Aerial, Chris, and I shared two whole weeks of constant love making while their mother was at work and my girlfriend, Michelle, was out of town. In this two week time frame, Aerial had vastly become addicted to all variations of sex and Chris became an anal monster. He loved for a cock, tongue, or any object for that matter, shoved up his tight butt. Both Aerial and Chris loved to suck cock, but it is Aerial, who upon anal entry, became multi orgasmic. Chris and I ate her little juicy pussy everyday and always craved for more. Now, Aerial wanted to taste someone else's pussy, so we formed a plan involving my soon to be returning girlfriend.

I picked Michelle up from the airport, had a nice dinner, and brought her to my home. Before I get on with the story, I must describe my loving girlfriend to you. Michelle is twenty-four years young, but looks like she is still a teenager. Standing at 5' 6", she weighs a healthy 105 pounds. Her eyes are metallic blue and her hair is naturally blond that is very wavy that flows freely just passed her shoulders. She has a beautiful smile that always reflects her purer than white, perfect teeth. I am not one of those guys who knows a woman's breast size, but Michelle's breasts are kind of large that does not sag. They are full and jut straight out of her chest. When her nipples get hard, which is always, they poke out a solid inch and a half. It is Michelle's butt that I love the most. Silky smooth, and very bubbly. A perfectly defined teardrop butt that coincides with the rest of her perfect body.

Michelle is a model for different types of companies. She makes a lot of money doing what she likes to do; posing. She travels all the time and has been in three movies and is casting for another. Michelle is the bread winner, making ten times what I bring home. We have been dating for three years and have the perfect relationship. Marriage is something we both want, but her traveling schedule has conflicted with every date we tried to establish.

I had asked Michelle once, two years ago, if she had ever experienced sex with another woman. She told me no and I left the subject alone. Now, there was a twelve year old angel wanting to taste my girlfriend's delicious pussy, as well as an eleven year old god. Michelle is very kinky when it comes to sex, but she had never hinted to be involved in a threesome, especially with children. Michelle's pussy is always clean and her natural blond bush she keeps very well trimmed and in the shape of a little Mohawk cut. Her crack and asshole is completely hairless, and just like Aerial, is multi orgasmic when a hard cock is plowing it. When it comes to sex, Michelle is one loud fuck! She screams, yells, and is totally wild!

I intentionally left the blinds to my bedroom open so Aerial and Chris could watch me and Michelle have sex. I could see their precious little faces as they peered through the window, watching and listening, as I fucked the living hell out of Michelle in gratification to her return home. Michelle had no idea that there were two children watching us and listening as she begged me to fuck her in her ass. Michelle and I didn't make love that night, we simply fucked!

The plan with Aerial and Chris was rather basic. They were going to join us in the pool, unannounced. Michelle and I were in the shallow end kissing and I was fingering her juicy cunt when Aerial and Chris walked in through the gate. Michelle was wearing her skimpy blue bikini that barely covers her nipples and the bottom was just a thong that shot inside her ass crack. Michelle's smooth legs were wrapped around my hips and the two kids could clearly see my finger as it slid inside her pussy. Chris stared intently at my girlfriend's spread butt cheeks. He was wearing his extra tight Speedo's that were a thin white and his six inches of pride already was pressing hard against the tight material.

Aerial was licking her thin sweet lips as her eyes gazed at Michelle's butt as well. Aerial was wearing her see through knitted white bikini and her little nipples were already poking out enjoying the fresh sunshine. Michelle was totally unaware of the two behind her as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth and my finger was sliding inside her slick pussy. Aerial and Chris walked over towards us with Michelle's back towards them. They could see that I had hooked the thin thong with my finger and was showing them her little pale pink asshole. Aerial reached between her legs with her right hand and was rubbing her little cunt at a fast and furious pace. Chris was stroking and squeezing his hard cock with his mouth wide open. Michelle had my hard cock out of my trunks and was gently and slowly stroking it with her left hand.

I pretended as if I had just seen the two angels and said, "Good morning." Everyone stopped what they were doing and Michelle looked like she had just been busted by her parents. After introducing the little angels to Michelle, we all began swimming. One thing led to another and Michelle and I began tossing Aerial and Chris into the air and watched them with playful eyes as they splashed into the water. Michelle was at the ladder at the deep end when Aerial climbed up it. Michelle got a great eye full of Aerial's sweet pussy lips and tanned asshole. I watched for any actions coming from Michelle. She just stared at Aerial the whole time, watching her every step. While she was watching Aerial, I was stroking Chris's hard meat under water.

