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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 7:

Oliver's Secret

They were at the door almost before Brian realized it, his mind had wandered so far away. Oliver was holding the door for him, indicating he should enter. Inside, Oliver stepped up to take Brian's hand again. Stepping up to the hostess, a pretty young woman, Brian asked for a booth, Oliver reminded him, for two. “It will be only a few moments while your tab…,” then smiled at the startled look from Oliver, changed it “Your booth is being prepared for you.” Oliver's face relaxed. Just for one moment, he thought the lady was going to give them a table! But she didn't, after all.

They had stood quietly out of the way for less than three minutes when the hostess looked their way, smiled her lovely smile, and said, “Right this way, gentlemen.” Brian, still holding Oliver's hand, followed her. Seeing her lovely ass swaying as she walked, he wondered, “Is she doing that on purpose? God, she's sexy!” Oliver looked up at him and, seeing his eyes on the woman's behind, squeezed Brian's hand. “She's pretty, isn't she?” Brian nodded. There! Another question. Oliver had seen where his eyes were pointing and caught on. He was beginning to understand the male/female connection every man has. He suspected that he and Oliver should have that special talk. Soon. Arriving at their tab… oops! booth, Oliver slid in first, with Brian moving in next to him. The girl said, “Your server is Madeline. She'll be right with you.” Then she walked away. Brian tried dutifully to avoid looking at her gorgeous bottom. Instead, he turned to Oliver and asked rhetorically, “And I suppose you're going to have a waffle, as usual.”

“With whipped cream topping!” added Oliver, smiling at Brian.

Madeline approached and, lifting her pad, asked, “What can I get you to drink?”

“Coffee for me,” said Brian.

“I'd like a glass of orange juice, a big one,” added Oliver.

She wrote their orders and turned to leave.

Oliver looked at Brian and whispered in a conspiratorial tone, “They sure have a lot of pretty girls here, don't they?”

“Sure do,” agreed Brian. “What do you know about pretty girls, anyway? You seem more interested in them now.”

It was Oliver's turn to blush a light pink. “I… I… I don't know. They just are.”

Looking around, Brian noted that nobody was seated at a table or booth nearby and responded, “Yep, they are.” Then, deciding this was as good a time to open the conversation, he asked Oliver, “Do you know some girl, or girls at school you like more than others?”

Oliver grinned and lowered his gaze. “Uh huh,” he said very softly.

“It's OK to look at girls. All men do,” he said soothingly.

“Not my math teacher, Mr. Jenkins,” said Oliver. He's que…” Too late, he realized he shouldn't have said that.

Brian, surprised, pulled his head back, eyebrows rising. “Oh? Your math teacher? And how do you know such an intimate fact about Mr. Jenkins?”

Trapped, Oliver had no choice but to explain how he knew about their teacher and who had told him. After he stumbled his way through the telling, he added, “I'm sorry, dad. I wasn't supposed to say who told me.”

Brian patted Oliver's knee, marveling at the softness of his skin. “It's OK. I'm your dad and won't tell anybody.” Then, to himself, he pondered, “So Fred Jenkins is gay. Never would have guessed.” He recalled meeting Fred at open house night at school. He was a tall guy, in good physical condition, with a firm handshake and a smiling, open face. “Gay, huh?” were his last thoughts, as breakfast had arrived.

They were both hungry, so they ate in relative silence, other than commenting on how good the food was. It didn't take long for them to all but lick the final leavings from their plate. Madeline returned to ask if they needed anything else. When Brian told her he'd like the check, she had it in her hand, passing it to him.

“Thank you, Madeline, for your excellent service. I'll mention it to your manager.”

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate it.” With a final smile, she turned and walked away, her bottom swaying every bit as nicely as the hostess's. “Dad!” exclaimed Oliver. “Will you stop looking at all the girls? Mommy will get mad.”

Brian laughed and said, “It's OK, buddy. Mommy knows daddy likes to look at girls. She knows I wouldn't go out with any of them.”

“Huh?” Oliver exclaimed “Mommy knows you look?”

Smiling, Brian assured him that she most certainly did and that he liked seeing them.

They had arrived at the check-out. Brian handed his credit card, along with the bill, to yet another attractive young woman. “I won't need a receipt. By the time you've swiped, the bill shows up in my bank records.”

