Training Them Young #12 (D.Abby) (BBBbGgg,group) (12!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 12


We sneaked up stairs and eased open the door to Mary's bedroom. Ed and Sophie were extremely busy on the bed doing a sixty nine. Ed had his head buried in Sophie's cunt and he lapped as fast as he could. Sophie's head bobbed up and down on Ed's cock. He was bucking his hips up to meet her face, each time she lowered her head. Even as we watched the frantic activity increased and it was easy to see that both of them were reaching a climax.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ed delivered his load of cum into his sister's mouth. Some of the cum dripped out and Sophie licked it up from his crotch. I started a round of applause and the rest joined in. Ed and Sophie took one look at us both of them started to cry, for goodness sake! So they were having a good time and they got caught having sex, that was nothing to cry about. I couldn't understand why they were so upset about it.

"What's the matter with you two? So you got caught doing the same thing up here that we were doing down in the family room. That's nothing to cry about, we had fun doing it, didn't you?"

They'd been trying to pull a sheet over their naked bodies but about this time they realized that we had no clothes on either. Ed finally wound down and caught his breath. He looked at the nude bodies of his sister and brother. He immediately got a hard on. It was at least six inches long. He started to cry again. I asked him what his problem was.

He sobbed, "We didn't want to teach Ray and Heidi the bad things we've been doing."

I didn't think I'd heard him right, "Bad things? What the hell are you talking about?"

Ed and Sophie hung their heads. Finally Ed looked at his other siblings, turned his eyes away from them, and started to mumble. "When I started to shoot off, I got curious about girls. I had Sophie undress and examined her. She hadn't had her first period yet. Then I got undressed and she examined me. Before long we got to playing with each other. We knew it wasn't nice, but we couldn't stop. Then we did other nasty things like using our mouths on each other's sex organs. After Sophie had her first period we even - uh - fucked. We never wanted to let Ray and Heidi know how bad we were. We've been hiding it from them all the time. If mom and pop ever found out I don't know what they'd do."

The surprise was that Allen and Marcia never caught the two of them. If they had they'd have taken them straight to bed. Ed and Sophie sure didn't know what they'd been missing. They would just have to find this out for themselves. Were they in for a surprise. It was now Sophie's turn to confess.

"We wouldn't let Heidi and Ray see us naked, or look at them when they didn't have clothes on. Every time we saw them by accident it made us want to do the nasty things with them. I wanted to suck on Ray's thing before he could shoot cum. It looked so cute. The reason I won't sleep with Heidi is that I'm afraid that I might do some of those things with her. I've wanted to do that for years too." Sophie started to cry again..

I was getting fed up with this "The only thing that's bad or nasty is the way you're thinking. Quit crying. Jim, Mary and I have been doing all the things you've said and more. We haven't found anything bad or nasty yet. Ray and Heidi are smarter than you. They just got started today. After they finished fucking they did a sixty nine like you were doing when we came in. They don't think that there's anything bad or nasty about what they did. Sex is the most natural thing in the world. And it's a lot of fun too."

Ray picked it right up. "Gees, yeh! It's not nasty, it's fun. I've been dreaming about doing things with the both of you ever since I started to shoot my cum. I even jerk off thinking about you. I would have loved it if you did things with me. David taught me a lot of things last night and I just fucked Heidi for the first time then like David said I lapped her cunt. Boy, that's a lot of fun. There was nothing nasty about it."

Heidi wasn't going to let Ray have the last word. "I tried to let you see me with out clothes, Ed, but you always ran away. I've always wanted to do things with you. You say you want to do things with me. Well let's do them. Don't let's just sit around and talk."

She got down on her knees in front of her oldest brother and sucked his six inch prick in her mouth. Ray saw this and got on his knees in front of Sophie to suck her clit. Sophie and Ed pulled away from their siblings, but then after looking at each other, they pulled them up and started to kiss them.

Ed told Heidi, "Oh, we love you so much. I've always wanted to kiss your cunt, Heidi. I never wanted you to find out about it."

Sophie wasn't far behind. "And, I love you too, Ray. Now is my chance to suck your cock like I always wanted to do. Ed and I always talked about the two of you while we did things together. We wanted to do those things with you but we thought that they would shock you."

They placed their younger siblings on the bed and started to work them over. The older Joneses knew about trips around the world and were out to give their younger siblings as much pleasure as they could. They hadn't had the adult guidance but they'd been doing those things since before any of the rest of us could come. From what Ed said they must have been doing things together for three years. Both of them went about their business in a professional manner.

Ed started with french kisses and licked his way to Heidi's tits. Heidi, of course knew that her tits had a direct connection to her cunt and held one out for her older brother to suck. He sucked on one then the other until they were both hard and the aureoles were crinkly.

Ray was surprised when Sophie licked at his nipples and he found that they got hard and that he got goose flesh. In the midst of all that had happened I'd missed that bit with him the night before and he and Heidi hadn't stopped for anything that advanced.

He wiggled all over as she licked her way down, past his navel, to his prick. She did all the appropriate things in all the right places. Licked the pre cum off the tip, worked her tongue around the head, sucked on the tender spot under the pisshole, and sucked on his balls.

