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The Policeman

by “Brad Gillespie” and “Tucson Daddy”

Chapter 9:

Fred Jenkins calls

“Come in,” said George.

The door flew open, and Karl rushed in, followed closely by Oliver. Brian was just buckling his belt, which Karl noticed right away. His eyes moved from Brian to George, and a secret smile creased his face, knowing that something had happened. “Hi, dad. Hi, Mr. Wick,” Karl said. “Mom said you were in here and it's time for Oliver to go.”

“That's right,” said Brian. “Ready, sport?” He held out his hand toward Oliver, who rushed to grip it. Holding out his other hand to George, they shook, and he said, “Thanks for the fun time.” George rose and walked with them to the door and down the hall. At the door, Oliver and Brian left with George's parting words, “Hope to see you again soon.”

In the car, Brian glanced at Oliver and asked, “Did you and Karl have a good time?” Oliver simply nodded. “What games did you play?” he asked.

Oliver wanted to explain to Brian that he and Karl had spent most of their time naked, on his bed, kissing and sucking each other's cocks, but thought maybe this wasn't the time. “Oh just a new game Karl got from his grand dad.” Then he looked directly at his dad and asked, “What were you and Karl's dad doing in his bedroom?”

It was such a blunt query that it made Brian catch his breath. “Oh, just adult stuff,” he offered.

“Does Mr. Cole have games that you played in his bedroom?” replied Oliver.

Brian glanced sideways at him, looking so young and innocent, yet asking such direct and probing questions. It was that proverbial moment of truth, and Brian was just about to admit what he and George had done, when the screeching of tires brought him swiftly back to the traffic. He saw the car ahead slowing quickly, beginning to fish tail, and slammed on his brakes, bringing their car to a grinding halt only inches from the one ahead of him.

His heart was beating crazily at how closely they'd come to a crash. Hands sweating and breath coming in gasps, all thoughts of coming out to Oliver vanished. Thankfully both he and Oliver were wearing seat belts; they suffered no damage, aside from the emotional one of overcoming imminent danger.

Oliver's eyes were shining. “Wow, daddy, that was real close. You stopped quick.” He was laughing in glee, as though he'd just gotten off of a carnival ride.

“Yeah,” Brian sighed. “Real close.” The incident that did not include serious damage to any of the cars was soon resolved. They drove by two cars parked beside the roadway, drivers talking and writing. Oliver looked at them wide-eyed, seeing his first accident. For the remainder of the ride home, they talked about driving and the near accident. Pulling into the garage, Brian was relieved to be home and let out a huge sigh. They got out and Oliver, as usual, dashed to the door to the kitchen. Pulling it open, he rushed inside, shouting, “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what happened on the way home.” Brian caught the quickly closing door and stepped in himself.

Donna had squatted down to be on her son's level and was listening intently to Oliver's rapid description of the near accident with the other car, emphasizing the event with hand motions. After a few minutes, Oliver's story ended with, “… and I saw them. The two cars that hit. They were parked next to the road, and two men were talking.” Donna rose to look at Brian. It had been almost an hour since she had called.

Donna sternly checked her watch and said, “I thought you'd gotten lost coming home. You and George must have had some serious business,” she said, unable to hold back a grin. Her lidded eyes suggested that she'd not be surprised to learn exactly what business they'd been involved in. “When do I get to hear about it?”

Brian began to sweat. He'd always been honest with Donna, and didn't want to lie. Telling her he was recently involved with men after over eleven years of marriage, it might be the end of that marriage. So he changed the subject. “When is dinner ready?” he asked.

Food was a specialty with Donna. In an instant, she'd changed from the suspicious wife to a gourmet cook. She began to ramble on about the delicious dinner she was making. “No more than half an hour,” she said. “Come to the kitchen and join me in a glass of wine, while we talk.” Looking at Oliver, she smiled and said, “Why don't you play that new computer game your grandmom sent you?” He needed no prodding, and was off like a shot.

“Doesn't that kid ever walk anywhere?” Brian asked, following Donna to the kitchen. He always admired her figure, which she kept fit and trim. Not only for him, he knew. She appreciated that other men found her attractive. A man's look and smile could make her day.

In the kitchen, she took two wine glasses from the cupboard and placed them on the counter while she returned to the range, where a dish bubbled. Brian went to the pantry to find the latest bottle of wine. Bringing it back to the counter, he opened it, placed the cork on the counter, and poured wine into each glass. They lifted them to clink lightly.

