Tom 16 - Chapter 5

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other.Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack are alone, whilst their parents are at a fancy dress party, whilst Garth and Colin are off on holidays
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Tom and Jack had had a rather quieter, but still exciting time. They'd spend quite a bit of time on line, some playing games but also talking to Garth and Colin. They were both at home as well. At first it was an exchange of news but then Garth asked whether Tom and Jack were naked, they admitted they were and both groups switched on their cams. Nervously at first, all four found they enjoyed showing off to each other. Colin was amazed to find himself enjoying being hard whilst being watched not only by his son but by his son's friends. Tom and Jack were treated to the sight of Colin's smooth cock penetrating his son's arse; then Tom and Jack returned the compliment. What would have developed is anyone's guess, but Colin had to announce that they had to stop there. He and Garth had to get up early the next morning as they had a long journey ahead of them for their holiday.

Tom and Jack ordered pizzas and spent ages talking about what had happened, without coming to any conclusions as to what they'd like to do. On the one hand it was weird watching Garth and Colin fuck as it was their friend and his father, people they knew, on the other hand it was exciting and thrilling. Not only watching someone else but knowing that they were being watched.

Tom and Jack had intended to stay up until their parents returned home, but as usual with such intentions, they failed and were fast asleep; which was probably just as well, as both Don and Amanda were still naked and not a little punch drunk from their adventures when they returned home. If anyone noticed that they were naked when getting out the car then they never mentioned it.

Next morning, as Colin and Garth sped on their journey south through France, Don and Amanda slept in leaving Tom and Jack in the unusual situation of being the first to get up. When Don came downstairs he was amazed to find Tom and Jack not only up, but breakfasting; naked. They looked a little guilty when he appeared and stood up, which of course only went to make things more awkward. Jack started to apologise, making as if to cover themselves up but Don simply laughed and slipped off his robe so that he too was naked. He emphasised that as far as he and Amanda were concerned, Tom and Jack could be naked all the time. Tom laughed and said that he might try it.

When Amanda appeared, Don and the two boys were sitting in the kitchen laughing, all three of them naked; it was a lovely sight. The boys were a little embarrassed at being naked in front of their mother but Tom was determined to take his Dad at his word and determinedly persevered, with Tom's example to stiffen his resolve, Jack did the same. What the boys really wanted to know, of course, was how the party went.

At first the conversation was coded and rather stilted; how did the party go, how were your costumes. Finally Tom asked if anyone else was naked. Don and Amanda looked at each other then Don said, not at first, and went on to briefly sketch in that others had joined in. When Tom wanted more detail; Amanda had laughed and said that enough was enough, they had to keep some things a little private. Of course what Tom wanted to know (and Amanda realised this) was whether Amanda and Don had fucked at the party. Amanda's response was almost a tacit agreement that they had. What Amanda and Don knew and certainly were not going to share was about the encounter with the two policemen. There was also the little matter of Don's experiments with man on man sex; he certainly didn't, yet, want Tom and Jack to know he'd been fucking a policemen. Of course, he'd also fucked Nathan with quite an audience, but Don naively thought that would stay a secret.

Of course, here Amanda and Don were being a little inconsistent, on the one hand wanting openness with their sons and on the other keeping secrets. But whoever said that people were consistent and there was certainly no manual on how to be so open about sex that your sons were comfortable having sex openly in a family situation, something Don and Amanda wanted to happen.

Amanda went upstairs to dress leaving Don with the boys, so that Tom was able to ask his Dad the 64,000 dollar question. Going a bit red, Tom asked Don if he'd got hard. Don laughed partly out of embarrassment, but admitted that yes he'd got hard, rather a lot. Feeling daring, Jack followed up with a query of his own, how did it feel. Don smiled and almost relaxed; he told the boys quite simply and directly that it felt great. He went on to add that they should never be ashamed of being hard, that a guy with a hard cock was a beautiful thing and that he hoped they learned how great it was to be hard in public. Without actually planning to, Don then put this into practice. He got up to realise that he'd started to get hard; exposing his cock to the gaze of his sons just emphasised things and he walked upstairs with his cock magnificently on display.

Tom and Jack started to get hard themselves and decided to go upstairs to fuck; they didn't yet feel comfortable doing it downstairs. As they walked up past their parent's bedroom, the door was open. Their mother was bent over the bed and Don was vigorously fucking her. Though they were quiet Don must have sensed something as he looked round and saw Tom and Jack, their cocks now hard as well; Don simply winked at them. Tom and Jack rushed upstairs and, daringly leaving their own door open, they fucked long and noisy, far exceeding their parents in duration – not that anyone was competing.

What Tom and Jack couldn't know was that, for the first time Amanda was being fucked up the arse by Don. The idea had been going through Don's mind since the party and Amanda was pleased to welcome Don's cock from the rear. It was after this that Don mentioned the idea of inviting Nathan over for a three-some, with the prospect of Amanda taking two cocks and Don getting to fuck and be fucked. To Don's surprise Amanda was most enthusiastic.

The rest of the day was somewhat more low key; with many of their friends going away Tom and Jack was left to their own resources and found that their mother had lined up a number of jobs for them; she might be encouraging them to be more relaxed and open about their sexuality and nudity, but she was still their mother.


