Training Them Young #3 (D.Abby) (Bg,,BbgG,inc) (3!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 3


Mary, Jim, and I got together before breakfast the next morning. We all wanted to know how things were setting up. Jim had been alone the night before. He got horny thinking about what might be going on in the other rooms and jerked off. He hadn't done that in quite a while and complained about having to do it. He wanted to know how soon we thought we could get the Cohen kids into the act.

Mary told us how ready the girls were. They wanted to have sex with us and they wanted to fuck and suck with Dick too. They were ready for a six way get together right then. I had to tell them that I was sure that Dick wasn't ready for anything like that yet, he was much too shy. I knew he wanted to do things with Mary and I'd promised him that I would try to set things up.

I would tell Dick that he should pretend to want to sleep some more after breakfast. After a while Mary would do the same thing and go upstairs. Dick could then sneak into Mary's room and they could carry on from there. It was up to Mary to see how far she could get Dick to go.

In the mean time, Jim and I would be having fun with Janice and Sarah in the family room. The both girls had been groping Jim and me when Dick wasn't looking all morning. We'd been grabbing some tit and rubbing some crotch ourselves. It was taken for granted that we would get together as soon as we could, once Dick was out of the way. After Mary had initiated Dick maybe she could convince him that he ought to join us.

During vacation breakfast at our house was an informal affair, each of us just grabbed whatever we wanted. I got Dick to one side and told him what he was supposed to do. He blushed and he seemed hesitant again and I was afraid he would back down, but he took a deep breath and nodded yes.

Dick rushed breakfast, gave a yawn, blushed, and complained he was sleepy, and went back up stairs. We broke out laughing. Sarah and Janice wanted to know what was so funny. Mary explained and they laughed too. Mary went upstairs to meet Dick and the rest of us went to the family room.

Mary told us the girls weren't shy. Alone with us they were bashful in spite of the fact that they'd missed no opportunity to feel our cocks and they had rubbed their crotches against our hands and let us feel their tits. They could hardly talk to us. We were their first boys, they didn't know how to act. They might do better if they had a little more privacy. I suggested Janice and Jim go to another room. They started to shake their heads yes, then looked at each other and shook their heads no. Sarah spoke for the both of them. "We don't know what to do. We do things with each other, so I think we'd rather be together. You'll have to show us how to do things. We've never even seen a boy's thing up close before."

Jim and I were able to help them out with that. It was fun to have a girl look you over and play with your prick. We undressed and they stood there and blushed but they watched every move we made. Their attention was riveted our hard pricks. They couldn't pull their eyes away.

I hugged and kissed Sarah and pressed my prick against her. She wrapped her fingers around it. Jim was doing the same thing with Janice and she had a hold on his prick too. I figured it was time.

"Why don't you get undressed too. We'd like to see you and we want to play with you too. We can't make you feel good if you have all your clothes on."

This got them into action. I don't think that I've ever seen two girls strip faster. Jim and I stood back to look them over then I leaned forward and started to suck on Sarah's tit. She held my head against it and she rubbed her body against mine. We were going to do well together.

Jim gave Janice a tongue bath. He started on her ears and neck, worked his way to her tits and sucked them for a while. In the mean time he rubbed her cunt with his hand. He licked his way down to her cunt, making all the appropriate stops on the way, opened it with his fingers, examined it thoroughly, and licked her clit.

"Oh, Jim, you're not being fair. Turn around so that I can see your prick. I've never seen one up close before."

Jim reversed his position. Janice took his prick in her hand and fondled it. A few drops of cum had leaked out of his pisshole. Janice took a deep breath and asked, "Can I suck your thing, Jim? Mary says she does."

Jim was always ready to have his cock sucked, "Sure, but tell me if you don't want me to shoot my cum into your mouth. I'll try to pull out right before I come but I won't promise. Sometimes I just can't help myself, I just shoot off before I can pull away."

At this point I almost laughed, Jim was trying real hard to be a gentleman. I knew my kid brother, he couldn't have pulled his prick out of a girl's mouth if his life depended on it.