“How was your visit with George?” she asked conversationally.

Brian swirled his glass to stir the wine, took a sip, and said, “It was good, actually.” He then told her that he'd found porn on Oliver's computer.

Donna put down her spoon and said, “You activated the parental controls, didn't you?” When he nodded, she asked, “Then how did he get into a porn site?” Brian explained that it was a Russian site, so the controls wouldn't catch it as porn. “Oh, dear!” she exclaimed. “Do I dare ask what kind of porn?”

Brian gave a noncommittal shrug and said, “Just the typical stuff a boy would want to look at.”

“God, but I hope he's not getting into some gay site…” she let the words trail away. Donna had grown up in a family with little tolerance for homosexuals. Brian sometimes cringed when her mom or dad began a tirade about “Those fags and fairies.” He never participated in such conversations. Without feedback, they would quickly wind down.

“Ten is a bit young to be surfing for gay. Look! He's curious, that's all. He's seen us naked, but no boy is going to stop there. Why do men endlessly look at women? I spoke to him on the way home, about porn. He doesn't yet know that I deleted it so he can't get back to it.”

“Thank you, honey,” she said, obviously relieved. Leaning across the counter, she kissed him tenderly. “You're a great dad, and a perfect husband.” A little voice inside told Brian he wasn't quite as perfect as she imagined.

Their conversation continued with the typical stuff of married life. Donna chattered away about her friends and their happenings. Not that he actually cared about the gossip, but Brian had found that it never hurt to listen to the latest dirt. Judy this, and Jenny that. When she brought up Janice, he was all ears.

“Word is…” Long pause. “She's bisexual!” Donna grinned with self satisfaction, as though discovering a new cure for some disease. “Maybe even a…” her voice lowered even further. She looked toward the door suspiciously and continued. “A lesbian!”

“Holy shit!” Brian said, giving the expected response. After waiting a bit, he asked, “Does it matter to anyone besides George?”

She seemed to blush a bit. “Well, no. I guess not, but who would have guessed?”

“So who did guess?” Brian asked.

“Jennifer. She told me that Janice came on to her. Or she thinks she did,” Donna added, without much conviction.

“Honey, this is none of our business. But out of curiosity, did Jenny tell you how Janice came on to her?”

“She said that Janice told her she has a nice body.”

“If some guy or gal told you that you have a nice body, which you do, would you think they were seriously coming on to you?”

“Yes!” she declared emphatically. “You don't understand how women think. You're such a typical male!” she huffed.

“Honey,” he said, coming around to her side to put his arms around her and kiss her neck. “You are absolutely right. I don't know how women think. I'm just glad I don't have to think about you. I love you.”

“Oh, you!” she said with a laugh. She turned in his arms and put her lips on his. When their kiss broke she pushed him away. “I love you too. Now let me get back to cooking. Dinner in 15 minutes.”

Brian wandered away, and on a whim moved down the hall to Oliver's room. He stood at the door, ear close to it, listening. A phone rang inside the room. He heard Oliver's voice, talking, answering the voice on the other end. “Yeah, I did. It was fun. Uh huh! He did?” Oliver's voice was very excited. “They did? He thinks my dad's a good cock sucker?” He squealed with delight on hearing the answer. Brian smiled. Not the sort of thing a son would ordinarily get excited about, though. “What? Really? Cool! Of course, I do.” Long pause, then, “Your dad and mine and me and you?” Pause. “When is he going to invite us? Uh huh. Uh huh. OK. I can't wait. OK. Bye.” Brian realized his cock had hardened just listening and only hearing one half of the conversation. When he was sure that the call was over, he knocked on the door. “Come in,” Oliver shouted, and Brian entered.

“Mom says we're almost ready to eat, why don't we wash up and go into the dining room?” Oliver scrambled to his feet, rushed to Brian, and wrapped his arms around him. There was no way he could not have felt the hard-on in Brian's pants pressing against his belly. Looking down, Oliver smiled and looked back up. “You've got a hard-on!” he whispered. He didn't answer, but taking Oliver's hand, they walked over to the bathroom. They had just finished drying their hands, when Donna called out. “Dinner. Come and get it, you guys.”

