Tom 16 - Chapter 15 - breaking boundaries

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack and their parents Don and Amanda are off on holiday, to the south of France and plan to spend much of the time naked. Don and Amanda have hooked up with a local man Thomas who works with Richard, whilst their friends Tony and Judith are on holiday not far away and have met a pair of Scots lads, Iain and Alistair. Colin and Garth are having similar holiday adventures staying with Antoine and his son, Thierry
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Richard was jogging to work with a bounce in his step. His girlfriend had returned the night before, and he was feeling great. There hadn't been a big bust up, instead they had decided to part amicably. Richard realised that there were things he wanted to do which did not involve her, parts of him he wanted to explore. And she had clearly found other interests back home at her mother's. After the agreement and when she left, Richard found that instead of feeling heartbroken he had felt a weight lift. The first person he had phoned had been Thomas, the two had barely seen each other for the last few days but Richard's cock had found its way to Thomas's arse rather a lot and Richard could not forget that.

Thomas had made one or two suggestions; the old Richard would have shied away from it but the new Richard agreed. So today he was wearing only a singlet and jogging shorts with nothing underneath, so that his cock and balls were clearly outlined as they bounced and sometimes managed to escape treating passers by to a flash, whilst the shorts were clinging to the crack in his arse in a very suggestive manner. When he got to work he slipped off the singlet and shorts, and showered; then sat at his desk. That was one of Thomas's suggestions, they were now working naked in the office.

Richard was alone for the morning, as Thomas was out visiting properties, so the first person to see Richard was the postman who was slightly taken aback. He was Middle-Eastern in origin and clearly startled by finding Richard naked, but rather than fleeing quickly he kept finding excuses to stay. When he returned for the third time, the inevitable happened and Richard ended up sucking him off.

Richards only other visitors that morning were an English couple who had run into financial problems on their holiday and wanted to 'work something out', which Richard knew meant that they wanted to be let off what they owed them in return for favours, usually sexual. Richard stayed behind his desk, so that the could were unclear quite whether he was wearing anything, which clearly unnerved them both. Richard had intended to be hard but when he saw them, he had another idea. The girl was clearly the go-ahead one, and the favours on offer were her's whilst her red-haired boyfriend seemed to stay in the background. He was wearing baggy t-shirt and shorts which hung really low to reveal a pair of unsavoury looking patterned boxer shorts. When Richard made his suggestion, the shock in the boyfriend's face was palpable, and enjoyable to watch.

They went off to 'think about it', but returned and signalled acceptance. The boyfriend rather bashfully started to strip off. He had very pale, white skin with pink patches on his arms and shoulders where he had caught the sun. Not hairy at all, and quite wiry, there was a mass of red pubes and a quite small cock. It was no where near erect, but Richard wasn't worried. He planned to fuck the boyfriend. When he stood up, both stared at him. Richard's pubes were now entirely shaved (another of Thomas's suggestions). It was a look which Richard decided he liked.

The boyfriend bent over, burying his face in his girlfriend's cunt, and revealing a surprisingly hairy crack. Richard squatted down and applied his tongue, it was hard work the guys hole was tight but Richard relished his work. There had been plenty of girls in the past, easy pickings in their job dealing with young tourists. But it had been Thomas's suggestion that there were surely plenty of guys like them, ripe for trying for the first time. And this had appealed to Richard, now he got his first chance. Richard explored the guy's cock with one of his hands and found that the guy was clearly enjoying himself as he was rock hard. Richard replaced his tongue with a finger, leading to a grunt from the guy but Richard continued. The grunt expanded when Richard finally thrust in his cock. The guy was tight, really tight; and it felt like nothing Richard had fucked before. He could really get to like this.

The guy came with a huge explosion even before Richard did and as he pulled up his shorts he looked rather shame-faced, as if embarrassed to have enjoyed his humiliation so much. Richard looked forward to a second payment the following day.


Don and Amanda had had something of a row, which had rather overshadowed their evening. Amanda had reacted badly to the boys new haircuts, or rather lack of hair though Don had been more sanguine. Next morning things were calmer, but Amanda went by herself into town leaving Don with the boys. Tom and Jack were both feeling a little under the weather from over exposure to the sun, so that for the morning they lay in bed a long time. When they finally did get up, Don made them breakfast and afterwards the three lazed about the house, keeping well out of the sun. Don reassured the two, on the subject of their new lack of hair saying that Amanda would come round eventually and that he thought that the look suited them.

