Training Them Young #4 (D.Abby) (BBbGgg,inc,group) (4!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 4


Mary and Dick arrived just as I finished fucking Janice. They stood in the doorway while I shot my load into her cunt and my prick slid out. They watched Jim and Sarah lapped both of us clean, then joined us in the room. Sarah and Janice caught one look of the nude Dick and were drawn to his prick as if it were a magnet and they were iron filings. Each of the girls wanted to hold and play with Dick's prick.

Dick wasn't resistant to their female charms either, he wanted to get his fingers into their cunts. He was a little hesitant about touching them at first, but eventually he had both hands busy with fingers shoved into each of his sister's cunts. They had fantasized doing things with each other every time they jerked off. The real thing was even better than what they imagined.

Dick finally gulped and said. " Mary says you want to do things with me. Do you really?"

Sarah answered, "You bet, why do you think I let you see me in the bathroom so many times? Remember when mom used to bathe us together when we were little? I was fascinated with your thing then. I used to grab hold of it and you would always get embarrassed and pull away. It wasn't very big then but it would get hard as soon as I touched it. I thought that was cute and I wondered why it did. I wanted to examine it closer then and I wanted you to feel between my legs but mom always grinned and told me to stop, that it wasn't nice. You never did feel between my legs but once. I liked it and wanted you to do it more but you were too embarrassed to try."

"Yeh, I remember that time, I must have been six years old. I got hard just from feeling you down there and I didn't know why either. I wanted to get you alone and examine you more closely too but the way mom talked to you about not feeling me, I didn't think it was right. I liked when you played with me then and it feels even better now."

"I always wondered why mom was always telling you to stop that, Sarah. You never told me about feeling Dick then."

"It really slipped my mind and playing with Dick's prick brought it back to mind. I wasn't trying to hold out on you."

It's funny how many of those things happened to Mary, Jim and me too. I wonder if all mixed sex siblings near the same age do the same amount of feeling and exploring when they're bathed together. And once they get a little older do they all play the same peeping games in the bathroom.

It was obvious that the three of them wanted to do more but didn't know how to get started. Nothing more was going to happen unless they were pushed into it, they could keep this conversation up for ever and I wanted to get onto the better things. I put in my two cents worth to get things moving.

"Look, we know the three of you want to do things together. Mary, Jim, and I did the first time we had the chance. Why don't the three of you do something while we watch. We'll do some things after that."

They all shook their heads then Dick gave me a puzzled look. "Uh, David, what can a boy do with two girls at the same time. I can only fuck one of them at a time and it'll take me some time to recover after I shoot off once." At least Dick was using four letter words now too.

I gave Dick some suggestions. "You could fuck one of them and lap the other's cunt at the same time. It's always fun when Mary sucks one of us off while the other one is fucking her. One way is for you lie down, Dick, and let Sarah get on top and ride your cock. Janice can kneel over your face while you lap her cunt?"

All they had need was a little guidance. They were in position almost as fast as I had made the suggestion. Mary held Dick's prick in position while Sarah slid her cunt down over it. Janice watched Dick's prick as it disappeared into her sister's cunt then sat on his chest so that he could have easy access to her cunt.

At this point Dick was no longer bashful. He lifted his head and sucked her clit into his mouth. Janice wiggled in appreciation. I think that the idea of having her brother lap her cunt had Janice coming as soon as he started. She rubbed her cunt all over his face. He lapped away.

Sarah moved her body up and down on Dick's prick and sighed each time her ass rested on his pubic hair. She sure did like her brother's prick buried in her cunt. He bucked his hips up to penetrate her cunt as far as possible each time she lowered her body and pulled back his hips each time she raised hers. "Oh, brother, you're making me come! I'm coming. Ahhh! Oooo! Ohhh!"

Dick's and Sarah's crotches slapped together but Janice had been too hot to start with and she couldn't take any more of the tongue action Dick was giving her. She moaned and shuddered then pulled her cunt away from Dick's mouth.

She wasn't going to be left out of things though, too much was happening down below. She moved around and started to lick the junction of her brother's prick and her sister's cunt. She licked her way first to Dick's ass, then to Sarah's. That was enough to bring them both off.

Sarah was panting, "I've wanted you to fuck me for so very long, Dick. Ever since my first period. I thought it never would happen. I love it. I love you! Ahhh! Ohhh!"

Dick was just as excited. "I'm coming in my sister's cunt. I can't believe it! I love the both of you! Ohhh! Ahhh! Wow!"

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his load of cum erupted into his Sarah's cunt. Janice lapped it up as it oozed out and down Dick's ass crack. She sucked his soft prick into her mouth as it slipped out of Sarah's cunt then cleaned the rest of his cum out of her cunt.

Janice cleaned Dick up. In spite of the fact that he'd shot off four times already, he got hard right away when Janice tongue fucked his ass.

