Tom 16 - Chapter 9

Teenage brothers Tom and Jack have discovered the delights of sex with each other. Their friend Garth has started a relationship with Colin, his father. Tom and Jack have had encounters with Glen, a policeman who has also fucked Don and Amanda, their parents. And Don and Amanda are going to have an evening with their friend Nathan. Whilst Colin and Garth are having fun on holiday with their landlord Antoine, and his son Thierry, and new neighbours Lars and his family
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Since the party Nathan had made a few changes. Out had gone the pubes, so that his cock, balls and belly were completely smooth, which meant that his cock looked far more prominent. Nathan was a little embarrassed that his cock wasn't bigger, but he'd learned from the party that size wasn't everything and was starting to be proud of the way he displayed himself. Next to go were his underpants and his jockstraps, he started to go commando even when running. He found he liked the way his cock and balls stayed free and how his cock was displayed prominently in his shorts; in fact he'd had one or two accidents which cock or balls had popped out and was seriously thinking of trying to find somewhere he could run naked, but hadn't dared yet.

As well as eliminations there were a couple of additions. First off he'd had a Prince Albert; something he'd thought about for years but having seen a couple of guys at the party and now he'd taken the plunge. Secondly he'd started wearing a heavy cock ring all the time, he liked the way it brought his cock and balls so forward that his cock was almost horizontal, making them more prominent when clothed.

So Nathan jogged to Don and Amanda's wearing only a pair of flimsy running shorts which did nothing to disguise his growing erection; in fact he had quite a few admiring looks on the way there. Then when he'd arrived he stripped off the shorts and rang the bell. Don answered, wearing just a pair of shorts, to find a very naked Nathan standing at the door, grinning. Don ushered him in and slipped off his own shorts.

Despite having fucked at the party all three were a little ill at ease and broke the ice over a drink; all quite normal except that they were naked and the two guys pretty much fully erect. Nathan's new look came in for some comment and admiration and he told them about his starting to go commando even when running and even admitted about his fantasy of running naked. This rather piqued Don's imagination and the two agreed to meet up for a run when Don and Amanda came back from holidays.

After the ice was broken a little, the two guys started to explore Amanda's body, two mouths wandering over her breasts, mouth and cunt. But then Nathan took Don's cock into his mouth, and whilst Don's tongue was buried deep inside Amanda, Nathan's found its way to Don's arse and buried itself there. Though Amanda took both Don and Nathan's cocks into her mouth, and at one point both, it was some time before Don found himself positioned in front of Don's cock. So for the first time Don took a guy's cock into his mouth. And enjoyed it, he found Don's cock small enough that he could take it whole. They reached their first climax with Nathan fucking Amanda and Don fucking Nathan. After a pause, this was followed by Nathan fucking Amanda from the rear with Don at the front; by now they had lost their embarrassment and were able to be more uninhibited. Amanda's cries indicated how much she enjoyed the double penetration, so they repeated but this time with Don taking Amanda from the rear. Despite the free nature of the evening, there was one combination that wasn't tried; Don was quite firm that Nathan couldn't fuck him and Nathan didn't push things. But Amanda stored the information away, thought of the dildo she had upstairs; it was going to travel with them to France and she was going to use it on Don.

When the boys returned, Nathan was still there and all three were still naked, though they'd finished having sex. Jack and Tom eyed Nathan with interest, noting with pleasure that he was shaved and that his cock ring brought his cock and balls nicely forward. Being as their parents and Nathan were naked, Jack and Tom needed no encouragement to slip out of their own clothes. Nathan also noted with interest that neither wore underwear and that they were both beautifully shaved. Despite Don's denials, Nathan remained convinced that the he and Amanda must be fucking the boys; Nathan found the idea exciting and was determined to find an occasion to join them as soon as they got back from holiday.

When Tom and Jack retreated to the privacy of their bedroom, they had a lot to talk about. They speculated about what their parents had got up to, who had fucked whom. Tom admitted that he was curious about Don, and keen to find out what his cock felt like; giggling, Jack said he was too and they joked about having a three-some with Don. Jack also talked about how it felt having Glen's hand slipping in and out of his hole, and agreed alacrity when Tom suggested that they should try some more when they had time. There was one thing that Jack did not mention, the fact that Glen's arse had been dirty and how much he'd enjoyed it.


Breakfast for Colin and Garth was late and lazy till they were interrupted by Lars and the twins. They were going into the village to buy supplies and wanted to know of Colin and Garth needed anything. Colin and Garth decided to go along with them and quickly pulled on some shorts. After getting some basics they went to a café for coffee; the boys disappeared to play on one of the gaming machines. Colin told Lars that they'd used the hair removal cream and found it useful. Lars grinned and told Colin that you couldn't beat using it to get things smooth.

The twins were wearing just running shorts which did little to hide their tight arses and eager cocks. Garth was wearing a pair of board shorts which had slipped low, revealing his lack of underwear, the crack in his arse showing nicely. Slightly self-consciously he adjusted the shorts so that they hung a little lower, aware of the interested glances that the three boys were getting.