Janice was thoughtful, "Uh, I don't know if I'll like it. Mary says she does. Oh, come in my mouth. I have to try and find out. If I don't like the taste of cum I can spit it out."

Jim got back to the business of cunt lapping. Janice licked at the drops of cum oozing from the tip of his prick. She licked a little harder. She pulled back and rubbed her tongue against the roof of her mouth to test the flavor. She grinned and took the head of his three and a half inch prick in her mouth and slowly sucked it all the way in.

Janice must have been having orgasms already, she was rubbing her cunt all over Jim's face. Jim didn't mind, he kept right on lapping away, stopping only occasionally to suck on her clit. Janice's head bobbed up and down on his prick so fast that it was a blur. Jim's hips pumped his prick in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth.

In due course Jim shot his little boy load into Janice's mouth. I could see her swallow it. It didn't bother her a bit. She kept right on sucking and didn't let a drop go to waste. Janice didn't let Jim's prick slide out of her mouth till it was completely soft. Jim kept on lapping her cunt till she released his cock.

Janice was ecstatic, "Wow! That was neat. I do like the taste of cum. Sarah, you have to try sucking cock and drinking cum. Mary was right. It's a blast! I think I could suck cock all day. You're a good cunt lapper, Jim. You made me come at least four times. You do it almost as good as my sister and you're a boy. You can't know how it feels when you get licked in different places. Even if Sarah does it better it's more fun when a boy does it. I come quicker too. Sarah never made me come so many times."

Sarah and I had been watching our younger siblings. I was running my fingers in and out of her cunt. She wiggled her hips and gently played with my prick. Every time a drop of pre-cum would seep out, she rubbed it into the head of my prick.

When Janice let Jim's prick slide out of her mouth Sarah looked at me and asked, "David, can I jerk you off. I've never seen a boy shoot off, and I want to see what it looks like."

I would rather have sixty nined with her or maybe even fucked her, but they were our guests and, anyway, it felt better when a girl jerked me off than when another boy did, or for that matter when I did it myself. "Sure, I'll play with your cunt and you play with my prick."

"Tell me what to do. Tell me where it feels best. I know where a girl's sensitive spots are, but I don't know anything about a boy."

I gave her some quick instructions. "Well, it's best if you spit on your hand. You girls get all slick and wet inside but we don't have enough natural lubrication. It feels real good when you rub a finger around the rim of the head. A boy is real sensitive there. Another thing is to tickle up along the underside, right up to the pisshole. That feels good to. I always like to have my balls and ass crack tickled with the other hand. When you grab hold of the whole prick don't do it too hard. That makes me cum too fast, and I like it to last as long as possible."

Sarah followed instruction. I had forgotten how good it felt to have a girl jerk you off. I pumped the fingers of one hand into her cunt and rubbing her clit with the other. Her cunt was contracting around my finger and my prick started to throb when I Reached the end of the rope. "I'm coming! Ohhh! Wow!"

Sarah was there too. "Oh, David, You're bringing me off. Ahhh! Oooo!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my first spurts landed on my chest and belly and the dribbles oozed around Sarah's hand. Janice didn't want the cum to go to waste. "Oh, Sarah, if your not going to lick that cum up I will. I like the taste of it, and I think you will too."

Janice moved close and licked some cum off my chest. Sarah saw what her sister was doing and put her fingers to her mouth and licked. She licked some more, then moved her head down into my crotch, and sucked the remains of the cum from around my prick.

Some of my cum seeped down over my balls into my ass crack. Sarah followed the trail with her tongue and wound up probing my asshole. Wow! I hadn't expected that yet. Later I found out that Mary had taught them ass licking the previous night.

I don't know whether Sarah did it on purpose but the tongue up my ass got me hard again, and Jim was hard too. It never took him very long to recover from a come. The girls wanted to be fucked. We warned them we'd tear their maidenheads and that could hurt them. They knew about that and it didn't bother them at all. It had to be done sometime and now was as good as any other. In accordance with the previous procedure, Sarah and I would sit by while Jim and Janice went first.

Sarah lay down on the floor and I positioned Jim's prick. The head of his cock slid into her cunt and he hit the resistance of her maidenhead. He tried to push his prick all the way in but it wouldn't go any farther.

