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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 5:

Brian Finds Gay Love

Jerry raced to catch up with Oliver and Brian, who were already standing by the elevator waiting for him. Seeing him hurrying their way, Brian pushed the CALL button. The doors were just opening as Jerry joined them. Inside, Brian pressed button number three. The doors closed, and Brian pulled Oliver into a heated embrace. Their lips did touch occasionally, but it was their tongue wrestling that really showed their passion. Oliver's hand was massaging Brian's growing bulge, now making a comeback. When the elevator stopped, they broke their kiss. The few who were awaiting the elevator stood aside to let the three men pass. Seeing the aroused expression on Oliver's face, two of them smiled knowingly. One said in a low voice, “Somebody's gonna get fucked tonight.” Then the elevator doors closed, leaving the three men alone in the hallway.

Brian had his card key in his hand and inserted it into the lock. With a click, the latch retracted, and Brian opened the door to let Jerry and Oliver follow him inside. Moments later, the three were naked, lying on the bed in an erotic daisy chain.

Oliver wanted a a new cock with its balls: full of semen. His mouth found Jerry's, while Brian wanted to suckle this man, who reminded him so much of his son. Jerry had to satisfy himself with Brian's cock, still damp from Oliver's sucking. No words were spoken, but the three understood that this was not to be rushed, and so worked their prizes slowly, No stroking, but they did allow their tongues to caress cock heads, lapping off the oozing precum.

Only those who truly enjoy the taste of cock can appreciate how easy it is to just lie with head pillowed by a thigh, a hand massaging the other's balls, and softly suckle. Giving pleasure, while receiving pleasure from another. Many minutes passed as the three lay, barely moving, simply enjoying being men with men who sought similar relief.

Jerry was the first to give up his semen to Oliver, who sucked hungrily at the spewing jets, then relaxed his sucking to lap the residual cum from the cock head in his mouth. Hearing Jerry's satisfied grunt and stiffening sent Brian over the edge again, but surrendering only a small reward. It only took a few more seconds before Oliver's balls sent three powerful streams of cum onto Brian's tongue, then settled to dripping. Using his thumb, Brian ran it up the tube beneath Oliver's erection, forcing what little remained out.

The three men, lust drained, lay quietly where they were, unmoving, as though even shifting their weight would somehow break the spell of what they had done. Oliver was unwilling to give up cock so easily. Even a soft cock was worth licking. Finally Jerry spoke. “Oliver, you certainly learned the art of fellatio very well. You one fine sucka.”

Oliver released Jerry's flaccid prick to reply, “Brian does pretty well for himself too.”

“Brian is new to this. He sucked his first cock only last evening, didn't you, Bri?”

“True. I'll never be satisfied with straight sex again. I'm gonna have to find a friend who can do as well as Jerry. He's a great top,” Brian enthused.

“You can always approach that young friend you mentioned back at the bar.”

Brian blushed. He'd not expected this topic to arise. He opened his mouth to complain, but was cut short when Jerry asked, “What's this? I thought you hadn't tried gay sex until you arrived in Chicago.”

Brian knew it was hopeless to wiggle out of this. He didn't want to lie, but didn't want to expose his desires to these men. They might not understand. “It's complicated,” he mumbled.

“We've got time,” Jerry responded.

“OK, first of all, I haven't had any gay experiences until two days ago with you and James. Really! What happened at the bar still confuses me, but I'm glad it happened, and I'm glad I met you guys. I never would have done this on my own.”

“Get to the part about your young friend,” demanded Jerry, who paused, then added, “Wait a second, Brian. Don't say a word. Let me tell you about something that happened to me. Like your sudden discovery of your gay side, I found that I have a kinky side as well.” Again he paused, then went on, “This is hard to say. Makes me sound like, well, I don't know, like a real ass hole. No! Worse!”

Both Brian and Oliver said nothing, waiting for Jerry to continue.

