Tom 16 - Chapter 13

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked. Don and Amanda have hooked up with a local man Thomas (who works with Richard), whilst their friends Tony and Judith are on holiday not far away. Colin and Garth are having similar holiday adventures staying with Antoine and his son, Thierry, and meeting a family of Finns, Lars, Jens and Øyvind
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Tom and Jack had quickly got over the novelty of walking along the beach naked, and they had fucked two or three times. Finally eating their lunch early. Afternoon they were starting to get ratty with each other and thinking about returning, partly so that they could catch a glimpse of the guy their parents were fucking. Then in the dunes behind the beach they came across the Dutch biker, Ton, and another guy. Both were naked, like Tom and Jack, sporting nothing but big grins.

Ton had his head shaved and was sporting a neat blond goatee beard. His body was entirely shaved smooth and his substantial cock was in cock ring which brought cock and balls forward and gave an excellent view of his PA. His companion, who was introduced as Dieter, was around the same height but far bulkier all round. He too was shaved, he sported a huge handlebar moustache and that, with his eyebrows, was the only visible hair. His heavy tits both sported tit-rings, below which his large belly seemed to swell proudly. His cock was the size of a beer-can and he too had a PA. Above his moustache hung a heavy ring through his nose. Despite his alarming appearance, Dieter had a big grin and the boys took to him immediately. There was no question about what was going to happen next.

Ton and Dieter weren't a couple but they hunted together and found that they enjoyed relaxing on holiday together. They both had some pretty heavy interests, but hey they were on holiday and Tom and Jack had the appealingness of eager puppies. Ton and Dieter gave the boys their head, and they were like they had been let loose in a sweet shop. It was all very free-form, and the boys eagerness and enthusiasm was catching. Both boys found the guys' piercings fascinating, and their tongues spent a long time exploring them. Dieter in particular had a huge piss slit and when Tom discovered he could slip the end of his tongue into it, Dieter was delighted.

Jack took both Ton and Dieter's cocks easily, Ton going deep and Dieter stretching him wide. Tom had greater difficulty, and thought he wouldn't make Dieter's cock until Ton produced some poppers out of their bag. It was Tom's first time, and he found them strange but intoxicating and soon he had relaxed enough to take almost all of Dieter's cock. After Dieter had cum, he left his cock in Tom's arse; by now Tom was on his back and it was easy enough for Dieter to lean forward and kiss Tom, his moustache tickling Tom's mouth. Then Tom felt a strange sensation, Dieter was pissing with his cock still inside Tom's arse, Tom could feel the warm piss trickling out. Dieter laughed at Tom's discomfiture and said something in Dutch to Ton, who promptly started to piss as well covering Jack with it. This was a new game which the boys soon joined in enthusiastically, which then entailed running into the sea to clean off.

Whilst in the sea, there was much wrestling and Ton's hand found its way to Jack's arse. Dieter and Ton were fascinated to discover that Tom and Jack were experimenting; there was some fun to be had here. Tom and Jack seemed eager to learn new tricks. The older guys suggested that the boys come to their villa the following day. Tom and Jack were eager, but nervous about what their parents might say. And time was getting on, they needed to return to the villa for dinner. So Dieter and Ton came with them, happy to introduce themselves to this intriguing pair's parents. Tom and Jack insisted that no clothes were necessary.

So that Don and Amanda, sitting on the terrace with a drink mulling over the day's events and looking forward to Thomas's return trip tomorrow, found themselves confronted by a pair of very large, very naked and very polite Dutchmen. Tom and Jack had assured Ton and Dieter that their parents would be cool, but it was only when presented with them that they realised that this was true. Ton noted Don's shaved state and the fact that Don's cock seemed to be half hard. Ton and Dieter didn't stay long, but it was agreed that they would welcome a visit from Tom and Jack.

