Training Them Young #13 (D.Abby) (BBBbGgg,group) (13!14)

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by D. Abby



Chapter - 13


Our training sessions during the summer put a big crimp in the activities of our parents' sex club. Mom and pop didn't get together with their fucking friends (that's what pop calls them and I like the name. I think it's very descriptive.) because of vacations and other extra curricular activities.

For three weeks we had kids visiting us, attending Sexed101. (Again that's a term my pop used. I think it has something to do with college classes.) The parents of those kids would be away on vacation. There was no way the club could get together on those Fridays.

On the alternate weeks the parents of our recent visitors much too busy making up for lost time to want to go out to a party. Besides by the time that Friday came around their kids had them pretty well worn out.

Everyone wanted to get together again and they wanted to include all the kids too. There was a lot of calling back and forth before some definite plans were made. The four families found a small motel in the mountains and rented all the units. There were twenty one of us and only seven units, we had a lot of fun.

We didn't get to see any of the kids again till the Labor Day weekend and we found out how things had worked out in the various families. We had talked on the phone but this was the first chance all of us kids had to get together and compare notes. The kids were a little miffed at us because we hadn't warned them about what was going to happen. They sure weren't angry about the final outcome. I'll run down what happened in the same order that we broke in the kids.


When The Cohen kids got home they were ready to continue the fun they had been having. They tried get together to do things and every time they tried they wound up frustrated. Tom or Sadie never left them alone long enough for anything to happen.

Sarah and Janice still worked each other over every night but they did miss having Dick's dick.

Dick was in a much tougher position. He was in a bedroom by himself and there was nothing he could do but jerk off. He was now used to having a lot more variety than that. The three of them wanted to get together but their parents kept them frustrated.

After four days they got desperate and Dick sneaked into the girls bedroom. They started with some kissing and hugging, then Sarah got on top and rode his cock while he lapped Janice's cunt.

At this point Tom and Sadie walked in. The kids were scared out of their wits. They didn't know what to do. They tried to disengage, but there was no way to hide what they were doing. It wasn't till a couple of minutes had passed that the kids realized that their parents had just as much clothes on as they had.

Sarah asked, "Mom, pop, what are you doing here like that?"

Sadie grinned and answered, "Trying to get into the act."

The kids were stunned. Janice asked, "What?"

Dick asked, "Why?"

Sarah wanted to know, "How?"

Tom grinned at them and held both hands up. "To take them in order the answers are: What; to fuck and suck with you. Why; because we're horny and have a letch for you. How; any way you want to."

Sadie filled the rest of it in. "We sent you over to the Smiths on purpose. We've been in a sex club with Peter and Joan for years. When they caught their kids having sex together they joined them. The whole club met at their house the following Friday and we tried out the kids too. After having sex with them we realized we wanted to get together with you. David, Mary and Jim could give you a pretty good sex education so we sent you there to see what would happen."

"You don't mind what we did with them?"

"You don't think what we're doing is wrong?"

Sarah was last to speak but the first to digest what their parents were getting at. "You mean you want to do those things with us?"

Peter and Joan both grinned at their kids. "We sure do; if by 'those things' you mean fucking, lapping cunt, and sucking cock; we want to do those things with you, that is if you don't mind."

Dick came up with next response. "Mind! I've been thinking about you for years, every time I jerked off. I want to fuck and suck with you more than anything in the world."

Janice had the final word. Well it wasn't exactly a word. She went over to her father, knelt in front of him and sucked his hard prick in her mouth.

The ice was broken. From there on the party got wilder and wilder. The kids told us that they had the same problem with their parents the next four days as we had with our parents when they were deprived of us for more than a couple days at a time. They weren't complaining about that though.


The story with the Reily's was different. Without consulting among themselves the twins went to Sam and Clara went to Jane and started asking questions about sex.

The twins kept pushing their father further and further in to a corner. Finally they asked direct questions about boy-boy sex. When Sam said that there was nothing wrong with it, they wanted him to do it with them. At this point Sam started to laugh and when the boys wanted to know why he explained it.

"That's why we sent you to the Smiths. Their parents are part of a sex club that we belong to and when their kids joined us one night, we decided that we wanted to do the same things with you. We knew that those kids would get you started. Obviously we were right. When your sister and mother are finished with their conference, we'll see what we can work out. As for the boy-boy stuff I'd love to suck your cocks and have you fuck my ass."

Jane's conversation with Clara was much more difficult. Clara, once she was away from our house developed an acute case of conscience. She told her mother how she had 'bad' and 'nasty' thoughts about the twins. Then she did 'bad' and 'nasty' things with her brothers.