Soon, it was Chris's turn to dive off the diving board. He climbed up the ladder very slowly right in front of my girlfriend. The thin white material concealed nothing as the tight, wet fabric melted onto his luscious skin. Her eyes dug deep into the boy's tanned ass crack and her mouth opened wide as his erection came into contact with her sex craved eyes. Chris stood on the very end of the diving board, showing everyone his hard cock, as if no-one could see, before diving in. I stared at Michelle while she was staring at Chris. This went on for nearly an hour and I had taken the quick time to slide a finger into Michelle's sopping wet pussy. What I had hoped for was coming true.

Getting Michelle horny by fingering her, and then Aerial and Chris showed up wearing their skimpiest swim wear; I knew Michelle was on fire. I watched as Chris and Michelle played in the water, and knew that Chris was accidentally feeling her up. I was intentionally groping Aerial and getting groped in return. Somewhere in the action, Chris gave me a wink as if everything was coming into play. Later, it was Aerial and Michelle playing and Chris told me that Michelle had touched his hard dick plenty of times and that he felt her boobs, butt, and pussy. I was excited to hear such wonderful news. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aerial reach under the water and grab Michelle's pussy, as if on accident. I saw Michelle fling her head back, knowing all full and well that Michelle was hornier than ever.

The touching and feeling was one thing, but I had no clue how to get all of us naked and ready for some hot and wild sex. Michelle and I had plans to have sex on and off all day, but now there were two little angels that had popped into the picture, as planned. Michelle went inside to get us something to drink. Aerial walked over to me and said, "Her pussy is really hot and I think she liked it when I, I accidentally touched it." Chris softly whispered, "Yeah, and I felt her when she squeezed my dick too." I sat in the lounge chair smiling from hearing such great news. I was still unsure on how we were going to actually have sex though.

Michelle returned, carrying a tray with the drinks. Chris cheerfully said, "You sure do have a nice butt." Michelle smiled and turned to face Chris and said, "Why thank you young man, but don't you think you are a little too young to be looking at such things?" Chris was shaking his head no when Aerial spoke, "Michelle, I hope my breasts get as big and firm like yours one day. They don't even look like they sag. They just poke out!" Michelle never lost her smile and probably couldn't believe her ears as well, but she graciously responded, "Aerial, you have such a beautiful name and a smile to go with it. My breasts aren't all that big and to answer your question, no they don't sag, at least for now."

I could almost see Michelle's pussy juice flowing as the two beautiful creatures kept up their honoring questions and statements. I just sat back and listened. Michelle was sitting on my lap and she knew that I was as hard as steel. Chris became bolder as time dragged on. He stood up and said, "I've got hair!" He pulled his shorts down to his thighs and his hard cock streaked into view. Chris was pointing at the few strands of soft hair that huddled on both sides of his cock. His balls were shriveled due to the amount of time in the pool. I felt Michelle's ass cheeks tighten while we all stared at the hard cock that was now gracing our burning eyes.

Then Aerial announced, "I've got more hair!" She yanked her bikini bottoms down revealing her perfectly tanned pussy with the few strands on her pubic mound. Michelle's ass cheeks went into convulsions on my lap and I knew that she was more hornier now than ever. Michelle cleared her throat and hoarsely said, "You two shouldn't be going around showing adults your private parts." Aerial lovingly said, "We know, but Chris and I like you and Jason. I mean really, really like you guys!" Chris blurted out, "Shucks, I eat Aerial's pussy all the time and she sucks my dick every night. It's no big deal!" All of this was moving too quick and Michelle was caught by surprise and definitely off guard.

Michelle's breathing became rapid as her ass felt like it was on fire on my lap. I was rubbing her smooth back with my right hand while my left hand was massaging her left thigh. Chris politely asked, "Michelle, can we see your tits?" His forthright question floored Michelle and although she wore a smile, I could tell that she was more confused than anything else. Aerial followed up by saying, "Please, oh pretty please!" While Michelle was wondering what was going on, Aerial slipped her thin top off and threw it onto the ground. Aerial whispered, "See, it's kind of fun." Aerial slid her bikini bottoms all the way off and kicked them to her side. She was now standing in front of us as naked as the day she was born. Chris looked at his sister and yanked his shorts off and tossed them to the side.

