Training Them Young #11 (D.Abby) (BBbgg,group) (11!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 11



The three of us got together for our conference the next morning. Jim told us he'd drawn a complete blank. Ed had done the same thing Sophie had. Jim said that he'd had jerked himself off. The difference between the older pair and the younger pair of the Jones kids was amazing. We had our breakfast and the older kids were as non communicative as usual. I don't think they said a dozen words the whole time.

Mary, Jim and I wanted to lay some plans, but we couldn't figure out how what to do about Sophie and Ed. They didn't seem to want anything to do with us, but we didn't know how to get rid of them so we could have some fun with Ray and Heidi.

Ray and Heidi got each of us alone so they could find out what we were arranging. Each was ecstatic about the fact that their sibling wanted to do things with them and they wanted to know how soon we could all get together. They were disappointed when we admitted to them that we hadn't figured out a way to get together yet.

We discussed trying to send the two older kids to the swimming pool while we stayed home but didn't think it would work. Those two were our first failures, we didn't like that at all. There had to be some way of getting to them. We'd wait and see what developed. In the mean time we had to get rid of them so we could get it on with Ray and Heidi. Maybe a miracle would happen so we could get things moving.

The miracle that I was praying would happen happened!

After breakfast Sophie said she was sleepy. She hadn't slept well in a strange bed. Heidi and Mary had tossed around all night long and kept her awake. She didn't see how two restless kids like they were had gotten any sleep at all.

Heidi and Mary looked at each other and blushed. They wondered if she guessed what they had been doing but Sophie didn't act as if she had. She yawned and stretched then decided to try to get some more sleep. She went upstairs to bed.

A few minutes later Ed stretched and yawned and said he was sleepy too. He wasn't used to having a strange boy in the room and hadn't slept well the night before either. Jim tossing around in his bed had kept Ed awake too. Jim didn't blush, he didn't care if someone knew he was jerking himself off. Ed decided he could use a nap himself. He pushed his chair away from the table and followed Sophie upstairs.

The elaborate excuses were the most the two of them had said to us since the start of their visit. What was going on here? It all sounded very familiar. Jim, Mary, and I looked at each other. Were they using the same trick we had used so that a pair of us kids could get upstairs together and think no one else would know what was going on? I put my fingers to my lips.

Ray and Heidi were impatient and wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty now that their siblings were out of the way. Since they knew the other wanted them they couldn't wait. They were squirming in their chairs and asking us to come into the family room with them. I could see that Ray had a hard on and I was willing to bet the crotch of Heidi's panties were soaking wet.

We wanted to make sure about what was going on upstairs so we kept Ray and Heidi waiting while we dawdled over cup of hot chocolate. If what we expected was happening it would be worth the slight delay. After about ten minutes I excused myself, sneaked upstairs, and listened at Mary's door. Bingo! The bed was squeaking. and I heard some moans and sighs.

That explained things! Sophie and Ed weren't interested in doing things with us because they were getting it on with each other. I must have been right about their spending time together in swimming yesterday. I could break that up in a hurry. I hadn't met a kid yet that didn't want to broaden their experience.

That still left the question about why they were so cold to us and how come they didn't include Ray and Heidi but I figured I could find that out later. With what I knew I was sure that I could get them to talk. As a matter of fact I planned to get them to do more than talk to us. I wanted to try them out too. Maybe they were doing things we hadn't run into yet. You never knew when you'd run into something new.

I quietly went downstairs, grinned, and nodded to my siblings. They were both almost jumping up and down in glee. We didn't tell Heidi and Ray, but we did fill them in on everything that had happened last night, and that the way was open for a lot of fun in the family room right then.

Heidi jumped on the idea. She wasn't at all reticent. "Oh, Ray. Will you fuck me? I want David and Jim to do it too, but I want to fuck you first. I love you so much."

"Gees, yeh, sis, I think of fucking you every time I jerk off. I even let you watch me jerk off that time when I left the bathroom door open. I wanted you to see me. I want to fuck you just as much as you want to fuck me. I love you very much too."

Ray turned to us. "You don't mind if we fuck each other first, do you?"

We told them that the Cohens and Reilys wanted to be with each other first too. By the time finished the explanations they were undressed and were hugging, kissing, and rubbing their nude bodies together.

Heidi lay down on the soft carpet and spread her legs. Ray knelt down between them and jabbed with his prick. It didn't find the hole. They were willing but inexperienced. Heidi reached down and centered his prick between the inner lips of her cunt. Ray eased his hips down but couldn't get his prick to penetrate more than an inch or so into Heidi's cunt. We reminded them that Heidi was still a virgin and they realized that Ray would have to break Heidi's maidenhead before his prick would slide all the way into her cunt.

They knew that it would hurt Heidi some and Ray was worried about that. Heidi didn't care, she wanted Ray's prick in her cunt no matter how much it hurt her. Ray pushed again but his prick didn't go any further than it had before. Mary and I helped. Mary held Heidi's hand and I pushed on Ray's hips till the head of his prick broke through her maidenhead.