Taking a deep breath, he began to speak again: “I had gone to my brother's home to watch his two sons, ages 11 and 13. He and his wife wanted to spend the day away from kids. I had nothing of real importance to do, and my wife was shopping with friends. So I went over alone. They told me the kids were in the pool playing, that I should make them get out in 30 minutes. Too much sun and all.

“As soon as their car pulled out of the garage and the door was dropping, I went through the kitchen to the patio door, so I could join them. What he hadn't told me was the the boys were naked. Now I knew that they were a nudist family, but it kinda surprised me to walk out and see two young boys, completely naked with semi-hard cocks.

“I guess that's what did it for me. Those beautiful boys, smooth, completely free of any body hair, except for a tuft of pubic hair on the older. My mouth got dry, and my cock got hard, I was even shaking. When I stepped out, both boys ran up to me and hugged me. ‘Come into the pool with us, Uncle Jer,’ they were urging. When I told them I couldn't, I didn't have my swim suit, they just laughed. ‘We're naked. You can be too.’ When I continued to refuse, the older one saw my problem. He put his hand on the bulge in my pants, and whispered. ‘It's OK. Dad has a hard on all the time he's out here with us.’

“I'm not going into any of the inevitable build-up, but what I did with them, and they with me, made me terribly ashamed of myself. Hell! I was angry over it. Didn't think I could face my brother and his wife or the boys ever again. So I moped around, wondering how I'd ever get over it, when my brother called me and suggested we go have a beer. When he does that, I know he wants to talk serious. I was actually scared when I walked into the local pub and found him at a table off in one isolated corner. I was thinking, ‘Uh oh, this is it.’

“He had a beer waiting for me when I sat down. We chit-chatted about nothing for a minute, then he looked at me real serious, and said, ‘Bet you've been beating yourself up over what happened with the boys, aren't you?’ I was caught! I told him I was, that I was real sorry that I'd done such a terrible thing. He just laughed and told me it's OK. He'd discovered his pedo side years ago. Been playing with the boys whenever his wife is gone.

“Shit, but I was relieved. Even more so when he said the older one was asking when I could come back and go swimming naked again.”

“Did you go?” Brian asked, mouth dry and cock hard.

Jerry smiled cryptically, and said, “What do you think? Couple of times my brother joined us for a few hours of fun.”

Oliver was staring at Jerry with such an incomprehensible expression. “Oh, my God!” he cried out. “That happened to me too. A neighbor guy and I became friends when I was, like, 14. One day he showed me where he kept his ‘Playboy’ magazines in his garage, in a safe place, where his wife was unlikely to find them. One time I went over when he wasn't around, even though I wasn't supposed to, and started looking at one. I got so horny, and decided to see what else was in his stash. To my surprise, I found gay magazines as well. When I opened one, hell, I was surprised that anything like this even got printed. If I was hard looking at hot babes, I got even hotter looking at naked guys and guys sucking guys. Opening the first one, I couldn't stop. After I'd gone through five of them, I had to jack off. My balls were about to burst. Closing up the hiding place, I rushed home, went to my room, and jacked off with visions of two naked guys sucking each other.

“The next time I went over when he was home, his wife was out, so we were alone. Didn't bother me, since we'd been alone before. We went into his garage, said he wanted to show me something. What it was, was the latest gay magazine. ‘Since you got into those, I thought you might like to look at this one. Just picked it up today.’

“He knew, so I confessed. Told him I was sorry, I knew I should have asked, but he said it was OK. Asked me if I liked looking at those pictures. Told him I did. He asked if I needed to jack off. Told him I did. He said he did too, and pulled out this huge thing. Must have been, oh, I can't say exactly, but at least as big as the cocks on some of the guys in the magazines. So we jacked off together. It became a regular event. His wife would leave, and if I were home he'd call to invite me over to jack off with him again. He moved a couple of years ago. Said his wife wanted to go to a warmer climate. I think they live in Florida now.”

All this talk about sex and naked boys had made them hard again. They switched so that Brian could suck Jerry, Jerry suck Oliver, and Oliver suck Brian. They didn't last long this time. Soon their pent-up sexual energies were drained.

