Tom 16 - Chapter 8

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack have had an encounter with Glen, a policeman who has also fucked Don and Amanda, their parents. Whilst Colin and Garth are having fun with their landlord Antoine, and his son Thierry, on holiday
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Friday morning, Colin and Garth packed their things and sorted out what food they'd bought. Then promptly at 11.00am the SUV arrived. Both Antoine and Thierry got out, dressed alike in Antoine's familiar bib and brace overalls, both showing lots of flesh. Thierry had come to clean the gite so that they could re-let it. An interesting side-light on the way Antoine remained business-like even when enjoying himself.

Colin and Garth followed the SUV to Antoine's farm. It wasn't a functioning farm anymore; Antoine and Thierry lived in the farm-house and the buildings were converted into accommodation and premises for Antoine's business. Colin learned that Antoine had rather more business interests than just the gite, but quite what they were he wasn't able to properly learn.

The buildings were loosely grouped round a yard, each building separate, so Colin and Garth wouldn't be sharing their accommodation. Their rooms were sparsely but expensively furnished, there was just a living area with a small kitchenette, plus a single bedroom with a huge bed – Garth exclaimed when he saw it and bounced around on it laughing. Doors opened on to a patio area which faced away from the other farm buildings, so they could sun-bathe in privacy if they wanted.

Antoine explained that Lars and his sons were staying in the next building, but that they would undoubtedly be out walking and back late afternoon. Whilst there were cooking facilities, they were invited (and expected) to dine with everyone at the farmhouse each evening. After welcoming Antoine returned to his business and left Colin and Garth to themselves. Feeling restless, they explored their new accommodation thoroughly and then walked into the near-by village to see this and to grab some lunch. Both were curious about the other group.

It was late afternoon when Lars and his sons returned; Colin and Garth had had a pleasant lunch in the village, a long ramble, some nice slow sex and a snooze. Lars turned out to be a tall (well over 6 foot) slim guy of around 30; he barely looked old enough to have two 16 year old boys. He had shoulder length pale blond hair and a goatee beard, but the rest of his body was entirely hairless and his skin was tanned all over an even golden colour; his cock was long and slim, cut with a widely flared head and a pair of very substantial balls. His sons, Jens and Øyvind, were not only identical but they were younger clones of their father, both nearly as tall as him, same slim build and long blond hair. The boys also had entirely smooth bodies, with superb tans, their cocks and balls emphasised by the fact that both boys wore cock rings which were subtly different. In fact Colin and Garth soon learned that the quickest way to differentiate the boys was to check their cock rings.

Initially there was a slight awkwardness in the meeting, but soon the boys disappeared off together and Lars and Colin shared a beer. Colin was surprised to find that his initial impression was correct, Lars was only 33. He didn't hide it; in fact he seemed pleased that he was only 17 years older than his sons. The two men shared basic information but quite soon Lars wanted to know how long Colin had been fucking Garth. In his turn Lars explained that he'd been brought up being naked around his parents so Lars had taken it for granted that his sons would be brought up the same way. When they'd reached puberty he had made it clear that erections were OK and the three of them had sometimes wanked together. It was the boys who had insisted that they have their pubes removed just like their father and this had inevitably led to an intimacy which all three seemed to have welcomed.

When Lars talked about hair-removal Colin asked him what he used and Lars took Colin to their rooms where he showed Colin a huge tub of hair removal cream; Lars explained that he got it over the Internet, from the USA. It had a big notice on it warning that prolonged use would lead to hair loss and hair reduction, Colin pointed this out. Lars laughed and said that it was perfectly true; the cream was perfectly OK to use all the time and they'd never had any problems but that he had significantly less hair on his pubes than he'd used to and that because they'd started using it so young the boys were virtually hairless, a state which delighted them.

Colin couldn't help noticing that Lars's rooms had only one, big bed; when Lars saw him staring he explained that the boys and he tended to share a bed. At home they had their own but usually ended up on bed with him, which he liked. He grinned and added that it was nice waking up in the middle of the night to find that one or other of his sons was fucking him. From the hints that Lars had given, Colin gathered that Lars was pretty much passive and enjoyed getting fucked by his sons.

