Tom 16 - Chapter 6

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other.Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack enjoy some time alonw, whilst Garth and Colin are off on holidays
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As Don and Amanda were busy sorting out at their jobs so that things were tidy when they went on holiday, this left Tom and Jack some freedom. But both had small summer jobs in the local supermarket which meant that free time was reduced, though neither was really full time. This meant that on Tuesday afternoon, when both were off and with the prospect of their parents being home late, they made the most of it; by doing as little as possible, lying out in the sun, naked.

Glen was jogging around the estate where Don and Amanda lived. It was his first time off shift since Saturday night, when he'd been the policeman that Don had fucked. He knew roughly where Don and Amanda lived as they had discreetly followed them home. Glen didn't really know what he was going to do when he found the house, what he wanted to do was contact Don and Amanda and arrange another session. It was stupid and risky, after all the encounter shouldn't have happened in the first place and he'd be in serious trouble if it came to light. He'd dressed carefully, just a singlet and brief shorts under which he work a jock-strap which made the most of his assets, in fact Glen thought he looked pretty good. He had firm, thick legs covered with an attractive pelt of hair and the shorts showed these and his shapely arse off to their best.

He found the house easily as the car was parked outside (neither Don nor Amanda was using it that day), so he jogged past a couple of time and then walked up the drive. He hesitated at first and knocked at the door, Glen thought he caught a glimpse of naked flesh through the window and his cock twitched. Neither Tom nor Jack were expecting anyone, as most of their friends were away. They'd come in from the sun and were playing computer games downstairs. Jack went to answer the door, grabbing a pair of shorts to hold in front of himself to keep decent (he and Tom had been daring each other to open the door naked but neither had done so quite yet). Glen stared when confronted by an apparently naked 17 year old boy, a rather attractive one at that. But Glen knew that he was at the right house, Jack looked like Don and Amanda.

Glen explained that he'd met Don and Amanda on Saturday but omitted to take their phone number; he glossed over how he'd found the house. He simply said he wanted to get into contact. Jack explained that his parents weren't in and would be away until late that evening, but at the same time Jack was spinning inside as he realised that this rather striking bloke was someone his parents had met at the famous party, someone who had seen his parents naked and, in all probability, his Dad hard. The guy was far hairier than his father, with an interesting amount of chest hair showing above the singlet. This was now damp and clinging to Glen and the shorts did little to hide Glen's assets. For his part, Glen found himself fascinated by the amount of flesh Jack was showing, the skin on his belly was completely smooth and Jack was doing a poor job of hiding his cock and balls. Glen asked if it would be possible to leave a message and Jack moved to let Glen in. As he did this two things happened at once, Tom appeared still naked to see who it was and Jack fumbled his shorts and dropped them. Thus Glen was presented with not one, but two naked youths, both shaved smooth and nicely endowed. Jack muttered embarrassed, but Glen grinned and said that he'd better shut the door before the neighbours saw more than intended.

Glen shut the door then turned to Tom and Jack, all three started at each other with interest and Glen was aware that his cock was stirring uncomfortably in the confines of the jock-strap. Tom and Jack were, for their part, unsure how to proceed but unwilling to simply let the guy go. Tom recovered first and said he'd get some paper for Glen to leave a message, as he turned to go Jack asked Glen if he wanted a drink. Wanting to prolong things himself, Glen agreed. He then attempted to discreetly adjust his jock strap, aware of Jack's attention. Jack roused himself and stopped staring and apologised to Glen for them being naked, explaining that their parents were comfortable with nudity and encouraged it. His next comment puzzled Glen at first as Jack made a crack about his parents costume at the party. As Glen had only seen them naked he was stumped until he realised that the nudity must have been the costume.

Jack went on to suggest that he and Tom put something one, at which Tom reappeared juggling pen, paper and a beer for Glen; Tom gave the alternative suggestion of Glen joining them and slipping out of his clothes. By now both Tom and Jack were paying close attention to the substantial bulge in Glen's shorts and their own cocks had started to grow, foreskins had pulled back and both were presenting substantial cock heads. Glen gave in to lust, and to the inevitable and nodded. He put the paper down, took a gulp of the beer and slipped off his singlet. Soon he was naked, his clothes a pile on the floor, his cock virtually erect, relief after being confined in the jock-strap. After taking in the sight of Glen's cock jutting out from his substantial bush, Tom and Jack got to work. Tom knelt down and applied himself to Glen's cock, whilst Jack slipped his tongue into Glen's crack. This was far hairier, sweatier and dirtier than Jack was used to, but after his initial shock he found he enjoyed it; Tom was obsessive about keeping clean and always tasted of soap; whereas Glen's crack tasted and smelt of man. Tongue deep in Jack's shit hole, face pressed into his arse, Jack was in heaven. Eventually he and Tom swapped. Then Tom quickly went from tongue to cock, enjoying slipping his cock into a new arse; Jack happily presented his own arse to be fucked by Glen. Sandwiched in the middle, Glen was in heaven.

