Tom 16 - Chapter 7

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have started to discover the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack have had an encounter with Glen, a policeman who has also fucked Don and Amanda, their parents. Whilst Colin and Garth are having fun with their landlord Antoine on holiday
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Amanda was tidying up, before going to work, when she moved one of the chairs in the living room and discovered a rolled up ball of fabric, it was a jock-strap, a used one. She called Tom and Jack down and, both bleary from sleep, they appeared. She showed them the jock strap. Amanda knew it wasn't Don's, he'd never worn a jock in his life, he iterated between wearing briefs under his sports shorts or nothing at all. Tom and Jack could, quite easily, have come up with an explanation but they'd just woken up and Jack simply blurted out the truth. It must be Glen's he must have forgotten to put it on when he put his clothes back on. Then the whole truth came out. Don appeared from the bathroom to see what all the fuss was about. At first he was wholly supportive of Amanda in her annoyance about what had happened, but then it struck Don that they two had been underhand and had done things they weren't proud of. Don was sure that part of Amanda's attitude was because Glen was one of the policeman they'd had public sex with on Saturday.

So finally Don waded in and told Jack and Tom exactly who Glen was. The boys were gob-smacked; they'd been fucking a guy, a policeman, who had had public sex with their parents. There was no way now that they would ever be able to see Glen again, and this new knowledge only made them want to fuck Glen again. There was the additional revelation, something Don made as little of as possible, that he'd actually been fucking a guy; Tom and Jack didn't really pick up on this until chewing over the results later.

By this time Amanda had simmered down and had come to see that she'd over-reacted. The boys went off to shower and dress; whilst Don finished dressing he and Amanda had further discussions. Don felt that there was no reason why Tom and Jack shouldn't see Glen again if all parties were willing; it was certainly unlikely that having fucked the kids, Glen would want to get together with the parents. Don had a gleam in his eye, as Amanda demurred he went on, if Tom and Jack went to see Glen on Friday with a curfew, say 11pm, then that would leave them free to get together with Nathan who Don knew was free that evening and keen to have a three-some.

Don and Amanda hadn't shut their bedroom door and found the end of their discussion was overheard by the boys who were standing, gob-smacked at what they'd just heard. In pretty short order, all four of them were due for work, Don had phoned Glen and Ok'd things, let Jack talk to him and confirm Friday, and then Don had phoned Nathan and arranged with him.

It wasn't until lunch-break at the supermarket that Tom and Jack were able to get together and go over the amazing revelations. They were excited and nervous about Glen, but more so about the developments with their parents. Did they really want to know that Don and Amanda had had a foursome with a pair of policeman on the way home, that they were having a three-some on Friday with Nathan, whom the boys had known for years? The developments were a bit scary, and rather exciting, they didn't want to go back but had to admit that going forward was going to take a little courage.

Amanda had arranged with Judith to meet for lunch; Amanda had simply phoned Judith to thank her for the party but Judith had seemed to want to chat further and lunch had been the best option. Amanda was a little wary, after all the party had been far more lively and explicit than she suspected that Tony and Judith had planned. Both Tony and Judith had seemed pretty cool when they'd left and even on the phone Judith had been enthusiastic and friendly, but Amanda was aware that after a degree of reflection, their attitude might change a little.

In fact Judith was friendly, enthusiastic and quite chatty, perhaps too much so to overcome the initial embarrassment that the four of them knew each other far better since Saturday. But a glass of wine helped break the ice; Judith confessed that she'd never have believed that Tony would ever have ‘done it' in public. Amanda explained that she and Don had found out that each other were exhibitionists early on in their relationship, but that having the boys had somewhat limited them. Judith had smiled, then gone on to say that Tony was inhibited about even being naked, never mind hard. She didn't know what had come over him, but she was pleased. Judith's eyes were sparkling and Amanda realised that this was true, so she added that she and Don had learned one or two knew things too. She went on to mention about her taking it up the arse for the first time and Don's fucking Nathan. Perhaps a little embarrassed, Judith explained that behind closed doors Tony was far more relaxed and open, leaving Amanda to wonder what else they got up to. But they'd never had sex with another guy and Tony had so far flatly refused. Judith smiled and added, nervously, that the sight of Don fucking Nathan had been extremely hot and she hoped that Tony might relax about guy on guy stuff. Amanda admitted that they had arranged a re-match with Nathan on Friday, at which Judith's eyes widened and Amanda went on to elaborate all the possibilities. Both agreed that after the holidays it was looking very much as it Amanda and Judith needed to try and get Don and Tony to agree to a foursome.

Over coffee Judith said that she thought that both of them being completely shaved was very striking. When Amanda said that this was something they'd started doing recently, Judith expressed surprise that it wasn't just done for the party. Amanda said no, that she liked Don like that and besides, his pubes didn't get caught in the zip now that he was going bare-arsed under his trousers. Judith's eyes widened even further as she took this in, Don goes commando? All the time, replied Amanda, as do I. Here Amanda lifted up her skirt a little, opened her legs and gave Judith a sight of her shaved pussy. Amanda dared Judith to do the same, Judith goggled but got up to go to the toilet. Whilst Amanda waited she realised that the waiter who was clearing up seemed to be paying them a great deal of attention. He came over, leaned down to pick up the dirty cups and quite deliberately got a fine view of Amanda's naked assets. She smiled, opened her legs wider and ordered two more cups of coffee.