I could see Michelle's eyes darting back and forth to the two naked wonders standing in front of us. Their naturally tanned bodies glistened against the summer ray and their precious smile stole your every breath, causing your heart to pump feverishly inside your throat. Without asking or waiting, I slowly unhinged the hook of her top and let the thin strap fall to her shoulders. Michelle didn't move, and for me, that was a good sign. Placing my hands on each of the straps, I slid them further down and soon her breasts became visible for those young eyes to behold. I placed her bikini top on the table to my side and watched as the two angels stared at my girlfriends succulent breasts.

Michelle's nipples were straining harder than ever as she just sat on my lap completely bewildered. I watched in total fascination as Aerial and Chris walked over to us and each grabbed a handful of Michelle's tits. Her body jumped as their small hands played with her nipples. Michelle's hands were on my thighs as she just sort of stared off into space. I looked down and saw Chris's hard shaft resting on top of Michelle's lifeless hand.

Working as a team, Aerial and Chris sank their mouths on each nipple and Michelle flung her head back almost ripping through my face. She screamed as loud as she could, "Shit, oh fuck yeah!" Knowing from past experiences with my sexual relationship with Michelle, that once you suck on her tit, she becomes a total sex maniac. This information was passed onto Aerial and Chris. I started working on another part of her body that I knew would set her on fire. I began running my tongue inside her right ear while pressing hard against her pussy lips with my right hand. Michelle's eyes were closed, but her right hand was stroking Chris's hard cock and her left hand was cupping Aerial's tender sweet pussy. Michelle screamed again, "Oh, fuck yeah, shit, ah hell yes." I knew that in order for us not to get busted by any neighbors bordering from a near by state, I would have to take this inside.

All four of us walked inside and Michelle looked at me with her glassy eyes and softly whispered, "Honey, this is wrong. These are children and I don't know about this." I kissed her on the lips and said, "Baby, they might be young, but they sure do know what they want. YOU!" We were in the livingroom and Chris and Aerial pulled Michelle's bikini bottom off while we were still kissing. I could clearly see what the two were doing as I held Michelle tight to my body. Both Aerial and Chris began slowly licking her smooth tear drop ass cheeks. I knew Michelle was enjoying this because she raised up on her toes as she always does when something good, sexually, happens to her.

Chris started to nibble on her right cheek, while Aerial was running her tongue on the inside of Michelle's delicious crack. Michelle was moaning while our tongues were in battle with one another. Apparently, Aerial's tongue struck Michelle's tight hole, because Michelle's groan shot down my wind pipe. "Humph, humph, um, ugh!" All four little hands were on her butt, spreading them wide for two pointy tongues to stab at her quivering asshole. I knew everything was alright when Michelle fumbled with my draw string to free my rock hard cock from its fabric confinement.

Aerial had worked her little body between me and Michelle and started licking Michelle's juicy pussy. Now, Michelle had Aerial's tongue inside her moist pussy while Chris was tongue fucking her asshole, and I was soaking up as much saliva she could give me. Michelle's body twitched as the tongues were causing her every inner emotions to run wild and rampant. Aerial was making whimpering sounds while savoring the delicious sweet taste of my girlfriends fire hot pussy. Chris was grunting as he was lapping at her asshole, collecting as much sweet ass juice as his little tongue could swab up.

The harder Chris shoved his tongue up Michelle's asshole, the more she began arching her bubbly ass into his little face. Aerial was sucking on Michelle's swollen clit and I was pinching her erect nipples while slamming my tongue inside her hot mouth. Michelle was stroking my meaty cock with her right hand while her left hand kneaded into the flesh of my ass. Aerial broke the silence, other than the moans and slurping noises, "Michelle, your pussy is delicious!" Aerial went back to work eating Michelle's juicy pussy. Chris followed suit by adding, "Your asshole tastes good too!" He went back to work slamming his tongue into her bung hole. I stared into her glassy eyes and knew that we were fixing to have one hell of a hot fucking session.

Michelle had leaned her ass so far back that she was now sucking on my cock while gyrating her lovely hips onto the two tongues gathering her inner juices. I tugged her hair while she was slamming my meat in and out of her hot sucking mouth. From the sounds Michelle was making, I knew that she was having an orgasm. She tried to cry out, but my hard pole was lodged deep inside her skilled cock sucking throat. One thing about Michelle, she quickly overcame her gag reflexes right after the first four or so months we were together. She can swallow my cock all the way to my pubic hairs, and not once, scrape the skin with her teeth.

