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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 4:

Brian Accepts His Gay Side

Brian awoke slowly. A warm feeling was emanating from his cock. Opening his eyes, he was momentarily puzzled. This wasn't his bedroom, and that wonderful feeling wasn't Donna. Throwing back the blankets, he saw Jerry's head resting on his belly; his mouth nursing on his very hard erection in a slow, steady beat.

Brian's hands stroked Jerry's head, and he sighed. “Oh, Jerry, that feels so good. Is this what it would be like every morning if we could live together?”

Unwilling to release this hard thing from his mouth, Jerry nodded.

“I wish it could be. You are so much better at sucking cock than Donna.” He caressed Jerry's hair, marveling at his easy acceptance of being in bed with a man. For just a mad second, he wished they'd met 15 years ago, before he married.

Then he remembered Oliver, the son he loved so intensely, and knew this is what made him keep his marriage together. Just at that moment, a wonderful, erotic feeling overwhelmed him; he was cumming. “Mph…,” he groaned, and closed his eyes. Oh, how good it felt to empty his balls into the mouth of a man. After the moment had passed, Jerry turned over, to crawl up to him and place his mouth against Brian's. Lips against lips, tongues dancing with tongues, Brian shared some of his own cum. Their passionate French kiss ending, Jerry pulled back to look at Brian. “God, but you taste good,” he said.

Jerry's arm snaked around him, pulling him close to rest with Brian's head on his hard chest, one hand idly teasing one nipple. Lying there, Brian looked at the man he hadn't even known 24 hours ago. It was hard to imagine, almost. Only hours before, he had left his wife and son to fly here. When he met Jerry and James, he had never had an urge to do what he had so easily accepted, his gay needs. He realized that he'd not even tried to stop Jerry from kissing him last evening in the bar. No little voice in his head warning him, telling him to stop. No. He'd willingly allowed Jerry to kiss him, lead him to the dance floor to further seduce him. In the cab, he was hungry to taste his first cock. Once mounted on it, he didn't want it to end. When Jerry's balls sent their treasure into his mouth, he didn't hesitate to swallow it.

“You're so quiet, babe. What's going through your head?” Jerry asked softly, interrupting Brian's musings by lightly stroking Brian's cheek.

Smiling, Brian looked up into those soft eyes, recognizing, not a man who had taken him out of desire to fulfill his own needs, although that was certainly part of it. How different was it when he himself had seduced a girl and wound up fucking her in the back seat of his folks' car? “You, Jerry, honey. I'm thinking about you, about me, about all of this.”

Jerry chuckled, “what about you, me, and all of this?”

Brian rolled onto his side and rested his head on one arm. His one hand was still lightly tweaking one nipple, but Jerry didn't seem to mind. “I… I… I'm confused, I guess.”

“About what? That you've suddenly discovered your gay side?”

“Well, yes, but I didn't tip-toe into this. Once you kissed me, I jumped in with both feet!”

“And you're feeling guilty. Right?”

“Yes, I am. I love my wife, and I love my son, but, damn it, Jerry, I feel like I could fall in love with you! How crazy is that?”

In response, Jerry put his hand behind Brian's head to pull their mouths together for a long kiss. It ended, but only gradually, as Brian reluctantly pulled back. Their eyes locked together, Jerry whispered. “Then go ahead. Fall in love, for the first time, with a man. Fall in love with me!” His face was serious. “Go ahead,” he repeated softly, as though talking to a lover.

“But what about James?” Brian began.

“What about him? Let him fuck you a couple of times, and he'll be satisfied. I'll have a few words with him, and he'll back off. There are a lot of horny fish in this conference. Always are.”

“But…,” mumbled Brian, trying to argue. Jerry's fingers touched his lips to silence him.

“Honey, in a situation like this, gay men are like the legendary bumblebee that flits from flower to flower. James's one of those. He gets your ass a couple of times, and moves on.”

“You're gay, Jerry,” Brian stated, as though this would explain everything.

“I prefer love to sex,” was the response, followed by a laugh. “But I always want sex with it.” Brian fell silent, letting Jerry explain this new way of life. “In the straight world, there are male predators who jump from woman to woman, never finding satisfaction. The instant she wants to take it to the next level, he bolts.” Brian nodded in agreement. “Then there are the romantics, like you and me. Once we've found that special somebody, we tend to linger.” Jerry's eyes took on a very soft look. Brian felt his heart melt for this man. He was about to speak when a knock sounded from the door and it opened.