Colin explained that he'd been finding shaving tedious and Lars eagerly gave him a spare tub of the cream, saying they had plenty. Colin wondered how Garth would feel about losing his pubes for good, for himself he couldn't wait. All this talk had led to both Colin and Lars getting hard, so they wandered back outside.

When the boys returned, having explored each other's cocks quite eagerly, they found their fathers together, with Colin fucking Lars. Needless to say, the boys joined in with a vengeance, and Lars found himself taking all 4 other cocks; not to be out done Garth allowed his arse to be ploughed by both fathers and the twins.

Before they left to shower, Lars explained that dinner was quite casual but that they would have to wear clothes. When they returned to their rooms Colin showed Garth the hair removal cream. Garth was most enthusiastic; when he heard that Jens and Øyvind were virtually hairless as a result of using it Garth was envious and insisted they start right away.

So it was feeling extra smooth that Colin and Garth joined the others outside the farmhouse for dinner. It turned out that both Antoine and Thierry were good cooks, the focus of the first half of the evening was the food and very good it was too. Of course they would have to pay for it later. Thierry brought the final course in naked, his cock and balls standing proud in their cock ring; and this seemed to be the cue for everyone else to slip off their clothes. The twins went over to Thierry, one took Thierry's cock in his mouth and the other applied his face to Thierry's arse. Needing little encouragement, Garth went to do the same to Antoine. For a time Colin and Lars watched, then Lars took Colin's cock.

The visitors discovered that ‘payment' took the form of being fucked by Thierry. He was apparently inexhaustible and vigorously fucked all five visitors' holes before finishing by being fucked by his father. In fact the evening finished with the three family groups separating and fucking amongst themselves.


Friday saw Tom and Jack barely able to contain their nervous excitement. Both were ready far too early, nicely showered and shaved smooth. But time eventually passed and so the stood there, ringing Glen's door bell, looking like a pair of nicely brought up young men but with cocks rock hard and their thoughts racing about the events to come.

Glen had been a bit uncertain, part of him regretting making the arrangement and getting a little paranoid about whether Don and Amanda were quite so complaisant about him fucking their sons as they appeared. But he opened the door to find Tom and Jack stood there, nice as pie, but each with tented shorts showing how much they were anticipating what was to come. Glen was naked, just a towel wrapped round him, which he quickly dropped when the door was closed. Not that he'd had a shower, Glen had decided that the boys would have him dirty and sweaty from work. In fact he had a special treat for Jack; Glen had noticed how much attention Jack had paid to his arse. So when the boys set to, with Tom swallowing Glen's cock whole, and Jack applying his tongue deep into Glen's arse, Jack found himself cleaning Glen's properly filthy arse. Jack hadn't expected it, but he found he enjoyed the taste of Glen's dirty arse.

After a pause, when Glen remembered to offer the boys a drink. The stood there, quit unconsciously beautiful with their smooth shaved bodies and hard cocks bobbing around. Afterwards they needed little encouragement to put on a show for Glen. He watched, stroking his cock, as Tom fucked Jack, enjoying the way the two brothers seemed to have sex with each other so naturally. Then Glen took over. After he'd fucked both of them it was time to order a pizza.

They ate the pizza naked, and simple eating developed into games with them eating pizza off each other. The boys seemed to be up for anything. After a further round of fucking, Glen found that Jack's hole had become quite stretched, so he lubed up his hand and Jack found himself with his brother's cock thrusting into his mouth and Glen's hand slipping in and out of his arse. At first Glen could only get a couple of fingers in, but then it was four and finally Glen's hand was going in and out, edging deeper each time. Jack enjoyed the feel of Glen's hand inside him and knew that he and Tom would experiment more. Glen didn't go too far, but next time he felt sure that he could penetrate further. If there was a next time.

All too soon it was time for them to leave, but not before they'd showered and cleaned up. Glen's bathroom was quite small, but they all squeezed in and showered together. With plenty of hands washing cocks and holes, in was inevitable that the boys would get hard again. Tom watched with interest as Glen's whole hand slipped into Jack's open hole, noting it for experiment later; the idea that someone might take more than a cock up their arse opened up a world of other possibilities.

Finally Glen ran them back home and the boys returned curious to know how their parents had got on.

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