Tom 16 - Chapter 1

When Tom and Jack's father, Don, was made redundant they didn't think that it would make much difference to them. With the egotism of youth (Tom was 16 and Jack was 17) they presumed that he'd get another job and life would go on as before. Don did get another job, and quite quickly too. Unfortunately it paid rather less money; so Don and his wife Amanda reluctantly decided that they'd have to move. They had a choice, get a house of equivalent size in a far cheaper area or buy a smaller one near where they currently lived. But getting a house in a cheaper area would entail Tom and Jack changing school. Don and Amanda let Tom and Jack participate in the decision, with the result that school won and they ended up with a smaller house.

So shortly after Tom's 16th birthday they moved into the new house. Tom and Jack would still have their own bathroom, but they would have to share a room. Don and Amanda had a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, with the first floor (in fact a converted attic) turned into a huge L-shaped room with small bathroom in the angle of the l. The only consolation for the boys was that their beds would be at either end of the L, so that they wouldn't be able to see each other.

But it wasn't the sleeping arrangements that bothered Jack; it was the lack of privacy. If he had friends round, there would be no-where for them to be alone together. Jack was just discovering his sexuality and had started tentative experimentation with his friend Toby. In fact, Jack received a double blow as shortly after they moved Toby and his family left abruptly. The death of his grand-parents had left Toby's parents well off and they had decided not only to move, but to place Toby in a private school. Jack was left doubly bereft, with no close friend and no-one else to confide in about his being gay.

Tom on the other hand was perfectly content. He would spend more time at his friend Garth's, where Garth's Dad, Colin, tended to leave them alone. Garth and Tom had reached well beyond the stage where they'd compared the lengths of their cocks when hard and now regularly wanked together. Occasionally Garth would let Tom touch his cock and wank him, sometimes even returning the favour. But Garth would not go any further. Tom was keen to experiment, confident in his liking for boys; he wanted to try everything and could not understand Garth's lack of enthusiasm and daring.

Garth, for his part, had tried to explain to Tom that he'd rather keep him just as a friend; that Garth's idea of sex involved someone twice Tom's age. Garth had experimented with sucking cocks at the local cottage, but hadn't had the daring to take it any further. Garth's sexual adventures with older guys were still just in his head. Tom couldn't really understand, to him a cock was still a cock no matter who it was attached to.

Just after Tom's birthday, Colin and Garth went away for the weekend, to a family wedding. When they got to the hotel on the Friday night, Colin discovered that there had been a mix up. He and Garth had been allocated a twin room rather than two single rooms. The hotel was full, so there was no possibility of change. Colin was embarrassed; he'd assumed he would be alone in his room and had packed light; no pyjamas, no dressing gown and no underwear. Colin liked going commando and simply made sure that around the house he was dressed, as far as he knew Garth was unaware that his father never wore underpants. After all, 16 year old boys are hardly likely to notice the lack of parental underwear in the dirty washing; they hardly ever notice dirty washing at all.

Colin considered his options, but it was late and after all Garth was 16. So, after explaining about the mix up Colin informed Garth that he'd assumed that he'd be alone and hadn't brought any pyjamas, that for tonight he'd be sleeping naked. The implication being that tomorrow they could sort things out. Garth's reaction was surprising to Colin, instead of being embarrassed Garth seemed almost enthusiastic and asked if he could sleep naked too. Colin didn't see why not. So each got to see the other naked, and both were secretly pleased and not a little excited. To Garth, Colin was his idea of the sort of guy he wanted to fuck him and to Colin, Garth was his ideal of a boy.

As they undressed for bed Colin had a couple of other surprises for Garth. He'd decided that if he was going to be open, he would be completely open and wandered naked in and out of the bathroom for his ablutions. Garth, for his part, took confidence from his father's example and did likewise. He was fascinated to learn that not only was Colin not wearing any underwear but that he was shaved, he had no pubes at all. So Garth went to sleep with images of his father's smooth cock in his head.