Uninvited, James stuck his head in, and said, “Good morning, lovers. Ready to…” he stopped and grinned. “Nope, no way are you ready to go down and eat.”

Brian glanced at the clock sitting on the night stand. It was after 8:00. He and Jerry had been, well, so busy, he'd lost track of time. “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed, looking at the expression on Jerry's face. “We gotta get moving.”

They untangled themselves from their embrace to jump from the bed and into the bathroom, where they both stood peeing. James called from the front room. “I'll meet you two downstairs.”

“What a picture we are, standing here naked, pissing together,” observed Brian. As their flow slowed, then stopped, he said, “I want to continue this conversation later.”

“So do I,” replied Jerry, ignoring the sensual tension between them. “Let's get dressed.” Ten minutes later they were seated with James and another man, sipping coffee and eating a sweet roll.

“Guys, this is Philip,” he said, introducing them. “Phil, this is Jerry and Brian.”

Philip stood and reached out to shake each hand in turn. “A real pleasure, Brian, and Jerry.”

Brian noticed that Philip had held his hand longer than a typical shake. One look into his eyes told him why. Was this gaydar?

They chatted together, laughing at Philip's quick wit and jokes. They found that he was from the Los Angeles area, was married, and had twin girls, both 12. “And,” he added, “I'm very, very bisexual. I'm guessing you guys are too.”


“Me too.”

“Just figured out, I am too.”

“Oh,” Philip asked. “Can you tell me about it?”

“I'm willing,” Brian said. “I'm also surprised. Met these guys after the plane landed and went out for a few drinks. I didn't realize the drinks I'd be having came from their cocks. My first time. Spent the night with Jerry, here.”

Philip was grinning, and whispered, “Cock sucker, huh? Well, so am I. A cock sucker on the prowl.”

James leaned over to place his hand on Philip's and said, “I can help you there. I'm your man.”

Brian impulsively reached over to lay his hand on Jerry's. “This is my man,” he declared, looking directly at Jerry, who put his hand on Brian's in agreement.

James laughed softly, saying, “Brian here owes me his ass for a fuck.”

Philip poked James and said, “Hey, what about me? I can help in that department.” James diverted he attention from Brian to respond. “Guess that settles it, then. Jerry, you can have Brian's ass and I'll take Phil's.” Philip seemed to glow with this acknowledgment.

“But we can take care of this later,” said Jerry rising, “Let's get into the conference. Traffic seems to have increased in that direction.” The others stood up to join the crowd, with Philip walking next to James, while Brian remained with Jerry. “See,” Jerry whispered, “He's a bumblebee.”

A smiling Brian let his swinging hand brush Jerry's.


The conference began with a speaker who kept the audience's attention with ease. The entire room was silent. When a cell phone rang, heads swung around to stare toward the guilty cell phone, accompanied by many sounds of “Shhh,” The ringing stopped almost instantly. The speaker only paused long enough for the noises to die down, then smoothly continued. When he ended his speech, the applause was long and loud.

Following the opening presentation, rooms were available, where various topics could be discussed at length. It was just by chance that Jerry and Brian went off to the same three of these and remained to participate. When they broke from the last one, it was time for lunch.

Although Brian ached to go back to his room with Jerry, he understood that with his company paying for this trip, he owed them his participation, so he could bring back ideas. He and Jerry would have time together at the end of the day. Plenty of time to suck and fuck later.

At the last mini-meeting, Jerry and Brian were sitting next to another pair, with whom they struck up a lively and very interesting conversation about the speaker's concept. When the hour ended, the four of them were the only ones in the room. “I'm hungry,” said one, then asked rhetorically, “Who wants to join me for lunch?” The others promptly agreed.

The new guys, Gary and Oliver, knew each other. They were both from the Chicago area. When Gary recommended a small, intimate Italian restaurant not far from the hotel, they all agreed. Their arrival was perfectly timed. No sooner had they entered and taken a table than the lunch crowd descended.

After a brief discussion, all agreed that a bottle of wine would be better than each ordering by the glass; an established Shiraz label was recommended. With the wine delivered and glasses filled all around, the men settled into relaxed conversation as they sipped their wine.

“What do you think of the convention so far?” asked Oliver.

“I like it, as little of it I've seen,” responded Brian. “The range of speakers and topic areas seem to fit into mine and my company's interests.”

“You're deep into the technical side then,” said Gary.