Ed followed the same course on Heidi. When he got to the cunt he licked at her clit, grabbed it in his teeth and sucked, ran his tongue along her slit, and moved down. Both Ed and Sophie liked ass licking, and knew how much fun it could be. They ran their tongues along their younger sibling's ass cracks and pushed into the assholes. They tongue fucked the asses then moved back to the primary sex organs.

Heidi was coming, she bounced all over the bed and rubbed her cunt over Ed's face. "Ohhh! Oh, Ed. You're making me feel so good! Ahhh!" Heidi pulled away from Ed when she couldn't take any more. Just as Sophie had done to Ray, Ed licked up the leaked juices from Heidi's crotch.

Ray was ready to shoot off. He pumped his prick into his sister's mouth. "Oooo! Wow! You're sucking the cum out of my balls! Ohhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ray shot his load of cum into his older sister's mouth. She swallowed his cum and kept sucking till his prick got soft, then let it slip out of her mouth and gave his groin a final lick.

The three of us had been left out again. All we'd done this morning was set the Jones kids up for action and watch them. Watching what the Joneses had been doing hadn't cooled us off any. By this time we were pretty horny. I know that my cock was just dripping with pre cum and my balls were beginning to ache. I was sure that Jim was in the same condition and I could feel how sloppy Mary's cunt was. I figured it was time for the Jones kids to watch us for a while.

I pulled Mary and Jim on to her bed. After a minimum of hugging and kissing, I got in front of Mary and Jim got behind. I slipped my prick into her cunt and held still while Jim deposited some spit on her asshole and squeezed his prick in. I pumped and Jim picked my tempo up. We got the rhythm going.

Each time I pushed my prick into Mary's cunt Jim pulled his prick out of her ass. When he pushed in I pulled out. Mary swung her hips back and forth to meet each of our thrusts. We started out slow but that didn't last long, we speeded up and never missed a beat. Soon the inevitable. "Wow! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my load of cum shot into Mary's cunt. "Oooo! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my brother's smaller load was deposited in Mary's ass. "I'm coming! Ahhh! Ohhh!" Mary's cunt contracted around my cock. When our pricks had shrunk and slipped out, Jim and I went down to clean Mary up. Sophie and Heidi sucked the cum off of our pricks and crotches.

The Jones kids had been very interested observers of our three way action. Sophie was very interested. "Doesn't it hurt to have a prick up your ass? Jim's prick isn't that big yet but I'd be afraid to have Ed push his prick into my asshole."

(I noticed that the older Jones kids were using four letter words now. They weren't at first. Evidently they were getting more comfortable with having sex with someone besides their usual sex partner. Sophie had sucked Jim's prick clean. Things were looking up.)

Mary didn't hesitate in answering Sophie. "Well, maybe a little the first time. David fucks my ass and it doesn't hurt me at all any more. His prick isn't as big as Ed's but it's almost as big around. I'd like to have Ed fuck my ass sometime. If you want to try it why don't you have Jim fuck your ass first. His prick won't hurt at all, then you'll be stretched a little when the older boys do it. I like to have my ass fucked. It makes it even better if your cunt is being fucked at the same time. The most fun is when you have a prick to suck while the other two boys are fucking you."

Ray agreed with Mary. Gee, David fucked my ass last night and it didn't hurt very much. Just a little at first, after that it was a blast. I even shot off at the same time he did. I fucked his ass later on and he shot off too. Ass fucking is a lot of fun."

This disturbed Ed. He still had a few hang-ups about what was 'not nice' and what was nasty. I guess after you thought a certain way for as long as he and Sophie had it's hard to change the way you think. "But that's not nice. Only queers do that."

I jumped on him. "Do you think I'm queer? I like girls a lot, but I like having sex with boys too. I don't think that there's anything about sex that's 'not nice', or 'nasty'. As long as you like it and it doesn't hurt anybody, all sex is nice. At least it's fun. That's for sure."

Ray was right behind me. Like my brother, he was willing to try anything right off the bat. He had never found anything that he didn't like yet. "Gee, Ed. I want to do things with you. I love you as much as I love Sophie and Heidi. Sophie said she wants to do things with Heidi. Is that any different than you doing things with me?"

Ed was cornered. He blushed and stammered, then he admitted that he had the hots for his young brother. He'd never even admitted to Sophie that he wanted to suck his brother's little cock too. He guessed that he was going to have to forget the 'nasty' and 'not right' bit when it came to sex. It was almost a shame that Ray had matured before he got the chance. He would liked to have seen how Ray would have reacted to a cocksucking before he could cum.

The older Joneses were fondling us as well as their siblings. Ray told how he had shot off when I touched his ass with my tongue. Ed admitted that the same thing happened to him the first time Sophie had tongue fucked his ass. I wondered if the Jones girls' asses were as sensitive as the boys'. Well I was sure we would find out before the week was over.

Sophie kept quiet but I noticed she finger fucked Heidi as much as she fondled Ray's prick. She had no problems about girl-girl sex. Ed still wasn't comfortable with all these new ideas. When I saw that he was hesitating about something again I helped him along.

