Tommy and Tammy:Twins Ovdoc March, 2014

Tommy and Tammy were twins that lived next door to my condo on the beach. Well, sort of. Their grandma lived next door. They would often visit her, especially during the summer when lots of kids were staying at the beach and they had friends to play with. I met them when I moved in. They were about ten at the time. Tommy was a boy with sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. He also had an angelic smile that could melt your heart and convince you to do whatever he wanted you to. His sister, Tammy, was about the same, maybe even more so. They were average size for ten year olds, but Tammy was a little smaller and lighter, and of course was just beginning to show more of a female personality. Neither showed much of a puberty change though, and Tammy still was just as fast and tough as Tommy. She wasn’t yet ready to become the female, and would try anything Tommy tried to do.

Sometimes her family, including “Granny” got in her way. She and Tommy were getting old enough and big enough that the parents thought Tammy should act like a young lady. Tammy had been used to pretty much dressing and playing like Tommy did. There was little if any interest in sex or that stuff. Suddenly she was supposed to wear skirts and blouses to school and at play. She was also made more aware that her brother was made differently than her. She had already known that. The two of them had seen each other nude before and knew who was a boy and who was the girl, but had not understood why. They had touched each other down there, but just out of curiosity. Neither had gone further than looking and touching, and pretty much ignored those differences. At ten, Tommy and Tammy were still bascially innocent about sexual matters.

At first, I was willing to let things stay that way. I only met the kids during their visits and only briefly while they were playing on the beach or near my condo. It was probably months before we knew each other more than just as neighbors. I was new and lived alone. Our families hardly even saw, much less knew each other. We would nod or speak in passing. We were close neighbors who only would normally act friendly when we met, but didn’t say much.

So it was one day when Tommy and Tammy were playing hide and seek on the beach area just in front of my place. Tammy had found a picnic table to hide under. She had crawled underneath the heavy table legs on one end. She had her legs pulled up tight against her with them spread enough to be comfortable. When I spotted her, her mini-skirt was spread open and I was looking up her legs to see her white cotton panties spread tight over her cute little thighs showing her slit in detail. Trying hard not to stare was difficult, but I didn’t want to let her know I was looking. Instead, I found a place to sit nearby where I could get a glimpse often. Tommy finally found her, but I noticed he hardly paid any attention to the panties or her exposed thighs. He simply confronted her by kneeling directly in front of her, loudly laughing that he had found her, and stared at the exposed area as if he knew it well. She was not concerned about the close up encounter - just the fact that he had caught her. I watched amused as the two argued over who was “it”.

I invited the two of them into my condo to have a drink, which they accepted. Once inside, they plopped down on a sofa, chatting away. Tammy’s parents would have had a fit if they had seen her legs spread wide open and her skirt slid back enough that once again she was showing off the white panties. Tommy just smiled at me explaining that Tammy was not happy about wearing skirts to school this year. The parents had explained about boys being different than girls, but not about sex. That part was still a big mystery.

When I inquired about the problem, both explained they had been allowed to run about practically nude until their parents discovered boys and girls were different. To the twins, it was stupid. Boys and girls pee different. That was no big deal, although Tammy hated having to sit or squat. Tommy confided that sometimes he got a “stiffy”. No big deal. Tammy had seen it. She had even touched it. They had played with it. It felt good. More so to Tommy than Tammy. It was clear that Tammy was beginning to feel like she was getting the worst end of this deal, but she liked that boys seemed to like seeing up her skirt. She just didn’t yet know why. She asked if I could tell her why her panties were such a big deal; then to my surprise she lifted up her skirt so we could watch me explain. Although I was very tempted to do so, I explained that adults could not touch her there.

I explained to them that all boys got stiffies. It was not unusual, but boys don’t usually let girls play with them. Parents would forbid that sort of thing. It would be best not to let other people know that. Twins often get away with private things that others brothers and sisters don’t share. We should not even let their parents know we had this talk although I thought there was nothing wrong with twins sharing secrets others did not.

