Training Them Young #2 (D.Abby) (,ggG,mast,oral) (2!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 2



The girls weren't shy when we were undressing. They examined me as much as I examined them. Janice was at the same stage I was. She had some hair around her cunt but you could see the slit easily. Her tits were starting to grow and were about as big as a fist. Sarah was a year older. I'll bet she wore a 'B' cup bra already, and you could hardly see her cunt for the hair around it.

After the way the two of them had talked and acted that afternoon it wouldn't be much trouble getting the discussion around to sex. Janice hadn't even blushed when she rubbed herself against David and let him feel her tits. Sarah had done the same thing with Jim. I'm sure he grabbed a feel of her tits too. He looked young and innocent enough to get away with a lot of things David couldn't.

I was trying to think of how I should start the discussion about sex when the girls beat me to it. "David had a hard on in swimming, I rubbed up against him and felt it. He felt my tit too, do you think he did it on purpose? I never could get Dick to do that even though I tried. He gets a hard on but he blushes and pulls away when I rub against him."

The girls seemed ready for anything I could suggest but I didn't spill everything right away. I wasn't too prim either, because that might make them hold back. "I guess he knew what he was doing. He always feels my tit when I rub up against his hard on."

Both the girls stopped in their tracks and looked at me. Janice chimed in. "Jim felt my tit and rubbed his prick against me when I rubbed up against him. His prick didn't feel very big but he sure did push it into my belly. He didn't pull away like Dick does either. Do you know if he's big enough to shoot off yet?"

These girls were getting right down to the meat of things. Later that summer I would have told them everything at that point but I was still a little new at the game. I let a little more out. "He sure does. I've seen cum shoot out of his prick when he jerks off."

"Oh, Wow! Does he let you see? Does David?"

I was only ready to tell part of the truth. "Well, I've watched them both do it through the bathroom door. They let me watch on purpose. I finger fuck myself when I know they're watching. It's fun to watch their pants push out in front."

Sarah looked at her sister and said, "Gee, we never did that when Dick was watching, but we have seen him get a hard on and he knows we peek in on him when he takes a piss. He leaves the bathroom door open when our parents aren't home. He knows we're watching because he always gets a hard on."

We were undressing during this conversation and by that time all three of us were nude. Janice rubbed her fingers along her cunt, and started to play with her clit. My eyes popped out of my head. Sarah was watching me and saw how surprised I was. She didn't know that the surprise was at how easy it was going to be to get them into the act. Sarah grinned at me, rubbed her cunt too, and looked at me again. "Well, you said you play with your cunt too, and you let David and Jim see you do it. We've never had the courage to do that. This talk about boys has me horny and my cunt's all wet and ready. You must be ready too, aren't you going to finger fuck yourself?"

Janice was ready too, her comment was, "Gee, maybe I'll go to the bathroom and leave the door open to let David or Jim watch me finger fuck myself. I bet it would make my orgasm even better. If I did that would they let me watch them jerk off?"

My fingers were busy pumping in and out of my cunt. How much farther could I go with the girls. I was ready to try the next step. "Sure I play with myself, but I thought I would have to hide it from you. Have you had someone else finger fuck you? I'll to do you if you want to do me. It's better when someone else plays with you."

I thought I was leading them on, but again they were ahead of me. The girls looked at each other for a moment, hesitated, then Sarah responded. "Boy, are you right. We finger fuck each other, but we had the same problem you had. We were afraid that we couldn't do anything while you were in the room."

I slid the fingers of one hand into Janice's slit and the other into Sarah's. Sarah stuck her fingers in my cunt and Janice played with my clit. Things were advancing in a hurry. How far had these girls gone with Dick? Now was the time to find out. "Gees, Dick is good looking and his prick felt good to me when I rubbed against him in the swimming pool even though he pulled away real quick. Do you do anything but spy on each other when you're pissing? I like to do a lot more than that."

Between pants Sarah said, "We really haven't done anything with him. We want to but we can't get him to do things with us. He's shy and it took us a long time to get him to let us see him pissing. We've never said a word to each other, we pretend we don't know what's happening. Maybe if we finger fuck ourselves while he'd watching we can get him to do more." She hesitated and then asked, "Do you do anything with David besides put on shows?"

I realized that nothing I was going to say to the girls would turn them off. It was time I opened up and see what the reaction would be. "Oh, sure. David and I play with each other sometimes and we do other things too."

The girls jumped on that. They weren't going to let me be vague. "What do you mean, 'other things'?"

"Oh well, It started out when our baby sitter seduced him and I was watching from the stairway. I pretended I didn't know what was going on and I went to his room one night to ask him questions about sex. We started out just playing with each other, then he licked my cunt. "Boy was that a blast! After that I sucked his cock and when he shot off in my mouth I drank his cum. I didn't think I'd like that, but after he lapped my cunt I felt I had to. I found out I did like it. It was fun. I can't get enough of it now. Drinking his cum is as good as having him lap at my cunt. I even have an orgasm sometimes when I give him a blow job, without his even touching me. Then, sometimes, we go all the way and he fucks me."

