Tom 16 - Chapter 12

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked. Don and Amanda have hooked up with a local man Richard, whilst their friends Tony and Judith are on holiday not far away. Colin and Garth are having similar holiday adventures staying with Antoine and his son, Thierry, and meeting a family of Finns, Lars, Jens and Øyvind
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Next morning, Don and Amanda announced that they had a visitor and would prefer it if Tom and Jack were absent. Keen to explore the beaches and find somewhere they could swim in the sea naked, the boys happily agreed to go for a long walk with Amanda providing them with plenty of food to take.

Tom and Jack hadn't been gone long when Thomas arrived. He was nervous and excited. He was also rock hard. So much so, that it was clear to Thomas's business partner Richard who surmised from Thomas's manner that he was off to fuck one of the villa tenants. Though Thomas tried to keep things quiet, Richard was entirely aware of what went on and only regretted that he didn't get the chance to do so to. When Thomas left, Richard unzipped and released his own hard cock and stroked himself to climax. His briefs were already well crusted and he had another few days before his girlfriend returned. Feeling daring, he took a picture of his hard cock and sent it to her on his phone, he was rewarded with one of her cunt to add to his collection.

Thomas was greeted at the door by a naked Don. Thomas was amazed at how casual Don was about his nudity. He also noted that Don was shaved completely smooth, a look that Thomas found intriguing. Careful of his own appearance, Thomas found himself assessing the look of others and he started wondering what his own equipment would look like completely smooth rather than with the pubes untrimmed.

Thomas's cock was only a little smaller than Don's, but the effect of Don's having shaved made it look far bigger. Thomas was overcome with bashfulness and might have backed out, but both Don and Amanda were eagerly greeting him and before he knew it, he was naked with his erect cock being massaged by Amanda.

Both Amanda and Don kissed him, Don's kiss was deep and certainly not brotherly. At one point, Thomas found that it was Don who had taken Thomas's cock into his mouth. Then the moment came when Thomas found himself face to face with Don's cock. Lacking hair, it looked strangely inviting and he took it into his mouth. He found it a remarkably pleasurable experience, he could get to like sucking cock; an alarming prospect. But the rest of the session was less challenging, the two guys fucked Amanda from a variety of positions, and Thomas found her relaxed attitude pleasurable compared to some of the women he had approached. Thomas enjoyed fucking women's arses, and here was one that enjoyed it. It was a bit odd, afterwards having pictures taken, but still.

Thomas fully expected to be thrown out afterwards, he even started getting dressed. But Amanda explained that they didn't bother dressing, they were all staying naked during the holiday. So he had a coffee with them, surprisingly good considering they were English. Then whilst they were still talking, Amanda knelt down and took his cock and balls into her mouth, even whilst he was talking Don's hand started feeling Thomas's arse, massaging the crack and slipping a finger into his hole. Thomas started to protest, but Don simply leaned forward and kissed him, thrusting his tongue deep into Thomas's mouth.

In retrospect, the next move seemed planned but in fact Don and Amanda had no preconceived plans. But Amanda sat on the table and Thomas bent forward and buried his face in her cunt, allowing his tongue to excite her slowly. Then Thomas became aware that Don's tongue was exploring his arse, exciting him and pressing deep, a sensation that Thomas had never experienced before. (Truth be told, it was only the second time that Don had done this to a guy, Nathan was the first; but Don was coming to realise quite how much exciting stuff there was to learn). Thomas came there and then, shooting a load of cum onto the floor and groaning with excitement. But Amanda's hand held his face firmly in place, and the assault by Don's tongue continued, then stopped. Before Thomas could realise it, Don's cock thrust into his arse. Thomas let out a deep cry from the pain, then found Don deep inside him.

Don and Amanda had assumed that Thomas was far more experienced than he really was. From his reaction to Don's fucking him, it was clear that he had never taken a guy's cock up his arse before. Don paused before doing anything else, allowing things to settle. When Don started to withdraw, Thomas's hands came round a clapped themselves on Don's arse forcing Don's cock back in again.

After the first shock, Thomas found that the feeling of another guy's cock inside him was one that he didn't want to end. It was obvious that Thomas was a natural, he took to Don's cock immediately and allowed his arse to be pounded. Thomas found himself in seventh heaven when he ended up sitting on the kitchen table, Don's cock deep in his arse and with Amanda straddling him, taking his own cock as deep as she could into her own arse.

They would probably have gone on longer, but Thomas needed to at least show his face at the office. Tom and Jack would also be coming back, and Tom and Amanda did not want to freak Thomas out any more by having their son's find them still fucking him.

So Thomas found himself driving furiously back to the office, his arse still throbbing and a little worse for wear. He was commando, his underpants had disappeared and Don had laughed this off saying that he never wore them. Ringing in Thomas's ears was Amanda's invitation for him to join then again the following day, and her suggestion that he might like to follow Don's example and trim or shave his pubes. It wouldn't be sensible, but Thomas knew that he was going to do both things.