After that she confessed all the 'bad' and 'nasty' things that she had done with the three of us. By the time she was finished she was crying and sobbing. Jane quieted her daughter down and decided she better use a direct approach.

"Did you like doing those 'bad' and 'nasty' things with your brothers and the smith kids?"

"That's what's so bad, mom, it felt real good to me and I couldn't stop. If I got the chance I would do them all again. I Just isn't nice!"

"How could it be 'bad' and 'nasty' if it felt so good and you still want to do them so much? I don't think you would still want to do them if you really thought they weren't nice."

"Because you're not supposed to do those things."

"Well, I never did any 'bad' or 'nasty' things with any of the Smith kids, but I sucked both boys' cocks and had each of them fuck me. I made it a point to lap Mary's cunt too."

"Oh, mom, how could you?"

"Because it was fun and I liked the feeling. As long as you don't make people do things they don't want to, there's absolutely nothing the matter with sex. Your father and I love it. Peter and Joan Smith are part of a sex club that we belong to and when their kids joined us one night, we decided that we wanted to do the same things with you. We sent you there for a week because we were sure that those kids would get you started. We wanted you to learn from them so that we could have sex with you."

"You wanted us to learn to do - Uh. To suck and fuck with them? You want to do all of the same things with us? You don't think I'm bad for doing those things and enjoying them?"

"Hell no! How can sex be that bad if it feels so good. My cunt's all wet just thinking of having sex with you kids. Let's join the men and get started right now."

Even the twins had problems satisfying their parents for the first couple of days.


Allen and Marcia handled the situation with less trauma. They were hot to trot and they didn't want to waste time getting into bed with their kids. They had plans and got things rolling in the car on the way home.

They quizzed the kids about how they got along with us and what they had done with us. They insisted on complete answers and wouldn't accept generalities. It almost turned into a third degree before it was over.

This is the conversation as reported by Ray and Heidi.

"How did you get along with the Smith kids?"

"We really liked them."

"They were fun."

"We'd like to visit with them again."

"Can we have the three of them visit us for a weekend sometime soon?"

"Gee, I'm sorry we didn't know them better before."

"Yeh, we never got to spend much time with them.

"From the sound of it, you had a busy week."

"It sure does. Did you go swimming?"

"Uh. No. Only the first day."

"Play tennis?"

"We didn't have time."

"Go to the movies?"

"Nah, nothing we wanted to see was playing."

"Watch TV?"

"Not very much."

"Well then, what did you do?"

"Well, we did, uh, things."

Generalities, not acceptable. "Things like what? Monopoly?"

"No, we didn't play many games."

Marcia figured it was time. She was having fun with this inquisition. She turned in the front seat, grinned at the kids, and started counting off on her fingers. "Well, let's see. You didn't go swimming. You didn't go to the movies. You didn't watch TV. You didn't play games. Is that right?"

She waited for some murmured assent from the kids in the back seat. When she got it she hit them with both barrels wide open.

"Hmm, about all that leaves is sex! Did the Smith kids fuck you, lap your cunts, and suck your cocks? If you were doing things like that with them it wouldn't leave much time for the other stuff."



"Why would you think that?"

"Do you think we do things like that?"

"Well we know the Smith kids do. We've done it with them."

"You've done it with them?"

"Sure, the reason we sent you there was so that you could learn from them."

"You mean you wanted us to do those things?"

"We sure do!"

"You did those things with the Smith kids?"

"We sure did!"

The kids looked at each other. "If you did it with them, will you do it with us?"

"Yeh, I'd really like to do things with you. That would be neat."

Allen grinned at the kids through the rear view mirror. "That was the whole idea."

The Jones kids took time to digest all of this. Ed bounced in his seat, he'd put together some of the odds and ends of conversation that we'd had over the week.

"Pop, mom, David told us about having the Reily and the Cohen kids visit them earlier in the summer. Do they have anything to do with this?"

"Well, yes. We've had a sex club going for several years now. After the Smiths caught their kids having some fun, we all had a meeting at their house and the kids joined in. The rest of us wanted our kids to have just as much fun, and we all wanted to have fun with our own kids. We figured that the Smith kids could get you started and then we could take over from there."

Sophie, in the presence of her parents, was still having some problems with 'nasty', 'not nice', and 'bad'.

"So you set this all up so you could ha - Uh. fuck and suck with us?"

"If you want to. We certainly won't make you do anything, but we sure want to fuck and suck with you."

"Oh, boy! When can we get started?"

"Well, here we are at home. As soon as we can get into the house and get our clothes off."



"Oh, boy!"

"Let's go!"

It's obvious what the consensus's was. The Jones kids told us that their parents wore them out the first couple of days too.