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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 8:

Brian Confronts George

In the days that followed their chat where Oliver had told him about his and Karl's “explorations,” Brian grew more curious about about how Oliver had been so easily led.

His own moderate experiences with gay sex went only so far as mutual masturbation. He recalled wanting to go further, but didn't out of fear. It's the kind of gut-wrenching thought of how others might react if they found out about what he and his friend, Harold, were doing. Like so many missed opportunities, Brian had refused this one. It would be years before he'd hear those same suggestions and take the next step.

…& he wondered. Oliver was discovering the delights of taking a cock in his mouth and suckling it until Karl shot the load from his balls into Oliver's mouth. “My god!” he was thinking, “My son, so young, was already deep into gay sex. Not only that, but he's advising me!” Recalling Oliver's quietly telling him that it's OK to want to suck a cock.

He did too; wanted to suck a cock. Only a few days since he'd left his first boy friend… He suddenly realized how perverted he was becoming. Switched on to gay sex after denying it for years, he didn't hesitate for one second. It hadn't been a slow easing into the comfortable waters of oral/anal sex, but a tidal wave that had struck and dragged him into its depths.

Now separated from his male lover, he was struggling not just with managing both his gay and straight desires. On the one side, he still loved Donna, and had no difficulty getting it up for her, but would it last? On the other was the lust to share cocks with another man; to suck and be sucked…

Added to those strong feelings was the growing desire not just to love his son, but to make love to him. He caught himself gasping at the powerful erotic thoughts suffusing his mind. But for now he made an almost-physical effort to restrain his mind from those thoughts to concentrate on this present mission.

Where Oliver had gotten his start? Yes, he knew it was Karl, but knowing his cautious son, he'd not fall for such an outlandish suggestion so easily. He'd been primed. Who? Yet when he tried to coax it out of him, Oliver kept saying that he wasn't supposed to tell. It was time to do some sleuthing and even some snooping.

As it turned out, Oliver was spending the night with his friend, Karl, so he had opportunity to begin by checking out the boy's room. He looked everywhere but found nothing incriminating. The next place was the computer. Brian and Donna both agreed that Oliver, at 10, is too young to have one in his room. They gave Oliver his own personal and private space on the family computer. Parental controls locked out any sites that they didn't want Oliver to enter.

Brian and Donna both have the password that allows them to circumvent the parental controls. Some liberal families would say that a child deserves some privacy. “Yeah, sure, folks. I'm the dad. It's my responsibility to guide my son. The way I have chosen to do that is to make sure he is walking the straight and narrow, albeit sometimes irritating, path based on our standards.”

Signing in, he went directly to Oliver's World, as Oliver named it. First check history. Brian was certainly surprised to find a porn site, in Russian, with men and boys having sex. “Hmm…,” he wondered who could have taught him that anyone could circumvent parental controls by using a language the control system didn't understand. When Oliver opened a site in Russian, the system would have ignored it as safe. Well, the pictures were certainly explicit enough, but the language barrier would prevent Oliver from using words like cock and cum. Probably picked up those from the playground. He remembered his own days when he learned those words from the older boys.

Next stop, email. Signing onto Oliver's email site, he began to read them and found what he was looking for in some several very detailed emails. So it was Karl — but he was only a year older. Where did his ideas come from? Didn't have an older brother, maybe some kids at school, but these had too many personal details. At first, Brian took the parental point of view and ignored the one person who was close enough to Karl to help. He'd closed down the site and exited Oliver's World. It didn't come to him until several hours later: Karl's dad, George.

He'd known George for years. They'd played poker and gone fishing. He'd never even suspected it might be Karl's dad. Then it also struck him that if it were George, he was just as guilty of child love as Brian himself was. There was only one way to get to the bottom of this morass: Confront George.

First, Brian sat quietly, analyzing his options. He needed to know why George would give Oliver information about finding man-boy gay sites. This is nothing a child could discover on his own. Why did he do anything to help Oliver find his gay side? Next he went over how the conversation might go. Having all the details worked out, he picked up the phone, and dialed George's business number, which he knew by heart. After four rings,

“Hi, George. This is Brian. How are you doing?” he asked.

“Doing OK. You?”

The conversation went like this, typical of two guys, for about three minutes. Finally Brian got into his question by describing what happened this morning. “Where did he get the information to know about this? Did you help?”

George replied, “I had nothing to do with Oliver finding those things. But look, this isn't a good time for me to have this chat. I'm at work. There are people around me. Can you come to my place around 4:30 this afternoon?”

Brian hung up and paced. He was feeling frustrated. Yes, he was happy that his own son came on to him and almost led the way to the journey they were destined to take. It occurred to him that Oliver would be at George's place when he arrived. Would that be a problem? He and George could always talk behind closed doors.

When 4:15 came around, Brian was already on his way to George's. He knew the way well, since he'd traveled it many times. Pulling up to the curb, he noticed that the garage door was on its way down. Good. George would just be home. Getting out of the car and locking it, he walked up to the front door, and rang the bell. He heard the ding-ding-dong sound inside. A moment later, George opened the door. “Wow. Mr. Prompt. Do come in.” They shook hands, and George said, “Let's get a beer and go to my study. We can talk there.”

In the kitchen George took two beers from the fridge. “Glass?” he asked.

“I'm good with this,” Brian said, lifting his bottle.

“Cheers!” said George raising his. They clinked bottles, popped the caps, and took a swallow. “Let's go to my study,” he said, and led the way. Once inside, he closed the door and locked it. “Now we can be assured of not being disturbed by a wife or kid barging in. Please go back over this and how you think I’m involved.”