Oliver's cell phone rang. It was his girl friend, wondering where he was. He walked into the bathroom and closed the door for privacy. A few minutes later, he was back. “My girl friend dropped me. She's pissed that I didn't pick her up and take her out tonight. Accused me of finding some other chick to bang.”

Brian started to tell him he was sorry for causing him to miss his date, when Oliver just laughed. “I wasn't really that enthused about dating girls any more. Now that you've shown me another way, I'm pretty much through with them.”

Jerry just started laughing. “You have the option. Some of us don't. I'm married, love my wife, my kids, my dog, and my life. Much as I'd like to date men, I have to keep it low key.”

“Same for me, Oliver. I've just discovered my gay side, and I'm in the same fix Jerry's in. I'm not going to destroy my life nor Donna's, and especially not my son's, whom I love very much. That's too much to lose.”

Jerry looked at him and said, “You ready to confess that it's your son you want to introduce into all of this?” He swept his arm around the room. “Got a picture of the little guy?”

Brian blushed and nodded. “Yeah, it's him I want to introduce to gay sex.” He carried pictures of his family. Not like some who tote around an entire album, but enough. He walked to his pants lying on a chair, pulled out his wallet, and brought back the pictures. Laying them out on the bed, he pointed to Donna, which brought comments on how pretty she was, but when he showed them one of his Oliver, they both remained quiet for a moment.

Jerry spoke first, “I hope you won't be upset when I tell you that your son and this Oliver have an uncanny resemblance.” Oliver took the photo and walked to a mirror. Holding it up, he compared his face to that in the picture. “You're right,” he said, handing the picture back to Brian, who returned them to his wallet. “Lucky boy,” said Jerry. “He has a father who truly loves him and is willing to show him all his love. Hope it works out for you, Bri.”

“What's even more amazing is the statistical improbability that I'd meet a gay man named Oliver, who has the same name as my son!”

Coming back from putting his pictures away, Brian lay down next to Oliver again and pulled him into his arms. “You are my son's surrogate. What I'm doing with you is what I want to do with him. What do you think of that?”

Oliver was smiling. “I like it! What do you want to do with me?”

“I want to fuck you. Never fucked a man before, and I'd like to do it before I die.”

“I've never been fucked before either. How about tonight? How about right now?”

“I'll get the lube,” said Jerry, rising from the bed to go to his pants and pull out a small bottle. “Never leave home without it,” he declared, tossing it to Brian, who caught it in midair.

Both their cocks had hardened again, which Brian was happy to see. “Onto your back, legs wide and up as high as you can get them.”

Oliver was grinning as he did so. “It's gonna hurt, isn't it?”

“Yep. A lot. Still wanna do it?”

“You did it with Jerry. I want to do it with you. I want to be your son for tonight. You're my daddy,” He jerked slightly as Brian's slick fingers touched his target and probed inward. “Feels nice.” Brian re-lubed his fingers and returned to push in deeper.

“Use two fingers, Brian,” suggested Jerry, watching as one more formerly straight guy was getting ready to take the next step that gays crave but feared the first insertion.

Brian took Jerry's advice by running two fingers into Oliver's very tight ass. “Yep, this is going to be a struggle to get in. You are super tight.”

“Hurts with just your two fingers. Show me what it's like with three.”

Lubing his fingers once more, Brian pushed slowly in with three fingers. Oliver's face was a mask of pain, and he softly cried out. Brian wasn't going to give Oliver an out. This was it. His first man fuck. Jerry came over to place a pillow under Oliver's butt, raising it to just the right height. His cock now shiny with lube, Brian moved into launch position with the tip of his head just kissing Oliver's anal opening.

“Here I go,” he said simply and leaned forward, putting pressure on the pink puckered anus. Oliver was trying to smile, and even succeeding a little. As Brian's prick sank in more deeply, Oliver's expression began to change from an almost serene look to one of intensity. He was gritting his teeth now, with Brian's cock head just disappearing into the stretched opening.

“Push, Oliver!” said Jerry. “Push!”