Next morning there was the embarrassment of the morning hard-on. Both of them woke up rock hard. Colin went first, dashing to the bathroom with his 8 inch cock in all its glory. Garth followed, his own cock lesser in size, but no less impressive. Neither commented on the other, but Garth treasured the sight. Garth couldn't quite pluck up courage to ask his father about his shaved state, but he did mention his lack of underwear and Colin admitted he generally went commando. Without even asking, Garth decided to follow suit. Colin was amused and excited at his son's reaction, but made a mental note to try to ensure that Garth continued to wear underwear at school. The remainder of the weekend was relatively ordinary. Saturday night they retired to bed so late that neither much noticed the other's nakedness. But Garth returned home, fascinated and excited.

A few days later, he and Tom were sitting in Garth's bedroom when he told Tom about the weekend. Both boys were fascinated that Colin not only went commando but shaved his pubes. Whilst Garth found the fact curious, Tom thought it exciting and immediately wondered about trying it for himself. Garth agreed to show Tom that he too was really going commando so, of course, the evening finished with the two of them wanking.

Returning home Tom resolved to follow Colin and Garth's example. He didn't quite yet have the courage to go commando, he was sure that his mother would notice and she wouldn't go for it. So he started by simply sleeping naked. So Jack found himself watching Tom in the morning, going for a piss sporting a very evident hard-on. At first he ignored it, but the sight of Tom's unashamed display was a bit too much.

The combination of Jack's sexual frustration, the lack of privacy since the move, his ability to jack-off only in the bathroom and a continuing sense of confusion over his sexual preferences, all these came to a head. What was intended to be a simple request to Tom that he wear something to go to the bathroom and not show off, turned into a full scale argument where frustrations on both sides were aired. But by the evening, neither was talking to the other. The evening meal was taken in a resentful silence. Don's view was that the boys should sort the problem out for themselves and only insisted on a basic civility at the dinner table. Amanda was less sure and, when the resentful silence continued the following day, she took each boy aside and gave them a talking to.

Tom remained surly, convinced that it was Jack's fault. Jack was less sure, he was uncomfortably aware that his uneasy feelings about liking boys were at the base of the problem. That evening, after they went to bed, Jack lay awake wondering what to do. He finally made a decision, he needed to tell someone. He quietly asked Tom if he was awake, Tom responded. So Jack got up. He didn't move into Tom's half of the room but stood, just out of Tom's view. Nervously plucking at his pyjama trousers he managed to find the courage to admit to Tom that it was his fault. That he liked boys and that the sight of Tom naked and hard had disturbed and excited him, he apologised. Tom was quiet; normally Jack's first phrase would have engendered a smart retort, but Tom has glum, surly and resentful. What he heard from Jack amazed him. When Jack had finished his confession, Tom was silent, then responded with an amazing confession of his own. He too liked boys, but more he liked being naked, showing off. Tom went on to tell Jack about Garth's story of his weekend with his father and how Garth had now started sleeping naked and going commando and that Tom was doing likewise.

By now, both boys were hard, though neither was sure. To Jack's surprised Tom asked him whether he was wearing anything. Jack admitted he had his pyjama bottoms on, Tom suggested that he take them off and come round to Tom's side. It was a big step for Jack. No-one had ever seen him hard except for Toby. But he pushed down his pyjama bottoms and walked round to Tom. The moon was shining through the window and Jack could see quite clearly that Tom was lying naked on top of his bed, his hard cock defiantly pointing upward. Tom turned to Jack, saw Jack's cock bobbing in front of him and gave a huge grin.

Tom took after his father, he was tall for his age, dark haired and quite hairy already with a defined treasure trail and a mass of pubes. Jack on the other hand was slight and blond, like his mother, with just a sprinkling of pubes above his cock. Neither was cut (Don didn't believe in it) and both had enviably large cocks. Looking at Jack all the time, Tom started to stroke his cock; Jack followed suit. Soon both the boys reached climax, with Tom spraying cum all over his belly and Jack doing so all over the floor. Jack went to the bathroom to get a cloth, returning he leaned over and wiped the cum off Tom's belly. Feeling daring, Jack leaned off Tom's cock, the first time he'd ever touched another boy's cock except for Toby's.

Afterwards as they went to sleep, Tom asked Jack if they could do that again. He admitted that he'd enjoyed the two of them wanking together; Jack said he did too and the two resolved to do it again.