Getting back to the office, Thomas surprised Richard who had been in the process of having another wank; a boring day at the office having made his mind wander to more pleasurable things. Sitting with his cock out, but hidden by the desk, Richard felt excited, exhilarated and exposed. He also realised that Thomas was some-how on edge, and clearly had an exciting day. Quite how exciting, became obvious when Thomas took his coat off and Richard could see clearly the outline of Thomas's erect cock through his trousers.

Richard grinned at Thomas and said that it looked as if Thomas had had an exciting day. Thomas's reaction was startling, he went bright red; Richard wondered what had happened. But Thomas agreed it had been an interesting day. He might have said more, but he had walked over to the cupboard and caught a glimpse of Richard trying to stuff his still erect cock back into his underpants. It was Richard's turn to go red, saying that he'd been feeling randy and decided to give himself some relief. Thomas grinned and suggested they both give them self relief, so for the first time since he was a teenager Richard found himself having a wanking session with another bloke. Afterwards he noted with surprised that Thomas wasn't wearing pants, Thomas had never struck him as the sort of guy to go commando.


Colin and Garth would have liked to spend the evening alone, but of course they had their obligations to Antoine and Thierry. The Frenchmen enjoyed hearing the boys tales of their exploits and intriguingly noted Garth's enthusiasm for the Austrian couple. Something to be noted for later. But Colin and Garth were keen to spend time alone.

Garth was highly excited about meeting Horst again the following day and to bring him back to earth Colin warned him that Horst and Karin might not appear. The evening finished with them making plans for when they returned home, and Garth would be sleeping permanently with Colin. It gave Garth something else to get excited about and look forward to.

And next day they did indeed meet Horst, though he was alone; he grinned and said that Karin had hooked up with a group of guys from their camp and would be spending the day with them. Colin didn't know whether to be relieved or annoyed, but Horst simply smiled and said that the blokes at the camp were more to her taste, big biker types and that she was sure to come back with her cunt stretched. Here Horst made an obscene gesture and grinned. Colin was horrified and Garth completely entranced.

Horst had come prepared, he was naked this time having walked like that from his camp, commenting later that he had enjoyed the freedom and would be doing it more often. His hard on showed up the piercings on the underside of his cock and Garth was busy exploring, so Colin set to and applied himself to Horst's arse. He clearly had not washed since the previous day, and both father and son found themselves imbibing Horst's rich odour and taste. This time Horst took a more active part in proceedings and it was both Garth and Colin who found themselves on the receiving end of a very vigorous fucking. Then finally, it was over as Horst announced that he had to go and so, cock still bobbing he strode away.


Tony seemed to lose some of his inhibitions along with his pubes and had agreed to Judith's suggestion that they walk naked to the beach from their lodgings. Judith had assumed that they would get a decent distance from the apartment before stripping off but Tony had suggested going for gold and not dress at all. The inevitable happened and they were met by Giudo, the guy who owned the apartment. At the sight of them he grinned broadly, revealing his array of white teeth and stared unabashed at Judith. Guido told Tony that he had a lovely wife, Tony agreed, then Guido took a step closer and said that they were very brave to let something as beautiful as that be seen by everyone, Tony laughed and said he was happy for everyone to enjoy seeing Judith. By now Guido had one hand on his crotch, massaging his cock and with his other hand he gently caressed Judith's arse. Tony's cock began to twitch and Guido smiled as he realised that Tony was getting off on seeing his wife approached. Guido's hand grew more adventurous and explored Judith's crack then slid between her legs to feel her cunt. Completely unabashed that they were in a public place, Guido unfastened his jeans and pulled out his cock and proceeded to fuck Judith, swiftly and vigorously. Once finished he watched eagerly as Tony did the same. As he zipped up Guido thanked then and said that he looked forward to seeing them that evening. It was clear from his smile that Guido expected to do more than see them.

Feeling rather exhilarated, Tony and Judith set off on their walk. The remainder was unremarkable and they met up with Lars and his sons as planned. Tony's new look was much admired and the twins were keen to show their appreciation. Judith asked where Colin and Garth were and Lars explained that they had gone to meet their Austrian, but would be along later.

It was a magical relaxing day. Judith loved the fact that Tony seemed to have entirely shed his inhibitions, and was eagerly exploring everything. Not only did Judith take pictures of him hard, but she sent them to Amanda, and it was Tony who urged her to go further and she took an amazing sequence of Tony's arse being filled by the twins. Whilst it would be different when they returned home, both Tony and Judith knew that their life would never be quite the same again.

The boys enjoyment was more casual, but no less enthusiastic and it was only when the sun started dipping behind the hills that the group split up and set off for home. There was a final farewell and exchange of contact details, tomorrow they would all be going their separate ways. Judith and Colin exchanged numbers but Judith doubted that they would be in touch, even though they lived in the same town; holiday friendships never worked when you got back home. Lars, Colin and the boys had a final meal to go to with Antoine and Thierry. Colin and Garth would be staying a few more days but Lars and his boys were making the long journey back. Judith and Tony were also going to be on the move, continuing their journey.

