Tom 16 - Chapter 10

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked.
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The trip south was long and tedious; the first day Amanda, Don and the boys were up early and spent the entire day travelling, with only brief stops. They spent the night in a motorway hotel. This meant that the second day they had more time and at lunch they pulled off onto a motorway rest area to have a picnic. The rest area was attractively laid out with trees sheltering the parking area; there was a toilet and a machine selling hot drinks, but no other facilities. As Amanda and Don sat down at one of the picnic tables, the boys went off to explore.

They were wandering through one of the tree shaded areas when they watched with interest as a tall blond guy got off his motorbike. He was wearing one-piece leathers and they were fascinated when he unzipped to reveal a naked, smooth pale body, then a substantial cock and balls, complete with a PA, then he proceeded to piss without making any attempt to be private, in fact he seemed to welcome Tom and Jack's attention. The boys were only wearing shorts so it was the work a moment for Tom to push his shorts a little way down and start pissing as well, Jack followed suit but allowed his shorts to drop to his ankles.

The blond guy stopped pissing but didn't put his cock back; instead he kept stroking it and strolled over towards Tom and Jack. He grinned and introduced himself as Ton, he was Dutch and apologised that he didn't have time to get to know Tom and Jack properly. The three of them stood there, stroking their cocks and admiring what was on offer till each came. With a grin, Ton fastened himself up and enquired where Tom and Jack were going, when he found out he laughed and said that he was staying in that area too and might look them up.

Feeling rather perky, Tom and Jack made their way back to their parents, who were sitting at a picnic table. Under the table, just about hidden from general view, their father's trousers were open and his cock out and half hard. Amanda had her hand round Don's cock whilst he had a hand between her legs. Entirely unabashed, Don grinned at the boys and put his cock away whilst Amanda re-adjusted her dress. Rather taken aback, the boys were even more surprised when Don commented that because they were having some fun, he and Amanda had decided to as well. Tom and Jack were a rather quiet at first, during lunch; realising that their parents had been aware of them messing around with the Dutch guy. It was Don who brought things out into the open, announcing that he and Amanda wanted everything to be free and open on this holiday; completely open. That they hoped that the boys would feel comfortable doing everything around their parents and that they wouldn't be embarrassed at their parents having sex as well. Amanda added that the house was private and not only would the boys be able to share a bed but that they would be able to be naked all the time, that she and Don planned to be. Here Don grinned, adding that being naked all the time meant getting hard and being proud of it. That he and Amanda enjoyed public displays of sex and felt comfortable and hoped that the boys would too.

Tom and Jack hadn't realised quite how relaxed their parents wanted to be, quite how far they were happy to go. To hear their parents about not being embarrassed to have sex and to enjoy having an audience was quite a surprise. But they were eager and excited to try it out, keen to see Don and Amanda having full sex and not a little curious to wonder whether their Dad might take things a little further with them. By the end of the meal, all 3 men were hard. Don stroked his crotch and grinned at the boys, saying that he needed to take care of this before getting under way and he expected the boys did too. The boys had seen their father hard before, but never in public and never with Amanda present; they'd certainly never been hard in front of her. But it was too great an opportunity to miss and soon all three had their shorts unfastened, the boys simply unzipped but Don seemed careless of being seen and allowed his to slip down his legs. Amanda watched contentedly as the three stroked their hard cocks, thinking to herself that she wanted a picture of the three together like this, and stroked herself, unfastening the front of her dress so that the boys got a good view of her shaved pussy. As the 3 men all came, spurting cum all over the ground under the table, it seemed to Amanda that this was the most natural thing in the world.

When they'd all zipped up and tidied up the picnic, they got back into the car and continued their journey as if nothing had happened; except it had. After a bit both Jack and Tom fell asleep, Don and Amanda talked quietly, pleased at the way that the day had gone. The boys woke up a couple of times from their doze to hear their parents talking quite calmly about seeing Jack and Tom wanking with the biker, looking forward to them relaxing and fucking together naturally and finally, the possibility that Don might have sex with the boys. This latter amazed them and both had difficulty continuing to pretend to be asleep.