Brian took a deep breath and told of how he'd found Russian man-boy porn on Oliver's computer. “No 10- or 11-year old boy could figure this out. I'm guessing some adult helped. Plus emails between him and Karl. One from Karl, read that you'd given him permission to suck cock with Oliver. What do you say?”

George had been smiling slightly as Brian quietly and coolly laid out his facts. “Well, I guess you deserve to know that Karl and I have a gay relationship going. He told me that he and Oliver were sucking each other's cocks, I told him that he was doing nothing wrong. I most certainly didn't tell him it's OK to suck Oliver.

“As for the Russian porn, it's impossible, unless I know the right people, to get something that dangerous. I admit it. I like boys. I like sucking and fucking Karl. We've been doing it for about six months.”

Brian raised his eyebrows in a questioning gesture, “Isn't that painful for such a small person?”

“Not with the proper preparations, but let me show you something.” Standing up, George walked where Brian was sitting. “Would you please stand, put your hands at your sides, and close your eyes.”

Wondering what this was all about, Brian rose to stand only about a foot from George. He did as George asked.

Nothing. He was about to ask what's going on, when he felt George's hands on his head and lips on his. His first response was to pull away, to get back. But after a few seconds, he relaxed and kissed back. When George’s tongue touched his lips, he opened them. He expected and received George's large tongue. Without even giving any thought, he reached out to embrace George as they stood together, mouths open, with tongues dancing.

Gradually their fires dropped to smoldering embers. A mere whiff could set them ablaze again. George smiled and said, “I suspected there might be more than worry about Oliver watching gay porn. You're into it too, aren't you?”

Brian blushed slightly and nodded. “I didn't think I was that obvious. But yet this is mainly about Oliver getting and watching gay porn.”

George reached down to feel the hardening cock in Brian's pants. Smiling, he said, “I think this conversation should continue in my bedroom.”

This suggestion diverted Brian's continued questioning about the source of the porn. He nodded in agreement. “I'm so horny. I really need to suck cock.”

Unlocking and opening the door, they walked out. “Then you came to the right place. My cock needs a mouth.”

It was only a few paces further down the hall to the bedroom. “Is Janice at home?”

“Yes, but don't worry. If the door is closed, she won't bother us.”

Brian wanted to ask about this arrangement, but was distracted by the sight of George's large, thick, cut cock bouncing as he finished stripping. Brian wasn't far behind. He pushed down his briefs and stepped out of them. “Come here, Brian, my love. I've wanted you for so long, and you come into my life like this, ready to make love. We are going to have so much fun now.” A smiling Brian moved easily into George's arms, where they kissed open-mouthed, with a lot of tongue.

Brian was so aroused. Feeling George's masculine frame pressing against his own, he found it was just comfortable being like this. For a moment, his thoughts went back to when Jerry seduced and bedded him. Just as then, being in George's arms was very comfortable.

Suddenly a knock at the door startled them, breaking their kiss. “Yes?” said George.

“Is Brian in there with you?” came Janice's voice.

“Yes, he is. We're busy.”

“Donna wants him to pick up Oliver on his way home. He's playing with Karl.”

“Consider it delivered.”

“Are you fucking insane, George?” Brian whispered angrily. “She knows what's going on in here. Now she knows I'm queer too.”

“Relax, Brian. Donna called, looking for you. She knows you're here. What were you going to do? If you didn't walk out the door instantly, she'd know you had to get dressed. Why lie when she can figure it out. Besides what difference does it make if she knows that you're, as you so crudely put it, queer?”

Brian shrugged. “Guess you're right.” He looked at George, “Does she know you're gay?”

“I'm bisexual. So is Janice. We came out when we were dating. She has the occasional girl friend, and I have a boy friend. You know Fred Jenkins? Teaches math at our kids' school?”

“Good looking,” Brian mused.

George grinned in agreement. “Got a nice cock too. About the same size as yours, which is quite nice too.” He reached over to stroke it.”Quite nice!”

“How is he in bed?”

“Kinky as hell, for those whose interests are in that direction… Just a typical lover, for the vanilla types. Great cock sucker, and has a nice tight ass.”

“Isn't he married?”

Was. He finally came out to his wife a couple of months ago. Told her he need to be with a man. It was a nasty divorce: she took their daughter and half of their assets, and moved back to Colorado, where her family lives. Really sad, though.”

“Doesn't he have a son?”

“Two. 12 and 14.” George grinned. “He's a boy lover too. The older one is at the age where Fred is losing interest. Looking for a guy to step in and befriend him. If you get my drift.”

Brian smiled. “Hmmm… I'm new to this. Maybe Fred, his son, Oliver, and I could, uhm, get together. Check each other out.”

“I'm sure he'd be pleased to meet you. Oliver is ten, isn't he?”

“Had his birthday just two months ago. Hard to believe how aggressive he is for a beginner.”

The two men had lain down in the 69 position to continue their chat. One would speak, while the other would lap, lick, or suck the tip of the other. Gradually it became more physical, until all talk stopped. Even as he practiced his new skill on George, visions of a 14-year-old lover danced in his head. Because of that, he came easily, quickly, and heavily.

He had been hornier than he'd thought. His cock was still trickling residual semen, when George shot off too. He was so hungry for cock! How good it was to taste cum again. Even though it had been barely 3½ days since Jerry had filled his mouth and the older Oliver had fucked his ass. After he'd drained George, he moved to kiss. Their cum-covered tongues danced sharing their loads. “You are a damn fine cock sucker, Brian.” he said looking deeply into Brian's eyes. “So are you, George. Delicious.”

“I'd best be on my way,” said Brian wistfully, “Would love to spend more time, but…” He shrugged his shoulders. The two men rose to dress. They had just finished when a knock sounded at the door.