Training Them Young #5 (D.Abby) (bbbB,mast,oral,anal,) (5!14)

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by D. Abby




Chapter - 5


The next set of kids were the Reilys. Sam and Jane had three kids too. They were Clara, who was the oldest of all the kids at sixteen, and a pair of twins, Howard and Harry, who were the youngest. They were six months younger than Jim. The next Saturday morning they arrived as scheduled.

The sleeping arrangements were easy. Clara would sleep in Mary's spare bed. The twins would sleep together in Jim's room. They were just about his age.

It was a normal day of getting better acquainted with the kids. Going swimming had worked well with the Cohens so we took the Reilys to the pool. I couldn't keep my eyes off Clara. She was a knockout with blond hair, dark blue eyes, and a figure that wouldn't stop. Her tits were as big as my mothers.

I tried to get her into conversations but every time I tried to get close to her in the water she moved away. I hoped it wouldn't take Mary long to set me up with her. I got a hard on watching her tits bounce. All the boys were giving her the eye, and most of their bathing suits pushed out in front. That didn't bother me, let them fantasize. They were just looking and dreaming, I might have a chance to do more.

She did talk some with Mary and I asked Mary how she was getting on. Mary told me that any time she got near the subject of sex Clara clammed up so tight that she didn't pursue the subject. Clara even blushed when Mary commented on how well built one of the boys on the diving board was.

Mary said she was making no progress at all and we'd just have to wait and see how things turned out that night. Mary might get her interested then but at that point things didn't look too good.

Howard and Harry were good natured kids about the same size a build as Jim. They had a habit of finishing sentences for each other. I couldn't tell them apart. They knew this and played games fooling us. If we addressed one of them by name they would look at each other and grin. We never knew if the one we had spoken to was the one who answered or if we had used the right name, and they never corrected us.

They were shy with Mary at first. Mary wouldn't let them get away with that. She wanted a couple more partners. Variety was the spice of life and she couldn't wait to get to these two young boys.

She managed to rub her body against each of them a couple of times and she said both of them responded well. They pressed themselves against her and hunched their hips. Their pricks got hard but they pulled away from her when that happened. The one thing that really surprised Mary was that they didn't try to feel her tits at all.

They acted differently with Jim and me. They started horsing around with Jim and swarmed all over me when I joined them. They Rubbed their hard pricks against me on purpose. My own prick got hard in response and I hunched right back at them. They exchanged looks then both of them started sneaking feels of my prick. When I didn't object they got bolder and they took turns rubbing their hands up and down the bulge in my bathing suit every chance they got.

The twins were playing into my hands in more ways than one. I wasn't going to miss a opportunity like this. I was getting real horny from the feels they were giving my prick and I suspected the twins were no strangers to the mutual jerk off. There was one way to find out quickly. I wiggled my fingers inside the waistband of one of them and pumped on his prick. In about three pumps I felt the warm spurts of cum flow out of his prick into my hand. That was awful fast but he was young. Jim always came fast the first time too.

Each of the twins seemed to know what was going on with the other. As soon as I had finished jerking the one of them off the other took his place. I didn't mind I reached into his bathing suit and played with his prick. It didn't seem as big as Jim's but I had proof that the twins could shoot off. It wasn't long before he deposited a load in my hand.

Just as he was shooting off the other twin reached up the leg of my boxer shorts and pushed the front of my jock strap aside. He ran his hand up and down my prick, tickling the underside as if he knew exactly how to get the best response. The twin that I'd just jerked off went after Jim. I knew Jim wouldn't mind having his prick played with but I was sure he would be surprised.

The hand on my prick felt good and I felt the cum rising in my balls. I saw the shocked look on Jim's face just as I was shooting off. The twin working on me kept right on pumping my cock and he gave me a funny look when it got soft. I Wondered if he was hard again and reached down and felt him. His prick was hard as a rock so I jerked him off again and got another load of warm cum in my hand.

After The twin started to work on Jim's prick he caught on in a hurry. Jim was playing with the twins prick at the same time he was being jerked off. The twin shuddered and Jim's body jerked. I knew that he'd shot his load into the twin's hand.

It seemed to me that the twins pricks had just started to grow and they hadn't been shooting off very long. Maybe if we couldn't get Clara into our games we could get the twins into some boy-boy sex. They were interested in that already and I guessed that they jerked each other off regularly. Again we would just have to wait and see what developed.

For the rest of the day every time Jim and I got into the water the twins were after us. They pushed their hands into our bathing suits and jerked us off. We jerked their little cocks off even more often. I didn't know the story yet but it seemed they got hard awfully fast. I guess Jim and I gave them two for one each time. They seemed to like it. I know we did.