She quickly completed the transaction, and handed him the receipt to sign. Scribbling his name at the bottom and handing it back to her, he said, “Thanks for another delicious meal. Madeline took good care of us.” The woman smiled and thanked him.

They walked back to the car and got in. Once they were on their way out of the parking lot, Oliver said, “Dad, does mom really know you look at girls?”

Glancing sideways at his son, so as not to take his eyes from the street, he nodded and said, “Yes. Mom understands that I like to look at pretty girls.”

“Do you like to look at naked girls in Playboy?”

This was a new turn, he thought. “Yes, I do. Sometimes. I don't buy those magazines, though.”

“How about on the Internet? Do you ever look at naked girls on the Internet?”

“I have. Sometimes,” replied Brian. “I don't spend hours looking at them though.”

There was a silence between them. Brian suspected that this conversation about girls was leading somewhere, and Oliver didn't know how to phrase it. “Is there something you want to tell me about naked girls? Like you have been looking at Playboys or something?” Oliver didn't answer right away, but Brian was in no rush to push this issue, so he waited.

Finally, Oliver spoke, “I seen Karl's mommy naked,” then said nothing more.

“Really? That's interesting. How did that happen?”

After a long silence, Oliver spoke about how he and Karl had sneaked down from Karl's room and saw mommy and Karl's mommy naked in their hot tub.

This was a revelation to Brian. Donna hadn't mentioned anything about being naked with Janice. “What were they doing? In the hot tub?”

“Nothing, I guess. Just sitting there drinking wine.”

“How long did you watch them?”

“Not long. Karl told me that he watches his mom and dad in their hot tub, and sometimes his dad has a friend in there with him, or his mom has a friend with her, and they're all naked.”

“Do you mean that Karl's dad is naked with another guy in his hot tub?” It irritated Brian to hear what could be nothing more than a child's bragging. Yet the desire to find out salacious details was too strong to resist.

“Is it OK that I told you that? You won't tell Karl's mom or dad, will you?” Oliver asked, suddenly feeling guilty.

Brian reached over to pat Oliver's thigh, and to assure him that the secret was safe with him. Once again a thrill went through him, knowing how close his hand was to that small penis. With a gasp, he pulled his hand back.

“Daddy, are you all right?” asked Oliver.

“Yes… yes, I am. Yes,” said Brian, babbling. Then he thought that it was really unfair for Oliver to be so pretty and have such soft legs. Enough to cause heart palpitations in any man. Not just him. No, not him. “I'm fine. Really.”

Coming back to his senses, he calmed himself. “Hey, I promised I won't tell anything you tell me. I'm your dad, and you can trust me. When I say I will, or won't, do something, you know it's true, don't you?”

Oliver nodded his head. He loved his dad, and would trust him to keep his word. He always had.

“So why don't you tell me about the times you and mommy go to Janice and Karl's place? It will be our secret.”

“I don't know if I should. Karl told me to never tell what we do there.” It was obvious that Oliver was torn between doing what his dad asked and keeping the secret he and Karl shared. What would his daddy say if he told him he saw him and mommy in bed? He was scared.

At that moment, they were approaching home. Brian reached above his visor to find and push the garage door opener. From half a block away, he could see the door rising. Now he turned his full attention to guiding the car to the driveway, up it, and into the garage. Donna was not home yet. This would give him the time to press Oliver for more information about visits to Janice's.

Assured that he was fully inside the garage, he then stopped the car, and turned off the ignition. Reaching above the visor again, he pushed the button to bring the door down. They went into the house and into the family room, where Oliver flopped onto the couch. He picked up the TV remote and turned it on. Brian sat down beside him, gently took the remote from him, and turned the set off.

“Oliver,” he said, raising the boy's head to look directly into his eyes. “I know you don't really want to tell me about you and Karl, but I want to know.” At this, Oliver burst into tears. Brian was shocked at the boy's reaction. This must be something bordering on the horrible to him! He held Oliver until the tears stopped, until he was just sniffling.

Oliver looked up at his dad and all but whispered, “We did something bad, and you'll be mad at me and Karl!”

Brian had his arm around Oliver, and felt that he really had to know what had been going on. Had Donna not been checking on their son? Granted, they were just small boys, and there was little that they could get into in an hour or an hour and a half. “Honey, I won't get mad. I promise.” Oliver continued to sniffle. Brian sensed the struggle Oliver was going through and waited. A minute passed, then another: finally Oliver began his story.