After that, I guess we had a secret between us that we agreed would be ours alone. When the twins came by the next time, we chatted again, but this time Tammy slid back on the sofa to show me she wasn’t wearing panties. I was both amazed and horrified. She didn’t say anything. She just scooted forward on the sofa cushion until her skirt was back far enough that my eyes watched for the familiar white panties only to open wide as her privates slowly slid into view. I looked at the slits and the bare skin in disbelief. Finally, after getting a good look, and after watching Tommy who also looked, I asked if she was aware she wasn’t wearing her panties. Looking a little uncertain that she had made the right move, she nodded. Tommy waited, watching me intently. I realized this was a test. The kids had showed me and told me things they wouldn’t expose to a grown-up unless they knew they could trust him to keep quiet. That meant they also knew I was interested in seeing their privates. And they liked that they were doing something seriously secret.

I began by praising Tammy for such a pretty girl’s thingy. I teased that Tommy should also show his thingy since it wasn’t right for Tammy to go alone. Not a problem. Tommy explained they saw each other a lot. As he talked, he quickly shed the shorts and his undies. His little bare rod sprang about half way up, but was still soft. It was too short and small to lay flat. There was no hair in sight. The balls were still a tiny wrinkled patch of skin hiding two tiny little marbles. I now had two very young kids showing me their privates and explaining it was no big deal. No argument there. Well, not about size anyway.

I made no move right away to show or even indicate that I had a huge aching hardon or that I couldn’t wait to show them what I had or what I wanted. To keep from scaring them off, I would take things slow and easy. Right now, I needed to make them feel they had done nothing terrible. After all, they had admitted they had been nude alone before. Odds are they have also checked each other out. Just how much had they figured out? How much did they want to figure out?

My first move was to praise Tommy for his braveness and for his boy parts. As the grownup present, I took on the role of explaining the difference between them and why there was a difference. I explained to Tommy that his thingy would one day not only be used for peeing, but would also be used some day to shoot baby stuff into a girl’s hole. That stuff would cause the girl to get pregnant and she would make a baby inside her. Then the baby would be born like we were, and would become another child. One day, Tammy would become a mother just like her mother had. Our privates are what allow us to become parents. But we have to become older to do that. Our bodies must make changes as we grow up. By the time they became teens, they would start to change a lot.

I was allowed to touch and feel each of them. They found out that boys put their thingies in the girl because it feels good to both of them, and that having other people touch them in certain places can be fun. There are things people do for each other because they like each other and want to play secret games with their sex parts. Both discovered that when I touched them or rubbed them in certain places, it was fun and felt good. I did not go any further than that. They were too young. I also chose to not expose myself, nor did they ask me to. There would be plenty of time to expand their knowledge and experience later. We did however take the time and opportunity to play and explore. They loved that. And we did it whenever they could sneak over to my place that winter. It was a great winter-time sport. I did take the time to lick and toy with parts of them that they loved to share.

When summer came, they were not only much more comfortable with me; they wore a lot less making it a simple matter to pull down their shorts and undies, and to wear less while they were there. We celebrated their eleventh birthday by going to bed to play. I wore only my undies allowing my hardon to push the cloth high enough for the twins to see bits of my dick and my balls exposed. Tammy was the first to take the hint. Shortly after I laid down on my back between them, she quickly reached down and wrapped a hand around the dick shaft, then smiled up at me as I moaned in pleasure. Encouraged by my response, she backed off only long enough to pull the undies down to the knees. She had decided it was time to check me out.

Tommy wasted no time backing her up. Once my seven inch shaft sprang into view, Tammy grabbed the shaft leaving Tommy to play with the balls. He was fascinated with them. I helped out by showing Tammy how to rub the skin up and down to make me feel good. Tommy figured out on his own that I liked it when he leaned in and started licking my balls like I had done for him. Their birthday became my party time. Before long, both had started using their tongue to taste and suck on my dick and balls. They switched back and forth, and had soon started taking the head of my shaft into their mouth deciding it didn’t taste as bad as they had thought.

Even though they switched around at times, even allowing me to do them whenever they tired of me; I knew I was not going to last very long as they got better at the licking and especially the sucking. I warned them that my dick would soon spurt out it’s load of baby-stuff. Both were anxious to see that. Neither had ever seen anyone do that before. They took turns jerking me off until I warned them, arched up over the bed, and blew a huge load of cum all over my chest and tummy. Amazed, they kept pumping until my dick could supply no more. Then they watched as the poor worn out tube slowly deflated. They looked disappointed that it was too tired to keep pumping, but were very impressed with what it had spewed all over my body. They had both felt it running over their hands as the excess warm liquid kept running even as the toy had started deflating. Although we stopped there to clean up the mess, we all knew that we would do this again. I was still young enough that I was slim and trim, and very horny. And they wanted to see and do more.

