Tom 16 - Chapter 2

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other, and their friend Garth has found out that his Dad, Colin, keeps his pubes shaved.
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Garth had finally plucked up courage to ask Colin about the way he kept his pubes shaved. Since the wedding, Garth had followed his father in going commando and had, eventually, got Colin to allow him to go to school like it. Having seen each other naked at the hotel, both had become a little more casual about wandering round the house naked. Though, much to his regret, Garth hadn't seen his father hard again and couldn't find the courage to show himself off like it.

When taxed about it, Colin admitted that he'd done it since he was 18. That he preferred being like it and that, he thought guys who weren't hairy looked far better that way. Though Garth had always suspected his father preferred guys, this was the closet that they'd ever come to discussing it. When Garth suggested that he too might shave, Colin was enthusiastic but he daren't suggest to Garth that he help Garth shave. And Garth was too nervous to suggest his father might help, so he ended up doing it on his own. He did a creditable job and the sight of Garth's shaved crotch gave Colin fodder for many nightly fantasies.

Garth being shaved, reactivated Tom's interest in the idea and he managed to persuade Jack to shave him. After all, with Jack's sparse blond pubes, it wouldn't be a big deal. They waited for a Saturday afternoon when both parents were out and retired to their bathroom. Jack ran the clippers over his pubes, removing almost all, and then proceeded to shave. He had trouble when it came to his balls and Tom offered to help. Jack sat on the toilet (with seat down), lifted his legs and revealed his balls and a surprisingly hairy arsehole to Tom, who proceeded to shave. Revealing Jack's smooth balls and crack took longer than they anticipated and by the time they had finished both were hard. Tom ran his fingers down Jack's crack and, lubricated with the shaving cream, experimentally pressed a finger against Jack's hole. Tom held his breath, and when Jack didn't object, Tom slid a finger into Jack's hole; first a finger, then two. Both were silent, all you could hear was breathing as Tom waited for Jack to tell him to stop. Jack didn't, instead he told Tom to fuck him. Tom couldn't believe his ears and needed no further encouragement.

Neither had gone this far with anyone before, but excitement and energy carried them away. Tom hurt Jack at first, and he cried out, but cries of discomfort soon turned to ecstasy as he felt his brother's cock deep inside him. As Tom came inside Jack, Jack stroked his cock and both came together in one wild moment. Afterwards, nervousness of relief led to laughter. Neither could quite believe that they had stepped over the final hurdle of taboo, to have fucked. Afterwards Tom wiped Jack down and they then changed places as Jack shaved Tom. This took longer, as Jack took care over Tom's belly and pubes as well as his arse. Somehow both of them knew that Jack wasn't going to fuck Tom, it was Tom's cock up Jack's arse that mattered. So with Tom smooth as well, they celebrated by fucking again, this time on Jack's bed.

As their parents were still out they were daring and ran downstairs naked, adrenalin and crazy excitement fuelling their craziness. By the time they returned to their bedroom, both were hard again and fucked once more.

Don had come back from the shops early, leaving Amanda on her own. He slipped off his shoes and crept up the stairs, hoping to be rewarded again. The door was open and Don was rewarded with an unbelievable sight; Jack on his back on his bed, his legs in the air with Tom pounding his arse. Transfixed, Don unzipped and not caring if he was seen, brought himself to climax.

Both Jack and Tom cancelled their plans for the evening and, much to their parents surprise, were content to relax at home and go up to their room early. Don and Amanda were relieved that the two boys were getting on and Don hardly knew how to tell Amanda that they were probably fucking away at that moment (which they were).

Sunday afternoon Tom went off to see Garth and left Jack to help his father in the garden. Tom hated gardening, but Jack rather enjoyed it. Whilst Jack and Don were working in the garden, Tom and Garth were in Garth's room and Tom was telling Garth about how he and Jack had started shaving. Garth was curious to see and Tom was easily encouraged to slip his jeans off and Garth followed suit, the pair of them admiring the look of their shaved pubes.

Colin was at home and, without thinking, walked in on Garth and Tom lying naked on Garth's bed, admiring each other's new look. It was debatable who was more embarrassed, Colin or Garth, though Tom in fact rather enjoyed getting to show off. Colin apologised and closed the door, but the moment had been broken. Garth and Tom dressed and went on to play a few desultory games on Garth's console, but Tom left early.

When Garth came back from seeing Tom out, he found his father sitting naked, his cock half hard. Garth looked puzzled at Colin who grinned and said that being has he'd managed to embarrass Garth, it seemed only fair that Garth should get embarrass his father. Garth laughed and Colin apologised again; he added that he had no objection to Garth having a relationship with Tom and that he would take care to keep out of their way. Tom explained his father's misapprehension, affirming that they were just friends and he'd been admiring Tom's new shaving job. Colin wasn't so sure, but did not pursue the matter. He reached for his trousers, then looked at Garth and suggested that perhaps Garth would like to join him. Garth's eyes widened, you mean naked. Colin nodded. Garth slipped out of his clothes, his cock betraying his excitement.

