is this the yes part of your evening?”

“Sure is, take a look.” Before pulling away from the curb, the driver turned to see Jerry, his shirt off and pants down around his ankles, with Brian partially stretched out, his head over Jerry's rather substantial erection, about to take the plunge. James raised his camera and snapped a picture. “For your photo album to remember your Chicago trip,” he explained to the surprised Brian. They all laughed, as Brian lowered his head to begin licking and sucking Jerry's hard cock.

“Do you want me to take the long way?”

“Just lick the head, suck off the precum, and run your tongue around the rim, like… Uhgnnnnn…” Jerry's suggestion was cut short as Brian's talented tongue found the crease beneath the pee slit and tickled it. “Oh, god, baby you got it,” his hands stroking his cock sucker's head. “Uhgnnn….” whimpered Jerry once more. He was gasping at the chill Brian was sending up this prick. “Good! Oh, yes, good!”

“The short way. I don't think it's going to take that long. Jerry sounds very close,” said James, who was leaning on the back of the seat watching Jerry writhe under Brian's novice ministrations. The words were no sooner out of his mouth than Jerry cried out, “I'm cumming. Shit! Am I ever cumming!”

Brian was hungrily nursing on Jerry's cock spewing rope after rope of hot, sticky semen onto his tongue. “Mmm…,” sighed Brian as he tasted cum again. It had been a long time though, almost forgotten. Jerry patted him on the shoulder. “Ease up. I'm very sensitive.” Without stopping, Brian complied by simply lapping the drooling cum from Jerry's prick. Within a few moments of ejaculation, Jerry's big cock became small and limp, which Brian allowed to slip from between his lips. He looked up at Jerry and swallowed. The cum was on its way to Brian's gullet.

Brian was smiling, the taste of semen on his tongue, the feel of hard cock on his lips, and the thrill of having sucked this cock. A new beginning. “That was great,” he said. Looking at James, he continued, “You're next.”

“Better get yourselves in order, guys. The hotel is just ahead.”

Jerry quickly pulled his t-shirt back over his head and put his arms through the sleeves. Pulling up his briefs, he made them snug around his waist. His pants followed. By the time, their cab had coasted to a halt at the curb outside their hotel, and all were in readiness to disembark. Jerry paid the cabbie, who thanked them for an interesting trip back. “See you guys again soon, I hope,” were his parting words before pulling away.

The trio walked into the hotel lobby they'd left only a few hours earlier. Glancing into the bar, a few men and women were gathered there, two at that table, with one guy nursing a drink, as he watched the late news, while a man and a woman sat with faces not far apart. The clerks gave them no more than a quick look over to recognize them. All three waved to those cursed with the evening shift. Few bars would be open, were they so inclined. Most would probably go straight home, to rest up for tomorrow's shift.

They stood for a moment at the elevator, watching the numbers decrease, until they came to L and the doors opened. Stepping in, James pushed button number three, their floor. A moment later it halted, and they stepped out into the hall. Taking his hand, Jerry said, “We'll start off in our room, Brian. You still get to suck James, and, of course, you need a good blow job. Tonight you learn what edging is.” Brian was nodding, fantasizing all that was about to happen. “Depending on how quickly I can get you used to it, I'll get to break your cherry.”

Arriving at Jerry's door, the trio stopped, while he pushed his key into the receptacle and the green light came on. Jerry pushed in, the others followed and closed the door firmly behind him. “Let's get undressed and have some fun,” declared James, quickly stripping down to nothing. A moment later Brian and Jerry joined him.

Jerry went into the bathroom, while Brian was not far behind. He'd just pushed his briefs down until he could step out of them, his cock waving before him. He'd always been proud of his size, and James confirmed it. “Shit! Look at that beauty!” declared James delightedly. Walking up to him, he wrapped his fingers around the girth and squeezed. “You are so big!”

Jerry had just rejoined them. Catching sight of Brian's very hard prick, his eyes went wide. He came up behind Brian to press his own rigid dick against Brian's ass crack, then wriggled it so that it sank in slightly. He put his arms around Brain, who leaned back into Jerry's embrace to rest his head on Jerry's shoulder. One of Jerry's hands reached down to cup his nuts, as he whispered, “Not bad, baby,” into Brian's ear; the other to find and pinch his large left nipple.

Brian gasped as Jerry's fingers dug into his flesh, compressing the hard ball. He lay back against Jerry's strong body and sighed contentedly, enjoying the touch of these two men. His heart was beating a quick tattoo, knowing what was to come for him. James leaned toward him, their mouths connecting and kissing. Brian's hands moved behind James's head, holding it in place, while his hungry lips sucked on James's tongue. He was so aroused. He was left dizzy by the passion, and he needed a cock.