I should mention I did include tasting the cum as we cleaned me up because both of them would do that on their own from then on. They weren’t crazy about the taste, but they got more accustomed to it, and began to like it as time went on.

Each time they came after that day, they expected me to strip down and join them in bed. I knew it was just a matter of time before oral sex would include them deep-throating me and that came soon after. I had to teach them to cover their teeth, but other than that both became really good at going all the way down on me. Taking my load was just a matter of allowing them to decide when they wanted to go all the way. Both chose to continue sucking until they had sucked it dry before backing off. Tommy would sometimes want to do it again. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was becoming gay. I think him and Tammy figured that out for themselves in due time.

Tommy was the first to show it though. One warm summer day when we were busy at my place instead of on the beach, we were striped on the bed doing each other when Tommy managed to slip underneath my long hard stiff dick. I had already greased his hole and managed to open him up to finger him. He had discovered the pleasures of being entered, and knew there was something inside him that loved when I touched it. I’m pretty sure he knew what I wanted from him. He was on his tummy when my dick found his hole and my weight plunged it inside him just far enough to cause the head to slip inside. Still, it hurt enough to cause him to let out a squeal as the new toy slid past the anus. I held up just inside to let him get adjusted. He bit his lip and held me back, but did not complain. After a moment, he slowly allowed me to slip in further very slowly. After about half of it was in, he began to relax. Tommy was not going to refuse me. He wanted to try this. His hole slowly adjusted and allowed me to enter until I could feel my balls resting against his buns. We had done it. I was in. We rested. Tammy had watched in silence knowing her brother must be hurting. She continued watching as I began a short, slow rhythm in and out of his hole. I moved around inside him looking for his prostate. When I found it, his groans turned to moans of pleasure. He relaxed more and opened up for me. Tommy was mine. He began pushing back to take the long monster all the way in. The two of us soon had an easy rhythm going.

I made no attempt to rush it. I wanted Tommy to get used to this. And he did. He really liked having me in him. He made no effort to rush it. Even if it was uncomfortable, Tommy was liking this. He agreed to let me pull out and reenter his hole from the front so we could lay face to face. That way we could kiss while we made love. His hole was definitely a little sore, so I eased in slowly even though he was open. Once in, I let Tammy watch and feel as her brother took me on. She seemed to know this meant her Tommy was using his poop hole as a pussy, but he was liking it. So was I. And it wasn’t long before I was vigorously long dicking him thrusting in as far as I could go. Both of us were sweating and grunting in pleasure when I plunged in deep and held it there as it jerked and spurted it’s load into Tommy. Once it was done, I lay beside him and rested, then slid out as it went limp. The two of us rested. Tommy explained that it felt different than he thought. He would do it again, but after he rested. His hole was a little sore. Then he headed off to the loo to clean up. We showered him and I checked to be sure he was not harmed.

A few days later Tamm y and Tommy were back, but this time I knew things had changed. For one thing, Tommy was anxious to get naked and on my bed. Tammy knew in an instant that Tommy wanted anal sex. This was not what she had planned, so she made her move quickly. No sooner had we gone to bed than she was on my thighs with both hands around my stiff dick coddling it and my balls as if this was the first time she had ever played with it. Tommy watched curiously as if he knew she was up to something very special. And he was right. Tammy and I had been playing around until she was twelve. We had included her swelling breasts that were now very sensitive. She had learned a lot about sex, and knew she was very different from boys, including Tommy. Her body was changing. I taught her to be careful and how not to get pregnant. She knew what she was doing.