I was sort of glad for the activity. I wasn't as horny as usual when we went to bed that night. No one was in the room with me for the first time in a long time and I expected I would have to jerk off that night. Like Jim, I hadn't done that by myself for a long time and I really wasn't looking forward to it.

I waited a while, imagined Clara slowly taking her clothes off. I tried to envision her big tits as she took off her bra. I didn't think she dyed her hair so her cunt hair should be blond too. My prick was standing at attention and ready for some action so I spit on my hand to get started. I was almost annoyed when Jim came into the room and interrupted me.


(Gee, I'm finally getting to write some of this story. David and Mary have been hogging all the writing because one or the other of them is usually around when I do anything with one of the other kids.)

From the very start I knew there wouldn't be any trouble bringing the subject of sex up with the twins. The mutual jerk offs in the pool meant that they were ready for boy-boy sex right now. They stripped down before I had a chance to. Their pricks were a little smaller than mine was but they had a strand or two of hair around their crotch. According to our plan I was supposed to start the talk about jerking off but they didn't give me a chance. They watched me closely while I was undressing and their pricks got hard.

This was enough to give me a hard on. Each of them reached for his brother's prick and started to play. I pushed down my pants and started to jerk off too. They watched me for a minute or two then they started the conversation.

"Gee, your brother's prick is -

big. We like jerking him off. -

Do you jerk off with him often?"

They paused for a breath. It was hard to figure out which of the twins was saying what.

"Have you measured your brother's -

prick when it's hard? How big -

is it when he has a hard on?"

This direct approach surprised. It shouldn't have after the way we jerked each other off in the swimming pool. I couldn't see any reason for not answering them just as directly.

"The last time we measured it was just over four inches long. It isn't growing as fast as mine is now but it is a little longer every time we measure. My prick was almost three and a half inches but it's growing pretty fast right now. I can't wait till I catch up with David. Your pricks look bigger than mine was at your age. Have you measured them lately?"

"Almost three inches but they're -

getting longer and fatter every -

time we measure. We can't wait -

till our pricks get as big as David's."

They looked at each other and seemed to come to a decision.

"Do you jerk each other off very -

often? Sleeping in different rooms -

must make it difficult to get together."

David warned me not to volunteer information. I didn't think anything would disturb these two but I wanted to see how far they were willing to go.

"Well, yeh, It feels better when someone else jerks you off. David told me that you spent so much time feeling his prick that he decided to find out if you liked being jerked off by someone else. He thought you did that to each other too. It's not that hard to get together with David. Sometimes we sneak into each other's room at night and we usually jerk each other off when we take our after school piss."

The twins looked at each other and I guess they had some sort of a conversation. They didn't say a word to each other but after a couple of eyebrow raises and shoulder shrugs they looked at me again and came out with a statement I hadn't quite expected.

"That used to be all we did but we found -

a better way to make each other feel good."

This conversation was getting real interesting. I asked them what they meant.

"Well, we found out that it's -

more fun to suck on each other's -

pricks and it feels a lot better to -

shoot off in each others mouths."

I wasn't sure what to say, David hadn't covered this situation. I sure wouldn't mind sucking cocks with them. I explored for some more information. "How long have you been doing that?"

"Ever since we can remember, -

before we shot off. Now that -

we shoot off it's a lot more -

fun. We like the taste of -

cum and can't get enough."

At last they got out of sync. They didn't seem at all worried that I might think that they were gay. David and I had worried about that at first.

"I bet David shoots off more cum than we do."

"Yeh, do you think he'll let us suck him off? I'd like to suck on a cock that big."

By this time I was completely undressed and the twins were too. Both the twins were fingering my cock. I was playing with both of theirs too.

"Have you ever had your cock sucked, Jim? It feels real neat." As if to demonstrate one of the twins leaned over, licked a drop of pre cum from the head of my prick, ran his tongue around the rim of the head, and gave my prick a gentle suck.

"If you want I'll suck you off and show you. You don't have to suck me off if you don't want. I like sucking cock and I've never sucked anyone off but my brother. I want to find out if your cum tastes like his does. Both of us want to suck you off and we sure want to suck the cum out of David's big cock too."

There was no reason to waste any more time. I told them David and I liked to suck cock too. He would join us. They were enthusiastic about that. They liked the idea of sucking cock with David and me, particularly being able so suck on David's big prick.

"Gee, he'll let us suck his big cock and he'll suck us off too?"

"You like to suck cock too and you want to trade blow jobs with us?"

"Wow! We thought we would have to sneak off to do some cock sucking and we didn't know if we could get away and find someplace to do it."

"Now that won't be a problem any more."

"David can come in here every night and we can trade around and do a lot of things together."

"That'll be real neat."

"We like the idea of sucking cock with you."