"Ouch! That hurt, but only a little. Your prick sure does feel good though. Push it in and out, Ray."

"Your cunt feels good too. Oh, boy, I'm fucking! I'm fucking my sister! Wow!" Ray was a perfectionist when it came to jacking off but he couldn't hold back on his first fuck. He pushed his prick in and out of his sister's cunt. This was the first time for them and they didn't Know how to make a fuck last. It was understandable. Luckily Heidi was just as hot as Ray was and they came at the same time. "Ohhh! Ahhh!"

"Oooo! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ray shot his load of cum into Heidi's cunt. As Ray's limp prick slid out of her cunt, he turned around and licked the mixture of his cum, her cunt juices, and her blood out of her cunt. Heidi didn't hesitate either. She slurped his soft prick into her mouth and cleaned it up. Ray followed the trail of leaked cum, cunt juice, and virgin blood down Heidi's ass crack and over her asshole.

Heidi didn't expect this as she and Ray hadn't had time to tell each other about the previous night. She went behind to perform the same cleanup job on Ray. She found his ass was very sensitive. Ray's soft prick turned hard and pressed between her tits.

After her discussion with Mary the night before Heidi knew exactly what she wanted to do with Ray's hard prick. The first thing she wanted to do though was examine it. She pulled her head back took it in her hand and looked it over. She thought it was cute. That little slit looked like an up and down mouth. She tried to open the slit and didn't get very far but a drop of pre cum oozed out. Heidi wasted no time. She leaned forward and licked it off.

Ray wasn't wasting any time either. He'd never seen a cunt up close. A girls plumbing is pretty well hidden. He wanted to find out more about it. Acting as if it were delicate and he might damage it he used the fingers of both hands to spread the outer lips.

He took a good look at the inner lips and the little nub up above them. He'd done his homework in the medical books of the library too. Holding the outer lips apart with the fingers of one hand he tickled the nub and was rewarded with a squirm from Heidi. He liked the reaction he got. He grinned and tickled some more then he leaned forward and licked it. Some more squirms and he pulled away and grinned again.

It was time to explore the inner lips. He gently inserted a finger between them. It slid right in and there seemed to be lots of room. He pushed in another finger and pumped them in and out. Heidi licked the head of his prick. He leaned forward again and ran his tongue along the inner lips of Her cunt.

It was time to get down to business. Heidi sucked Ray's cock into her mouth. Ray buried his mouth in Heidi's cunt and she bobbed her head up and down on his prick. Ray sucked Heidi's clit into his mouth and massaged all around the head of it with his tongue. Heidi massaged the sensitive underside of his prick with her tongue.

Ray's hips flexed and he fucked his prick into Heidi's mouth. She squirmed and rubbed her cunt all over his face. Heidi moaned and her hips jerked spastically as; spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ray shot a massive load of cum into his sister's mouth. Heidi didn't hesitate, she swallowed every drop.

Both of them slowed down but they didn't stop until Ray's prick had shriveled to its soft state. Heidi let it slither out of her mouth and Ray pulled away from her cunt. All either of them said was, "Wow!"

While Ray and Heidi were engaged in their fucking and sucking we got undressed. When they calmed down a bit they were full of questions, both to us and to each other. "Did I lap your cunt all right?"

"It was neat. I think I liked it even better than when Mary did it last night and that was the best cunt lapping I'd ever had. Do you like the way I sucked you cock?"

"Gee, that was the best. Your cunt tastes real sweet. I never thought a cunt would taste like that. I didn't come too fast, did I?"

"Gosh no, I couldn't have taken much more. I like the taste of your cum too. I didn't know if I would like drinking cum. Was that the right way to do it, Mary?"

"Yeh, did I lap her cunt the right way David?"

Mary, Jim, and I reassured them that they had done everything right. Both of them had enjoyed it hadn't they? That was the idea of having sex. In the first place you wanted to enjoy yourself and you wanted to get that good feeling. You also wanted to make your partner enjoy themselves and get the good feeling too. There was no reason to worry about what you were doing. They might want to take it a bit slower later on and make the good feelings last but that could come later when they'd gotten accustomed to each other and found out each other's best spots.

Ray got pensive. "Gee, I wish we could do these things with Sophie and Ed. I'd love them and I'd like to make them feel good too. They'd never do anything like this. They don't know what they're missing."

Heidi was right with him. "Yeh, it would be a lot of fun doing things with them. I bet they would like doing things with us if they ever let themselves go."

It was time to let the younger Jones know what the older Joneses were up to. I wasn't gentle in breaking the news. "Don't worry about them. They're upstairs in Mary's room doing the same things you were doing down here."


"Ed and Sophie!"

"I don't believe it!"

"They can't be. They won't even let us see them naked."

"They don't even kiss us any more."

I held up my hands to quiet them down. "There's one way to find out, we can go upstairs and look in on them."

That settled matters. Ray and Heidi would hardly admit to themselves that their older siblings did things with each other but they weren't going to miss the chance of catching them at it.