The evening was relatively quiet. Tom and Jack were buzzing with excitement and went off to their own room as soon as possible, leaving Don and Amanda to wonder quite what Dieter and Ton's attraction was for their sons. Dieter and Ton for their part, on the way back to their villa, discussed how hot Don was and whether they could fuck the whole happy family.


Thomas went home a little shocked at quite what he had got up to that day, ending up with having a wanking session with Richard. Perhaps more shocking were the thoughts going through his head afterwards, he'd noted how hairy Richard was and wondered what Richard would look like shaved, he wondered how Richard rather thick cock compared to Don's and what it would feel it to be fucked by it.

Despite promising himself otherwise, he found himself stopping at the supermarket on the way home to buy more shaving gear. And once home, he stripped off, careless of whether the neighbours could see. Then out came the clippers and off came his pubes. Then a long soak in the bath and finally a very careful shave; belly, cock, balls, arse, all were neatly gone over. Finally he ran the razor over his chest to remove any stray hairs from there, then he got out the moisturiser and applied that. By the time he'd finished he was hard and, looking in the mirror, decided it looked good. He took some photos on his phone, just for the hell of it.

Next morning there were seven rather excited people having breakfast, Dieter and Ton were looking forward to Tom and Jack's visit and the prospect of breaking in a couple of young men, tight arses to be fisted and violated. Tom and Jack were just as excited, eager to push their sexual experiences as far as possible; the previous night Tom had gone as deep into Jack as he had ever done and Jack had fucked his brother eagerly.

Don and Amanda were looking forward to Thomas's visit. During the night Don had confessed to Amanda that he had enjoyed fucking Thomas and wanted to fuck more guys. She was happy for him to continue with the proviso that she be there, and also she wanted to see Don himself getting fucked. Don was surprised, but Amanda's playing with his arse convinced him.

And Thomas did not know what to think, but his cock was rock hard.

Wearing just a pair of shorts, Thomas drove over to Don and Amanda's. Then, parking the car discreetly, he waited. He saw Jack and Tom leave, both were naked and already half erect. Like their father they were shaved and Thomas found they made a very fine sight. Finally, Thomas slipped his shorts off and left them in the car. Naked and hard, he made his way over to the villa; he relished the strangeness of walking with an erection wobbling in front of him.

Don was delighted to see Thomas so eager, and both he and Amanda loved Thomas's new shaved look. They showed him just how much, there and then. That day, Amanda, Thomas and Don explored every conceivable combination. Thomas discovered the delights of applying his tongue not only to Amanda's cunt, but to her arse and to Don's. The advantages of shaving became apparent as he explored the smooth surface before going deeper. Every hole was explored and fucked, nothing was off limits. This became clear when Amanda encouraged Thomas to fuck Don. She also took pictures, capturing her husband losing his cherry on camera.

All thought of going back to work for Thomas disappeared. He texted Richard, who immediately phoned him back. At that point both Don and Amanda were at work with their mouths on Thomas's cock and arse so Thomas sounded rather odd on the phone. Richard was worried and Thomas had to admit that he was having sex and enjoying himself so much that he wouldn't be back till late.

Richard had one or two calls to make, nothing urgent, but he used these as an excuse to close up the office. It didn't take him long to find Thomas's car, Thomas had told him roughly where he was going and they didn't have that many villas on their books in that area. Richard pulled up behind it and made his way, discreetly, to the villa. He needn't have worried, they weren't being discreet. Out on the terrace was Thomas and a couple, a man and a woman. The woman was watching, taking pictures, whilst the man was fucking Thomas's arse. Thomas was lying on his back on a table, legs in the air, but Richard could see quite clearly that Thomas's cock was rock hard and that, since yesterday, he (or someone) had shaved it entirely smooth. Almost of its own volition, Richard's hand went to his trousers; soon they were on the ground, quickly joined by his briefs. Richard brought himself to climax slowly.