Oliver was just beginning to pant when the head made it past his sphincter. “Ahhh,” he sighed. “So much better.”

“I'm past the hard part and going to go deeper. I'll go slowly so it doesn't hurt so much.”

“Thanks,” groaned Oliver. “Much nicer, now that the burning is getting less.”

Brian was pushing in more slowly, allowing Oliver to get used to this thing up his ass. The feeling of intense connectedness was amazing. A moment later, their balls touched, and knew he's reached full depth. “I'm all the way in. How you doing?”

Jerry was standing nearby, watching Brian's cock make its grand entrance. “You look good like that, with your cock fully inside him, two lovers of one flesh.”

Oliver looked up with a smile. “That's the way I feel too. Lovers.” Then, seeing Jerry's hard cock near his face, he turned his head toward it, opened his mouth, and took the temping cock head. Now he had something to suckle as he was fucked. He had his eyes closed, and two fingers around Jerry's cock, slowly stroking.

Brian was thrusting and retreating at a moderate rate, for he wanted this to last awhile Yet watching this reconnection between mouth and cock was driving Brian's lust higher. It was only a few more minutes before Oliver's cock jerked, shooting his load across his belly and chest. Brian's ejaculation followed quickly, filling Oliver's gut with cream from his balls. Oliver was then treated to pulses of Jerry's spewing semen. He gurgled happily as it drenched his tongue.

Brian lay down upon Oliver, feeling their two bodies connecting flesh to flesh, his cock still dribbling semen into the tight trench. Their mouths met, the kiss of fulfilled passion. Upon pulling apart, they gazed into each other's eyes, sharing the delight that only comes from love making between two men. Oliver's arms were wrapped around Brian, his legs akimbo by Brian's waist. “I feel so good. Feeling your cock moving inside of me! It was so very erotic.”

“I'm glad you like it. It was the same for me. Giving my body to Jerry was repaid by the way he made me feel, the closeness. It was wonderful!”

As Brian's flaccid penis was forced from Oliver's love hole, the cum followed, trickling down into his ass crack. Oliver giggled, “Your cum is starting to flow out of me. I like it. It's a reminder of what we just shared.”

Jerry's snoring brought the two lovers back to their room. “Looks like someone's tired. Why don't we go to the shower? It's another thing I'm sure you'll like.”

There, with warm water cascading over them, they ran their hands over and over each other's bodies. Oliver's cock seemed insatiable; he was hard again. “My turn,” Brian whispered to him before he sank to his knees to lick the head, bringing sighs from Oliver. “Oh, daddy, you make me feel so good. Suck my cock now. I need to get off again.”

Brian formed his mouth into an “O,” then pushed it slowly over the head and down onto the shaft. “Ahhh!” was Oliver's only sound. Then back up until his lips came to the head. There he began to lap, running his tongue around the rim of the head. “Ahhh!”

Oliver was so aroused that he thrust into Brian's mouth and throat. His hands were holding Brian's head to steady it for continued thrusts. Beginning slowly, he increased his pace until he was pounding Brian's lips mercilessly, but Brian didn't complain. He was loving this, his mouth being a cunt for Oliver's cock.

This was their song: thrust, sigh, thrust, sigh. After minutes of such, Oliver moaned, “I'm cumming, daddy. Right… down… your… UGH!” His cum, lesser from all he'd shot, went into Brian's throat. Looking up into Oliver's eyes, he waited for him to finish while he held his breath. After another 15 seconds, Oliver removed his cock from obstructing his air flow. Brian drew in a deep breath, his throat still aching from being stretched to accommodate Oliver's thick cock.

Rising, they kissed once more before turning off the water. Brian handed Oliver a towel and took one for himself to dry each other off. Standing before the mirror, side-by-side, with one arm around the other, they saw themselves naked and sensually satisfied. Taking one last look, it was off to bed. Fortunately it was a king size, so there was sufficient room for three of them. Brian took the middle position with one of his gay lovers on each side. He fell asleep quickly and slept soundly, feeling very satisfied the way his life was turning out.

With days before the conference was to end, there would be many more such moments.