The girls let another cat out of the bag. They'd been doing more than finger fuck each other. "Gee, we've lapped each other's cunt. Do you think that you could get David to do things with us. We sure would like to see a prick up close and feel it and maybe do some of the other things too. I don't know if I could suck his cock, but if he lapped my cunt I guess I would try it."

That one was easy to answer. "I don't have to ask him. We like having sex whenever we want to and we didn't know how we were going to do it with you around. We decided the best way was to get you into the act. I'll talk to Jim too. He does things with David and me all the time. They've both said they liked you, and I've never had to ask them twice to do things with me. As a matter of fact David is trying to set things up with Dick so that I can try him out."

Janice continued pumping her fingers in and out of my cunt and said, "Oh, Wow! Jim does all those things with you too. He's younger than I am. I'd like to do things like that with him. That would be a lot of fun. Do you think you can get Jim to do some of those things with me?

Sara was just as interested. "Gee, I wonder if we can get Dick to do some of those things with us too. I'd like him to lap my cunt and fuck me. I guess I'd suck his cock too if he ever gave me the chance. It sounds yucky to have a boy shoot off in your mouth, but you say you like it. I guess I want to try doing it with Dick. Most of all I want to have Dick to fuck me. I've wanted his prick in my cunt since I had my first period."

Janice stopped pumping and grinned at me, "Gee, Mary, have you ever had a girl lap your cunt. I don't know if it's different from having a boy do it but it feels neat. I'll lap your cunt if you want."

At that point I wasn't ready to let them know that I'd lapped cunt before. I couldn't tell them I'd lapped their mother's cunt and had her lap mine. The only thing that we weren't supposed to do was let our visitors know was that their parents wanted to do things with them and I was sure that Sadie would want to take them on one at a time and both together. She'd really worked me over at the party at our house. "I'd like that. If you want, I'll lap your cunt too."

Sarah got into it again. "Let's all three of us lap each other's cunts."

I was hot and ready to go myself. We formed a daisy chain. Sarah stuck her tongue into my slit, Janice went to work on Sarah's cunt, and I licked Janice's clit. I moved down to Janice's slit, past it, up her ass crack, and across her asshole. I pushed my tongue in. Janice pulled away. "What did you do? I never felt anything like that before. I don't know if I could do it. It seems nasty."

I gave a standard response, "No one's going to force you to do anything. The boys will be doing it if they get together with you, and they love having it done to them. It gets them hard in a hurry after they've shot off. Try it and find out. I'm sure Sarah won't mind. You might find that you like it."

Sarah asked, "What's going on? What's she doing to you, Janice?"

Janice responded, "Mary was licking my cunt. Then she licked down my ass crack and then she stuck her tongue in my ass. Wow, did it feel good. I guess if the boys are going to do it, I better learn how. It doesn't seem very nice, but I'll try it anyhow. I'll do anything to get with the boys."

All this talking was interfering with the action, but I figured the farther I brought the girls along the better off we'd be. Sarah stopped lapping at my cunt. I waited to see what would happen next. Sarah jerked her body. Janice heaved a sigh of relief. "Gee, that really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. When you know how good it makes the other person feel it doesn't seem nasty at all."

Sarah wasn't sure. "It seems yucky to me, but I have to admit that it sure felt good. I'll have to try it. I'd do anything to make the boys like me and do things with me."

Her tongue barely touch the bottom of my ass crack and moved towards my asshole. It touched my asshole. She pushed it a little harder and tongue fucked my ass. Each of us went back to work on the cunt that was in front of our face. It didn't take very long till I was having orgasms. Janice's cunt contract and Sarah seemed a little shaky too. We all pulled away at the same time.

Sarah was breathing heavily, "Gee, I came about three times. I guess ass licking isn't too bad after all."

Janice was out of breath too, "I came more than once myself, and Mary's right. If you know how good it makes someone feel, you sort of like doing it."

I let the girls in on the whole plan. "David, Jim and I had it all planned to get the three of you into doing things with us. I know that you're ready for my brothers, but I don't know how David is doing with Dick. I'll find out tomorrow morning. If David can't get Dick ready and willing to suck and fuck with me, I'll figure some way to get him out of the house with me so that you can have a clear field with my brothers. I'll talk to David first thing in the morning and we'll see how we can work it out."

I knew that Jim was probably beating his meat that night, but I hoped that David was having as good luck with Dick as I was having with the girls. I wanted to suck Dick's cock, have him lap my cunt, and fuck me silly. The three of us stayed in the same bed, woke a couple of times during the night, and did two more daisy chains.