Training Them Young #1 (D.Abby) (BB,mast) (1!14)

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a sequel to


by D. Abby


My last book was easy to write because it was all about me even when most of the action occurring included my brother and sister. This book is a little harder because things happened when I wasn't there. My sister, Mary, offered to write about some of the things I didn't personally witness. A couple of times my brother, Jim was the one that was in on some action he was happy up write those parts. I've preceded each of the parts that we wrote with our name so you don't get confused because of the jumping back and forth.

The whole thing started when mom caught Jim, who is eleven; Mary, twelve; and me, David, thirteen; fucking and sucking. She wasn't mad at all, she took off her clothes and joined us only she didn't call it fucking and sucking, she called it having sex. When pop got home that night mom had us prepared. We were all nude in the family room and it didn't take him very long to get out of his clothes. The two of them taught us a lot.

Mom and pop, Tom and Sadie Cohen, Allen and Marcia Jones, and Sam and Jane Reily, had been doing the group sex bit for several years. Since they all had kids, they had rented a hotel suite each Friday night to keep us kids from finding out. When mom and pop found that we were into sex already, they were willing to bring the rest of them to our house and let us join the fun. The other members of the club, not only didn't mind the change, they were enthusiastic. Every one of them wanted to do things with each of us and we had a slight problem trying to keep up with the eight adults in the short time we had that night.

When the fun and games were over that night, Sadie Cohen made an idle comment that changed life for us kids that summer. I think it was just wishful thinking on her part and she didn't expect how the idea would be expanded.

What she said was, "Gee, I'd love to get my boy, Dick in on this. I'd love to try him out. For that matter, I think that Janice and Sarah would enjoy some uninhibited sex too. I'm sure they're all just jerking off and hiding it. I keep trying to try to catch them at it but they're just too careful. I keep finding damp sheets on Dick's bed, but that's as far as I've gotten."

Both the Reilys and the Joneses were sure that their kids were doing the same thing. They admitted they had been trying to catch their kids jerking off too. None of them really had seriously considered having sex with their kids, but the men admitted they sometimes got hard and the women admitted they got wet when their kids did something that displayed their adolescent sexuality. They did want to vicariously enjoy their kids having a healthy sex life. After the night with us they were willing to drop the 'vicariously' they all wanted to have sex with their own kids.

It was my mother came up with the plan that arranged the summer holidays for all four families. It had the biggest effect on Jim, Mary, and me. "Wait a minute. I have an idea that might get all of you just what you're looking for. School will be over in a few days. Why don't you decide you want a week of your vacation alone without the kids this summer. Your kids can visit us while you're away. I'm sure our kids can teach them everything they need to know by the time you get back." Mom turned to us and asked, "You wouldn't mind sounding their kids out and getting them started if they haven't already, would you?"

We didn't even look at each other to take a consensus. We knew all the kids slightly. The families had been getting together a couple of times a year for picnics and things like that. We didn't know the kids very well but we liked them all.

"You bet." .

"It'd be fun."

"I like them. I'd like to do things with any one of them, or all of them at once, for that matter."

By this time mom was talking to her fiends again. "As a matter of fact, I would suggest that you take another week's vacation after that. If our kids get your kids started and you manage to get into their act, they'll wear you out to the point that you won't be able to get much work done anyway. There's no way we can keep up with our kids for any length of time."

All three couples thought this was a marvelous idea. Jim, Mary, and I thought it was too. We could have a lot of fun with ten different sex partners over the summer. We didn't even consider that we might not be able to get the kids to do things with us. We were sure no adolescents, if they were given the chance, would turn down sex. We would give them the opportunity and we knew they would take us up on it. We could have three whole weeks, each with a different set of sex partners. Wow! And in the in between weeks we'd have our parents to romp with. The best of all possible worlds!

The only restriction placed on us was we couldn't tell the kids their parents knew what was going on. Each of the couples wanted to have the fun of surprising their own kids when it came to their first family orgy.

The next day we laid some plans for the seductions to come. The three of us had separate rooms and we had no spare bedroom. We did have twin beds in each of our rooms and when we had sleep over company Jim and I would double up and the visitors would get the bedroom freed by this expedient. Before we got to know what was going on, Jim and I would sleep together in my bed and Mary would sleep in the other bed in my room. This would free up two bedrooms for company use. We decided this would be counter productive to our purposes.