Thomas had never been so satisfied, so fulfilled; it didn't matter that his arse was sore and aching. All intentions to go to work disappeared and somehow the day disappeared; when Jack and Tom finally appeared Thomas was getting one last fuck from Don. It was too good an opportunity to miss and Thomas found himself being fucked by Don, Jack and Tom.

The boys had had a great day, when they'd arrived at the guy's villa they were both rock hard. They had walked along the beach and enjoyed showing themselves off, getting quite a few positive comments and a few propositions. Ton and Dieter had deliberately kept things light; over night they'd had a crisis of conscience, aware how young Jack and Tom were but presented with the boy's enthusiasm and rock hard cocks their principles had melted. The day was something of a lesson for Jack and Tom, in the nicest possible way, they learned starting with enemas to 'clean themselves out' and working through the finer points of everything from rimming to tit torture. Jack's arse got well and truly stretched, not only did he sit on both Ton and Dieter's cocks taking them as deep as possible, but he took a selection of their dildos and spent some time with a butt plug in. Tom didn't go as far, but his arse too got stretched and he found himself taking Dieter's cock. It helped that Ton and Dieter also introduced the boys to poppers as well.

Tom learned to enjoy receiving arse play as much as giving it, and it was a revelation to discover that Dieter was happy to be versatile, happy to be fucked as much as to fuck guys. Both Tom and Jack enjoyed the feel of their cocks entering Dieter's substantial arse. Then of course there were the piercings, both boys were endlessly fascinated and wanted to find out in detail what it felt like and how they had them done.

After a substantial lunch (both boys ate like horses but luckily the Dutch guys had plenty of bread and cheese in stock), they went outside. At first to have a swim, but things developed and the Dutch guys were happy to share Tom and Jack's delight in exhibitionism, not only being naked and hard, but full on fucking with an audience.

It was a great day and Tom and Jack only left because they wanted to see if they could get to meet their parents' mysterious visitor. It turned into far more than a meeting, and both boys took great delight in following their father, it was more than sloppy seconds as Thomas's arse was now well and truly used.

When Thomas finally left, Don and family showered and then settled down to a meal. The boys were, of course, ravenous and eating together somehow normalised things. But Tom and Jack were going to visit Dieter and Ton again tomorrow, and Thomas was returning.

Thomas was feeling shattered and elated, he had never quite experienced anything like it. He'd managed to lose his shorts and was driving back naked. He decided to go to the office where he had a change of clothes. It was late, Richard would be long gone, but there was a key hidden.

But Richard had been working late and was having a final wank before leaving; he was sitting with his trousers and underpants round his ankles and his hand on his cock when Thomas appeared. Richard grinned when he saw Thomas naked and joked that he was ready for another session. Richard's cock was definitely thicker than anything Thomas had experienced so far, and his arse was crying out for another fucking. As they stroked their cocks Richard joked that Thomas had obviously had a great day, managing to lose both his clothes and his pubes. To Richard's amazement Thomas responded by telling Richard the truth, he'd spent the day getting his arse fucked and couldn't wait to do it again.

Richard's response was a bit distracted, he checked Thomas had been fucked with a guy, three in fact, that he wanted to do it again. Then he realised what Thomas was offering. Dude, you want to do it again? Thomas nodded and Richard grinned, motioning to his own hard cock. Thomas needed little encouragement and straddled Richard, lowering himself on Richard's cock. Richard was shocked and surprised, he'd never been so close to a guy. Not only was his cock deep in Thomas's arse but his face was close to Thomas's, close enough to kiss; but that was going too far. Still Richard, could smell the sweat and cum on Thomas, and the smell was intoxicating.

The sex was explosive, and afterwards Thomas gave Richard a rough breakdown of events. As they got dressed, Richard commented on Thomas having to do without his underpants, but Thomas laughed and said that he was going commando now. Then, dressed and respectable once more, the pair went home. Thomas for a long soak in the bath and a careful shave, Richard to wonder what the hell he'd done, what he was going to tell his girlfriend and, most worryingly, whether he'd get to fuck Thomas again.

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