Thus went the conversation. It seemed that the hour allowed for dining had expired, their food devoured, and it was time to return.

As they re-entered the hotel, Oliver asked, “What are you guys doing after the last session?” Brian looked at Jerry to answer. “We're going over to Le Rendezvous bar,” he declared noncommittally. Gary shrugged off by saying he was driving home afterwards. Oliver smiled knowingly, and said he'd like to join them. “Won't your wife be expecting you?” asked Jerry.

“Wife?” queried Oliver. “I have none, and I'm unlikely to join the ranks of the married soon.”

Returning to the convention, they spent the remainder of the day in various mini-groups. After the last one closed, they met at the front desk.

“What do you think about these guys?” asked Brian.

“You mean Gary and Oliver?” Jerry replied.


“Gary is a straight, married guy with a wife, 2.2 kids, and a dog at home. Oliver? Not sure. He knows about the bar, which might mean he's gay or bi, or just heard about it. Let's wait and see.”

They were on the verge of giving Oliver up, when he walked over to them. “Sorry!” he said. “Ran into a guy I know. All set now.” Outside, cabs were plentiful, so in a few moments, they were on their way back to Le Rendezvous bar.


Arriving at the bar, Oliver paid for the fare this time. “Lucky me,” thought Brian. “I don't have to pay.” Of course, the idea of paying can take many paths. Upon entering, they were in luck. For just as they came in, two couples left a table, which Jerry took instantly, to the grumbling acquiescence of two others who were also headed for the same target. Service, like the cabs, was on the spot; only minutes later, a beer appeared before each of them.

“To whom do I owe this service?” asked Brian.

“We are not supposed to wonder about miracles,” claimed Jerry, so Brian didn't question it further. The trio chatted and laughed, all the while Brian kept glancing at Oliver. What struck Brian was how much this Oliver seemed to resemble an adult version of his son. Not only in his feminine features, but his pretty face. His boyish haircut, and stature; only a few inches taller. Even his voice sounded like his son's. Now, seated next to an older version, he recalled the last conversation with his son when he whispered, “I'd like to sleep with you, daddy,” and “I'll be naked with you.” As before, his cock began to grow.

“Brian, you want to dance?” asked Oliver. Brian felt a hand at his back urging him to do it.

“I'd love to,” said Brian rising.

They walked together, hand in hand, to the floor, where Brian took Oliver in his arms and stepped off, taking the lead. Oliver was a good partner, following expertly.

“You're quite good, Oliver. You've done this before.”

“Once or twice,” he acknowledged.

With Oliver swaying to the beat, head on his shoulder, Brian was feeling very good about his first time on the floor without Jerry to guide him.

“You've been watching me all evening, Brian,” whispered Oliver softly.

“Oh, sorry. It's just that you remind me of someone I know from back home,” he replied.

“I'd sure like to meet the man that I remind you of, a man who can give you a hard on.” Oliver ground his own erection against Brian's, startling him. When Brian didn't respond, Oliver said to him seductively, “Does he give good blow jobs?”

“Uhm, not yet. He's a bit young for that.” Brian immediately regretted his openness.

“Ah,” replied Oliver, “A very young man, then?”

“Quite. Uhm, could we drop this and talk about you?”

The music stopped at this juncture. Would Oliver walk away? When he didn't, Brian leaned his face forward to find Oliver's lips and press against them. The kiss was soft, with promise. As they drew apart, the next song began, another slow romantic one.

As they resumed swaying to the beat, pressing body to body, Brian asked, “Please tell me about you. What experiences have you had?”

Oliver was very open in describing how he'd first learned that boys can like boys in very intimate ways, but he'd always been afraid to go further than just mutual masturbation. It wasn't until he arrived at college, and lived so closely with another male, that he began to have erotic thoughts less about his girl friend back home than the man who slept in his bed eight feet away.

What changed things dramatically was the night he had just turned off the light when his roommate quietly opened the door, and entered. He'd been on what he had expected to be a hot date, but had returned early. Obviously his planned seduction had not panned out. Quickly stripping, he got into his bed, but in the dim light, “I could see he had not pulled the blankets up; he lay naked, slowly jacking himself.” Oliver was breathing more shallowly as he continued. “I was so horny to begin with, then seeing him doing that, I threw my own blankets off, pulled down my shorts, and started jacking too.”

“What happened?” asked Brian.