The most convenient arrangement to get the kids into sex with us was for the boys to use the spare beds in Jim's and my room and the girls to sleep on the spare in Mary's. Our plan was to let the other kids catch us jerking off, the very first night, if possible. We were sure that we could get one thing to lead to another and before the end of the week we would have them fully initiated into the joys of sex.

Mary, Jim, and I knew how horny we'd been before we really got started and we knew the games we had played. If we had to, we'd play some of those games with them. We found out that wasn't necessary. Most of the other kids were already playing some variation of the same games we'd played before our learning curve shot over the top and we got down to the nitty gritty. It wasn't all that difficult to get each of the sets of siblings into the more advanced games that we were playing.





Chapter - 1


The first set of kids were Tom and Sadie Cohen's. Richard, or Dick, was fifteen. His sisters were; Sarah, thirteen, and Janice, twelve. They arrived on a warm Sunday morning on the last week in June. Tom and Sadie had been a lot of fun the previous Friday. I hoped that we could have as much fun with their kids as we had with them.

Dick was a good looking dark haired boy with hazel eyes. He was about six foot three and played on his junior high basketball team.

Janice had dark blond hair, dark blue, almost purple, eyes and a pretty smile. The first thing I noticed was that Janice was wearing a training bra and she did the same thing Mary did. Every time she thought about it she pushed out her chest to show off the fact. If she was as sexy as Mary was there wouldn't be any trouble getting into her cunt.

Sarah was a brunette with long eyelashes and deep brown eyes, I was sure she wasn't wearing a training bra I didn't think she was wearing a bra at all. I thought about feeling her tits and got a hard on right away.

Sleeping arrangements were easy. Dick would sleep on the spare bed in my room since he was closer to my age than Jim's. It would be up to me to see how far he was willing to go. The girls would sleep on the spare in Mary's room and she would sound them out at the same time I was working on Dick.

I sure would have liked to have Sarah sleep in my room, and not in the spare bed. We hoped this initial sleeping arrangement didn't last very long but we knew that we had to start out that way.

Our parents had suggested we take the kids swimming and get reacquainted since we hadn't seen them since the spring break.

The six of us walked to our neighborhood swim club and started out talking about school, the subjects we were taking, what we thought of them, and the movies we had recently seen. The talk remained general until we got to the swimming pool. Once there, the natural division took place. The girls went off with Mary and Dick stayed with Jim and me.

Some of the girls at the pool were much older and they were wearing bikinis that barely covered the important places. Dick was just as interested as I was in taking it all in. He turned to me to say something to me, saw Jim with us and decided not to. I guessed he didn't want to talk about girls in front of Jim because he thought Jim was too young. Was he in for a surprise, but that would come later. I decided to wait till night to sound him out on how far he had gone with girls and if he was doing anything with his sisters.

A little later he did unbend a little and once, when a good looking girl with big tits walked by, he asked me if I would like to 'do things' with her. I decided to test him out and I think I shocked him when I answered that I'd like to lap her cunt, have her suck my cock till I shot off in her mouth, then fuck her silly. He blushed beet red and he looked at me funny but didn't comment on it any more.


The girls weren't as reticent as Dick. As soon as we separated from the boys they commented on how nice David looked and that they would like to get closer to him. They weren't very specific but they gave the impression that they didn't want to have any clothes on when they did. This was promising but, just as David had, I decided to wait until that night in the bedroom to sound them out further. We did have all week and I didn't want to mess things up by moving to fast. I could probably get them to talk more in the bedroom anyway.

Sarah wasn't willing to wait that long. She had no idea what was planned for the week and she wanted to find out more about the boys. I saw her measuring David's cock through his swim suit. She very pointedly said to me that she thought David had grown some since we were together last. At this point I pretended that I didn't understand what she was talking about.

Janice was just as interested. I noticed that she kept glancing at Jim's swim trunks. Jim's trunks didn't have a jock strap and his hard on was obvious. She asked a couple of leading questions about how old Jim was and I was sure that she wasn't interested in years and days. She wanted to know how big his balls were and if he could shoot off, but she never put it that way.

For a while the three of us looked the boys over and both Sarah and Janet speculated on how big their 'things' might be. I didn't call them pricks just then because I wanted to wait till that night to find out how far I could get the two girls to go. The topic remained 'boys' and the girls really didn't want to change the subject until we joined David, Jim, and Dick for a swim.



