Training Them Young #10 (D.Abby) (gg,mast,oral) (10!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 10


Sophie created problems as soon as we got to my bedroom. She grumbled to herself and looked around the room. She took one of the blankets off of the spare bed and carefully laid it out on the floor. I asked why she was doing that. Sophie hadn't said ten words to me all day. It seemed Sophie spoke only to Edward and Edward spoke only to her.

. Heidi explained. "Sophie can't stand to sleep with anyone in the same bed. It doesn't bother me at all, but she'd rather sleep on the floor than have me in bed with her. I think it's real silly but that's the way she is. She always sleeps on the floor rather than have to sleep in the same bed with me. I'd really rather we slept together."

That was ridiculous. Sleeping with someone else could be fun and, even if you didn't do anything with them, I found that having a warm body next to me was comfortable.

"I don't mind sleeping with someone else, if Heidi doesn't mind sleeping with me, you could have the other bed to yourself, Sophie."

Heidi's eyes lit up as soon as I made the suggestion, she gave me a big grin, and emphatically she nodded her head yes. Sophie tried to be noble and sacrificing, but I insisted I didn't mind at all and Heidi backed me up to the hilt. It seemed Heidi wanted to be in bed with me as much as I wanted to have her there.

The two of us finally prevailed and that was the sleeping arrangement. I liked the arrangement, being in the same bed should make it easier to get the sex play started. I wondered if that was why Heidi was so eager to sleep with me. Well, I'd soon find out.

Sophie took her pajamas to the bathroom. I must have shown my surprise Heidi acted annoyed and explained. "She never lets me see her get undressed. She never even stays in the room with me when I get undressed either. I don't know why, she used to bathe with me and it certainly didn't bother her then. She didn't even mind having the boys see her naked then. As a matter of fact, I think she liked to let the boys see her naked and left the bathroom door open on purpose so the boys could watch us when we took a shower. That was a fun time the boys left the door open when they took their shower too. One time I thought I saw some hair around Ed's prick and they never left the door open after that.

"It's only since just before she started her periods, about three years ago, that she got so prudish. I'd love to see what her tits look like now. She wears a 'C' cup bra now and I only wear a 'B' cup. Are you out of your training bra? What cup do you wear?"

This was an easy lead up to more interesting things. I could be just as chatty as Heidi was and could lead the talk to the subjects I wanted. Heidi seemed to be headed in the direction I wanted to go anyway. I opened some more doors. "Oh, I wear a 'B' cup too but now I usually don't wear a bra. I like the boys to watch my tits bounce when I walk. I wish my tits were bigger and that they that bounce more. It's cute the way the boys pants bulge out in front when they notice my tits. It makes me feel good to know that I'm causing it to happen. Do you still let the boys watch you take a shower? Do you leave the door open when you go to the bathroom? Do Ed and Ray still spy on you?"

Heidi wasn't at all reticent. "Gees, yeh! Ray does anyway. It's real neat. Ray will come upstairs as soon as he hears the bathroom door open and pretend not to notice I'm in there. He sneaks glances and his pants always push out in front. He leaves the door open too. As soon as he finishes pissing he gets a hard on if he knows I'm watching and then he blushes, but he doesn't zip up right away and he lets me get a good look. Once he even jerked off. I saw the white stuff spurt out of his prick. Wow! Was that something. I got all wet between my legs and had to go to my bedroom and play with myself.

It was her turn to ask questions. "Do you let David see you? Do you ever get to see him? What about Jim? I thought he tried to feel my tits in the pool. Is he old enough to be interested in girls? Do you trade peeks with him too?"

When she got started she really rattled on. She didn't even give me a chance to answer questions right away. I didn't think anything I told Heidi would bother her. If I told her everything my brothers and I did together she would probably jump up and down for joy, but discretion is the better part of valor, I would go a little at a time.