The meal was delicious, as was all of Donna's fine cooking. They ate, experiencing each mouthful of marvelous cooking. “Mom,” said Oliver. “You are the best cook!” She smiled and thanked him. After dinner, they cleared the table and moved into the family room to watch TV, when the phone rang. Oliver rushed to get it. “Hello, this is Oliver.” He nodded a couple of times and turned to Brian. “It's my math teacher.” Raising the phone and listening further, he smiled and said, “OK. Thanks. Here's dad.”

“Hello?” said Brian. He heard Oliver whispering behind him. Donna shushed him; she wanted to eavesdrop.

“Oh, yes, hello, Mr. Jenkins. What? Oh, OK, then. Fred. This is a surprise. It's been a long time since we chatted.” Donna and Oliver were watching the television, but their ears were on the phone call.

They talked, but Donna couldn't tell what the call was about. Her curiosity was about to overflow, when Brian hung up and turned to join them on the couch. “That was Fred Jenkins. He wants to get together with me and Oliver. Make it a dad-son thing.”

Donna smiled. It was always good politics to be on good terms with the teachers.

“You only have half a day on Monday,” Brian told Oliver. “We're meeting Mr. Jenkins and his son, Grant, right after school is out, about noon, at his place. I'll pick you up at school and we'll go on from there.”

“Uhm, dad,” Oliver tugged on Brian's arm. He had opened his mouth to speak, until he saw his mom looking his way.

“What is it?” asked Brian absently. His attention was on the action on screen.

With Donna's attention on him, Oliver decided this wasn't the best time to tell his dad the rumor about Mr. Jenkins. “Oh, nothing,” he said. After a few moments, he said, “I'm going to play on my computer. This is a dumb show.” He got off the couch and walked out of the room. Ten minutes later, Brian rose from the couch, “I'm going to the bathroom. Back in a minute.” He headed straight for Oliver's room. Entering without knocking, he went directly to Oliver. “What did you want to tell me, son?”

“It's Mr. Jenkins. They say he's gay.”

Brian chuckled. “More playground rumors? What makes you and them think so?”

Oliver felt hurt. He wanted to warn his dad, but Brian didn't seem to care. “I… they… I don't know.”

“Suppose he is gay,” began Brian. “Are you worried about being in class with him?”

“No,” Oliver said tremulously. “I don't know. Maybe?”

“OK, son. But so what? If he's not bothering you in class. It doesn't matter, even if he is.” Oliver's face grew somber. “Let's drop it. OK?” Oliver nodded.

Brian grinned too, and tousled Oliver's hair. Oliver was looking at him with such adoration. It would be so easy for any man to fall in love with that face. He was taking a step toward the door when Oliver's question stopped him. “Dad, were you and Mr. Cole, uhm… you know, doing… uhm… I mean, were you…?”

Brian turned back to Oliver, waiting patiently on his bed looking so cute and innocent. He drew a deep breath and let it out. “Yes we were, and yes we did.”

“Did you like it?”

“Very much.”

“Will you do it again?”

“I don't know. Maybe,” Brian paused, then decided to come clean. “Yes, we will.” Oliver was grinning broadly. He was somehow comforted by knowing his dad was a cock sucker too. “OK, I'm going back to watch TV with mom. Bye.”

Oliver stopped him when he hesitantly asked, “Uhm… Dad, are we going to have some fun with my math teacher and his son?”

This was the right time to let Oliver be part of the event at Fred's. Somehow Oliver had assumed too much. Brian made the decision that it should all be out in the open. He came back to sit on Oliver's bed. “Son, I don't think I've been as open as I should be with you.”

“What do you mean, dad?” asked Oliver.

“We are going to a meet your math teacher and his son, Grant, for, well, there's no easy way to explain it. We are going to suck cock and get fucked. Or, at least, I am,” said Brian softly.

“I already figured that out, dad!” Oliver almost shouted at him in his enthusiasm.

“I'm glad you understand,” said Brian, turning to leave.

“Bye, dad,” Oliver said, his mind still swirling in wonder of his dad's admission. Brian went out, closed the door behind him, and rejoined Donna, who was deeply into the story.

As soon as Brian had left, Oliver minimized the game. He could pick up again later. He typed a favorite web site address, hit the RETURN key. Nothing happened. He re-entered the URL. Still nothing came up. Puzzled, he closed his site and turned his attention to what his dad had told him. He was still thinking about that as he climbed into bed and turned off the light.