Tammy spread her legs open, then carefully placed my dick head at the entrance to her most intimate sex prize - her vagina. She rubbed it back and forth at first as if to be sure it would fit. Then she smiled up at me and slid up so she could slide it inside her. Very slowly, she slid it in just enough to take the head inside. Tommy watched as if amazed. Tammy had said she wanted to save herself for the right man for her. Now she was getting very close to changing that wish. With my dick slowly easing into a very tight and moist chute, she leaned forward to kiss me long and passionately and explained she wanted to try it. Both Tommy and I kept quiet. This was something for Tammy to decide. There would be no turning back. As we kissed, I knew she had made up her mind. My dick slowly edged it’s way about half way in before it met rsistance. I knew her cherry was now stretched tight. She pushed a little and I was surprised at how easily it gave way. She moaned as it opened up. It was over. The resistance eased up. My dick slid in a little further, then stopped. I had penetrated her. We laid there for a few minutes to let her adjust. Then she began instinctively softly humping me. I was now trying to make her first time one to remember. I moved around inside her trying to let her get the feel of having a grown dick inside her. She took her time slowly easing back and forth as we loosened her up. As she relaxed, I gave in to my own instincts and sped up as I also backed up further and thrust in harder. I was hitting the right spot. Tammy was smiling and really getting into this. She was in no pain, and was feeling new pleasures as we both gave in to this new game. It didn’t last all that long though. Not long enough. She must have orgasmed more than once because she was working my dick over like a pro. And I tried to warn her that I was about to blow a load. By the time I could warn her, I was already cumming. She knew it. I let out a long moan and held it in while the first blast shot off deep inside her. There were several more before I was done. We were both covered in perspiration as we came off the high. Tammy wound up underneath me as I had turned her over so that I was on top.

I waited until I was done, and then some, before I felt my dick deflating and sliding out. Tammy was exhausted. As I rolled off her, she and I had one final kiss. Then she took a short nap.

That left me laying on my back looking very pleased with myself. I knew Tammy had just had a great new experience, and would want to do that again. She had not started her periods yet, so I wasn’t worried about pregnancy.

It also left me available to Tommy who had watched and waited patiently, but horny. He was now ready to start his fun. To my surprise, he slid in place between my legs to go down on the poor unsuspecting shaft that had shrunk back to it’s soft state. Tommy knew how to fix that. His mouth soon covered my dick head and he was licking and cleaning the juices still covering my dick. It didn’t bother him at all that I had just had that shaft in his sister’s pussy; he was soon all the way down on it sucking and cleaning it, pausing to include the juices that had leaked out onto the balls as well. I think that’s when Tommy discovered my secret passion. For some reason, my balls have a tendency to itch, maybe because they’re a little larger than most. At any rate, I love it when someone licks and soothes the ball sac to ease the itch. I think Tommy picked up on it when I held his mouth on my balls to show him I liked what he was doing. He would take in one at a time and really work it over as if he really loved massaging the balls. Then he would go to the shaft, taking it into his throat, working that over as well. It wasn’t long before Tommy had my shaft hard as a nail.

Once he had me aching to go again, Tommy paused to lube the tube and had sat down on it, smiling at me, knowing he was going to get his fun too. More than happy to oblige, I flipped him onto his back and went in again, looking into his inviting smile. Tommy had come to get screwed. He was happy. I was suddenly well aware that I had a pair of twins that both wanted their share of sex fun, but in a different way. Tommy was very much at ease knowing a man was screwing him, and loving it. It didn’t bother him that I was in no hurry to shoot my load. We would hug, kiss, and try different positions to prolong our fun. He loved knowing I was having fun with it. And when I finally did blow my load inside him, I took both to the shower to clean them.

A short time after that day, Tammy had the talk with mommy and went to anal sex like her brother (but didn’t like it). She also was not happy with condoms. We agreed on birth control pills and continued to have sex at least every week. Tommy loved anal sex and oral sex. He was by several times a week. Both would include close friends in the future. Eventually, they joined cliques their own age and I saw less and less of them until their family moved away. But I was there when Tammy proudly announced she was having periods, and was proud of her gorgeous boobs. Tommy was quick to come to me to show off his pubes. He was also at my place when we both watched as he shot his first load. By this time, he had discovered a few of his soccer buddies liked playing sex games (and loved getting “a piece” of him. Tommy and I both got a piece of the gorgeous hunk that claimed he got Tammy’s cherry. (What he probably will never tell anyone is that he screwed Tommy and also blew me during a threesome with Tammy. Some things you just never mention :)

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