Tom 16 - Chapter 4

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other.Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack have discovered that their parents, Don and Amanda approve and they want to tell Garth.
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As Colin and Garth snuggled up together in bed, Garth told his father that he wanted to tell Tom about them, about their relationship. Colin warned Garth to go careful, but agreed that a close friend like Tom could be told. Mentally Colin made a note that he needed to have a word with Don and Amanda; he'd no idea what their reaction would be. He knew they'd been quite wild when younger but that didn't mean that they were still tolerant. So next morning, Colin arranged to meet Don and Amanda for coffee in town, whilst Garth made similar arrangements with Tom; Garth was a little surprised when Tom asked to bring Jack along but said OK.

Colin was profoundly nervous at talking to Don and Amanda and was beginning to regret that he'd ever conceived of the idea of but was immediately put more at his ease when he realised that Amanda wasn't wearing panties. As she sat down at the table, her skirt lifted and he got a clear glimpse of her shaved cunt. Colin didn't know where to start so simply plunged in and explained how he'd caught Tom and Garth naked and thought they'd been having sex. How he didn't have a problem with this now the boys were over 16 but that Garth had explained that they were just fooling around, how this had led to Colin's stupid idea to provide Garth with the opportunity to embarrass his father and how this had led to an entirely surprising result.

As he went through the narrative it was obvious that Don and Amanda had gathered bits and pieces for themselves, but they were still surprised at Colin's admission. Colin explained that Garth was keen to tell Tom, so that he'd felt he had to make things clear to Don and Amanda. When Colin had finished his revelation he sat there waiting, not quite sure what to expect; Don and Amanda looked at each other and then grinned and said congratulations. Colin had been prepared for various reactions but not such outright approval. Seeing his confusion, Don and Amanda looked at each other and then Don explained that they'd recently discovered that their sons Tom and Jack were sleeping together and fucking each other regularly. That they'd had to re-assess their attitude to incest, Amanda added that they'd been pretty relaxed when it came to sex and nudity when younger and had decided that it was important to make sure that Tom and Jack were as equally relaxed. And that at the moment having the boys fucking each other seemed an ideal way to channel their sexuality.

When Amanda went to the toilet Don confided to Colin that whilst he'd never actually had sex with either Tom or Jack, he'd found that he enjoyed being naked around them and that he liked getting hard and showing off to them. When Amanda returned the conversation moved to shaving, they'd realised that it was Colin who had given the boys the idea to shave. Colin admitted that he'd always preferred being shaved and was pleased that Garth liked it. Amanda explained that both Tom and Jack had started shaving and that both she and Don had liked the idea so much that Don did too. Colin joked that they ought to consider getting a picture of all 5 of the shaved guys.

By now Colin was getting hard and it was clear that Don was too, he was obviously not wearing underwear and his cock showed clearly in outline. Don's left hand had strayed to Amanda's pussy and he'd lifted her dress and given Colin a clear view of his fingering of her. Finally Don winked at Colin and with this free hand unzipped to release quite an impressive cock; after little hesitation, Colin did likewise. Then suddenly a waiter appeared, Colin panicked but Don and Amanda seemed unconcerned. Don took his hand away from Amanda, giving the waiter a clear view of her naked, shaved cunt. The young boy, who was hardly more than 18, couldn't take his eyes off her.

When Don asked him whether there was anywhere they could go, Colin thought the boy was going to shit himself. But he nodded and motioned to the back of the coffee-shop. Don and Amanda followed with Colin trailing behind. They ended up in a small store-room at the back. As soon as the door was closed Amanda walked over to the young waiter and put her hand on his crotch, then she unfastened his trousers and pushed them and his boxers down to reveal surprisingly substantial blond pubes and a slim but very erect cock. Amanda squatted down and took the cock into her mouth, the young waiter looked in heaven. Don unfastened his own trousers and let them drop, like Colin he was shaved and going commando. Soon both Don and Colin were stroking their own cocks as they watched Amanda, then Don motioned to Colin; so that whilst Amanda sucked the young boy, Colin sucked Don. It was all over too soon.