This was something that Don and Amanda had talked a lot about recently. Don had finally come to admit to himself that if he spent an entire holiday with the boys, everyone naked and, if things went as planned, feeling relaxed enough to be able to have sex and comfortable enough to have sex when others were around. Then something was going to happen. To his surprise Amanda was relatively calm about it. After a lively discussion which never quite turned into an argument, Don agreed that he'd never have sex with any other guys, that it would only be his sons, unless in a three some with Amanda. Amanda had relaxed views on incest, she'd come to think Colin and Garth's relationship a good thing. But she was a little nervous about Don's burgeoning interest in guys. On the one hand, watching Tom have sex with other guys was hot, on the other hand she worried that he'd go off and do it without her.

There was one other condition. There were to be photos. Amanda wanted a group photo of Don and the boys all three naked and hard. Don was comfortable with this, though found it a bit alarming when he realised that she planned to have the photo up in the house, albeit in their bedroom. Amanda laughed and said that she found it amazing, considering how many people had seen Don with a hard on! He had to agree. The other photos were still being negotiated, Amanda wanted photos of Don having sex with the boys; Don had exploded and said that that would be porn. He'd calmed down about it, but still wasn't sure; but Amanda was certain she wanted a record of something which she regarded as a momentous family event. But there was one thing that they never talked about, the possibility that either of the boys would fuck Amanda, it was something she kept to herself and as for Don, he still didn't quite know what he'd think. A little bit of him would be jealous.

It was late when they got to the house and all four had to work hard loading the car, unpacking. When it was all done, Don grinned and announced the holiday starts here. With that he unfastened his shirt and dropped his shorts. He wasn't hard, but was certainly getting excited. The boys followed suit as did Amanda and they all went down to the beach to swim before they lost the light. There was much splashing and messing about, but it was quite clear that the boys and Don were all getting hard. When Amanda and Don returned to the house, Don was hard and made little attempt to hide the fact.

When Tom and Jack got back they could see Don and Amanda inside the house, fucking. Amanda was bent over, leaning forward and Don was taking her from behind, giving the boys a clear view of his cock entering her. Jack wanted to walk away, a little embarrassed at so clearly seeing his parents having sex. But Tom put his hand on Jack's arm, leaned over and kissed him. It ended up with the two couples having sex, each only partially aware of the other.

Tom and Jack had had all sorts of plans to do lots of exciting things when they got to their bedroom, but in fact collapsed into sleep almost immediately and in fact Don and Amanda weren't far behind them.

Next morning, Don was up first, wandering about exploring the new place. He liked the freedom of being able to wander about naked, and both he and Amanda had found having sex in front of the boys liberating. He started to get hard and stroked his cock, but didn't do anything about it. When Amanda got up she smiled and snapped a couple of pictures of Don in the sunlight, proudly displaying himself. She even took some on her phone which she planned to send to Judith.

Tom and Jack woke up early and dozed as the sun came streaming through the windows. It had been a great novelty sleeping together in a full sized bed and they already knew that they would take their parents up on the offer of one when they returned home. Jack got up to do a shit, he didn't bother to close the door and wasn't bothered that Tom could see him from the bed. Tom made ribald comments as he watched Jack and afterwards he started playing with Jack's arse. The shit had relaxed Jack's hole and Tom's fingers slipped in easily; first one, then two, then three, then four and finally, Tom's entire hand. Jack had to breathe deeply and concentrate on relaxing, but the feeling when Tom's whole hand slipped into his arse was incredible. Finally Tom replaced his hand by his cock, but the two of them knew that there was more exploring to do; Tom's hand had only just slipped into Jack's arse and they both wanted to try to go further.