“It was wonderful!” replied Oliver looking at him. “He got up, came to my bed, lay down beside me, and we switched hands. For the first time, I felt a man's cock pulsing out cum, and felt the stuff oozing down over my hand.” Oliver was shivering as he spoke, very aroused.

Brian broke Oliver's silence. “Did you taste his juice?”

Oliver only nodded, a smile creasing his face. “The next night, we sucked each other's cocks. So much better and less messy to take cum directly from the hose.” Brian's cock seemed to get harder, matching his own. Without warning, Oliver pressed his lips against Brian's. This time it was horny, passionate, with open mouths sucking tongue.

The music ended, propitiously, and Brian broke their embrace to lead his companion back to the table. “It's time to go, Jerry.” Grinning, he too rose, and they quickly walked out. Who should be parked as they exited, but the same cab with the same driver?

“I see you're having another successful evening,” he said with a wink, as Jerry got into the front seat. Brian entered the back seat first, sliding to the far side. By the time Oliver entered, Brian had his pants down and shirt off. Seeing Brian sitting naked, Oliver needed no encouragement. Closing the door, he too pulled down his pants at Jerry's urging. In seconds he was stretching out in the cramped space, his mouth finding Brian's raging hard on. The cab sped off as the driver asked, “How much time will they need?”

Watching Brian's happy face, he answered, “Not long, I think.” He was leaning over the back of the seat, stroking Oliver's bubble bottom. “Mmm… Nice!” he whispered. The touch caused Oliver to push back against Jerry's hand. Sliding his hand along the crevice, he pushed one finger in until, finding the pink center, he stroked it lightly. Oliver moaned.

Oliver was so hungry for cock. He'd been out of the university for the summer, without his roommate's attention to his cock. His girl friend, like so many women, was reluctant to “do that,” so he'd given up on her. He'd only recently discovered his submerged gay side and to complicate things, he had no clue as to how to find another partner of his own age. He had ventured onto the Internet, but had given that up. Those available, and there are many, didn't seem right for him, so he jacked off a lot, tasting his own cum. Now he was back where he wanted to be. Between a man's thighs, sucking a nice, thick cock. “Mmm… So good!” Brian's cock was bigger than his roommate's, but all that mattered was that it was in his mouth! Using every trick he had recently learned, he was pushing this man to the edge. He wanted that cum!

Brian was leaning back against the door feeling the cool window, his mind was far away engrossed in a fantasy of his own. Oliver's magical sucking was sending chills up his spine. He'd not last long. Even more arousing was the scene playing out in his mind. The mouth was, he imagined, smaller, that of a 10-year-old boy. When he opened his eyes to look at his cock sucker, he saw the smooth body of a boy, not a man. With the thought of his own son about to drink his semen, he grunted a ragged, “I'm cumming.”

As Brian's elixir poured from his cock, Oliver groaned with delight at tasting cum after such a long dry summer. “Mmm…,” he sighed as spurt after spurt coated his tongue. Jerry's finger, which had sunk into his hole, was thrilling him as well. Oh, how he wanted that finger, or something like in there.

“Better tell your boys to get decent. We'll be at the hotel in five.”

Brian heard, but was reluctant to take the feasting Oliver from his man teat. In his sex-fevered mind, he was seeing the brown-haired head of his son. “Oh, baby boy, you will make daddy happy, very soon.” When Oliver took his mouth from Brian's softening cock, his face was radiant with unconcealed pleasure. “That was so fuckin' good, Brian. Now I want to see what you can do about the itch in my hole.”

Both of the lovers were just pulling their clothes together as the cab glided to a stop by the curb. Oliver was seated upright and all looked normal to the casual observer who might have glanced into the cab. Jerry paid the driver, who passed him his card. “Call me if you need a fourth. My shift is over at midnight.” Jerry took the card, put it in his pocket, and thanked the driver.

Just then his phone rang. Excusing himself, he stood, shut the door, and answered. It was James. “Hi, Jerry. Look, I'd like to use our room tonight, if that's OK. Phil and I made a real connection.”

“Hey, James,” said Jerry, barely able to stifle a grin. He'd been right about James. “You go right ahead, I'm going to join Oliver and Brian for the night.”

“Thanks, buddy,” replied James, signing off.

Jerry raced to catch up with Oliver and Brian, who were already standing by the elevator waiting for him. Seeing him hurrying their way, Brian pushed the CALL button. The doors were just opening as Jerry joined them. The instant they closed, Brian pulled Oliver in a heated embrace.