Gingerly he sat down beside his father, aware that both were getting hard. He looked at his father's cock, Colin nodded in encouragement and Garth leaned down and took it in his mouth. The sex was long and slow as each explored the other, but finished almost inevitably with Colin fucking Garth's tight virgin arse.

As Tom was slowly walking home, hoping that Colin's seeing them naked had not freaked Garth out too much and wondering whether he dare tell Garth about him and Jack; Jack and Don were finishing gardening. Don announced that he was feeling weary and would take a shower. He invited Jack to shower with him, as Don and Amanda's bathroom had a huge shower with room enough for two (a facility of which Don and Amanda often took advantage). Feeling a little nervous Jack stripped off, and watched in amazement as Don's working trousers dropped to reveal him naked underneath; Don was indeed going commando.

Don was tall and dark with a good thatch of pubes above his cock and heavy balls, but not much hair on his chest. Jack stared at his father's cock as he soaped himself in the shower. Both took a long time over it, relishing the sight of the other. Don was surprised to see Jack was smooth, and before he could stop himself commented. Jack smiled nervously, saying that Tom had told him about a friend of theirs who shaved and they'd liked the idea. Don picked up on the fact that both Tom and Jack shaved and Jack confirmed this.

Any further activity was curtailed by the return of Amanda and Tom, who had met up on the way back. So Don and Jack quickly finished showering and dried, but not before Don's cock started to get hard and as he dried Jack got a good view of the head of his father's thick cock emerging from his fore-skin. Don enjoyed showing off to Jack, and hoped to do so further. He tried to find a way of letting Jack know that he'd seen them fucking, but couldn't find the words.

Tom couldn't wait for dinner to be over to tell Jack about the odd moment at Garth's and then for them to go on and fuck again. There was time for a second fuck, just before they went to bed; this time slower. When Tom had his cock deep in Jack's arse, they each leaned forward and, without planning to, kissed. The family had never been a particularly tactile one, neither Tom nor Jack had ever been kissed by their father and the idea that they would kiss each other was alien; up until now. The short kiss turned into something deeper. Both had pulses racing when they came. Afterwards, Jack suggested that Tom stay with him, so they slept there cuddled up together in Jack's bed.

From then on, that became their nightly ritual. Each morning, Tom would ruffle up his bed, to look as if it was slept in. But the two of them spent their night together, in Jack's bed. And, of course, Tom's cock spent rather a lot of time up Jack's arse; two young men, with a great deal of testosterone and a united agreement about how to use up the sexual energy. But there was more than just sex, the two enjoyed the feeling of intimacy brought being in the same bed together, and the overwhelming feelings that came with it, the sheer pleasure that they found in kissing each other. Jack worried that they were weird, two brothers not only having sex but having such an intimate relationship, but Tom told him not to be stupid and that it was only natural for brothers to be close. Then Tom laughed and said that besides, Jack was never going to find someone who could fuck him as well as Tom did and Jack had to agree.

Next Saturday afternoon, Tom went out with Garth, Amanda went shopping with a friend. Garth was a bit distracted, he and Colin had been fucking regularly but he didn't know how to tell Tom. It seemed such a big leap; to start having sex with your Dad and Garth was worried that Tom would freak out.

Don and Jack worked in the garden again. Afterwards there was a shower, but this time Don had a surprised for Jack. He too had shaved. Don had told Amanda about how he'd showered with Jack, omitting any suggesting of sexual interest. She had been piqued at the idea of Don shaved and, in return for getting Brazilian wax herself, Don had let her shave him. This, in turn looked as if it would develop into a nightly ritual. The smooth Don reminded Amanda of the younger Don, less hairy when they first met than he was now. And she rather liked it.

This time when showering, Don allowed himself to get hard quite quickly, almost as if it was natural. So Jack found himself wanking with Don, noting how like Tom's cock Don's was, except Don was longer and thicker, and wondering what it would be like to be fucked by his father. As for Don, his thoughts were confused. He'd never thought much about guys and he didn't want to fuck Jack, but he loved seeing Jack naked and had found it glorious to be able to show himself off to his son.

Colin was also worried. He was scared that his new found relationship with Garth would freak the boy out, that Garth would find the idea of having regular sex with his father too weird for comfort. It was hardly something that you could talk about. And having sex had led to other changes, neither wore clothes around the house. Colin was more comfortable that way and it seemed that Garth was too, after all if he'd seen his Dad hard with Colin's cock up Garth's arse, then simply being naked was hardly a bit deal. But Colin kept his clothes on that evening and when Garth returned they had a long talk about sex, relationships and themselves. Colin made it clear that he wanted to do what was best for Garth, that he didn't want to Garth to feel pressured. It took Garth some time to convince his father and there was a dodgy moment when Garth thought his father didn't want to fuck him anymore. Despite Colin's intentions, reassurance turned to sex and afterwards Garth convinced his father that he didn't want to be anywhere else. Then Garth announced that he wanted to sleep with Colin. This surprised and delighted Colin who had always assumed that boys of Garth's age would require their own space.

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