Janice reassured him, "It really doesn't hurt, Jim. Push harder."

I assisted Jim the same way I had with Mary and pushed down on Jim's ass cheeks. His hard prick broke through the resistance, his groin met hers, and his prick was buried in her no longer virgin cunt.

"Oooo! That does hurt. But it feels good too. Wait a minute till it stops hurting. Ohhh! That feels neat. Fuck me, Jim! Fuck me!"

The girls had been a little cautious about their language up till then but there's something about having a prick in your cunt that lets things loosen up a bit. After that both girls used all the four letter words and didn't let it bother them.

Jim fucked her. By this time Jim had learned it was more fun if he made it last but he still had a difficult time controlling himself. He started a slow pumping motion and kept that up for a while. As time passed and his needs became more urgent, his hips speeded up. Soon his prick piston in and out of Sarah's cunt and she was raised her hips to meet each of his thrusts. Janice didn't take long, "Ohhh! Ahhh! I'm coming!"

Jim was right with her, "Ahhh! Oooo!" Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; Jim's little boy load of cum gushed into Sarah's cunt. She lay there shuddering until his prick got soft and slid out of her cunt. I licked Jim's cum out of Sarah's cunt and, when Sarah saw me do that, she sucked Jim's deflated prick into her mouth to clean the cum off of it. The girls were really getting into it.

Janice heaved a big sigh, "Wow! That feels better than I thought. I hope that Mary gets Dick to do things with us. I don't want to go without fucking when we get home."

Jim grinned and looked pleased with himself. He liked it when someone told him how good he was. It was my turn with Sarah now. We got into position and my cock met resistance about an inch into her cunt. I pushed harder, but I couldn't penetrate any farther.

I told her get on top so she could tear maidenhead by sliding her cunt down over my prick. We changed positions. My prick was positioned in her cunt, she put her weight onto it and I could feel the break through. Sarah took a deep breath, "Oh boy! That hurts. I'll have to wait a while."

I held still. "Okay, I'll stay still till you're ready. When it feels better, start moving up and down on my prick. It'll feel real good then."

After a minute or two, Sarah tentatively lifted her cunt and let it down again. Evidently she didn't hurt much any more because she continued to pump her hips up and down. Once we were started our dance got faster and faster. Neither of us could hold ourselves back. She slid her cunt up and down my prick and I pushed my prick up to meet each down stroke. It wasn't very long before, "Wow! I'm coming! Ahhh!"

I was right with her, "I'm coming too! Ohhh! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot the load of cum that had been building in my balls into Sarah's spasming cunt. She collapsed against me and my prick shrank and slipped out of her cunt. Janice sucked the cum and cunt juice from my cock while Jim lapped my cum from Sarah's cunt.



Dick was waiting in the hall for me when I got upstairs. I went into my room. He hesitated then followed me. He turned shy, he was so scared he didn't even have a hard on. Getting him to fuck me wasn't going to be easy but I was sure he was going to do it.

I remembered how reluctant David had been the first time but now I knew more. I put my arms around him and kissed him. I parted my lips and ran my tongue along his lips. Dick squirmed, his prick throbbed up to its hard state and pressed against my belly. He was scared but not immune to my advances. I rubbed my body against his prick and that made him squirm some more.

Finally he opened his lips and let me give him a french kiss. Boy that got some action out of him. He jumped when my tongue touched his. I licked his gums and he caught on. He sucked on my tongue then pushed his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. He tried to push his prick into my cunt right through our clothes. He was so hot he didn't know what was happening.

I started to unbutton his shirt and he finally lost his shyness. He took over and stripped while I took off my own clothes. His prick stood straight out and it bounced up and down. I liked its looks, it was slightly bigger than David's, but not nearly as big as pop's. I could see the drops of pre cum forming on the tip of it.