We went in for a swim and the girls joined us. Mary started out by ducking Jim and the rest of the kids joined in the fun. During the general horseplay Sarah rubbed her body against mine, and I thought she did it on purpose. At least her cunt rubbed up against my prick and gave me a hard on. I nonchalantly passed my hand across her tit and got a good feel. It felt as if her tits were a good deal bigger than Mary's. She started to pull away then didn't. She pretended she didn't know what was happening.

Mary rubbed her body against Dick and he blushed, hesitated, and pulled away. Jim did the same thing with Janice and she pretended she didn't notice when she rubbed her cunt against his prick and as quick on the trigger as Jim was, I wondered if she was going to make him shoot off in the water.

Not much else happened but things were looking up. We expected that it would take a few days to get the kids into our sex games but maybe we could it wouldn't take that long. We would have to wait till tonight till we found out how far they would really go. From the way they acted at the pool we might be able to get them to join us in our fun and games rather quickly.

* * * * * * * * * *

That night I saw Dick was sneaking looks at my crotch as I got undressed. I made sure that he got to examine my prick as much as he wanted and that he caught me sneaking looks at him too. His prick looked bigger than mine, but he didn't have a hard on so it was hard to tell. His prick did harden up as we traded looks but when that happened he blushed and turned away so I didn't get to see how big it was.

I got in bed naked, Dick commented on this, and I told him that when I thought about girls at night and got horny it was easier to jerk off. He was astonished. "You mean that You'd jerk off with me sleeping in the same room?"

Maybe I could get a mutual jerk off session going. "Sure. You jerk off too, don't you? I thought all boys did."

Dick blushed and stammered, he was real shy for a fifteen year old. If my jerking off bothered him it wouldn't be easy to get him into our fun and games. "Uh, well, yeh, I guess I do, but I never let anyone see me do it."

I put on a show on nonchalance. This was a little better. At least he admitted to what I knew he was doing. "Hell, you're going to be here for a week. There are too many people wanting to get into the bathroom to wait till I could do it there and I couldn't not jerk off for that long. I got all hot and bothered when Sarah rubbed up against me in the swimming pool and that got me real horny. Mary rubbed against you. Didn't that give you a hard on? I'm going to jerk off right now."

Dick looked flustered and he blushed again, "Gee yeh, I did accidentally rub up against Mary in the pool and I sure did get a hard on when I did it."

He hadn't rubbed against her, she had rubbed against him, and I'm sure it wasn't an accident. Mary must have rubbed against him long enough to get a feel of his hard prick.

There was a slight pause then Dick opened up a whole new line of conversation. Maybe this wasn't going to be so difficult after all. "Do you ever get to see Mary Naked?" Dick looked at me and blushed again. "I get to see Sarah sometimes when she has no clothes on, and sometimes Janice too, but not as often. I think Sarah lets me see her on purpose. I let her see me. I leave the bathroom door open sometime when I take a piss after school and I see her peeking in. I get a hard on either way."

By this time my hard prick was throbbing. I wanted to see how big Dick's cock was and I wanted to get things started. I pushed my covers off, spit on my hand and ran my fist up and down my prick. While I was doing this I responded to some of his questions. "Yeh, I do get to see Mary sometimes. I'm sure she lets me see her on purpose too. The problem is you can't tell very much about how a girl's built by peeking into the bathroom door. Everything they have, except their tits, is hidden in that slit, and they don't take their tops off to take a leak. Just talking about all that has me horny. I leave the bathroom door open too, and I've seen her watching me take a piss. Gee, I'd like to see what Sarah looks like without any clothes on. I wonder if she'd let me."

All this time my hand was running up and down my prick and Dick seemed hypnotized by the action. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. He was hard too. Good, things were going as planned. I saw him put his hand under the blanket and start to play with himself.

I wanted to get to see his prick. "It feels a lot better to jerk off in the open and you can do a lot more things. Take off your pajamas and enjoy yourself? I want to see how big your prick is when it's hard. I'll bet it's bigger than mine. Let's measure and find out."

Dick was reluctant, but his curiosity got the better of him. He wanted to examine my prick too but he was too shy or too embarrassed to admit it. He turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. I saw that his prick was quite a bit bigger than mine. It wasn't as big as pop's but it was as big as his father's, about six and a half inches.