Chris had shoved two fingers inside her asshole to accompany his digging tongue. Michelle was lost into her own head space and completely forgot about the considerable age differences. I was slamming my pelvic bone into her face with every forceful thrust while Aerial had sucked Michelle's clit and Chris rampaged her asshole and Michelle was having a very hard and long orgasm. Her moans of ecstacy shattered off the windows as she drove her ass onto the impaling fingers that were digging and plundering inside her asshole. The cock sucking, clit eating, ass tonguing and fingers ramming inside her asshole was more than her body could handle. Her muffled cries were loud as her orgasm rocked her beautiful body. Michelle's entire body shook violently as her mind boggling orgasm started to subside.

I had Michelle lay down on the coffee table and her body was almost lifeless as I helped her get on the table on her back. I helped Aerial stand on the table and watched Michelle's glossed over eyes as Aerial began lowering her pussy, closer and closer, to Michelle's never before pussy eating face. Aerial completed a perfect squat with her little graceful butt jutting towards Michelle's shaking feet. Her sweet tanned pussy lips slid over Michelle's nostrils. Aerial began rubbing her juicy pussy up and down on Michelle's nose. I could see Aerial's sweet juices as they glistened off of my girlfriend's small nose. My heart almost stopped as I watched Michelle flicker her tongue, striking the sweet smelling pussy that was stroking her face.

Chris got on all fours and immediately dove onto Michelle's juicy pussy. I sat down on the carpet with my head resting on the top of the table. Placing my hands on Chris's little hips, I guided his sweet smelling ass onto my rock hard tongue. I shot my tongue up the boy's hot hole without any mercy. Chris was slurping at the pussy before him while groaning as the tongue ripped into his tight asshole. Aerial was cooing as Michelle was eating her first pussy, a pussy of a twelve year old. Michelle must have loved the taste of Aerial's hot pussy, because she was whimpering while lapping at the young girl's delicious pussy juice. Slurping, moaning, grunting, cooing, and many other noises, splashed through the house as if a thunder storm tore off the roof.

Thanks to Michelle's exploring tongue and sucking mouth, Aerial was crying out as an orgasm splashed through her body. Aerial was pinching her own little nipples as the orgasm sent shockwaves throughout her shaking frame. I was being rewarded with Chris's sweet ass juice as my tongue had slithered all the way in his hot little bung hole. Michelle was slurping Aerial's pussy juice as it flowed freely, in abundance, at her earthquake size orgasm.

Aerial switched positions on Michelle's face, turning so that she could suck on her brother's hard rod. What I heard almost floored me when Aerial screamed, "Oh God yeah, yeah that's it, yes, yes, eat my asshole!" I couldn't see, but I knew Michelle was tongue fucking Aerial's sweet aromatic asshole. I was a little too busy eating Chris's fine asshole to see what all was going on above me. I could see Aerial sucking her brother's cock, and sucking it she most certainly was. Her little mouth worked up and down the shaft, swallowing the entire six inches in one gulp.

Chris had contorted his small body in a way that I would have had to have been boneless to maneuver. His mouth never left Michelle's pussy and he turned in such a way I could follow his ass with my tongue so his sister could suck his rigid pole. By the time Michelle finished with Aerial's wonderful asshole, Aerial had reached two more orgasms and Chris was getting really close to his own. Michelle had experienced three hard blasts of her own, thanks to the skilled mouth of an eleven year old boy.

Michelle was on all fours sucking Chris's steel like pole, I was eating her fragrant asshole, and Aerial was plugging my asshole with her tongue and two fingers. I had two fingers rifling in and out of Michelle's pussy while tongue fucking her appetizing butt hole. Aerial was performing a masterpiece on my asshole with her drilling tongue and ramming fingers. Her free hand gently rolled my balls and I watched as Michelle was swallowing the boy's six inch shaft along with his golf ball sized nuggets. My coffee table had never seen this much action before! I was lost in my own little world eating my girlfriend's ass while Aerial was eating mine and fingering it at the same time. Chris screamed as his cock erupted and Michelle began whimpering loudly as her mouth was filling up with boy cream. Chris was busting his nut and Michelle was having another orgasm of her own while her mouth was being rewarded with spurt after spurt of Chris's sweet boy sperm. Being the jealous kind of guy, I would have much rather for Chris to send his sweet bounty of fruit in my mouth, but I knew the boy would rebound quickly.

Michelle stood on weakened legs as Aerial lay on the table on her back. Aerial hung her lovely head over the side and Michelle stepped in closer and Aerial dove onto Michelle's dripping pussy. I spread Aerial's tanned smooth legs and began tongue fucking her sweet pussy. Chris climbed up onto the table and began licking my asshole. I watched Michelle's eyes as she watched Chris eating my ass. It was the look of fiery passion that forced her to use her pussy to fuck Aerial's stabbing tongue. Michelle was playing and squeezing Aerial's erect nipples while I had raised her clit covering hood and began sucking while using my tongue to caress the bright pink clit.

