Training Them Young #14 (D.Abby) (various groups, inc, orgy) (14!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 14


It would take another book to tell everything that went on that weekend but I'll give you an idea. Since the weather was warm our parent's decided that we would make like nudists. We kids were all for that. I've seen pictures of nudist colonies and the men's pricks are always soft in those pictures and they hung down between the men's legs. That wasn't true here.

I was still attracted to Clara with her big tits and her long clit. Along with her nipples being hard, her clit was peeping out of her cunt. Mom had heard about that clit and the way She had fucked Mary with it. She wanted to find out more about it.

Ray had latched onto me as soon as we got to the pool. That was all right I liked him a lot too and I meant to do things with him before the weekend was over. I saw mom talking to Clara and worked my way over there, Ray at my side. Clara had gotten used to group sex in her own family but she was a little shy with all these other people around.

She blushed when I hugged and kissed her but she kissed right back and I felt her clit rub against my prick. Mom was amused. She had pumped us about how we felt about the different kids and had told me she thought Ray sounded like the nicest one too.

She hugged and kissed him and he blushed even redder than Clara had. His whole body got as red as his hair. He blushed some more when mom gently massaged his hard prick. Mom got things going fast. She was reading my mind but that wasn't hard I'd told her enough about Clara.

"Ray, why don't you fuck me. I know David wants to sixty nine with Clara and suck on that big clit of hers. You can try that out another time. Before the weekend's over I want to try that bit she did with Mary too. I've never had a woman fuck me with her clit."

She led Ray to a lounge chair, laid him down, gave his cock a couple of sucks, and straddled him. Mom almost always fucked us kids from the top. Ray couldn't have stopped mom and that idea was the farthest from his mind. The first time you fuck someone is always special and Ray had never fucked my mom before. He was in for a treat. No one could give a prick a cunt massage like she could.

The twins wandered over. One of them deposited some spit on mom's asshole and pushed in his prick. The other offered mom his prick. Mom took it in stride. She slurped the prick into her mouth and sucked. She always liked three pricks at one time.

Ray got into things and licked the twin's ass. I could see mom was working Ray's prick over by the way his body twitched. She slid her cunt up and down Ray's prick and both of the twins jerked their hips. I knew that they had shot off their first load and I saw mom swallow so as not to miss any of it. The twins didn't even slow down, it was only their first load.

Ray was shoving his hips up off the lounge to get the best penetration he could. I lost track of what was happening at that point because I'd found and empty lounge chair and had Clara down on it. Mom had been right about one thing, I did want to suck on Clara's clit again. She reacted more than any of the other girls when I did that to her.

I dove in. She slurped my prick into her mouth and bobbed her head. From between her legs I saw Dick deposit some spit on her asshole and push in his prick. I don't know whose it was but someone pushed a prick up my ass at the same time. I sucked away for dear life and pumped my fingers in Clara's cunt. My hips pumped my prick into her mouth.

Clara moaned around my prick and her cunt contracted around my fingers. I sucked harder and shot my load into her mouth at the same time I felt a load deposited in my ass. I turned around and found out it was Clara's father Sam who had fucked my ass. He had fucked my ass before.

I looked around. Mom had drained the first load out of Ray, he was finished for the moment and I guessed the twins had delivered their second loads to mom.

Marcia had latch on to them and had one of them fucking her ass while the other fucked her cunt. She lapped Mary's cunt and the twin that was fucking Marcia's cunt tongue fucked Mary's ass. I watched them while the twins delivered their normal two loads of cum and Marcia and Mary had their orgasms.

I think Allen had a special liking for young boys' pricks. He had sucked both me and Jim off that first Friday. Now he was busy sucking Ed's cock even though Ed seemed to be embarrassed by it.

He still wasn't all that comfortable with boy-boy sex even though he knew he enjoyed it. Jane moved in on them and pushed her cunt in front of Ed's face. He did the natural thing he lapped cunt and forgot that it was a man sucking his cock.

There was a lot of other things going on in groups of all sizes. This continued for quit a while. I built up another hard on and Janice and Sarah latched on to me. Sarah sat on my prick and Janice sat on my face so I could lap her cunt.

Just before I started lapping cunt I saw Ray come over and place himself between the two girls. Sarah sucked his cock and Janice tongue fucked his ass. I knew that with a tongue up his ass Ray wouldn't last very long so I speeded up. We shot off at about the same time and the girls both had orgasms too.

I was ready for a rest and evidently so was everyone else except maybe the twins, but they could keep on forever. Things were slowing down and it was more like a real nudist colony. All of the pricks, except the twins of course, were hanging limp. I sat with Ray and we fondled each other's limp prick while we decided on the nights sleeping arrangements.

We had sessions like that every morning and every afternoon. We went to bed at night in groups of three or four but usually switched around at least once each night. I think the twins were the most sought after and they changed around more than the rest. They never disappointed anyone.




By the end of the long weekend, it was decided, the sex club would change the meeting from Friday night to Saturday about noon. That would give us all about eight to ten hours of big group sex each week. We kids thought that was a great idea.

An interesting idea came up. When we weren't all busy with other things our parents discussed the idea of building a six unit apartment house with real big apartments. Our four families could each have an apartment and there would be two to rent out to help pay off the mortgage. We kids had our say at that point. We wanted to be sure that the people who rented would have kids our own age.

Not that there was any lack of sex partners amongst us but we'd found out that each one of our partners was a little different, and although we did the same old things in the same old way it was a little different with each partner. We wanted to broaden our experience.

Our parents wanted to know if we couldn't get enough sex with twenty partners available but accepted our request. They warned us to be careful not to let the secret of our sex club out. If some busybody reported it to the police all the adults could go to jail. They decided if we kids could seduce their kids they would go to work on the adults. It might be fun to add a couple more adults to the group too if they were so inclined.