Even if nothing else went right I was sure that Heidi and I and my brothers would have some fun together. There was no sense beating around the bush. I tried to answer all her questions and added some more pertinent data. I wasn't sure about cock sucking though, I left that part of it out. "We used to trade peeks but we've gone farther than that now. We do things together and Jim sure is old enough. He's been shooting off more than six months now. He fucks me as often as David does. Don't you want to do things with Ray?"

Heidi took a deep breath at that. "You fuck both of your brothers? Wow! I wish Ray would fuck me. I'd like to jerk him off too so I could see what happens real close. I pretend he's pushing his fingers into my cunt when I play with myself. "I know he'd like to do things with me, but neither of us has the courage to ask the other. We never talk about sex. David and Jim will do things with me? I want to find out what doing things with a boy is like. I'd like to do things with Ed too but he's a lost cause."

I reassured Heidi. "Sure they will. That's the way we planned it from the start. I'll bet David is setting things up with Ray right now. From what you say I'm sure he'll be ready to do things with you tomorrow and I know David and Jim can't wait to get their dicks into your cunt."

Heidi's eyes got big but the only thing she said was, "Oh, Wow!". I took that to mean that she was ready to go along with our plans.

While we were having this conversation the two of us were undressing. When Heidi saw I was going to get into bed without any pajamas, she grinned and did the same thing. Sophie came back in the room wearing her pajamas and didn't even look at us as she turned out the light and got into the other bed.

I could feel Heidi's warm body against mine. She didn't try to move away at all. She snuggled right up to me. She rubbed her hip against mine. She placed her hand on my tit and lightly pinched it. I put a hand over hers and pressed. I rubbed the nipple on her tit with my other hand until it got hard. When those nipples were hard we switched tits, then Heidi moved her hand down to my stomach. She rubbed. I rubbed her stomach and tickled her navel.

She slid her hand farther down my body and moved on to my cunt. I did the same and ran my finger down the length of her cunt. She rubbed my clit! I pushed my finger into her cunt and pushed it in and out a couple of times. Her cunt was soaking wet she was ready for anything.

Heidi was getting me into sex play instead of the other way around. Sarah and Janice had been willing, but I'd had to lead the way. It was fun to have Heidi lead me on. Because Sophie was there we couldn't make a sound.

I played with Heidi's clit and she played with mine. We finger fucked each other. Our fingers squished in and out and hoped that Sophie didn't hear it. We started slow at first but our motions got faster. Pretty soon each of us was pumping our fingers into the other's cunt as fast as we could.

Heidi shuddered and her cunt contracted around my finger. I came too. Heidi pulled me closer and kissed me. I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it and put hers in my mouth. We finally had to stop after we each had a couple of orgasms.

We hugged each other, then Heidi licked at my ear. She nibbled at my neck and moved on down to my tits. When she sucked them it made my cunt tingle. It seemed she wanted to give me a trip around the world.

She tongue bathed me down to my cunt, gently grabbed my clit in her teeth, and sucked on it. She really knew what she was doing. Her tongue went into my slit and she worked it in and out like a snake. Maybe she would like the idea of sucking cock, she sure knew how to lap cunt. This couldn't be the first time she'd ever done it.

I was coming already. Heidi had me squirming all over the bed and I couldn't make a sound. Sophie's presence in the room was very inhibiting. I wanted to moan and groan, but I knew I had to keep quiet as a mouse. Heidi knew she was giving me orgasms but kept right on cunt lapping until I couldn't take any more and pushed her away.

She licked her way back up, stopped on the way up to lick and suck on my nipples, then she kissed me again. I was sure that Heidi had lapped cunt before and I wondered who with. She'd certainly never done anything like this with Sophie.

It took me a few minutes to recuperate, then I went to work on Heidi. When I got down to her tits I had my fingers in her cunt and I could feel it contract as I worked her tits over. She was really hot to trot. I took as much time as I could, licking down to her cunt, and when I pushed my tongue into her navel she almost jumped off the bed. I sucked on her clit and lapped at her slit.