It was getting dark by the time Judith and Tony got back to their apartment, they had dawdled on the way and talked about what had happened. Amanda had replied to Judith's texts and pictures and they had enjoyed her surprise at the photos of Tony. Guido was waiting for them, when they opened the gate to the courtyard. He was sitting outside, drinking a glass of wine, a broad grin on his face. He was wearing only a pair of shorts, his chest nicely muscular and well covered in hair. He offered Tony and Judith a glass and after pouring it with due ceremony, gave them both one. As they sipped their wine Guido unfastened his shorts and let them slip, kicking them away with big smile. His cock was rock hard and jutted upwards at 45 degrees, it was also impressively large. He caressed it briefly with one hand, allowing it to bounce up and down and made a comment on its size.

Guido reached over and started caressing Judith's arse, not even bothering to ask Tony this time. At first he seemed content for Tony to watch but then Guido indicated his cock and gestured for Tony to pay it some attention. It had never dawned on them that Guido might welcome attentions from a guy, but he was very happy to get his cock sucked by Tony, and more.

Guido was busy fucking Judith whilst Tony tongued his arse when the gate to the courtyard opened and the blokes who were renting the other apartment appeared. Tony and Judith had only met them once, they had seemed nice enough but very young; evidently keen in walking and wild-life.

Even in the relative half-light of the courtyard, it was perfectly obvious what was going on. The two boys stood, rather dumbfounded.

One of the boys apologised for intruding, his voice had a distinctly Scottish burr to it which went with his bright red hair (his companion had rather Italian looking dark features but the same Scots burr). Guido, who had stopped fucking Judith but not yet withdrawn, kept re-iterating please, please join us. He withdrew from Judith and cock bobbing and dropping, walked towards the two boys gesturing with the bottle of wine. Judith smiled at them, looking as dignified as possible with her legs in the air and her cunt fully on display. Tony stood up, his own cock still erect and smiled encouragement. The red head's companion seemed a bit nervous and Judith thought that he would bolt, but the red head said something like, Ach why not, and stepped forward.

Both boys were attractive in a homely way, the red head was called Iain and the dark-haired one Alex. They had both already had a drink, which gave them a degree of Dutch courage. After a swig of wine Iain pushed his shorts and boxers down a bit to release his cock and a mass of bright red pubes. Alex stayed put, but stroked his cock through his shorts. Judith walked over and squatted down in front of Iain's cock and took it into her mouth. He had clearly had a shower beforehand as he smelt and tasted of soap, a nice clean boy then. As she felt him relax and his cock respond to treatment, Judith decided to see what he was made of and pulled his shorts and boxers right down revealing a nicely tight arse and pair of low hanging balls. She explored his arse with her fingers, something the guys at the lake had always welcomed. Iain's response was a yelp as her finger penetrated his hole, but he stood as if transfixed. There was a far louder yelp, this time from Alex.

Alex stood for a bit, watching his friend with amazement. He couldn't believe what was happening, they'd talked about hooking up with a couple of girls on the holiday but somehow it had never happened. Now here was Iain almost bollock naked having sex in public. And it was making Alex hard, though he could barely have admitted to himself that the sight of his friend's cock would make him so excited. Alex unzipped his trousers and slipped his cock out, trying to be as discreet as possible. But Guido had other ideas, and in pretty short order Alex found himself naked with Guido sucking his cock and Tony rimming him.

They changed over a few times, and both young Scots got to fuck Judith whilst Guido managed to get his tongue round their cocks and arses. Sexual excitement and a bit of red wine helped them lose their inhibitions and after they had spewed cum all over, Iain kicked his shorts and boxers away, took off his singlet and sat down naked next to Tony on one of the chairs. A more nervously, Alex did the same.

Iain had a relatively smooth pale skin which seemed untouched by the sun, set off simply with his mass of red pubes. Alex's Italian heritage showed with his darker coloured skin and mass of dark hair. Conversation turned to Tony's shave job and he explained how they had met guys at a lake nearby where you could swim naked. Most of the guys shaved, as did friends of theirs back home and he'd finally taken the plunge at Judith's urging. Alex said that it looked good and grinned at Iain, saying that it would solve his problems. Iain went bright red (Judith had noted that he had a delightful blush) and said that he had always hated having bright red pubes and had been teased about it ever since school.

The boys had intended that to be that. But Alex had asked Tony how smooth he managed to get his shaving, Tony's response was to take Alex's hand and run it over his groin. Guido meanwhile had been exploring Iain's arse and finally slipped a finger up his hole, Iain had grunted by Guido had been persistent and suddenly they were off again. It was perhaps fairly inevitable that both Guido and Tony would fuck Alex, truth to tell he didn't need much persuading and his locker at home included a dildo which he had actually used. But what was less obvious was that Iain fucked Alex too. Put it down to the excitement and the alcohol, it was certainly not what either of them expected.

Afterwards quite a few plans were changed. At Guido's urging, Tony and Judith decided to stay on for a few days more. And as they were they, they agreed to meet up with Iain and Alex the next day and show them where the lake was. By tacit agreement they decided to solve the problem of what had happened by ignoring it. Tomorrow was another day.

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