I moved over to his bed and got him to lay down so we could measure my prick up against his. I let my prick rub back and forth against his prick pretending I was just measuring. He blushed but after the first second or so he didn't try to pull away. I decided I could get him into the minimum boy-boy sex. I could feel him rubbing his prick against mine by then. I fed him the next logical suggestion. "Gee, it feels good when some one else touches your prick. Let's jerk each other off, that feels better than doing it to ourselves."

Step number two achieved. I was an expert at jerking guys off by this time. I had a lot of practice with Jim although his prick was a lot smaller than Dick's. I made a ring of my thumb and forefinger and pulled it up and down over the head of his prick so that it only touched the rim around the head

I could tell he liked what I was doing by the way he jerked his hips back and forth. I reached around behind him and ran my finger back and forth, tickling his asshole. Wow, did that hit him. Dick has a real sensitive asshole.

By this time Dick was jerking on my cock so hard and fast that I was about to come. His prick was throbbing and I could feel his ass contract when my finger ran across it.

He let out a moan, "Ohhh! I'm coming! Ahhh!"

I was right there with him, "I'm going to shoot my cum too! Ohhh!"

We shot our loads of cum all over each other. I wanted to lick it up, but I was afraid that would spook Dick. I just lay there holding his shrinking cock, just the way he was holding mine.

Now was time for step number three. Find out more about his relations with his sisters, and let him know I did more things with Mary. "You know, you told me that Sarah lets you see her. Is that all you do together? Mary lets me see her without any clothes on and she lets me feel her. It's fun when we play with each other, and sometimes we even do more."

Dick jumped right on that. "You played with Mary down there? What does a girl feel like down there? Oh, Gee! What more do you do than that? Does she jerk you off, until you shoot your cum? Do you push your finger in her cunt? Does she - uh, - does she let you -uh - fuck her? Have you really pushed your prick into her cunt? Do you think you can get her to do some of those things with me?"

By now Dick was using all the four letter words without blushing but he was still a little hesitant about making a direct reference to the sexual act. He was to excited to think about what he was saying. I tried to slow him down a little. "Whoa! I'll try to answer all your questions one at a time. I've played with her cunt and she's jerked me off. I finger fuck her. We fuck, she sucks my cock until I shoot off, and I lap her cunt until she has an orgasm. We do all sorts of things with each other. Maybe I can get her to do things with you. She says she likes you and she likes to do those things. We got to find the right time and place, and with all the other kids around, it might not be easy."

Dick was so excited he was panting. "Gee, would she? We have to find some way. I'd be real scared but I want to try those things, I'd even try lapping cunt I guess, though it does sound yucky. I guess I would do it if she sucked my cock."

Time to find out if he was protective about his sisters. "Would you mind if I did those things with Sarah and Janice?"

He hesitated again then shook his head. "Uh, I guess not. I've wanted to do things with them for a long time but never found a way to get together with them. If you get Mary to do things with me, you can see if they'll do things with you."

By this time we were both hard again. Dick wasn't as bashful as he had been earlier. He was ready to try things that he wouldn't do before. He blushed again but he made the suggestion. "Gee, it felt good when you rubbed my ass. Do you want me to do that to you?"

I sure did and I felt that he was ready to go a little farther. "Sure, I do it to myself all the time when I jerk off. It feels even better if you stick a finger up your ass. Here let me show you."

I put some saliva on my finger and inserted it in his asshole. I slowly pushed my finger in and out of his ass to make his prick feel good. I rubbed his prostate gland and I knew that I could make him come by doing that. Jim made me shoot off each time he fucked my ass.

"Oh, Wow! That's a blast. I'll do that to you too if you want. Play with my prick at the same time. It does feel better when someone else jerks you off. I never felt anything like that in my life."

We were finger fucking each others ass and pulling one each others pricks. As young as we were that couldn't last long. We both shot off. We covered each other with cum again and I thought it was an awful waste of good cum but I didn't think Dick was ready for any more advanced boy-boy sex.

When we both got soft again, we let go of each other's prick and I pretended that we had to figure a way to get Dick together with Mary. We decided to sleep together in case anything came up during the night. Our pricks did. We jerked each other off again.