Colin and Garth, for their part, had made good time and were well into France. They stopped the night at a cheap hotel by the autoroute, no-one noticed or commented that Colin and Garth shared a room. In fact they shared a bed and, though both were too tired for sex, relished the fact that this was their first night away sharing a bed.

Monday saw Colin and Garth arrive at their destination, a gite in South East France. It had been recommended to Colin by a colleague and Colin had been keen when he realised quite how isolated the place was. It was a converted farm building, owned by a guy, Antoine, who had a group of them. But for some reason this one was isolated. Though his colleague hadn't actually come out and said so, Colin had certainly got the impression that he and his family had spent a lot of the holiday naked.

Antoine was waiting for them outside the gite. The building itself was a simple stone one, nicely converted. There was a small private area at the back, but more important it was well set back from the road down a track and was overlooked not at all. It was ideal. Antoine got down from his SUV. He was a big, dark guy with a generous amount of chest hair showing above his work-wear. He was wearing bib and braces, but with no t-shirt underneath so that Colin and Garth got a fine view of his torso and thick arms. Not only that, but the amount of flesh showing at his waist, where the sides of his overalls gaped, seemed to suggest that Antoine was naked underneath. This was confirmed later when Antoine squatted down and the rear of his overalls pulled down given them a beautiful view not only of his naked back but of his naked arse with its very hairy crack. Colin had to pull himself together and make himself concentrate on what Antoine was saying.

The gite itself was small, just one large living room and a bedroom with a double bed. This caused some comment from Antoine who was worried that Garth would be uncomfortable on the sofa-bed; it was only when Antoine left that Colin realised that he'd as much as admitted that he and Garth would be sleeping together. Not a big thing perhaps, but as when Antoine left both Colin and Garth had been sporting hard-ons rather visible through their thin shorts, Colin did wonder what sort of impression they had given.

Once Antoine had gone, Colin and Garth celebrated by stripping off and fucking outside, relishing the feel of the evening sun on their naked bodies. Then, car unpacked, they set off on foot to explore the surrounding area, finding that they had plenty of forest walks to look forward to, all very quiet. So quiet in fact, that at one point Garth stripped off and walked naked. Colin remonstrated with him but Garth just grinned and in fact Colin stripped his own shorts off. The walk didn't last long as they retreated to behind some cover to fuck, yet again.

Despite the strength of the sun they slept late. Colin got up first, aware that Garth would easily sleep for far longer. Feeling rather itchy, Colin had a shower and shaved. He'd not bothered the previous two days and it was starting to tell; whilst Colin loved being shaved smooth all over he found the mechanics of it a bit tiresome; though it had to be admitted that he did rather enjoy shaving Garth at times.

When Garth did get up, Colin was sat outside drinking a coffee and relishing the sun. Garth had his usual morning hard-on, his cock stretching out before him. Garth grinned at his father, enjoying the freedom that their location gave them, then came over and kissed him. Garth stood to one side and had a piss, his father watching the stream emerging. Then Garth walked over, eyes twinkling and presented his cock to his father who took it in his mouth, commenting that it was time to get his breakfast as he took a load of cum into his mouth. Not content, he stood up and fucked Garth's welcoming arse; their pre-breakfast exercise. After breakfast, Colin insisted Garth shower and ended up, himself, getting involved in Garth's shaving; leading, of course, to much laughter and kissing finishing with further fucking before going out. They wore as little as possible whilst staying just on this side of decent; Garth being younger of course could get away with more and Colin loved the way his tight shorts showed off his arse.

Having returned from gathering supplies and exploring the local area, Garth and Colin flopped down at the gite relaxed in the sun. Late afternoon Garth was asleep and Colin was idly reading when he thought he heard a car. He dismissed it when, suddenly Antoine appeared around the side of the house. Colin was embarrassed to find himself naked and, short of going inside the house, with nothing to cover himself with. He apologised to Antoine, who seemed hardly bothered and in fact Colin could imagine that Antoine might actually be enjoying it; more so as Garth, waking up, turned over onto his back and gave his father and Antoine a fine view of his semi-erect cock. Half shame-faced, half enjoying the attention, Garth stood up and excused himself, saying he needed to piss. Antoine grinned at Colin, and stared at Garth's retreating arse, commenting that Colin had a fine son. Colin agreed that he did indeed have a fine son. Unsure where this was leading, Colin waited for Antoine. Eventually Antoine added that he too had a fine son, Thierry, with that he grinned and said that he was lucky that he and Thierry were close. As Garth returned, still naked but cock now back to soft but completely attractive, Antoine stared at the sight whilst he asked Colin if he and Garth were close.

Embarrassed, Garth returned to his sun lounger, making sure his cock was well covered so that it didn't give himself away. Antoine went on to quiz Colin about Garth's bed and Colin had to admit that Garth had slept with him and that everything was fine, that they enjoyed being close. As he was leaving Antoine told Colin that the weather forecast was good and that they should have good weather for getting their tans; Antoine's final comment puzzled Colin, who wasn't sure he'd heard correctly. After some puzzling he realised it was a crack about their both being shaved and ready to get properly tanned all over.

After Antoine had left, Garth told Colin that he should have asked Antoine to stay for a beer; after all Antoine fancied him. They decided that a beer would go down well and as they drank it, they cheerfully argued as to which of them, if any, Antoine was interested in; Garth being convinced that Antoine had been paying keen attention to Colin's cock, Colin being sure of the reverse. Whatever happened, Colin was sure that they would never find out.

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