The three of them snuggled together kissing, hugging, rubbing their bodies together, and saying how much they loved each other. They were ready to rest for a while, but the three of us weren't. We had just gotten hornier watching them perform.

It was time for the three of us to put on a show for them. We had a three way that all three of us liked best. Without having to discuss it, Mary lay down on her side. I got in front of her and slipped my prick into her ready cunt. We held still while Jim got behind her, deposited some spit on her asshole and squeezed his prick in that tight orifice. He gave my balls a lick or two in the process. The Cohen's watched in amazement.

When we were two on one, Jim and I preferred his position to any other. We loved the feel of each other's prick through the thin internal membranes. We were getting to be expert at timing the thrusts so that Jim would be pushing his prick in as I was withdrawing mine, then reversing the action and keeping the rhythm going just right.

We even knew when the other was going to speed up so that we rarely got out of synchronization. Jim started pumping and I caught the rhythm. Mary swayed her body back and forth to meet each of our thrusts. I think this was one of her favorite positions too. She wanted more, however. "Dick, I have one hole empty. I see you're hard again so come over here and let me suck your cock. I've never had three boys shoot their loads into me at the same time."

Mary had three males shoot off into her at once many times but at least one of them had always been a man, not a boy. We couldn't let on about their parents wanting to have sex with them so Jim and I didn't comment on the slight stretch of the truth. Mary did grin at me when she said it and she emphasized the word 'boys'.

Jim and I slowed down, Dick looked at his sisters, they nodded, and he got into position. Mary slurped his prick into her mouth. His ass was in front of my face and I had the urge to tongue fuck it but I wasn't sure Dick was ready for something like that yet. I think I was right, I might have put a damper on the whole week if I'd moved in on him that soon. Jim and I idled until we saw that Dick had caught up with us, then we speeded up again.

Jim made his usual comment, "I love the feel of your prick rubbing mine through Mary's cunt, David. It always makes my come better."

I answered with a stereotyped response. "It does mine too, Jim. It's my favorite position."

I meant it when I said it but I guess the position I'm using at the time is my favorite position. I haven't found one yet that I didn't like and didn't want to try again.

Sarah and Janice were sitting on the couch finger fucking each other. I think they would have done a sixty nine except they didn't want to miss what was going on among the four of us. They decided that they weren't going to be left out. Janice forced her head between my legs and licked my prick as it rode in and out of Mary's cunt. From the sudden lurch Jim gave I guessed that Sarah was licking Jim's prick as it slid in and out of Mary's ass.

Janice moved up my ass crack and pushed her tongue into my ass. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. I couldn't hold out any longer. From the way Jim was speeding up I knew he was on the verge of coming too. As usual we both shot off our loads at the same time.

"I'm coming! Ahhh! Ohhh!" Spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble; my brother's load went up Mary's ass.

"Oooo! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my load of cum shot into Mary's cunt.

Dick was right with us. Mary speeded up her head action and sucked harder on his prick. "You're sucking the cum out of me! Oh, Wow! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; Dick rewarded Mary with a mouth full of cum.

Janice's busy mouth cleaned off my soft prick and Mary's cunt. Sarah did the same job on Jim's prick and Mary's ass. We all collapsed.

The Cohens hadn't thought of anything like what we'd done and they had lots of questions to ask.

"Doesn't it hurt to have a prick up you ass?"

"It does a little the first time but it feels real good after that. It feels especially good to have a prick up your ass at the same time there's another prick shoved in your cunt. Giving Dick a blow job at the same time made it even better."

I'd been careful about letting Dick know about our boy-boy sex except for jerking each other off. I was afraid it might turn him off and I thought he needed a little more preparation, although I wondered what it would be like to sixty nine with him and thought I wanted to try it. Jim let the information slip out and Dick was shocked. "It sure does feel good. When David fucks my ass it makes shoot off too."

Dick looked back and forth between us. "You mean you fuck your brother's ass?"

Well the cat was out of the bag. We'd just have to wait and see what happened. I backed Jim up so he'd know we both enjoyed having sex together. "Yeh, we both come at the same time no matter which one is doing the fucking."

Dick hesitated and said, "I thought only queers did that?" Then he blushed and turned his head.

We had the answer to that one. "How can we be gay if we like girls as much as we do?"

Dick looked from one of us to the other while his sisters had their say. "Yeh, Dick, we're not gay. We always wanted boys, but we lap each other's cunts just the same. Even if we do things with you I think we'll still want to do that now and then."

This was news to Dick too. "You lap each other's cunts?"

Janice was quick to answer, "Gee, we've been doing that since before I had my first period. Sarah heard of it in school and we tried it. We both liked it a lot better than finger fucking each other and we've been doing it almost every night since."

Dick mulled this over and the conversation took another turn. Sarah had been intrigued by the four way we'd just finished. "Well I want to try three boys at the same time, that's for sure."

Janice was just as eager as Sarah. "So do I. Promise that we'll get our turn having them all at once."