“Where are we going, mommy?” Oliver asked.

“To visit Aunt Janice,” she said.

Oliver smiled. “Can I play with Karl?” he asked.

“Yes, of course. You like him, don't you?” Oliver nodded enthusiastically.

When they arrived at Janice and George's, Oliver hopped out before she did, and ran to ring the doorbell. Karl answered and invited them in, just as Janice came into the room wearing her bikini. When they went into the hot tub, it was their time of relaxation. After the boys went off to Karl's room, Janice and she would go to the hot tub, where they would strip off their bikinis and sit naked, enjoying the warm water swirling over their bare skin.


Oliver liked Karl: even if he was a year older; they thought a lot alike. While their moms were in the hot tub, they would find interesting things to do. One of the best was when they played naked. One day they had gone downstairs, which they weren't supposed to do, and seen both moms naked with their breasts exposed.

Back in his room, Karl had asked Oliver if he knew what breasts were for. Of course he did. Moms fed their babies with some milk from them. Karl informed him that grown men like to suck breasts. He'd seen his dad suck his mom's. But why? “I don't know,” Karl answered.

Some of the other things Karl told him seemed to make no sense. Like why did Karl's mom suck his dad's peter. Did she get milk from it? He challenged Oliver by saying “Your mom probably sucks your dad's too.”

“Uh uh!” retorted Oliver. He was embarrassed that his mom would suck his dad's thing.

“All married moms and dads do it,” assured Karl confidently. Karl seemed to know so much more about sex than Oliver did, so maybe Karl could be right.

“We could try it ourselves,” suggested Karl. “If you want to, though.”

“How? You mean, like, I suck my dad's thing? Yuck! No!”

“No! I mean we could suck each other's.”

“Let's play that you're the mom and I'm the dad, and we kiss, then you touch mine and play with it?”

“Why can't I be the dad?”

“Because I'm bigger. Dads are bigger.”

This didn't sound quite as drastic as sucking his dad's, so he agreed.

“First we get naked.” Both boys stripped off their t-shirts and shorts, and underwear. “Then you lie down on the bed and I come over and kiss you.”

Just thinking about what they were going to do was starting to make both of the boys excited. Their cocks were no longer just short floppy things, but stood out a short distance. Oliver, playing his part, got up on the bed and lay on his back. Karl joined him on the bed. He lay down next to Oliver, leaned over and said, “I love you.”

“Why did you say that?”

“Because that's what my dad tells my mom before they start. Now you say it back to me.”

Oliver had heard his mom and dad say that they loved each other. They did it all the time, even when they weren't in bed. It seemed odd, but he went along with it. Looking at Karl's face, he whispered, “I love you too, Karl.” Just saying the words seemed to have an effect on him. He was feeling something in his tummy. Something he'd felt before, but this time much stronger. Sort of like a tingle.

“Now we have to close our eyes when we kiss.” Karl said and closed his eyes. So did Oliver

Oliver also remembered that mommy put her arms around daddy when they kissed. So he did too. Their lips met, and touched. They stayed that way for a long time. Oliver waited for Karl to end it. When he finished, he looked down at Oliver. “Did you like it?” he asked in a funny voice. Kinda like he was excited.

“I don't know. Maybe we aren't doing it right,” replied Oliver. “Maybe we should do it again.” So they both closed their eyes again and Karl pressed his lips against Oliver's. It felt better that time. Nice even. When Karl raised his head, he asked again, “Did you like it that time? I did.”

“It felt different from the first time. Can we do it once more?” Both of the boys were feeling excited about doing this. They'd never heard of other boys kissing each other on the mouth. This time Karl did something different, he stuck out his tongue to lightly lick Oliver's lips.

Oliver's eyes popped open. “Why did you do that?”

Karl was grinning. “Did you like it?”

“Uh huh. Can we do it again?” This time Oliver opened his mouth a little. Karl stuck his tongue in. Oliver's reaction to something going into his mouth was to suck, so he sucked on the tip of Karl's tongue. When Karl pulled back, he whispered, “Now you play with my peter.”