I kept on going. When I licked at her ass crack I got the desired response, and when I went to work on her asshole she lifted her whole body up to get more of the action. I spent some time tongue fucking her asshole and went back to the main point of interest, I tongue fucked her and sucked on her clit until her cunt was contracting. She kept rubbing her cunt on my face and finally collapsed and pushed me away. I wished we could say something and talk to each other, This silent sex was very confining.

There was a noise from Sophie's bed. She got up and left. I guessed she was going to the bathroom. As soon as she was out Heidi started to whisper.

"Oooo! I'm glad I got to sleep with you. You like sex as much as I do and you're willing to do things with me. I have a girl friend I do this with when we get together, but you know more about it than she does. I never heard about that ass licking before. That was real neat. I have to do it to you next time and see if I can make you jump the way you made me. Do David and Jim lap your cunt? Have you ever sucked their cocks? I always wanted to suck Ray's cock. I want him to shoot off in my mouth so I can find out what his cum tastes like. Have you tasted cum? I heard in school that some girls like the taste of cum."

So much for that worry about whether Heidi was ready for cocksucking. She kept right on babbling about what she wanted to do. "I'd like to have Ray lap my cunt too. I want to find out if it's different if a boy laps your cunt. That's another thing I think about when I play with myself at night. Oh, Wow! I can't wait till we get together with the boys tomorrow."

Heidi was eager to try anything. She ran down and I got to answer some of her questions. "Gee, sucking cock is neat. I do it every chance I get. I do it with each of the boys at least once every time we get together. I sometimes get orgasms just from having the boys shoot off in my mouth. You'll like having Ray lap your cunt. Boys don't know where all the most sensitive places are in a girl's cunt but somehow it feels better when a boy laps your cunt than when a girl does. You have to get Jim to do that to you, I sometimes think he's a better cunt lapper than David is."

Sophie hadn't come back in yet and I wondered what was taking her so long. I was willing to bet that she'd gone to the bathroom to finger fuck herself. It gave me some time to let Heidi in on some more of the secret but I still kept back about her parents being interested in having sex with her. "I'll tell you a secret. When the Cohen and the Reily kids visited earlier this summer my brothers and I didn't want to have to sneak off and leave them alone while we did things together. We had no trouble getting them all to join in with us. All of the boys lapped cunt and all of the girls sucked cock. "They all thought it was real neat and they were glad to join us. Some of them were hesitant about licking ass at first but by the time they were here for a week they'd all tried it and liked that too. I've done things with every one of them and the boys have too."

That stopped Heidi's questions for a while. She just sat there, looked at me, and said "Oh, Wow!", again.

Sophie came back from the bathroom, and we had to be quiet again. As soon as Sophie had settled in Heidi went to work on me again. She was just a thorough as the first time and this time when she had my cunt thoroughly licked she tried the ass licking bit. I'm real sensitive there and she did get me to jump as high as I'd made her jump.

Heidi woke me up twice during the night giving me a tongue bath. I returned the compliment each time. I found that Heidi was a very responsive girl. David and Jim would have fun making her feel good. If it wasn't for Sophie in the room she would have been screaming and moaning when I brought her to her orgasms.


I never met anyone like Ed before, he wouldn't even look my way when I got undressed. I stood there facing him, spit on my hand, and pumped it up and down my prick. He didn't even turn around when I grunted and shot off. I wanted to see how big his prick was but I didn't get a chance to see. He turned out the light before he got undressed and kept his back turned to me while he put on his pajamas.

In desperation I started to jerk off again and made my bed springs squeak to see if I could get a rise out of him that way. I had a good come and it felt neat but not as good as a blow job. I licked my cum off my hand and waited. Ed still didn't say a word but there was a sound in the hall and he went out to the bathroom. I didn't know how we were going to get him into sex with us.