Tom 16 - Chapter 3

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other, as yet their parents, Don and Amanda, are unaware. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father.
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By the end of the week, Amanda was starting to get a little suspicious about Tom's bed. It seemed so unlikely, but it looked as if the two boys spent most of the night in Jack's bed. One night she mentioned these thoughts to Don and he had to confess that he'd seen the two having sex, though it was vague about when it was. Amanda's reaction was far more matter of fact than Don had anticipated. He asked her if she minded that their sons were fucking each other, and she commented that it seemed far less dangerous than picking guys up in the park; there had been a few scare stories in the paper about young men getting beaten up in the park. Amanda made note to perhaps mention this, when things had become clearer.

Neither Don nor Amanda had any idea how to pursue the matter. Amanda said that she'd think about it but didn't want to do anything precipitous. They could have left things there, but Don felt he had to come clean and admitted that he and Jack had jerked off together on Saturday and the Don had enjoyed displaying himself to Jack. Amanda was even less certain how to deal with this, worried that Don might wish to fuck Jack or Tom. Don admitted that the thought had occurred to him, but that boys did not appeal quite in that way, what he wanted to do was fuck Amanda in front of them.

When Don and Amanda had first met, they had found they both enjoyed showing off in public. On one notable occasion at a friend's party, Don had been dancing with Amanda and found that she wasn't wearing any panties. He'd allowed his hands to explore her arse and when he found she didn't object had moved them to her cunt. Amanda's response had been to stroke Don's erect cock through his trousers and then to unzip them and release his cock from its confinement. Don wasn't wearing anything underneath his trousers so that the operation was quite easy. They continued on the dance floor like that, with the tip of Don's cock just brushing Amanda's cunt. It must have been perfectly obvious to their fellow dancers what was happening, but no-one objected. So it seemed only natural to go one step further and fuck properly. Afterwards one or two of Don's friends congratulated him on his being a lucky bugger. When Don found that Amanda enjoyed doing it in public as much as he did, there was no stopping them. The next party Don found it was easy enough to drop his trousers completely and by the third time, Don and Amanda were comfortably naked. It became almost something of a joke that at some time during a party Don and Amanda would get naked and fuck. But all this stopped when the kids came along, making life more complicated. Now it seemed that things might be about to change again.

The knowledge that their sons were being so sexually active seemed to have given Don and Amanda's sex life a new impetus. Most night's Amanda helped Don to shave and they found that they were more relaxed and less worried that one of the boy's might interrupt them having sex. In fact, it Amanda joked that it was more likely that it would be they who interrupted the boys having sex.

By the weekend, Don and Amanda had made no decision, except that by quietly ignoring the fact that the boys were sleeping together was a decision in itself. Friday night, Don confided to Amanda that he'd like to encourage the boys rather than dissuade them. That he'd like them to be a family where it was possible to be entirely open, that the boys could feel free to wander around naked, to have sex wherever and whenever they wanted. Amanda had smiled and asked if that applied to them too, Don agreed, he'd fantasized about fucking Amanda in front of Tom and Jack, but had never considered it to be more than fantasy. Amanda agreed, but said that they would have to go carefully as the boys were only teenagers and might get freaked out if their parents were too enthusiastic about sex.

So that Saturday afternoon Jack helped his father in the garden as usual. Tom didn't go to see Garth, who was away for the weekend visiting family, so he sat outside watching Jack and Don and pretending to help. Afterwards when Don and Jack went for a shower, Don suggested Tom join them just for the hell of it. Even before they had entered the house Don had his trousers unfastened and his cock out, already getting hard. Jack and Tom stripped off quickly and eagerly, both getting hard themselves. They were amazed when, instead of immediately jumping into the shower, Don suggested they get a drink and commented that it was a great feeling being naked and hard out in the open. This was a new side to their father, one which neither boy had really suspected. Once in the shower, each watched the others eagerly as they stroked their cocks, coming with a huge joint explosion.

All three were still just wearing towels when Amanda returned. She announced that she had heard from the agent, through whom they had booked a house in France for their forthcoming holiday. To get the location they wanted they would have to make do with just 2 bedrooms. Tom and Jack would have to share not only a room but a bed. She and Don thought that they might enjoy that and if it was a success then they would look at getting the boys a double bed on the return from the holiday. Both Jack and Tom looked dumbfounded; not only did their parents know they now slept together but didn't seem to mind; in fact, seemed to be encouraging it.

Jack recovered first, asking if they didn't mind. Don said no, but it had taken some getting used to and Amanda repeated her comment about it being preferable to them picking guys up at the local cottage. It was only later that the boys realised that she'd used the word cottage rather than public toilet and had been surprised again that their parents knew about such things.