"Come on, Ed. What is it that you want? No one's going to think that there's anything wrong with anything you want to do."

Ed admitted that he wanted his ass fucked and that he wanted to have his kid brother do it. Ray, of course, was ready, willing, and able.

"Oh boy, Ed. Do you want me to do it? When David fucked me last night I pretended it was you. Will you fuck my ass too. I want you to. I really want to do everything with you."

Ed was finally beaten down.

"Oh, Ray. I guess I want to do everything with you too. I'm just having a hard time changing the way I've been thinking. We can't do everything at once though. Why don't you fuck my ass now and I'll do it to you some other time. I want to suck your cock too, and have you suck mine."

We hadn't just been sitting and gabbing. There had been a lot of mutual groping. There were four hard cocks and three wet cunts, and all of them wanted some action. It was more or less settled that Ray would fuck Ed. Heidi had wanted me to fuck her since Mary had suggested it the night before.

Sophie was fascinated with Jim's prick, which had just started to grow. It reminded her of the times that she had wanted to suck on Ray before he had started to shoot off. She wanted to sixty nine with him. Mary was odd girl out but had no intention of staying that way. She suggested that Ed lap her cunt while he was being ass fucked.

Ed got on his knees on one of the beds. Mary lay down at the head of the bed so that he could have easy access to her cunt. Ray got behind him and lovingly licked at his ass and deposited a big gob of spit on his asshole. He got up on his knees, grabbed his brother's hips, and pushed his prick into his Ed's ass. Ed pushed his hips back to meet his brother's thrusting prick and stuck his tongue into Mary's cunt.

Jim and Sophie sixty nined on the other bed. They licked all around the primary objectives and gave each other's asses a good working over before Jim buried his face in her cunt and she sucked his prick into her mouth. then the action speeded up.

Heidi wanted to be on top. I laid down beside the sixty niners and she poised her cunt over my prick. She took my prick in her hand and positioned the head between her cunt lips. She lowered her hips until my prick was totally engulfed. I liked the way it felt and so did Heidi. She leaned over and wiggled her hips before she lifted her body and lowered it again.

Ray built up speed. His hips flashed back and forth and he grunted. Ed's hips moved back to meet each of Ray's thrusts. His tongue, buried in Mary's cunt, kept time with his hips.

Sophie sucked so hard on Jim's cock that her cheeks were hollow. Her head moved back and forth and she had a finger pumping in and out of Jim's ass. Jim sucked her clit and finger fucked her ass too.

Voyeurism wasn't my only occupation. Heidi was riding up and down on my prick and I was thrusting as far into her cunt as I could. Her tits were bouncing in front of my face. I latched on to one and sucked. This speeded Heidi up and had a stabilizing effect on me. I kept my mind off of what was happening down below and enabled me to last longer. I bucked my prick deep into her cunt every time she came down. I had a hold on one of her fist sized tits and sucked away as if there was never going to be another tit to suck on. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot my load of cum into Heidi's cunt.

"Ohhh! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Sophie sucked my brother's smaller load out of his balls.

"Oooo! Wow!"

"I'm coming! Ahhh! Ohhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ray deposited his load of cum in his brother's ass.

"Oooo! Ohhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble, dribble; Ed's massive load of cum splashed out onto the bed.

"Wow! Ahhh!"

After we went through the position changes and every one cleaned up the cum and cunt juices from everyone else we took a breather.

The two older Jones kids bemoaned the fact that they had waited so long to get their younger siblings into the act. The younger ones said that they were sure going to make up for lost time. We had initiated another set of siblings into family sex.

Before the week was out all of the Jones kids had a chance to do all the things that they had fantasized about doing with each other and we got to join in with them. We switched partners every night and had group sex during the day.

Sophie spent one whole night with Heidi and I don't think either of them got much sleep. Heidi said that she didn't get much of a chance to finger fuck Sophie or lap her cunt. Sophie must have given her four or five trips around the world. Heidi wasn't very active in the group sex next day.

Ed got together with Jim and me. He had me fuck his ass while he sixty nined with Jim.

Ed got hooked on boy-boy sex and spent a whole night with Ray. They sucked each other's cocks and fucked each other's asses. Ray told me that Ed sucked so many loads out of his prick that he couldn't get a hard on again even when Ed finger fucked his ass.

Neither Ed nor Sophie could get enough of Jim's pubescent smaller prick. They sucked a load out of it every chance they got. I guess both of them were thinking of the chances they'd missed with Ray. Jim didn't mind at all. He liked the attention and he liked to have his cock sucked.

The night Ed spent with Ray I slept with Heidi and Sophie. Except for short intervals they kept my cock soft all night. Even when it was soft I would fall asleep with one of them nursing on it and it would eventually harden and wake the both of us up. At that point we all knew what to do and we didn't go through the same formation a second time. My balls were aching by the time morning rolled around and I wasn't very active in the group sex the next day.

Another hot fucking week!

Allen and Marcia Jones arrived to retrieve their kids that Saturday. We passed the pertinent information along to them and they were beaming when they left to go home. We had the usual heavy couple of days with mom and pop, then got into our more or less normal routine.