It was Don who got hard first, it wasn't intentional but if truth be told he rather enjoyed being naked and hard around his sons. And they responded almost instantly. Don had had more sex with guys in the last few days than he had had in his entire life, and he found that he was enjoying it. His experience with Thomas had made him more daring. Tom and Jack were similarly emboldened by their experiences with Ton and Dieter.

Soon Don found himself exploring both his son's arses with his tongue; neither was very clean but that made it even more intoxicating for Don as he drew in his son's most intimate smells. Things went a lot further than before, and they retired to the comfort of Tom and Jack's bed where arses were fucked. At first, Don fucked his sons as he had done before, but then the roles were reversed and they both fucked him, to their great delight. There were pauses for pissing, shitting and eating, but essentially Don spent the rest of the day in bed enjoying uninhibited sex with his sons, not only fucking them but being fucked also. Don was starting to discover the possibilities of his own arse.


Amanda had worked off a lot of her steam by the time she had driven to town and some shopping and a lovely coffee and cake quickly brought a sense of perspective. She was wearing only a light sun dress with nothing underneath and enjoyed the sense of flashing to passers by. At the cafe she realised that she was doing more than flash. Sitting at a nicely private table, she adjusted her dress so that she gave the waiter a really good look. His appreciative response was to bring her a napkin and under the cover of arranging it for her, allowed his fingers to show how much he appreciated her. Anything further that might have developed was prevented by the restaurant suddenly getting busy.

On a whim, and feeling rather horny, she decided to call into Thomas's office, it was in a curious back cul-de-sac which gave it an air of privacy. She walked in to find both Thomas and his partner Richard in the office, Thomas stood up and smiled at her and introduced Richard who similarly stood and greeted her.

Both were completely naked. Richard was shaved like Thomas, a look which Amanda appreciated and she noted his very substantial and thick cock, which certainly gave Amanda ideas. She commented on their lack of clothes, and Thomas smiled and said that they found it more comfortable working like that. Richard grinned, and revealed a rather charming smile and the glimmer of a sense of humour. He asked her if she would perhaps join them, if she didn't feel to shy. Amanda needed no further encouragement.

They had an exciting and lively session. Amanda felt slightly guilty that Don was not there to join in, but the sight of both Thomas and Richard's cocks was just too enticing. Richard did indeed proved longer and thicker than Thomas, though both were equally adept and each came with gusto, Richard finally brought Amanda to climax. She noted also, that Richard was also fucking Thomas, and enjoyed watching the pair in action.


It was only when returning back to the villa that Amanda remembered that in her anger that morning, now long gone, she had not taken her pill. She thought no more of it, but dashed straight to her bedroom to get a pill just in case. Afterwards she went in search of Don and the boys, eventually tracking them down asleep on Tom and Jack's bed all three intertwined with Jack's turgid cock still in his father's arse. This was a new development, and Amanda took some photos of the scene before waking them.

After making sure she'd took the pill, she slipped off her own dress and woke Don by stroking his cock. The boys woke gradually, coming to, to find their parents making love between them. What followed was unplanned, but seemed the culmination of two weeks of experimentation and seeing how for you could take things. Tom stroked his own cock, and then experimentally approached his father's arse. Rather than not responding, Don paused in his stroke to allow Tom to thrust his cock into his father's arse leaving both Tom and Jack rather amazed. Then Jack followed suit, pushing his own cock into his mother's arse, thus leaving the four of them intimately entwined.

Afterwards the two couples parted to shower and talk. Tom and Jack to simply look forward to telling Garth of their adventures and learning of his. They rather took for granted that their family fuck had happened and looked forward to doing it again. Amanda confessed to Don about fucking Thomas and Richard whilst in town, but he was cool with that partly because he made his own confession to Amanda. Don admitted that he'd enjoyed his session that afternoon with the boys, and hoped to continue doing so when they returned home. But there were also other things not said. Amanda did not mention the issue of the missing pill and the possibility, small though it was, that she may fall pregnant. And Don made no mention of his widening interest in sex with other men, how he had enjoyed their sessions with Thomas and wanted to take such explorations further, on his own, with friends at home.