Both Jack and Tom were a little freaked out by the turn in events and for the next few days they were a little inhibited. At first they didn't have sex at all, but boys being boys and their hormones still raging, it was inevitable that this wouldn't last.

Since Saturday Garth had slept with Colin every night. Often he couldn't wait to get home from school so that his father could fuck him. Garth wanted to tell people, but he knew that he couldn't and even confiding in Tom was difficult. How do you start? Garth was convinced that Tom would be freaked out about him and Colin. Tom for his part wanted to confide in Garth about the amazing developments at home but was worried that Garth would find them just too weird.

What with sorting out the holiday and worrying about Tom and Jack, Don and Amanda had entirely forgotten that on Saturday they were due to go to a fancy dress party at Tony and Judith's. These were always fun affairs, with people being a bit outrageous in their choice of costume and letting their hair down. You could always guarantee that people would be slipping off to fuck, usually not with the person that they were married to. It was Don's suggestion that they go as Adam and Eve. At first Amanda assumed that Don meant for them to wear fake fig leaves or something, but he made it clear that he was thinking of them being entirely naked.

At first Amanda dismissed the idea out of hand, but then it began to take hold of her imagination. After all, Tom and Jack were no longer tiny and it would be fun to be outrageous again. Amanda found it exciting to think of Don showing off his beautifully shaved cock; the more she thought about it the more she liked the idea. Finally she decided to give Judith a ring as she felt that she and Don couldn't turn up naked without fore-warning Judith and Tony. Judith was a bit taken aback at Amanda's suggestion that she and Don might come as Adam and Eve before the Fall. But the opportunity to see Don naked was too good to miss. Frankly Judith couldn't believe that Don had agreed to do it (Amanda hadn't mentioned that it was Don's idea), she knew certainly that Tony wouldn't agree to showing off in such a way.

In fact Judith decided that, as hosts, she needed to do something about her and Tony's costumes if Amanda and Don were being so daring. They were going as Greeks and it was easy enough for Judith to alter her's so that one of her naked breasts showing and that the costume slit up the sides to reveal her legs and perhaps the fact that she wouldn't be wearing panties. As for Tony, he rather resisted but finally agreed that he'd omit his jock-strap and wear nothing under the tunic; Judith also shortened it but didn't tell Tony. For his part, Tony was rather looking forward to seeing Amanda naked and wondered how Don dared.

At Friday night dinner the subject of the party came up and Jack asked his parents what they were going as. Other year's there had been a lot of fuss about costumes, but this year his mother had been quiet. When Don told them that they were going as Adam and Eve, neither Jack nor Tom could believe it at first; Jack questioned his parents to check that he hadn't got the wrong idea. But it was true, Amanda and Don would be entirely naked; in fact they were a little worried about Jack and Tom's reaction but the boys thought the idea entirely cool. Exhibitionists themselves, they were discovering that their parents were too.

Afterwards in their bedroom, the boys discussed the problem of being naked and whether their Dad would get hard. Naturally this made them randy themselves and soon they forgot about their Dad and were slipping off their clothes so that Tom could fuck Jack. They'd only just finished when they heard footsteps on the stairs, it was Don. Feeling a little daring, they didn't bother to pull on clothes but Jack did drape the sheets to cover his half-hard dick. He needn't have bothered as Don was himself almost naked, having come out of the shower he was carrying a towel in front of him but when he saw that the boys were naked he casually draped it around his shoulders leaving his freshly shaved cock and balls on display.

Ostensible Don's visit was to check what that boy's plans were for the following evening whilst Don and Amanda were out. Tom admitted that they planned to stay at home, but felt a little embarrassed to admit that they were going to take advantage of their parent's absence to wander around naked and fuck in all sorts of places. Don assumed this was the case and joked that they ought to be careful that they didn't wear their dicks out, but that he and Amanda hoped that they would have fun. Conversation moved to the party and Jack blurted out their query about what his Dad would to about getting hard. Don laughed and told them that there was no problem there as he almost certainly would get hard and planned to show off as much as possible. When he saw there expressions Don got a little more serious and explained that as far as he and Amanda were concerned there was no shame in being naked, it was something to celebrate and that a guy should never ever be embarrassed about getting an erection, it was something to enjoy.

All this talk of erections had started to get Tom and Jack hard again. Deliberately Jack adjusted his position in the bed so that the sheet fell away giving his Dad a good view of their two erect cocks. Don grinned and said there you are, two beautiful specimens. Don's own cock was getting hard, with a another grin he stroked his cock and said that he'd have to be doing something about it and would leave Tom and Jack in peace.

Tom and Jack fucked again, of course, and for the first time since the revelation that Don and Amanda knew about them, they slept together. They talked a lot about Don's comments and the idea that their parents seemed to encourage them to display themselves. Both agreed that more talk was needed.

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