It would be fun sucking his cock. I could use my tongue to massage it while I had it in my mouth. There were some drops of pre cum oozing out of his pisshole. I got on my knees, took his prick in my hands, and licked them off of the head of his cock.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he shot off as soon as my tongue touched his prick. I slurped his prick into my mouth and sucked down his cum. I sure wasn't going to let any of that good cum go to waste. I kept right on sucking his shrinking prick until his body relaxed and his prick was soft.

Dick was almost crying with embarrassment. I think he was shocked that I took his prick into my mouth and drank his cum as it squirted out of his pisshole. I gently sucked his on limp cock. He watched me with his eyes popping out of his head. I was horny and didn't want to wait too long for him to be ready again. Sure enough, I felt a pulse beat in his prick and it started to rise. As soon as his prick started to harden I let it slip from my mouth. I didn't want Dick to go shy on me again, I had to make him feel good some way. "That's all right, Dick. Your prick will get hard again soon. You just got too hot thinking about me. I think it's a real compliment that you were so hot that you came as soon as I touched you. Why don't you play with my cunt, that'll get you hard again fast. David and Jim always get hard fast when they play with my cunt."

I lay down and spread my legs. Dick very lightly passed his finger down my cunt, then tentatively pushed a finger in. When he found out how easily his finger slid into my slick cunt he tried it with two fingers and pushed them in and out. He tore his eyes away from what he was doing and looked up. "I've never seen a girl down there up close. Can I look close and see what it's like?"

I was willing, "Sure, go right ahead. I love it when a boy pays attention to my cunt. It makes me feel real neat.

Dick got on his knees beside the bed and spread the lips of my cunt apart. He sniffed. He put a finger in my cunt, pulled it out, sniffed again, and touched it to the tip of his tongue. He was following a routine I'd seen David do the first time he lapped Anne's cunt. It was easy to see what was on his mind but I waited to see how he would go about it.

He hesitated again then asked, "You took my thing in your mouth. Should I lick you down there? It's only fair that I do something for you. David says he does that to you and he likes it."

I almost laughed at the way he wouldn't call a cunt a cunt or a prick a prick. "Sure, if you want to. My brothers do it all the time and I do like it too. I like everything the boys ever did to me."

He moved his head forward and ran his tongue along my cunt lips. I could barely feel the touch. He pulled away again and looked at me and blushed. "You'll have to tell me what to do. I've never done anything like this before."

That was obvious. Even my little brother Jim had been bolder the first time we had sex together. "Well, separate the lips of my cunt. The knob at the top is my clit. They say that it has the same kind of nerves that the head of a boy's prick has. Lick that and take it in your mouth and suck on it. Oh Wow!"

He was following instructions to the letter and was more enthusiastic now. After drinking his load of cum I was boiling over. My orgasms started almost as soon as his tongue touched my clit. I knew that boys need some encouragement to bolster their ego so I kept telling him how good he was and I wasn't really exaggerating. "That feels good, I like the way you suck it. Lick the slit below it. Oh, that feels good! T hat's right. Yeh! Ahhh! Ohhh! You're making me come. You're making me come with your tongue. Oooo! I love it."

I came about a half a dozen times and finally pushed him away. I didn't usually come that fast or have that many orgasms. I found out that the very first time with a boy is always more exciting, particularly if the boy was a virgin and I was the first girl he was with.

Dick finally relaxed, he enjoyed lapping cunt. It wasn't nearly as scary as he had imagined. He didn't want to let go. He looked at me, grinned, then moved back for a few more licks at my cunt. He was proud because he made me come so many times. He was cute and I liked him a lot. I told him how good he was and I bolstered his ego a little. "Wow! I don't remember the last time I came that many times. You're as good as my brothers and they're more experienced. I like the way you lap my cunt."

As was to be expected the action with my cunt had gotten him completely hard again. His prick stood straight out from his body and bounced up and down with his pulse beat. I moved over on the bed and pulled him down beside me. It was time for me to give him some more lessons.

I french kissed with him some more then licked at his ear. He jumped. I licked my way down to his nipples and sucked on them. He got goose bumps. I licked down to his prick, lapped off the pre cum, circled the head, and licked down the underside. I knew that the next step would shock him but I kept right on going.

I licked his ass crack and stuck my tongue up his ass. His whole body came up off the bed. He was really sensitive there. He pulled away and looked at me with astonishment.