“My turn,” said James, pulling away from Brian. “I think we've warmed him up enough. Let's put our new cock sucker to work.” Jerry laughed, and spoke into Brian's ear, “You'll like the feel of my cock in your ass.” Brian could barely speak; he could only utter a guttural, “Yes!”.

“I like to watch my cock sucker work me,” James said, pulling Brian toward him by his cock, as he lay back on the bed with legs spread wide. Brian's task was made clear; he didn't hesitate but knelt between the open and welcoming thighs.

“Lick my head,” James demanded of Brian, who happily complied. As his tongue lapped at the throbbing head, James moaned in appreciation. “You're gonna be a great cock sucker, Brian.” He continued to moan, softly enjoying what this mouth could do. His hips began pushing up into Brian's mouth, then back, until just the head was left in his mouth. “Suck my cock head and lap it. And jack my cock in a circular motion,” he instructed. Within minutes was shooting semen onto Brian's tongue, while he grunted in satisfaction with each dose.

“Mmmph…,” Brian crooned, tasting his second load of cum. He happily and gratefully suckled his reward. After a moment, James hissed, “Easy, baby. I'm sensitive. Just lap the pee slit. He paused for a few seconds, then added, “Oh, yeah. That's it. Perfect.” They stayed connected, with Brian's lips enclosing Jame's rapidly diminishing penis. When it slipped from his mouth, Jerry pulled Brian toward his head. He kissed Brian, sharing the tasty load of James's semen, who rose from the bed to stand behind Brian. Once again, a cock, albeit soft, was pressed against his ass crack. Fingers once more roamed down to cup and massage his aching nuts and to stroke the rigid cock that needed attention.

“I think it's time we give our cock sucker his reward,” exclaimed James, pulling back from the wonderful kiss he'd shared.

Brian was breathing heavily, needing release.

“Please!” he whined. “I need a blow job,” and began to shake.

“Ah, he speaks,” mocked Jerry. “Poor baby. Needs a blow job. Needs that big dick in somebody's mouth.”

“OK, honey. You get some relief.” Taking his hand, James moved them around, so that Brian's back was now to the bed. A light push, and he sat down on it heavily. “Lean back against the head board. I'm gonna to edge you.”

Brian wriggled his butt back until he was resting against the cool head board. He looked up expectantly, eyes pleading.

Jerry moved onto the bed, pushing Brian's legs wider apart. Lying directly before his cock with sufficient space so that he could stroke the big rod of flesh before him, James sat down on the bed next to him. “Here's how it works, lover,” he whispered seductively in Brian's ear. “Jerry is going to suck your cock head and stroke your big dick. When you get close to cumming, say ‘stop.’ Jerry will raise his mouth off of your cock, you'll have a mini-climax, and shoot a small dose of cum, which Jerry or I will lap off. When you cool down, tell Jerry so he can go back to sucking and jacking. After we've tortured you for a few rounds, Jerry will get you off and let you cum in his mouth.”

Jerry went to work on Brian with slow practiced suck and stroke. Brian looked down the length of his body to watch this. The sight of a mouth encircling his prick, his growing lust was too much. Within a few seconds, he groaned out, “Stop,” and throwing his head back in ecstasy, he felt his balls giving up some treasured cum. It spurted from the tip, rising an inch, then falling back onto the head. Jerry's mouth quickly covered his head. Brian felt a tongue lapping the white, sticky semen. He grunted from the tongue against his sensitive head.

James knelt beside the bed close to Brian's hip. After taking the first spurt, he and Jerry kissed, sharing the dab of semen. Brian thought he might cum just watching these two queers with their mouths connected and moaning.

“OK,” he whispered, and Jerry went back to working his cock for another ten seconds, when he moaned out for a second time. His ass was clenching and unclench spasmodically. “Stop!” he cried out. Jerry's mouth had barely cleared his cock head when another spurt of cum shot up, to fall back on his head. This time it was Jame's mouth that collected it, sucking and lapping at Brian's sensitive head. Once more that passionate kiss between gay lovers almost took Brian to the edge. He was longer in saying, “OK, go ahead,” this time, for his heart was beating faster, his head spinning from the sight and feel of being slowly brought to conclusion.

Twice more, Jerry worked his magic mouth and hand, wrested a third and fourth mini-spurt from Brian's balls. Twice more, Jerry and James took the sample, then shared in a kiss. Twice more, Brian felt his balls nearly tighten up, then relax. He was ready to end this and share his reward with one of these men. “Finish me, please,” he moaned. “I'm so horny.” Only a moment later, he was shooting what remained of his semen into Jerry's mouth. Seconds after that, he and Jerry were sharing the warm, sticky reward, tongues dancing against each other, leaving Brian drained, his softened cock lying inert. “That was fuckin' amazing!” he said emphatically.