Afterwards, the waiter slipped away nervous that his absence had been spotted; whilst Don, Amanda and Colin couldn't wait to get out of the café so that they could explode with nervous laughter. They split up soon afterwards, each keen to digest what had happened. Colin shell shocked by discovering that not only was Tom having relationship with his brother, but that their parents knew and were happy with it, but also by the idea of just having had public sex with them. Don and Amanda for their part were excited by their return to having public sex and keen to go further at the evening's party. But Amanda noted the way Don and Colin had got together and decided to file it away for future thought and, perhaps, experiment.

Tom, Jack and Garth didn't meet up at one of their regular hang-outs; they didn't want to risk bumping into friends. So they chose somewhere out of the way. Garth was a bit confused when Tom brought Jack, it seemed rather unnecessary and made Garth feel a little inhibited. But when they arrived it was obvious that Tom and Jack were nervous, so Garth wondered what the hell was going on. Talk at first was general and non-specific, Jack was quiet whilst Tom covered nerves by talking too much. When their forthcoming holiday was mentioned, it was Jack however who informed Garth that he and Tom would be sleeping together and that after the holidays their parents had promised to buy them a double bed to use. It took Garth some minutes to take in what he was being told. So he asked the question, you mean you guys are fucking. Both turned red and said yes. Then Garth broke into a huge grin and told them that he was now sleeping regularly with his father. From then on, all three could not stop talking, all eager to exchange information.

Back home, everyone had a lot of news to swap, though the adults refrained from mentioning anything about their sexual encounter in the coffee shop. Colin was particularly disturbed by the idea of his having had sex with Don and didn't want to discuss it yet.

But Don and Amanda had to get ready for the party, and Don wanted to make sure that he was neatly shaved. When Tom asked what they were going as, he assumed that his father meant to wear a fig leaf or something. It was Tom and Jack's turn to be surprised again when informed that Don and Amanda would be Adam and Eve before the fall, entirely naked. In fact, Don wasn't going to be entirely naked, he was wearing a new cock ring which Amanda had bought him which brought forward and emphasised his cock and balls.

Tom and Jack couldn't get over the way their parents were going to have everything on display at the party. They were curious and excited, so much so that they couldn't wait for Don and Amanda to leave so that they could fuck. When Don came downstairs having got ready, he was wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Tom and Jack took the opportunity to quiz him about the party. Tom and Jack had not yet worked out how to talk to their parents about sex and fucking, given the new tolerance and change in the freedom of their attitude. So rather clumsily they asked their Dad whether he was worried about, you know, getting sort of …. Hard. Don laughed gently and said that he certainly wasn't, in fact he rather expected he would get hard. Tom's eyes opened in amazement and Don smiled and patted him on the back.

Don explained that as far as he and Amanda were concerned, being naked was natural, more than that sex was natural and that there was nothing more beautiful than a guy naked with a hard-on. He looked at Tom and Jack, and asked them if they were both hard now. Going red, they both nodded. Don then told them it was nothing to be embarrassed about, that they should be proud. He started to slip his shorts off, saying that he liked people seeing him naked, seeing him hard and that they should too. When asked if they liked being naked Tom and Jack said they did, but admitted that not many people had seen them hard. Don grinned and said that they would have to remedy that eventually.

When all three were naked, their cocks jutting proudly upwards, Don turned to his sons and was serious, saying that he and Amanda wanted them to know that though everything was new and strange, they should learn that sex was something beautiful and that Don and Amanda hoped Tom and Jack should feel they could do it anytime, anywhere. It took a moment for Tom to realise what his Dad was saying. You mean at home, here, any time, in front of you. Don nodded, and we'd like to be as free, to fuck when we wanted to. It should be a natural, family thing.

By this time Amanda had come down stairs and Don slipped his shorts on. They departed, leaving the two boys naked and hard, ready and eager to fuck; their first of many that evening. In the gaps between they watched TV, ordered pizza, played games, but mainly talked about what Don had said earlier. The idea of fucking whilst their parents were about both excited them and made them nervous.