I felt Chris's hands on my hips and Michelle's eyes opened ever so wide as the boy slammed his six inches of pride inside my asshole. Chris pounded his boy cock hard and furious inside my ass and I sucked and licked harder on Aerial's clit. Aerial in turn, was munching on Michelle's pink clit with a vengeful passion. Soon, both Aerial and Michelle were screaming as the current of pussy juice coursed from their trembling bodies. Chris began yelling, "Fuck yeah, yes, your ass is hot, shit yeah!" I began thrusting my ass onto his invading cock while sucking the life out of Aerial's young sweet pussy.

Several ass pounding, pussy eating minutes went by and we switched positions. Both Aerial and Michelle were on the table facing one another in a doggie-style position. Chris got in behind Michelle and slammed his meat inside her juicy wet pussy. Michelle cried out as Chris started pounding his boy meat inside her like some crazed animal. Michelle's eyes followed my cock as I inserted it into Aerial's dripping wet pussy. Aerial screamed as I began slamming my man meat like a pile driver in and out of her piping hot pussy. Both girls were panting, moaning and screaming as Chris and I tried our best to fuck the life out of them. We were driving our cock's into them at such force, their mouths would literally bump one another.

I almost shot my load inside Aerial's tight pussy when their tongues embraced one another. Their tongues were lapping as if savoring the other's sweet saliva. Michelle closed her mouth over Aerial's darting tongue and began sucking the flavored saliva from the young girl's mouth. The action was hot and the scenery of my girlfriend sucking the young girl's face was driving me absolutely delirious. The smacking of flesh as both me and Chris were slamming our hard poles into the girls pussy's echoed throughout the room.

Aerial's mouth broke their seal and she screamed, "Oh Jason, fuck my asshole, stick your big cock in my ass, hurry, please hurry and fuck me in my ass!" Michelle's eyes opened wider as I slipped my cock out of Aerial's hot pussy and quickly crammed my meat in her tight asshole. Aerial cried as the meaty invader stretched and traveled deeper and deeper up her dark, hot tunnel. Chris followed by catching Michelle off guard when he forced his cock up her tight asshole. Now both, Aerial and Michelle, were screaming as the two hard cock's plowed deep in their tender asshole's. Michelle reached her right hand under her and started rubbing her pussy like mad. Aerial soon followed as both girls were screaming at the top of their precious lungs as the hard steel poles drove hard inside their juicy asshole's. Michelle was the first to start having one orgasm right after the other. She cried out, "Fuck yes, fuck my ass, fuck it good, oh shit, shit, ah!" Aerial was just as vocal as she screamed, "Yes, yes, tear my ass up, oh fuck yeah, fuck my hole!" I had my hands on Aerial's slender hips, driving her whole little body onto my thrusting cock. The more the girls screamed, the harder I pounded her asshole. The two girls were in orgasmic heaven as their juices flowed from their hot, sweet pussy's.

Aerial was slamming her ass onto my throbbing cock and Michelle was pounding her gyrating ass onto Chris's steel pole. We switched positions, mainly because Chris and I were getting rather close from busting our nuts. Michelle lay on her back and Aerial got into a sixty-nine position. Chris was between Michelle's legs sticking her asshole with his hard cock while Aerial was sucking on her pussy. I got in behind Aerial and continued to anally assault her with my stiff member. Michelle was licking Aerial's soaking wet pussy while Aerial was sucking her clit and Chris was fucking her in her asshole. Now, it was my turn to suck on Chris's sweet tongue. His breath was so fresh and his saliva was like candy as our cock's were on fire inside two of the tightest asshole's around. We sucked each other's tongues as we continued to pound our flesh into the girls hot holes. Aerial and Michelle were experiencing orgasms, one right after the other.

I shot my thick and heavy load up Aerial's asshole and continued to savagely pound my spitting meat into her with no mercy. Chris grunted as he was spewing his sweet sperm up my girlfriend's ass. The girls were almost crying from having so many orgasms and us guys, we were grunting and moaning as our sperm was flying. My spent cock was still hard and so was Chris's. Chris loudly said, "Jason, Jason, I want you to fuck me, fuck my asshole!" Aerial got into a doggie-style position, followed by Michelle. Michelle started sucking on Aerial's well fucked asshole. Chris got in behind Michelle and started sucking on her asshole and I got in behind Chris and shoved my ass juiced lubricated cock up his willing asshole.