James moved from his position next to Brian's hip further up, to his chest, where he leaned down to enclose one nipple in his mouth. His hand reached over Brian's chest to find, then begin tweaking the other hardened ball. Brian could not help but sigh in erotic delight. He put his hand behind James’s head to encourage his suckling. “Mmm…,” he sighed. “So good!” James's fingers tightened on his nipple and twisted it. “Uhhhh!” Brian grunted his back arching. “Oooh! So good. More!” he cried out, writhing beneath James's manipulations. When he breathed, “Stop,” James lifted his head from red and hurting nips.

“You did good, baby.” James whispered into his ear. “I loved doing that to you.”

Brian grinned at him. “I liked it, I think.”

“More in store later,” said Jerry, who had taken James's place next to him. His throbbing cock once more near his mouth. Turning his head, Brian extended his tongue to lap lightly at the oozing precum. Jerry's hand slipped behind his head, holding him there. Lifting his eyes to connect with Jerry's, he opened his mouth, accepting the head. His lips closed around the shaft, his eyes closed, and he gently cupped Jerry's balls in one hand. Thus comfortably positioned, he began to suckle this man teat. “Take your time, hon,” Jerry coaxed him. “I'm in no rush to finish this time.” He was slowly fucking Brian's mouth. Both men moaned in delight, sharing this moment.

Jerry stroked Brian's face, praising him in his ability to satisfy his cock slipping easily in and out of his hungry mouth. Brian's eyes were closed. His mind was somewhere else. He had given up his body to Jerry's pleasure, and now drifted in some dream land. Jerry pulled his cock away from Brian's mouth. “Time for me to put this where it really belongs.”

Brian didn't have to be told. He asked, “How are you going to fuck me?”

“Missionary position,” declared Jerry. James was handing him a bottle of clear liquid. Brian moved downward, so that his head rested on a pillow. Taking the other pillow, he shoved it under his ass. Jerry was pouring some lube on his cock, then stroking it to spread it over the entire length. “You've done this before?” asked Jerry.

“Nope, my ass is virgin. I've seen porn of women getting their asses filled. How much different can it be for a guy?”

“Not much, I'd say.” Jerry's cock was shiny from the lube. “Legs apart and back, so I can grease your tunnel.”

Brian did so. He felt slick fingers probing, then pushing into his hole. Flinching involuntarily, he grunted as his anus was stretched. “You're quite tight, hon. This might be hard for you, but stay with me and I'll get in quickly. OK?”

Brian smiled weakly and nodded. “OK. I really want you to do it. Don't stop, no matter what.”

Jerry wiped his hands on a small towel and dropped it, then moved onto the bed between Brian's open legs. Positioning himself so that Brian's ankles were resting on his shoulders, he slid forward a few more inches, until his cock rested on Brian's pink puckered entrance. His body was angled up at forty-five degrees, hands resting on the sheet, poised to push in. Looking down at Brian, Jerry asked, “Ready?”

“I'm really nervous.” Brian said, gazing into Jerry's eyes. He swallowed once and nodded. “Go,” he said. “Fill me with that big cock.” His arms were lying next to him, hands already clutching the sheet.

Jerry thrust forward, wanting to penetrate Brian and get his head in, so that the pain would be minimized. Despite the tightness of Brian's ass, Jerry's cock head had penetrated almost fully in. Brian was trying to focus and push, which helped, but not enough. Jerry grunted, struggling against the protesting sphincter. He pushed again and felt it beginning to stretch. Brian was mumbling almost incoherently, tensing up. “Push out, Brian!” he commanded. “I'm trying, you bastard. Can't you get that thing in?” Jerry didn't bother answering. Again he gave a hard thrust and slipped past the muscle ring. “Whew!” he sighed. “I'm in.”

“Oh, god, but it hurts,” whimpered Brian. His fingers were clutching and unclutching the sheet. “Oh, god!”

“I'm gonna rest here until the pain lessens,” Jerry commented. It was always like this with a new ass. First the pain of stretching, then it gradually diminished to a slow burning sensation. That's when he'd get down to business. He continued to remain almost upright. Brian didn't need a 200 pound body crushing him while he was accepting the cock being shoved up his ass. After a few minutes, Brian's body tension slackened until he said. “I'm OK now. It doesn't hurt so much now. Just burns.”