They managed it twice more, with pauses in between for a drink; Glen was amazed at the boy's energy and charmed and delighted by the personalities and openness to try things. It was a tired but happy Glen who jogged, very slowly, home; he wanted to arrange another session, the boys were keen and had exchanged phone numbers, but away from the seductive aura of sex, Glen was aware that he was in something of a sticky situation and to leave well alone might be best.

Tom and Jack were also tired but happy at their adventure and gave little thought about what to tell their parents until they heard the key in the lock. Don and Amanda arrive home weary, to find the boys still downstairs watching TV, which was unusual. Tom told their story and gave them Glen's note which contained just his name and phone number. Afterwards, when Don and Amanda had retired upstairs Amanda said she was sure that the boys were hiding something, but she couldn't imagine what. Don laughed and said that it was just her imagination and what could have happened?


Colin and Garth spent the day lazily. There was no need to go and get supplies; so apart from a brief walk, they lounged around in the sun. By late afternoon both were out of the sun, Colin dozing in the shade and Garth playing computer games. It was Garth who heard the sounds of a car approaching, Antoine's SUV again. Garth smiled to himself, he was convinced that Antoine was interested in his Dad, he couldn't think of any other reason why Antoine might come back again.

When Colin woke up it was to find Garth giving Antoine a beer, whilst Antoine was giving Colin's nearly erect cock a good looking at. Colin sat up, embarrassed but also excited to be showing off. Colin wasn't really a particularly daring person and would never have normally dreamed of wandering around erect in front of a near stranger. The idea of exhibitionism excited him but he'd never done anything about it. Making a move on Garth had been the most daring thing he'd ever done and that had been partly accidentally; Colin was still amazed that he'd had the courage.

So Colin stood up, aware that his cock was now virtually rock hard, calling attention to itself by swaying as he moved. Colin's cock was a good size, but more than that it was attractive in itself, like Colin it was well put together. And the sight of Colin's completely shaved body only added to the allure. Colin, unaware of most of this, offered to go and put some clothes on. Antoine laughed, but before he could say anything Garth butted in with another option, unless Antoine wanted to take off his clothes and join them.

Antoine was wearing the same overalls as before, except that this time one of the straps was unfastened so that the front folded over revealing a well-shaped tit and more of his fine chest rug; they also dropped at the back and the sides were gaping, giving Colin and Garth a clear sight of hairy arse and thick, solid thighs. Antoine simply grinned and said OK, unfastened the other strap and stepped out of his overalls.

The pelt of hair on his chest was thick right down to his pubes, and emerging from this mass of hair was a 10 inch cock (erect of course) which seemed, at first sight, to be nearly as thick as a coke can. The cock head was huge with a piss slit big enough to get a little finger down, emerging from this was a heavy PA. Initially everything was something of a free for all as all three of them explored new bodies. It was the first time that Garth had experience of someone so hairy and he was fascinated, even to the dark, hairy recesses of Antoine's arse. The end result wasn't going to be in doubt, Antoine fucked both Colin and Garth, but before they each took his monster up their arses he insisted that they warm-up by fucking each other. Antoine seemed to enjoy watching father fuck son, and vice versa; Garth was a little nervous, fucking his father with an audience, but he needn't have worried. Antoine enjoyed the idea of the father and son interaction, and as he watched constantly added comments about sons and daddies.

When Antoine finally left it was starting to get dark. Both Colin and Garth were feeling weary, their arses stretched; for both of them Antoine's cock had been the biggest they'd ever taken. Colin had to admit to Garth that he'd thought it might be too much for him, but Garth found that, shock once over, he'd enjoyed being stretched to such deep limits. And they had the prospect of doing it again the next day, Antoine promised to return with his son.

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