We all promised that each of the Cohen girls would have a chance to have their ass fucked by one of us and their cunt fucked by another at the same time as they were sucking off a third cock, before the week was over.

The conversation got back to boy-boy sex. Dick was slightly upset by the idea but he was very curious too. He wasn't going to let the conversation stop at that point. He was interested enough so I thought I could get him to join me in a session or two if I played the cards right. If we could get Dick into that bit, his father would be pleased. He and I had sucked each other off that first night the sex club met at our house.

Dick asked, "Do you suck each other's cocks too?"

Jim wasn't at all reticent. He liked boy-boy sex and didn't care who knew it. "Sure we do, a boy really knows where another boys sensitive spots are better than a girl does."

The Cohen girls were taking this conversation in too. "Yeh, that's right. Janice and I know how to lap each other's cunt better than you boy's do."

It was obvious that Dick was weakening but he still had some reservations. "I don't think that I'd like to taste cum. It would probably gag me."

I wasn't going to let that one slide by. "Aw, Dick, haven't you tasted your cum when you jerk off? I bet you have. Most boys do that. And didn't you get to lick some cum out of the girls' cunts? I bet you liked that too. You seemed to enjoy it."

Dick was a little flustered and blushed. "Uh, well, I guess I do taste my cum now and then. I didn't think of that, and I liked lapping it from the girls' cunts, it wasn't that bad at all. I was a little scared of it but it was neat when I lapped my cum out of Mary's cunt the first time.

He hesitated and his eyebrows shot up. "Gee, I guess there was some of your cum left in Sarah's cunt when I lapped it. I guess it wouldn't gag me after all but I don't know if I want to suck a cock."

None of us had been twiddling our thumbs while all this conversation was going on. Every one was feeling everyone else up. We three boys had all had hard pricks again. Jim got hard first, of course, then me. Dick already had one more come than Jim and I, and his prick was the last to revive but now it was ready. We were ready for another round.

Sarah wanted to try three pricks at once. Dick hadn't fucked her yet and she wanted his prick in her cunt. I warned her my cock might hurt the first time I screwed her ass but she wanted it that way because she was intrigued with Jim's smaller cock and she wanted to suck another load of cum out of it. It wasn't surprising, her mother had reacted the same way.

We got into position and Dick felt my cock force it's way into her tight ass hole. "Wow! It really does feel as if our pricks are rubbing against each other inside."

I waited for him to start his in and out motion, caught his rhythm, and matched his strokes so my prick rubbed his each time. His bigger prick gave a lot more friction than Jim's did. I liked Dick and the feel of his cock. I wanted him to suck cocks with me before the week was over.

Mary reamed Jim's ass with her tongue and moved on to Dick. Sarah licked my prick as it slid in and out of Janice's ass then she really went to work on my asshole. I couldn't take much of that. I wasn't ahead of the other boys.

There were many spurts and then a lot of dribbles. We all collapsed and Mary and Sarah did a thorough cleanup job on us. None of us boys were up to another round right then so the girls did a daisy chain. I took the opportunity to work on trying to change Dick's outlook on boy-boy sex. "You don't seem to object to girls having sex together."

He came up with the typical male chauvinistic response, "But they're girls."

I didn't let him get away with that. "What difference does that make. Do you think they're lesbians because they do things with each other."

He pondered, "I guess not, but it's different."

I was insistent. "Why is it different for girls than it is for boys?"

Dick stammered and didn't know what to say. I took the bull by the horns, leaned over, and gave his pricks a few sucks. He started to pull away but then stopped. His prick still wasn't hard but he liked it. I wasn't going to suck him off just then but I felt I'd laid the groundwork.

We had quite a week. We switched partners almost every night and had orgies during the day. I traded blow jobs with Dick one night and he admitted he liked it. He fucked my ass and liked that too, but he waited for Jim to fuck his ass with his smaller prick for the first time. Dick found that boy-boy sex was fun and he liked it. I knew that would please his father.


Dick spent a part of one night with me. That was the night I fucked his ass the first time with my smaller prick. After I made him shoot off by fucking his ass he didn't want to suck cocks with me any more, he just wanted to have his ass fucked. We had a great time that night.


The first group of kids certainly didn't take very much persuading. They were ripe for the plucking. Well they were ready for fucking. If the circumstances had been right they probably would have been fucking and sucking before we ever got together with them. I'm sure that as horny as the girls were, that they would have trapped the more timid Dick pretty soon anyway.

Mom and pop told us that they had to develop acute cases of 'hard of hearing'. The six of us made so much noise that it was all they could do to keep from joining us. They were so horny for us by the time the kids left on Sunday, that the three of us had to spend all night in bed with them. We didn't get very much sleep.

We were back to our normal sex practices and schedule by the middle of the week. That is only about three or four sessions a day for us kids, less than that for our parents. Adults just can't recuperate as fast as we can. I guess they make up for it though. They can outlast us any time.

* * * * * * * * * *

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