Oliver reached down to find Karl's cock. To his amazement, it was hard and bigger than before. He reached for his; it was hard too! The funny feeling in his belly was stronger. He wanted to suck on Karl. He didn't need for Karl to tell him, he simply slipped down the bed to find it and put in in his mouth. He felt dizzy. His tummy was in turmoil, a feeling of such intensity that he didn't want this moment to end.

Neither did Karl, watching his friend take his cock into his mouth and suck on it. He began to moan softly. “Oh, yes. Oliver! Suck on me! Suck!”

Hearing words of encouragement only made him want to suck harder. After a moment, Karl stiffened and cried out. His body bucked as he tried to push more of his cock into Oliver's mouth. Surprised, Oliver pulled off and stared at Karl, who bucked a few more times, then lay quietly. His eyes were closed, his mouth open. Panting.

“Karl, are you OK?” he asked, in a worried voice. “Did I hurt you? I'm sorry.”

Karl opened his eyes. “No, stupid,” he said, giggling. “You didn't hurt me. You made me feel real good inside.”

Oliver felt better now, but the surprise had frightened him and his little cock deflated. He lay down beside Karl and touched his hand. “I'm glad I didn't hurt you. Can I be the dad next time?”

Those were exactly what Karl wanted to hear. “Yes, Oliver. We can do it again, and you can be the dad next time.”

A sudden sound startled them. It was the door to the patio being slid back. Voices. “They're coming. Our moms are coming. We gotta get dressed.” Putting on underwear, shorts, and a t-shirt doesn't take long. By the time Donna and Janice had come to Karl's room, both boys were fully clothed, continuing their board game.

“Oliver, honey, are you ready to go?”

He looked up, just as though they'd been playing a stupid game all along. “We're almost done. Can we finish first?”

Donna sighed, but agreed. She and Janice stood outside the door and chatted. The boys rolled the dice a few more times, then Oliver shouted, “I win!” Donna looked into the room as Oliver rose. “Bye, Karl,” he said, wanting to kiss again. His mom took his hand, and they walked to the front door, with Karl and his mom trailing along. They stood at the door, waving goodbye. Oliver looked back once and waved. A moment later, he and his mom were driving home.


“And that's what happened. That's all.” Oliver fell silent, waiting for his dad to start yelling.

Instead, he was surprised when Brian hugged him and said, “Thank you. I know that was hard for you to tell me.” Brian had sat silently listening to his son, his 10-year-old son, whom he had considered so innocent, relate this tale of boys exploring their bodies and even getting oral. It took him back to his own childhood and similar explorations with his friends. They'd stopped at just mutually jacking each other off and getting the other's cum on their fists. They didn't try tasting it, even though one friend had suggested they do. Nonetheless, it did manage to make his own cock rise to the occasion.

“Thank you very much, Oliver,” he repeated. “I'm not mad. I'm surprised, but that's all. Most boys do what you did. I mean get naked and touch each other's… uhm… cocks.”

Oliver looked at him and said, in surprise, “They do?”

“Uh huh. They do.” Brian assured him.

“Did you?” asked his amazed son.

“Yup. Me and a couple of my friends did,” he confided.

“Did you suck each other?” asked Oliver. “Did you suck his cock?”

“No, we didn't, and I didn't either.”

“Daddy,” Oliver began tremulously. “Um… can I tell you something else?”

“Sure, you can. You can tell me anything.”

“I kinda like to suck Karl's cock,” he admitted.

“It's OK, Oliver. I've heard it's nice to suck a cock.”

“But you never did, though,” Oliver stated.

“No,” replied Brian.

“Did you ever want to?”

This question coming from the mouth of his son. Asking him very personal questions. He could honestly say that he and his friends had not done it, but now he was asking a question where he'd have to say yes. He had wanted to, but couldn't. What would his son say or do if he admitted such gay leanings?

“Look, why don't we stop for now, OK? I've got something to do. If you want, we can talk later. OK?” He started to rise, when he felt Oliver's hand on his arm and sat back down. “What is it, Oliver?” he asked.

Looking at him with those innocent eyes that had seen things he'd only dreamed about when he was 10: “It's OK, daddy. It's OK to want to suck a cock.” Then the fingers released him, allowing him to rise and nearly run from the room. What had begun as learning what happened at Karl's place, had turned the tables on him. Without saying a word, his son believed he knew that his dad wanted to suck cock. It made him shiver with desire in learning that it was good to suck a cock. He felt a strong need for Jerry's cock to satisfy him.