When Don and Amanda reached the party, Don's cock had subsided so that when he slipped his shorts and t shirt off his cock and balls hung just nicely proud, thanks to the cock ring. Don and Amanda caused quite a stir when they appeared. Others were displaying large amounts of flesh and Judith had modified her costume so that one of her breasts was on display and the slit in the side of her dress was very revealing as she walked and hinted that she wasn't wearing any panties. But only Don and Amanda had everything on display. Tony could hardly keep his eyes off Amanda and was horribly aware that underneath his tunic he was naked (a concession to Judith who'd wanted him to display more).

At first Don and Amanda got all the attention, with Don's cock jutting out proudly, but gradually people began to relax and Amanda noticed other women started to lose bits of their clothing, displaying tits and cunt, though the men seemed to be a little more shy. And though people started to slip away to fuck, no-one actually dared to do so in the public gaze of the main party. Amanda found herself stood talking to Tony as nearby Don was ostensibly talking to Judith, though his hand had slipped into the slit at the side of her dress and was clearly fingering her cunt. Judith laughed and said something to Don, whose cock was starting to get hard. Finally, Don was stood there masturbating Judith with his cock proudly displayed rock hard. He pushed her dress back to reveal her cunt, with his fingers slipping in and out.

Tony had grown silent and Amanda turned to him, to his embarrassment his cock was now rock hard and was jutting out from beneath the hem of his tunic. Amanda leaned over and started to stroke it, Tony responded by letting his hand wander across her arse, coming to rest in her crack. By this time, Don had persuaded Judith to remove her dress completely and she was bent over with Don fucking her vigorously from the back, Amanda realised with some amazement that Judith was taking it up the arse, shedding new light on Judith and Tony's sex life.

Tony's fingers had started to find their way to Amanda's arse, fingering her hole. He whispered that he'd like to fuck her and Amanda responded positively, but said they had to do it there and that Tony had to take his tunic off. Tony had never been a show-off but he was a little drunk and worked up, so he slipped his tunic off to reveal a decently put together body and a cock which made up in girth what it lacked in length. He squatted down and applied his mouth to Amanda's arse, then started to slip his cock into it. Amanda had never been fucked in the arse, before and was stirred both by the novelty and by the fact that it was Tony who was doing it.

The two couples soon generated an audience and a couple of other guys took advantage of the availability of Judith and Amanda's cunts, so that both women were soon being fucked front and back. At one point, Judith even had a third guy's cock in her mouth.

Don was determined not to come so that he could show off a bit more and fuck some other women. He left Judith to the tender mercies of a couple of other guys and wandered over to Amanda and fucked her, both front and back, definitely a new sensation to be explored further.

Eventually Don wandered off to get a beer, enjoying the way his hard cock bobbed about freely. He appreciated the fact that Judith had lost her clothing entirely, she and Amanda seemed to be revelling in the attention they were getting, taking cocks front and back. There were some strange sights, such as the nun who had lost her robes and kept only her head dress. Tony had kept his tunic, but seemed far less worried that he was showing off his not unimpressive cock. One guy Don didn't recognise was wearing only a kilt, and seemed very keen for people to realise that he wasn't wearing anything under it. A couple of guys in renaissance costumes had lost their cod-pieces and had their hard cocks jutting out from the elaborate velvet, a fine sight.

Don and Amanda's friend Nathan had come as an 18th century soldier, with a red jacket with lots of braiding and tight cream breeches tucked into boots. He had somehow managed to lose the breeches, but keep the jacket and boots; so that from the back you could just about imagine he was fully dressed but at the front the bush of his blond pubes and his small but perfectly formed cock were on display. Don watched in amazement, and some envy, as Nathan bent over to press his tongue deep into a young woman's cunt, then a guy in a policeman's uniform slipped his own cock out and proceeded to fuck Nathan's prominent arse, with its tight muscled buttocks. Nathan was a runner and his arse and legs were without an inch of fat.

Some time later Nathan came over to talk to Don; Nathan commented that he'd never had so much fun and wouldn't have dared to expose his cock without Don and Amanda's example. He grinned at Don and said that he thought it could become quite a habit and Don agreed that having everything exposed was quite a turn on.