“Here we go, baby,” Jerry whispered to his newest fuck and pushed slowly in. Brian softly moaned, but didn't cry out. His breathing became more regular, fewer gasps. When Jerry's balls were resting against Brian's ass, he said, “I'm in all the way, Brian. How does it feel?”

Brian was actually smiling up at him. “Burns some; I feel full. Very, very full. But OK.”

“Pulling out now,” said Jerry, softly moving his body back extracting his cock from Brian's love tunnel.

“Oh!” gasped Brian. “Feels like… like I'm empty now.”

“Only for a few seconds,” said Jerry distractedly. His cock head was against the still protesting sphincter. “There, I'm mostly out. Gong back in.”

Brian felt the hardness refilling him, beginning to enjoy the way it felt. Jerry bottomed out again and retreated again, this time more rapidly. With but a short pause he was jamming his penis back into Brian's more relaxed anus.

“You are one tight fuck,” Jerry said softly. “Feels good.” He had increased his speed, slamming into Brian's ass again and again. Suddenly Brian gasped and said, “I'm cumming.” Jet after jet of cum shot out, coating Jerry's belly and chest. “Ahhhh,” Brian sighed. “That was one of the best I've had.” A moment later, Jerry shoved as deeply as he could, driving Brian's body three inches up the mattress. Jerry just gasped and pushed again. “Cummin',” he groaned. For several seconds, his body pressed against Brian's cheeks, then relaxed gradually. Now Jerry could lower himself to rest on Brian.

With both of them drained, a glow seemed to suffuse Brain's mind. He felt so good. Somehow that still rigid cock filling his gut seemed right. It should be there. That's where it belonged. Then it began to grow soft, then softer, and slid from his anus. He could feel Jerry's semen trickle out and run down into his ass crack. So this is how Donna must feel after they'd made love. Just as he and Jerry had.

Jerry was rested and raised himself up, so that his full weight didn't crush Brian. He smiled down at his lover and said, “You were magnificent, my dear. You are one hot fuck.”

Brian giggled and actually blushed. “Really?”

Jerry nodded. “Real tight. Real responsive.” He turned serious when he asked, “How was it for you, Brian? Did you like it? Want more?”

“It really hurt at first, but after the pain went down, it wasn't so bad. I'm actually surprised I did like it. But I did.” He became thoughtful for a few seconds; then looking Jerry in his eyes, he said, “No, it was much more. What we did wasn't some anonymous fuck. I felt so close to you. I was more like making love.”

Jerry smiled and said, “Thank you. Although I've done this many times, this was one of the best. You really got into it.”

“Jerry, as much as I've enjoyed this, could we roll onto our sides? You are a bit heavy.” Jerry instantly moved his weight, causing them to roll into a more comfortable position.

“Thanks,” Brian said just before Jerry’s lips covered his in a slow, passionate kiss. When it ended, Brian sighed, “That was so nice. A perfect end to a good fuck.” They continued to rest together, neither willing to end the moment, but Brian said he need to pee, so they broke off. Brian rose to walk to the bathroom, feeling Jerry's cum still draining from his anus.

When he returned he looked around. “Where's James?” he asked.

“It's getting late, babe,” said Jerry. “He's sleeping in your bed tonight, so you can spend your first night with me.”

Brian's eyes lit up and he smiled, then rushed into Jerry’s arms. “I'm so glad. I don't want this to end,” and they shared another kiss. When they pulled back, Brian simply looked at Jerry without speaking.

“What is it?” Jerry asked, smiling with anticipation.

“I'm not sure how to quite phrase it, but are you my… Are you my… my first boy friend?”

He chuckled at Brian's reluctance to say the words. Reaching out to caress his cheek, he said softly and tenderly, “I'd be honored to be your first boy friend, my dear, sweet, Brian.”

Brian giggled like some of his dates had, his girl dates, when he told them sweet lies. Something deep inside him told him this was no lie. That Jerry really was honored. Brian swallowed hard, trying unsuccessfully to keep the tear from sliding down his cheek. Jerry kissed it away. “It's OK, Brian. You can feel this way. My confession is that I've fucked a lot of guys, but it was all in fun. With you, your innocence tells me that this actually meant something to you. My further confession is that it meant something to me too. I really am your boy friend.”

A silence, filled with meaning, stretched between them. “Tell you what,” Jerry said. “I don't want this to end right now either. Why don't we take a shower?”

“I'd love to wash you… boy friend,” Brian enthused, rushing into the bathroom to turn on the shower and find towels for each of them. Once beneath the warm cascade of water, Brian and Jerry washed each other very slowly, with kissing and playing. After drying themselves, they moved to the bed, where Brian lay in Jerry's arms as he drifted off to sleep. It had been an eventful day, one that would long remain in Brian's memory and heart.