Colin and Garth registered openly as a couple at the first hotel they stayed at. The staff seemed to accept that Colin was sharing a room with his young boyfriend, and the two were affectionate in front of the staff. Once in their room, their fucking was interrupted by room service but Garth was not phased and continued fucking his father with the waiter watching. Later they went for an early evening walk before dinner, and Colin kissed Garth quite openly in front of the hotel guests. Then after dinner, Colin insisted they go for a walk before returning to their room. Once away from the hotel terrace, Colin slipped his hand down the back of Garth's trousers; that was the advantage of going commando all the time, Garth's arse was always easily available. The trousers were loose, so Colin's hand went deep into Garth's crack. They stopped and Garth unfastened his trousers allowing them to drop to the ground. As his father squatted down to apply his tongue to Garth's crack, Garth removed his shirt. Soon both were naked and completely oblivious to the fact that they were out in the open. One or two people out for a post-dinner walk saw them, no-one objected and next morning at breakfast there were quite a few grins.

It was warm that morning and they drove with the car roof open. Garth slipped his shirt off and dozed. He was feeling horny and unfastened his shorts, at first just a little, then he slipped his hand in and finally brought his erect cock out into the open. His father did not object, but just grinned. Garth was a little coy at first, but finally adjusted his shorts so that his cock was nicely on display. The ordinary passing cars could not see in, but he started getting appreciative hoots, grins and thumbs up from the lorries which they overtook. Finally Colin said that Garth ought to do his too, and so Garth unfastened his father's shorts and allowed Colin's cock to emerge. Just before they pulled into a motorway services for lunch, Garth commented that it was a shame that they could not be naked all the time, he liked having his cock on display. They did not zip up till the car was parked. As Colin brought the roof back up, their unzipped state was noticed by a man and his teenage son, both stared fascinated. When Colin and Garth emerged from the car fully dressed, the onlooking pair still stared and Garth said very clearly to his father, Dad I need a fuck right now, and Colin agreed.

So they slipped into one of the disabled toilets. One need satisfied, they then went to get food. The services had a number of shops as well and after eating they ended up in a sports shop. Whilst Garth was mooning over the latest line in trainers, Colin came across some cycle gear, tight lycra one-pieces, tops and shorts. But some seemed designed more for show than real sport, in particular one line had no padding round the crotch, and suggested that all would be revealed. Colin called Garth over and showed him them. Garth was immediately enthusiastic and stripped off there and then, treating the shop to the sight of his naked body. Wearing the white one-piece was hardly more modest, it fitted Garth like a glove and went alarmingly transparent giving a clear view of arse and cock. Garth was very taken. He tried others on and finally chose the white one-piece, and a pair of similar shorts. Then he urged his father to try one on too. Colin needed little encouragement; he was a little more discreet when changing, and the shop only got to see his well-shaped arse. But the shorts he tried was as revealing as Garth's; egged on by his son he bought them.

The two walked back to the car discussing when they might wear their new acquisitions, and Garth was insistent he wear it at dinner that evening. Either the man and his son in the next car had not moved away from their car, or they had returned before Colin and Garth, but they were there when the two returned. Colin nodded to them and the guy nodded back cautiously. As Colin put the roof down, he asked Garth whether he planned to show off again. Garth grinned and said it seemed like a good idea, then Colin suggested why didn't Garth just slip his shorts right off. Garth looked at his Dad slightly amazed, and asked Colin if he was going to as well. Colin shrugged, in for a penny.

So the foreign man and his son watched with fascination and amazement as Colin and Garth slipped off shirts and shorts, and drove away naked. The foreign man turned to his son and asked rather nervously in their native Dutch, whether they should do something like that. The son smiled nervously at his father, and said that he would like that. Both were a bit shy, but their car had no sun-roof so they felt less exposed. They sat in the car and unfastened shirt and shorts, both wore boxer shorts underneath. When they had wriggled out of these both were naked. Neither had seen the other naked for a long time, and neither had seen the other hard. Both were now rock hard. Their journey did not last long, the man finally having to pull off the motorway and find a quiet spot were they could have their first ever fuck, and it certainly would not be their last.

Garth did indeed wear his new shorts that evening, and Colin wore his, but they only wore them for a long walk around after checking in to the hotel; Colin insisted they dress properly for dinner. But even this got quite a few admiring looks, as father and son wandered round with their tight lycra revealing everything.

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