When Tom and Jack finally got up, Don and Amanda were already lying on the terrace in the sun, Don was lying on his back with his cock already half hard. In fact Amanda had joked with him that he was going to spend the entire holiday like that. When Amanda saw her sons come onto the terrace she asked them if they had put sun cream on. They demurred, but she insisted; they might all be naked, but she was still their mother. She got up and took the cream over to Tom, but instead of giving it to him she started to put it on working downwards, back first. When she came to his arse, her fingers slipped easily down his crack and massaged his hole. Despite a half hearted protest from Tom, she continued and turned him round. He was now fully erect, Amanda simply smiled. She left his groin till last and spent plenty of time there massaging the cream in, her other hand caressing Tom's arse, it didn't take long for Tom to come. With a smile and a slap on his bottom, Amanda then said that it was now Jack's turn. She repeated the procedure with Jack, her fingers slipping easily into Jack's hole as she massaged his arse. With both boys she massaged the cum into their skin.

Tom and Jack stood there, not a little dumbfounded. Then Amanda stood up and announced that it was Don's turn. He turned over and she did his back, paying as much attention to his arse as she had the boys, then Don turned over. His cock jutted proudly from his body, when Amanda finally came to put cream on it she did so with incredible gentleness and then, instead of bringing him to climax, she straddled him and lowered herself onto him. Tom and Jack watched, excited and not a little amazed, and finally could not restrain themselves. Tom lay down and Jack lowered himself onto his brother, paralleling their parents and equally unrestrained in their sex.

Afterwards, as all four lay by the pool, it was apparent that all boundaries had been crossed; having once had sex in front of their parents, Tom and Jack had fewer qualms about doing it again. It was Don who brought up the fact that Amanda had not had any sun cream put on. The boys expected Don to do the honours, but he insisted that Tom and Jack do so; so rather gingerly they found themselves putting cream on their mother. Neither had much experience of women's bodies, but they learned quickly, excitement overcoming nervousness.

It had been agreed that the first few days of the holiday would be spent quietly at the villa. That's what happened, but it was hardly quiet. During the day, the application of sun cream was an excuse for further explorations and both couples not only became relaxed having sex but came to welcome it. For Tom and Jack there was something wonderfully transgressive at fucking in front of their parents. But certain lines were never crossed, neither Don nor Amanda had full on sex with their sons.

Tom and Jack seemed to spend most of their time hard or half-hard, and loved the freedom to wander around like that. Don enjoyed seeing his sons erect, almost as much as he enjoyed being erect in front of them. The freedom did wonders for Don's libido and he found himself hard almost as much as his sons. Amanda got some wonderful photographs of all three being erect and proud. Then coming across Tom and Jack lying together she took a picture of them, with Tom's cock still inside Jack and found herself taking photographs of Tom and Jack fucking, and of Don's cock inside her.

At night, other explorations were going on. Tom was not only fucking Jack, but Jack sometimes fucked Tom; since their time with Glen their relationship had become a bit more equal. And Tom's hand spent quite a time exploring Jack's arse, seeing how far it would go; the answer was a pretty long way. They were still nervous that Tom might somehow damage Jack, but Jack loved the feel of Tom deep inside him.

On the third day, Amanda was busy inside the villa and shouted to Don that he ought to put the sun cream on. So this time it was Don who put his son's sun-cream on, his hands exploring their bodies in a rather rougher manner than Amanda's, his fingers going deeper into their arses. By the time he had finished, Don had effectively finger fucked both his sons, using two fingers on each. Tom and Jack both came to shattering climaxes. Their revenge was to do the same to their father, with Tom finger fucking him whilst Jack stroked Don's cock. After Don came, he thanked the boys kissing each. As he kissed them, all knew that this wasn't the end; things would go further. And Amanda treasured the pictures she had taken, unbeknownst to Don and the boys; particularly one of Don with his eyes closed in ecstasy as he was brought to climax by his sons.

They drove into the nearest town to have a wander round and visit a church which was said to be fine; though the boys found it dark and depressing, but Don professed to find it interesting. Lunch was of greater interest to Tom and Jack, they found a pleasant cafe and ordered. After a substantial lunch (Amanda never ceased to be amazed at the boy's appetites), Don and Amanda ordered coffee whilst Tom and Jack went off for a wander. They'd spied a river running through the town and told Don and Amanda they planned to walk along it, though in fact they were heading towards some waste ground where they planned to fuck.