By the end of the week, Tom and Jack had regular jacking off sessions. What started as being something they did before going to bed, developed into a frequent ritual that they did during the day. Jack followed Tom in starting to sleep naked, and both revelled in wandering about the bedroom both naked and hard. Being together gave them confidence and they started going commando; at Jack's suggestion they simply put a pair of clean underpants in the dirty washing each evening so their mother would not notice.

Of course, eventually, Amanda did notice. After all, the boys were not quite rigorous in remembering to add pair of clean pants to the dirty washing when they stripped off, being too keen to get to the real business of wanking. At first Amanda didn't say anything, but then raised the matter with Don. Don's reaction was surprisingly casual. His view was that both boys were over 16 so they could decide matters like that for themselves. He grinned at Amanda and suggested that perhaps he should start going commando himself; something he'd done when younger before they'd had children. In fact, when they'd first met, Amanda had often not worn panties. Any further discussions that evening were postponed as Amanda and Don's reminiscences turned to excited sex. So Amanda left things as they were.

One Saturday afternoon, having the house to themselves, the boys were sitting side by side on Jack's bed, naked with their cocks hard (almost a permanent state it has to be admitted). They were so close that their thighs were touching. It had become almost a ritual that they would clean each other off after cumming, so it was only a small step for Jack to lean over and grasp Tom's cock. Heart in mouth, Jack looked at Tom who simply grinned and motioned for him to continue. Thus it was that they moved on from simply watching each other masturbate, do doing each other, relishing the feel of their hands on each other's cocks.

Amanda brought up the matter of the boys underwear with Don again. He was keen to simply ignore the matter, but she insisted that quietly pretending wasn't an option; so one afternoon Tom and Jack found themselves being sat down by their father, intent on a serious talk. When he brought up the matter of their not wearing underwear Jack went red with embarrassment and Tom turned surly and mulish. But Don hadn't brought them together to tell them off. He informed that they were both over 16 and that he and Amanda had decided that they should be able to decide for themselves. If they wanted to go commando, then they could, they didn't need pretend. The only condition was that if school objected, then they would have to wear underpants at school. Both boys were shocked and amazed, their parents had been far more reasonable than expected. But their father's parting shot was even more startling, he commented that he too had started to go commando. Don rather enjoyed the confusion that this gave the boys; the realisation that their parents could be transgressive as well.

Even when not wanking each other off, Tom and Jack spent a lot of time naked. Their parents always knocked before entering and, anyway, you could hear people coming up the stairs. So quite frequently they would do their homework like this, or play computer games. Jack was insistent though, that it be only when the two of them were together. He refused to be naked when Garth was around and, for the moment, Tom acquiesced.

It was during a homework session that Tom brought up the matter of blow-jobs. He'd been entirely unsuccessful in trying to persuade Garth to allow him to suck him off, or vice versa. He wanted to know if Jack had ever done it and Jack had to admit that he and Toby had quite a few times. Tom was envious and, somehow the idea of sucking each other came up. It was one thing wanking each other off, it was a friendly and brotherly thing to do. But to take your brother's cock in your mouth was entirely a different thing. Tom was keen, as he'd be happy to take anyone's cock into his mouth; Jack for his part was excited at the idea because it was his brother. So, rather nervously he agreed. Tom sucked off Jack in a remarkably expert manner, even swallowing. Jack didn't swallow, when it came to his turn, but he was very adept. Afterwards both boys were rather hysterical with the excitement of breaking such a taboo. In fact, they got hard again quickly and decided a second round needed to be done, just to make sure. So their sexual activities move up a notch.

It was during one session, when Jack had swallowed Tom's cock and felt his pubes brushing against his mouth, that they started talking again about shaving. Neither had quite the confidence to start, but both kept thinking about it.

Then during one afternoon session, when Tom was kneeling in front of Jack with his mouth round Jack's cock and balls, that Don came to find his sons. Their door wasn't closed and Don's socked feet had made no noise on the stairs so he was confronted with the sight of his sons have sex. Don was confused by his reaction, instead of being shocked he was excited; he stood and watched for far longer than he should have. When he quietly returned down stairs he was aware that his own cock was rock hard. Before he called the boys from down stairs, giving them plenty of notice, Don unzipped and got his own cock out, bringing himself to climax. Don knew that he ought to tell Amanda, but didn't know how.

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