When Judith returned she had a real bounce in her step, as she sat down she announced she'd done it. With a little prompting from Amanda, Judith lifted up her skirt to show her neatly waxed cunt, just a thin strip of dark hair. When the waiter returned he was thus treated to a display of two, not one, and he massaged his hardening cock discreetly, but he seemed to lose courage and turned tail in confusion, leaving the two women quietly amused.

Conversation became more general, with both talking about holidays; Judith expressing hope that Tony would feel rather looser and looking forward to sexual antics in the open-air, Amanda admitted that she'd chosen their cottage deliberately, it was nicely private and they planned to do without clothes whenever possible. Judith's reaction was slightly startled, all four of you? In for a penny, in for a pound, thought Amanda and explained how she and Don had discovered the boys liked being naked and had decided to be as open as possible. The explanation about how Tom and Jack were lovers left Judith slightly open mouthed in admiration at Amanda and Don's daring. But time was pressing and they both had to get back to work, the lunch-hour had turned into far more than that. So with agreements to get in touch after the holidays they parted.

It was a quiet evening at home, in fact it was a quiet week. Both Amanda and Don were working late and the boys found having to actually go out and do some work surprisingly tiring, though Tom swore it was because of the boredom rather than the amount of actual work they had to do. There were no big displays, Tom and Jack started to get used to being naked around their parents and stopped worrying about being hard, they even ventured a few gestures of affection and, very daring, a stroke of the cock. For their part Don and Amanda were similarly getting used to things, though Don found he really enjoyed the freedom to wander around the house naked and to get hard. All four were looking forward to Friday and then to the beginning of their holiday.


After Antoine left Colin and Garth spent the evening and much of the next day discussing whether he would actually reappear and whether his son would be with him. Garth had noticed more than Colin that Antoine seemed to lay great emphasis on their being father and son, but neither of them could come up with any particular reasons.

When the SUV turned up the next day, a little early this time, both Colin and Garth were awake and a little on tenter-hooks. Both had showered and shaved very carefully. When Antoine arrived he was dressed as per usual just in his overralls, and he was accompanied by a young guy in his early 20's who was clearly a younger version. Thierry was the image of his father, same body, same hairy pelt, though not yet quite as luxuriant, same thick thighs and a huge cock. The only differences were that Thierry was bollock naked, he'd travelled from their farm that way, and he shaved his balls and the base of his cock, this was set off even more by a heavy cock-ring that made both cock and balls even more prominent.

It didn't take long for Antoine to get naked, for Colin to get them all a beer and for Thierry to be introduced to everyone. His English was better than his father's but what spoke most was his delightful gap-toothed smile and the way his cock remained permanently erect, like an offensive weapon. The four of them paired off, with Garth applying himself to Antoine and Colin attempting, successfully, to take Thierry's cock into his mouth. Thierry liked a tongue up his hairy arse as much as his father and both Colin and Garth spent a long time with their faces embedded in a pair of hairy, sweaty arses.

Colin's own arse told him that Thierry's cock was indeed longer and thicker than his fathers, but Colin didn't care. And it was share and share alike as Antoine and Thierry swapped around so that both Colin and Garth got the benefit. After the first round, nobody bothered much with cleaning up knowing that there would be a further round, so both Colin and Garth had cum dripping out their arses. Thierry was much admiring of their shave jobs, and commented how he'd done the same when younger till he'd got too hairy and the job became too onerous, adding with an entrancing grin that in fact his Papa preferred him like this.

For round two, Thierry's own arse came into play as he took his father's cock whilst fucking Garth and then Colin. At one point they even managed the logistics of having all four of them in a chain. Both Thierry and Antoine enjoyed watching Colin fuck his father and likewise Colin and Garth got a real thrill from seeing another father/son pair.

After round two, inevitably the talk moved to swapping experiences. Thierry had grown up seeing his father wandering naked around the house, Antoine had been quite open about his preference for guys and hadn't worried about Thierry seeing him erect. Thierry confessed that he'd always enjoyed the sight of his father's erect cock and from his early teens the two had masturbated together, this had led eventually to full on oral sex and Antoine had fucked Thierry for his 16th birthday, having bought him a dildo for his 15th. Shortly after Antoine had bought the farm-house and the gite business and when they moved in, Thierry had moved into his father's bedroom and had stayed there. Colin relayed their story, but was brief as all four of them were getting horny again.

It was late when Thierry and Antoine left. As he was leaving Antoine had another surprise for Colin and Garth. He had holiday accommodation at the farm where he and Thierry lived; this was reserved for friends. With a grin he explained that by friends he meant fellow father/son pairs; currently there was a Swedish family staying and he wondered if Colin and Garth would like to join them? No-one wore clothes and sex was encouraged freely, Antoine though that Colin and his son would enjoy it but he would understand if they wanted to be alone. Antoine looked quizzically at the two of them and Thierry stood in the background, looking eagerly hopeful.

Colin glanced at Garth but knew immediately that they both wanted it. He nodded, at which both Garth and Thierry grinned. So Antoine gave him the address and said that he would be over at 11 tomorrow morning to guide them. The two left, both still naked with Antoine carrying his overalls over his shoulders. They climbed into the SUV and drove off, still evidently naked.

Neither Colin nor Garth felt up to having any more sex, but neither did they want to turn in yet so they simply lay outside cuddling and discussing the developments. Garth was excited at meeting new people, especially other fathers and sons who fucked each other. The freedom to be naked and have sex around other people was something he enjoyed. Colin was excited too but also a little nervous and curious; plus he wondered about the colleague who had recommended the gite in the first place. Was it co-incidence? Did he know about Colin and Garth? Colin would have to find the right time to quiz Antoine.

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