Amanda had disappeared but Judith was bent over, taking Tony from behind again, both Nathan and Don watched eagerly. Nathan stared frankly at Don's erect cock and commented on his smooth state; Don said that Amanda liked it and that he'd decided he preferred it this way, that it showed off his cock better. Nathan smiled and stroked his substantial bush and wondered what he'd look like shaved; Don suggested he try it. Don admitted that they'd got the idea from their son. Nathan immediately asked if Don fucked his sons; Don refrained from telling Nathan that his son's fucked each other but did say that they encouraged them to be free at home and nudity was common.

Nathan grinned again and it was obvious that he believed that his entire family was fucking, Don didn't disabuse him. Nathan then commented about Amanda taking it up the arse and Don admitted that this was new (he didn't say how new). When Nathan asked him if he enjoyed it, Don agreed he did, curious as to when Nathan should ask the question. Then Nathan asked if Don fancied trying his arse; Nathan's query was half serious half joking. Don looked down at Nathan's tight white arse and thought of Tom and Jack. In for a penny in for a pound.

So there, with quite a few witnesses, Don fucked his first guy; and found he liked it. Nathan's arse was tight, firm and muscular. At times it seemed to grip Don's cock and take control. The sight of the two of them caused one or two surprised looks, but Don had no regrets, he knew that Nathan wouldn't be the last guy he had sex with.

Don returned to these thoughts when he and Amanda were leaving, his suggestion that they might have a three-some with Nathan was enthusiastically taken up by both Amanda and Nathan. Don and Amanda had found that, after Don't fucking of Nathan, both were ready to leave having had an amazingly varied and exciting evening.

Feeling rather crazy, they decided not to bother dressing. After all it was late and dark, and staying naked kept something of the atmosphere of the party. They were both so engrossed in discussing events, with Amanda admitting her long-standing liking for taking it up the arse, and Don finally admitting that he had started to become fascinated by the idea of having sex with guys. Don had just told Amanda about showing with his sons and how exciting he found it, when they were pulled over by the police. It was something as simple as a faulty rear light, but the policeman's eyes lit up when he looked into the car to discover Don and Amanda both naked and hurriedly trying cover themselves.

They were ushered out of the car and, under the amused and watchful eyes of the two policemen, stood there naked, having been informed that they needn't get dressed. They were split up and Amanda was interviewed by the younger, blond policeman, probably only in his mid-twenties. Don found himself being talked to by the older, darker policemen, probably in his mid-thirties. Whilst getting basic information, how they'd been to a party etc., checking that Don wasn't under the influence of alcohol, the policemen barely looked at Don's face, he seemed to concentrate quite frankly on Don's naked cock which, much to Don's embarrassment, started to harden.

It wasn't helped by the fact that the blond policemen was as obviously frankly taken by Amanda. When the older policemen made a crack to Don about him and Amanda being obviously up for it, Don looked over to see the blond policemen fingering Amanda's cunt with obvious relish. Then the blond policeman was unzipping and pulling out an impressive looking cock which Amanda knelt down to take into her mouth. She was evidently happy as she threw Don a wide grin.

Don's policeman looked down at Don's now hard cock and asked him if he liked cock; except it was more of a statement. The dark policemen unzipped, to release a short but thick and hard cock, surrounded by a mass of dark pubes and evidently no underwear; Don was fascinated that a policemen would go commando whilst wearing his uniform. Don found himself kneeling down and taking his first cock into his mouth.

Whereas the young blond policeman had simply unzipped his trousers to release his cock, even when he started fucking Amanda, the dark policemen let his trousers drop right down freeing his cock, balls and hairy arse. Don found himself faced with a pair of hairy balls and then finally a dark and hairy crack. Don was rather tentative at exploring the crack, finding it too hairy for his taste, but the policeman's hands forced Don's face deep. And then came a further surprise, the injunction fuck me! Don needed little encouraging; he was relieved to be removing his face from the arse and quickly slipped his cock into the moistly waiting hole; his second guy, this one a policemen, done in public and on duty.

All the while the policemen's radio was going in the car; finally, when both had come quite noisily, the fastened themselves up and left, but not before wishing Don and Amanda a good evening, both the guys with big grins.

Still naked Don and Amanda drove home, hardly knowing what had happened to them.

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