"I never heard of anybody doing that. It felt real good when David tickled me there last night but having someone lick you there feels even better." He hesitated then continued, "However, isn't putting your mouth there yucky? I don't think that I could ever do anything like that."

He had the usual reaction to ass licking. Each of us had said pretty much the same thing the first time. I gave him the standard answer. "You never have to do anything you don't want to, but it feels good to make some one else feel good. As long as the other person is clean it doesn't taste bad. I had trouble the first time but now I really like doing it for itself alone now. I like the way it makes a boy wiggle and jump. I know I'm making him feel real good."

I moved back up along side of him and felt his hard prick. I wanted that prick in my cunt. I was ready for a fuck. Dick was hesitant for fear that he would do something wrong. I rolled him onto his back, positioned my cunt, and slid my cunt down over his prick.

His prick in my cunt felt real good. I didn't want Dick to shoot off too soon, that would embarrass him again, so I slid my cunt up and down on his prick very slowly. He caught on quick and pushed his hips up to meet each of my down strokes burying his prick as deep into my cunt as it would go. "Oh, Wow! I'm fucking! I'm fucking a girl! I'm fucking a girl at last! I have my prick in a girls cunt! I never thought it would happen. Oh, Wow!"

Dick finally said fuck, prick, and cunt. Just saying them heated him up and he picked up the speed of his thrusts. Somehow having a virgin fuck you is always more exciting even if they don't know all the tricks. I was having multiple orgasms already. Dick was a real good fucker for the first time, when I didn't speed up with him he matched my slow motion. He didn't speed up the rhythm until my cunt was contracting around his prick. I kept on telling Dick how good he was doing and how much I liked it. "Oh, Dick, you're making me come. Ahhh! Your prick feels so good in my cunt. Keep fucking me! Shoot that load of cum into my cunt! Make me come some more! Ohhh! Oooo!"

Dick tensed up and reached his limits. He was very vocal too. "Wow! I'm shooting a load of cum into a girl's cunt! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

Do all boys say 'Wow' when they're shooting off? David always does. Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his prick deposited his load in my cunt and he slowed down as his prick got soft. I switched around to lick the cum off his prick. He hesitated for an instant then cleaned out my cunt with his tongue. His education was progressing.

I followed the trail of leaked cum and cum juice over his balls and down his ass crack. When I tongue fucked his ass his prick came to attention again. Dick hesitated then licked down along my ass crack and over my asshole. He'd done it and I heard him breathe a sigh of relief. He even pushed his tongue up my ass a couple of times before I moved back to his cock.

A hard cock is made for sucking so I sucked. I started out with a lot of preliminaries, such as licking around the head of his prick, nibbling the loose skin under his pisshole, and sucking his balls. Dick squirmed through this procedure and did his best to make my cunt feel good. He did a pretty good job of it.

He got me hot enough so I slurped his prick into my mouth and went to work on it. He lapped cunt at an increased rate too. Soon I was having another set of orgasms and he let me have another load of cum. He didn't even flinch as I licked his ass again and he went to work on mine.

We separated, snuggled, hugged and kissed. We were ready for a short break. At this point Dick gave me the perfect opening for the next step. The object of their visit was to prepare them for family sex. "I wonder what my sisters and your brothers are doing?"

I hit him with a blockbuster. "They're fucking and sucking in the family room."

"My sisters!" he almost screamed.

I petted his soft prick. "Sure. You don't think that they were any less interested in sex than you are, did you. They've been lapping each other's cunts for a long time. They've even been trying to get you to suck and fuck with them. I lapped cunts with them last night while you and David were jerking each other off. They told me all about leaving the bathroom door open and how they wanted to do more than that. While David made arrangements for you to meet me this morning, I made arrangements for the girls to meet my brothers."

Dick didn't say a word for a long time. "They said they wanted to have sex with me?"

"They sure do, why do you think Sarah let you see her naked so many times?"

A couple more minutes of silence. "Do you think they'd mind if we went down and joined them?"

"They'd love it. That's the way my brothers and I planned it"