Tom 16 - Chapter 11

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked. Colin and Garth are having similar holiday adventures staying with Antoine and his son, Thierry, and meeting a family of Finns, Lars, Jens and Øyvind
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The trips to the lake with the Finns became a daily occurrence for Colin and Garth, with the five of them becoming more daring when it came to the moment that they lost their clothes. The other constant was sex with their landlords Antoine and Thierry; neither seemed to be overly keen on washing. Whereas Lars and his sons were highly fastidious and not keen on the smells and tastes emanating from Antoine and his son's cracks, both Colin and Garth discovered a taste for having their tongues deep into Antoine and Thierry's holes, face pressed against the hairy cracks. It was Garth who suggested to Colin that, being as they were swimming every day, they could do without washing themselves. To his surprise, Colin agreed and their sex each morning was spiced with the flavours and smells of the night's sweat, piss and cum.

It was Thierry who dared them one morning to go naked all the way. He was lying on his back with Colin's face pressed into his arse and Garth's face into his pubes, his thick cock deep down Garth's throat. (Elsewhere Lars was similarly on his back, but with Antoine's cock deep within his arse and his two sons eagerly licking his cock). When Colin and Garth had recovered they found that Thierry was serious. Lars and his sons were eager and so the five set off naked.

They got a few looks from walkers, but generally people seemed to appreciate the sight of five attractive boys and men and their sheer delight in being naked. Most people commented on the fact that the twins were clearly identical down to the last detail. Sometimes these encounters developed into sex, but few people were as uninhibited as the boys.

They met Horst and Karin walking through the forest. They were unlikely walkers, both had their blond hair in dreadlocks down their backs, Horst wore only a baggy pair of shorts, his pale torso was hairless. Rather interestingly his nipples both had bars through them and through his nose he sported a ring, Karin wore shorts and a singlet, both rather grubby and clearly no bra. She had a variety of facial piercings.

They were Austrian. They weren't on holiday, but blithely explained they were walking across Europe. They had a camp nearby, though Lars, Colin and the boys never saw it. Both Horst and Karin grinned the first time they saw the naked five-some and strode straight over. There was an exchange of pleasantries and information. Then Lars and his sons were ready to move on, the newcomers rather put them off; Lars boys had no interest in the pierced and rather grubby couple. But Garth was intrigued, he wondered what Horst was like underneath his shorts and truth be told, Garth found Horst's piercings exciting and the prospect of his dirty arse rather a turn on.

In their turn Horst and Karin were intrigued by Colin and Garth, they were so clean-cut but sexy to and it wasn't clear what the father and son's relationship was. Once Lars and his sons left, Garth asked Horst about his piercings. Both Horst and Karin was happy to talk about them and, with no prompting, Horst dropped his shorts and pushed the waistband of his boxer shorts down so that he could display his genital piercings. Horst was cut, the head of his cock clearly visible. He had a PA, but also a pair of bar-bells through the sides of the head of his cock. When Garth, who was by now squatting down to get a better view, commented that he bet that hurt Horst just laughed. Horst then lifted his cock up to reveal another pair of bar bells on the underside of the base of his cock. Garth commented that it must look great when Horst was hard and Horst agreed. Though Horst's body was smooth, his pubes were some of the hairiest Garth had seen, party because Horst clearly didn't trim or tidy, ever. Nor, judging from the smell, did Horst wash.

In the meantime, Colin was finding himself similarly pressed by Karin, who was intrigued by Colin's smoothness. He in turn asked her about her piercings and was offered a guided tour. Colin looked over at Garth to check he was OK. Garth was indeed OK, he had suggested that Horst might strip off his boxer shorts so that Garth could get a better look at Horst's piercings. Horst was happy to oblige, and even happy when Garth's tongue made its way to his crack.

Neither Karin nor Horst had any qualms about being naked or having sex in public, nor did they have many other hang-ups. Horst might be straight, but he was quite happy to have an attractive young guy paying attention to his arse, cock and balls. Horst's arse and pubes stank, he clearly had not washed properly for a long time. Garth was in seventh heaven, it was more than he'd experienced before and he spent a long time exploring, going into every crevice with his tongue. As far as Horst was concerned, there was only one logical outcome and Garth found himself, fucking Horst.

Colin's coupling with Karin was perhaps less exploratory, but Karin's piercings certainly did add spice to their sex. When they finished there was no question of going off together, Horst and Karin marched determinedly off back to their camp, though they did not bother to dress. Instead there was a loose arrangement to meet the following day.