I couldn't believe my eyes. My girlfriend was sucking my sperm out of Aerial's juicy ass. Chris was slurping at Michelle's quivering asshole, sucking his own sweet sperm from her. He was moaning loudly as I was ramming my meat in and out of his ass at a rapid pace. Aerial was yelling, "Oh, oh, eat my asshole, eat it, oh yes, yes!" Her hand was masturbating her pussy while Michelle's experienced tongue was milking Aerial's asshole. Chris began jerking his meat while enjoying the fresh feeling of getting his little asshole stretched and pounded.

Chris must have eaten Michelle's ass clean, because he leaned forward and rammed his pole up her asshole once again. My hard thrusts was forcing him to deliver his own pounding thrusts into her asshole. Chris was fucking Michelle's asshole and I was fucking Chris's asshole while Michelle was still sucking on Aerial's asshole. Aerial and Michelle started spilling their guts as their orgasms crashed throughout their bodies. I was unable to take much more of Chris's tight ass and unleashed a volley of sperm torpedoes up his clinching asshole. With the sperm shooting up his tiny butt, Chris released his own love fluid up Michelle's tight butt.

Michelle was on her back and Chris squatted over her face and I had raised Michelle's legs to eat her recently sperm filled fucked asshole. Chris was on his heels facing me and I saw the first of my sperm dribble from his asshole and into my girlfriends mouth. I was sucking Chris's sperm from Michelle's asshole while Aerial was licking my ass juice covered cock clean. Aerial wet three of her fingers and shoved them right up my exposed asshole. I was massaging Michelle's clit with my right hand while sliding two of my fingers in and out of her extremely wet pussy. Michelle licked and sucked on Chris's sore asshole and she was whimpering as my sperm slid from his anal canal and fell into her mouth. I was enjoying the taste of Chris's sweet sperm mixed with Michelle's superb ass juice. Chris was jacking his cock while shitting out the sperm into Michelle's anxious mouth. Aerial was sucking my cock and still ramming three fingers up my hole.

Chris cried that he was getting close and I raised my mouth up and held it open. I leaned forward just in time as his sperm spitting cock unleashed a rather fruitful load. I savored the hot load and swashed it around inside my mouth before slowly drinking the refreshing liquid of his boy juice. I was sucking on his cock and Aerial was still sucking on mine. Michelle scooted out and squatted behind me and shot her tongue alongside Aerial's three fingers, up my ass. I sucked on Chris's cock like tomorrow would never come, lost in the feeling that was tormenting my body that was coming from my cock and asshole. Aerial removed her fingers and started using both her small hands to jack my sore cock.

Michelle continued to assault my asshole with her probing tongue. Within seconds, Michelle had shoved four fingers up my butt while squeezing my balls. Aerial climbed on top of the table, lay on her back and scooted down. She put my hard man meat inside her pussy while Chris turned around and backed himself up to shove his hard cock in his sister's hot mouth. I leaned down and spread Chris's butt cheeks and began tongue fucking his delicious asshole. Michelle was slamming her four fingers in and out of my asshole a mile a minute.

Before I knew it, Michelle had stuck her entire hand inside my ass and I could feel her fist as she turned and pulled out and pushed forward. I didn't know whether I was pissing or busting a nut, but one thing was for sure, I was sending something up Aerial's tight pussy. I was still shooting or pissing when Chris's asshole twitched and he grunted. Chris was sending his honey down his sister's eager throat. There's just something about tongue fucking a juicy asshole when the body connected to it is fucking someone's mouth.

Whatever I was shooting was about finished and from the reaction of Chris's body, he was too. He slid his gorgeous body forward, causing my tongue to make its withdrawal. He tried to stand up but his legs were simply just too weak. He sat down on the table and Aerial slid her body forward causing my sore limp dick to slide out of her hot, wet pussy. Michelle worked her body under my spread legs keeping her hand shoved way up my ass. Chris saw his sister as her legs were spread, pussy lips open and a couple of sperm drops started to ooze out. He leaned to his side and began lapping at his sister's cum filled pussy. I looked down at Michelle and as our eyes met she whispered, "I love you!" I tried to speak, but her hand felt like she had a grasp on my vocal cords.

"Hey kids, are you inside?" It was the voice of their mother coming from the back yard. Our clothes was all around the pool area, but we were inside, naked as the day we were born and my house smelled like pussy and ass. "Oh shit!"