The boys gone, Don allowed his hand to settle in Amanda's lap; she was wearing only a short skirt and was naked underneath. Don's light linen trousers hardly disguised the fact that he wasn't wearing underwear and his cock was near erect. When their landlord Thierry appeared, both Don and Amanda were in a high state of arousal. Thomas was tall and slim, dark-haired with a neat goatee beard, his slim hips hugged by tight white trousers. He checked that everything was OK in the villa and apologised for not visiting them to check, saying that he had been very busy. Don invited him to join them for coffee. Thomas accepted and as he sat down next to Amanda he became aware that Don had removed his hand from Amanda's crotch. She smiled at Thomas when he noticed and, instead of adjusting herself left her skirt lifted up so that he got a clear view of Amanda's naked cunt, shaved smooth and inviting.

The waiter came and gave Thomas a chance to recover somewhat. Whilst he had had sex with holiday tenants it had usually been with single girls or pairs of girls, never a married couple and never an approach so direct. The waiter departed, Amanda took her own hand away from her husband's lap revealing the huge mound that was his erect cock, barely hidden by his trousers; Thomas's own cock began to grow, less obvious because firmly held in pace by his tight briefs and trousers. Amanda, instead of hiding herself, gently raised her skirt a little more and opened her legs to give Thomas a clear view.

Don asked Thomas if he liked what he saw, and then smiled at Thomas's discomfiture. Thomas managed to nod. Amanda suggested that perhaps Thomas would like to visit them tomorrow morning and explore further, adding both of us and Don reiterated both of us. They then got up and departed, leaving Thomas excited and confused. His experience with three-somes was limited, and certainly he'd never had much to do with guys, but Don's invitation had been clear. In theory he should just ignore the invitation, but his cock was rock hard and Thomas's pulse was racing. Before he could do anything else he had to get relief. He rushed back to the office and, to the surprise of his assistant Richard, dashed into the toilet. Thomas was normally careful as the walls were thin and he worried that Richard would be able to hear, but this time he dropped his trousers and briefs, to reveal his small but perfectly formed cock surrounded by a mass of dark pubes. He stroked it quickly and eagerly, groaning all the while and bringing himself to a blessed climax. Richard did indeed hear him, amazed that Thomas should be so open about having a wank. It got Richard a bit excited and he stroked his cock through his trousers, he sometimes did that. It was quite discreet, being hidden by the desk. This time he brought himself fully to climax, allowing the cum to soak into his briefs. His girlfriend was away for a few days so he could allow himself to be a bit disgusting.

Over by the river, Jack and Tom hadn't gone far. Once away from their parents they had both taken their shirts off and, once at a relatively quiet portion, their shorts had come off too. Their first fuck was quick and eager and then they decided to explore some more, not bothering to put their shorts on. They didn't get far before they decided to fuck again. It was only when returning that they met anyone and their nakedness simply received a smile. Just before the arranged meeting point with their parents they put on their shorts.

When they returned back to the villa, Amanda decided to go for a rest but Don went for a swim in the pool with his sons. Afterwards they dried and lay in the sun, then Don suggested he put sun-cream on them. Tom and Jack agreed with alacrity. Before Don had started all three were nearly erect and as Don massaged Jack's arse he allowed his fingers to again penetrate Jack's hole. This time Jack responded to his father's ministrations, bending over and allowing further access. It wasn't long before Don was fucking Jack.

Don found fucking his sons far more exciting than he'd realised. Not just the feeling of his cock in their nice firm arses, but the fact that they were his sons and having an intimate connect, taking his cock deep inside them. Tom's arse was tight, whereas Jack's was surprisingly accommodating and Don lay down with his son straddling him, Jack taking his father's cock as deep as it would go. Even after he had cum, they continued with Don finding reserves of strength.

Amanda came upon them part of the way through and, unawares, so she managed to get some superb photographs. The sex had left the boys hungry and rather over excited, as they ate Amanda showed them the photographs. Before they had seen them all, both the boys and Don were excited again. With Tom and Jack sitting close by, Don took Amanda relishing the intimate closeness. Tom picked up his mother's camera and took a series of photographs, this time of Don fucking Amanda.

After such momentous and exciting events, recovery was needed and the evening was quiet. Perfectly normal, except for the fact that all four were still naked.

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