When they finally got to the lake, it was to find Lars and the boys busy enjoying themselves, but there was another couple there.


Don and Amanda's friends Judith and Tony were on a walking holiday. It had taken Judith some time, but finally Tony had started to relax. They'd had sex in public a few times and sunbathed naked, they had found this lake the other day and decided to return. Suddenly their peace was shattered by two teenage boys and an older guy whom Judith took to be their father. All three were naked, and seemed to have no clothes with them, also rather remarkably all three were strikingly handsome and entirely shaved. Judith couldn't help but find herself admiring them, especially as the boys were already half erect.

Tony and Judith had already started to make love and Tony was nearly hard, when the disturbance happened. He automatically reached for his shorts but before he could do anything the older guy came and introduced himself as Lars. He spoke with an accent but had superb English. Close to he displayed no embarrassment at being naked and half hard, in fact he gave Tony and Judith a candid assessment. He apologised for disturbing them, explaining that they were staying nearby and walked over every day, that his twins enjoyed the freedom of being naked. Almost at the mention of them Jens and Øyvind came over to be introduced. Like two puppies they shook water over everyone and like two puppies they were entirely unselfconscious about their identical beauty and the fact that they were now almost fully erect.

Lars explained that they had walked over with friends they were staying with but that they had stopped in the forest. Here Jens butted in to comment that Colin and Garth were probably busy fucking the strange couple. Lars spoke to him sharply in their native language but Jens only grinned. Meanwhile Øyvind was giving Tony's cock a good looking at. It had deflated somewhat and Tony was trying to find a way to discreetly cover up. But the sight of so many half-erect cocks was disturbing and the twins enthusiasm exciting. Judith was holding her breath; being polite to Lars whilst hoping that Tony would not take fright.

Lars was clearly interested, his glance kept going down to her tits and her crotch, she opened her legs to give Lars a better view and he unconsciously rubbed his cock, allowing it to swing and emphasising how it was growing. It was Øyvind who made things happen, never really doubting that he couldn't or shouldn't he simply knelt down and took Tony's cock into his mouth. Jens immediately knelt down and joined him. Lars grinned at Judith and knelt down too so that he could bury his tongue in her cunt.

Behind closed doors, Tony and Judith's sex life was quite lively and included a lot of play with dildos so that when Jens pressed an experimental finger on Tony's arse it responded. By the time Colin and Garth arrived Tony was in the middle of a twin sandwich, fucking one and being fucked by the other, whilst Lars was giving his best to Judith. Colin and Garth had no hesitation in joining in. By the time they had finished Tony's arse had gone from zero to five in next to no time.

After a swim in the lake to cool off and clean up, the group sat down and exchanged trivialities. Judith was amazed to discover that the five walked naked from their lodgings. They shared details of their different holiday schedules, the twins released far more information about their activities with their hosts, Antoine and Thierry, than Lars would have wished.

At some point the issue of shaving came up, with both Colin and Lars sharing a bit of their stories. It was Garth who suggested that Tony would look good shaved and Judith laughed, saying that she had suggested it. She ran her hand through Tony's pubes and his cock responded by jerking up, everyone laughed and more sex ensued.

It was only as they were all preparing to leave that the amazing coincidence came up, the Tony and Judith came from the same town as Colin and Garth. Though neither recognised the other.

Walking back, Tony was relaxed enough follow the example of the others and not bother dressing. He was beginning to understand the charm of being naked outdoors. He and Judith talked about Don and Amanda, Amanda had sent some amazing pictures to Judith of Don and the boys all naked, shaved and erect. There seemed to be no holding them back. Judith wondered whether Don and Amanda were having sex with their sons. Tony asked Judith if incest bothered her, and she admitted that it did not. Tony just grinned, but he'd had an idea for when they returned home.

They had made a loose arrangement to met up with the boys and their fathers the next day. Judith checked that Tony wanted to do so and he admitted that he did, that he wanted to have sex with the boys again. Did that bother her. Judith admitted that it didn't, she'd enjoyed watching Tony get fucked, perhaps they could get some pictures to shock Amanda!

Back at their lodgings (now fully dressed), Judith went into the shower. As she dried her hair, Tony did likewise. He was longer than usual, but when he came out he had a surprise for her. Tony had shaved himself, completely smooth, cock, balls, arse and belly. Judith showed her appreciation immediately, and they were late for dinner.

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