Lars commented to Colin that Garth was showing of his arse nicely; slightly embarrassed, Colin laughed and added that the twins weren't doing too badly. Lars said that they spent a lot of time naked at home and he liked it that way. A couple of the young men, in their 20's, who had been looking at the boys keenly, walked closer towards them. One stood behind Garth and rested his hand on Garth's back, the hand casually explored Garth's crack and then slipped his hand into Garth's shorts; all done discreetly as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The other boy stood between the twins and seemed to have a hand on each of their crotches. From the bar, the bar man paid close attention to what was going on; he made no attempt to stop things, instead moved closer to the boys.

Colin could see that Jens's erect cock was fully outside his shorts and the guy next to him had a hand round it and was massaging it gently, he leaned over and whispered something to Jens as Øyvind allowed his hand to move across the guy's crotch. Garth looked across at his father, who simply grinned, giving the boy permission. Garth leaned forward and the guy's hand slipped deeper, finally he removed his hand and gently lowered Garth's shorts revealing his naked arse, then he unzipped his trousers revealing a substantial cock.

The bar-man moved from beside the bar, but instead of going to stop things he simply walked over to the door and locked it, changing the sign to closed. Then he walked over to the boys, on the way he glanced at Lars who nodded, as if giving him permission. The bar man was a big guy, with a thick moustache. He undid his trousers and lowered them, he was naked underneath and his 10 inch cock was rock solid. Jens took it first, then Øyvind and finally Garth, each allowing their arse to be stretched to its ultimate by the barman's cock. The other two guys followed suit and fucked each of the boys. While this was going on Colin and Lars watched then, both hard, they could wait no longer and unzipped, releasing their cocks. It didn't take long for Lars to strip off entirely and allow Colin access to his eager hole. By the end, just about everyone had sucked or fucked everyone else and Colin was feeling amazed that they'd got up to this in an ordinary French bar.

When they'd all just about got dressed, the barman unlocked the door and seemed entirely unconcerned with the jovial comments of the two locals waiting to get in. Colin asked Lars if this was a regular occurrence here and Lars went a bit red and admitted that it had happened before, but not on every visit. He explained that he wasn't sure how comfortable Colin and Garth would be; Colin looked over at Garth whose idea of getting dressed seemed to be to just pull on his shorts and leave them hanging as low as possible. As the 5 of them left the bar, there were general greetings and thanks which Lars answered in creditable French.

Looking over at the boys Lars smiled and suggested that a run might be in order. The twins were enthusiastic and requested that they finish with a swim in the lake. Lars agreed and told Colin that they'd found a very fine lake to swim in, private so they could swim naked. They walked out of the village and up the track into the hills, once they had reached the quieter forested section the twins stopped, without even asking Lars, and stripped off their shorts. Lars looked at Colin and said that they usually ran naked from here, was that OK. Colin thought what the hell, shrugged and stripped off his shorts. Everyone put their clothes into Lars's back-pack, there was no thought of having something handy if they met anyone. Colin and Garth found it felt remarkably free, walking and running through the wood quite naked. They met others, but the group simply jogged past and no-one seemed to turn a hair.

When they arrived at the lake it was perfect, a large circle surrounded by trees with enough space to lie in the sung. The water was cold but that didn't seem to stop the boys and eventually Colin tried it as well and found the temperature refreshing after the hot sun. It was a perfect afternoon, with its mixture of sun, swimming and sex, plenty of that. And of course in the evening they had another session with Antoine and Thierry. The boys eagerly related their adventures in the bar, which delighted and amused their hosts, and of course got everybody excited so that they finished with Thierry taking ‘payment' by servicing each of their holes. Then of course it was a free for all but Colin spent some time fucking Lars who seemed content to lie back and take whatever up his arse.

In bed afterwards with Garth, Colin realised that he and Garth would have to make sure that they spent time on their own. Though Garth was excited about the events of the day he also dwelled rather heavily on the moments (in the bar, at the lake and after dinner) when Colin had fucked Lars. The Finns seemed to have sex freely and with great freedom, but Colin suspected that Garth didn't quite find it as easy. Garth agreed with alacrity when Colin suggested they spend the next day walking on the own, which was suggestive enough for Colin to realise he had to be careful.

So next day they got up late and the Finns were already leaving for their walk. They agreed that they might meet up at the lake later, so Colin and Garth had a morning to themselves. Then Antoine came over, naked except for a pair of boots, his cock and balls in a cock ring and swinging suggestively as he walked. He was pleased to see the two of them and with little to-do, Colin found himself with his face deep in Antoine's hairy crack, whilst Garth did his best to swallow as much as possible of Antoine's cock and balls. Getting fucked by Antoine set them up nicely, so afterwards they decided on a walk. Taking a different route from the Finns but still stripping off and walking naked.

After a long walk and a couple of long sessions having sex in the forest, it was Garth who suggested that they might walk back via the lake. So that the afternoon finished with hi-jinks with the Finns, Garth and the twins running wild in the lake whilst Lars and Colin watched. When it came to sex, Colin made sure that he spent plenty of time with Garth and the two groups split up along family lines.

The remained of the day passed without incident and Colin was happy that Garth seemed content and relaxed.

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