The twins had everything figured out already so I went to get David. I told him everything that had occurred so far and that they wanted to suck cocks with us. David must have just started to jerk off when I came into the room and he gently pumped on his cock all the time I was talking.

"So, here I am. Come to my room and maybe we can teach them about ass fucking. They didn't say anything about that."



I was out of bed already. I really wanted to fuck Clara and lap her cunt. I wanted to nurse on her big tits too. Sucking cock and fucking ass with the twins and Jim would be a lot more fun than jerking off. We went to Jim's room and I got out of my pajamas. Their pricks were as cute as Jim's was when we first started jerking off together.

"Gee, your -

prick is big!"

Just as Jim had said they didn't seem to be able to finish a sentence for themselves.

"Yours will get as big or bigger. Mine hasn't stopped growing yet."

This time Harry got the whole sentence in fast. "Wow! I can't wait till mine is that big. Can I feel it? Can I suck you off right now?"

Howard got in the next request. "Gee, I'd like to suck on it too. Can I? That would be fun. The only prick I've ever sucked on is Harry's and his is no bigger than mine is. I want to try sucking on it too. After Harry, I'm first."

It looked as if I was going to have to do some fast recovery before this night was over. Both of them were fascinated with my medium sized cock. They'd have a ball when they got a chance at their father's even bigger prick. I know he'd love to sixty nine with each of them the first chance he got.

Well, all my problems should be this bad if it came down to that I liked to have someone nurse on my prick when it was soft. It's a comfortable feeling and it usually makes my prick hard again in pretty short order.

The twins were so excited they didn't know where to start. I suggested Harry and I sixty nine while Jim and Howard did the same. Every one agreed to that. Harry pulled me on to the bed and practically swallowed my prick. Howard did the same to Jim. They bobbed their heads as fast as they could. I pulled away.

"Hey, wait a minute. It's more fun if you take it slow. If you shoot off too fast you can't get all the good feelings. We can show you some things to make feel a lot better and make it last a lot longer."

They finally got out of their synchronized speech pattern for a moment.

"What should we do?"

"We'd like to make it last longer."

We were going to spend a week with these kids, it was worth the time to show them how to give a good blow job. I was horny but I could wait for a while. Jim and I had learned how to make things last during the last couple of months. And when we had sex with adults they taught us even more ways to slow things down.

It was apparent the twins were going to make good sex partners and it would be fun to give them the works. Besides I was sure they would want to reciprocate.

"Jim, let's show them what it feels like to get a tongue bath."

Jim was ready and willing to do anything that I suggested. We showed them how to french kiss. This was something new to them and they took to it like a duck to water. They liked it.

"Gee, if the rest is as good as -

this we want to learn all about it."

I stuck my tongue in Harry's ear and made him jump. I licked my way down and sucked on each of his nipples. Jim did the same thing to Howard. Both of the boys reacted as expected. Their nipples hardened and they got goose flesh. They loved every minute of it. I stopped again and suggested that Jim and I finish them off before they went to work on us.

They looked at each other.

"Okay, but you have to let us suck -

you off after we shoot off in your mouths."

Jim and I took up where we had left off. We licked their chests and sucked their nipples until they stiffened up again. The twins wiggled and giggled all the time we were doing this. We then probed their navels with our tongues and both of them reacted to that by jumping. We continued licking down their bellies and their pubic mounds.

By the time we reached their pricks both of them were panting. They both raised their hips and offered their pricks for sucking. They were so hot they didn't think they could wait but we just dabbed at the pre cum on the tips, quickly licked around the rim of the head, and down the sensitive underside to their balls.. We licked all around their pricks and did everything but suck them. The twins were really squirming.

We sucked on their balls. They liked that too and they told us how good it felt. Jim and I both knew how good a whole trip around the world felt and we didn't want to short change the twins so we continued on down their legs. When we licked the bottoms of their feet both boys wiggled and giggled. They obviously enjoyed it when we sucked on their toes too.

We turned them over and worked up to the back of their knees. That had them both jumping. On to the sensitive inside of their thighs. This got some more frantic wiggles. We licked down their ass cracks and across their assholes. They almost jumped off the bed.

"I never heard of that. It sure feels good though."

"I don't know if I could do it. Isn't it yucky."

This is everybody's initial reaction. It had been ours. We gave our more or less standard answer.

"It's not as bad as it seems. At first you do it because to make the other person feel good. After a while you just like to do it. Try it you'll like it."

We went back to tongue fucking their asses and had them jumping all over the bed again. I knew they weren't going to last long when we got to their pricks.

It was time to suck their cute little pricks. We licked the cum off, ran our tongues around the heads, licked the underside, and sucked the pricks into our mouths. both of them shot off right away.

I got a small load of little boy cum from Harry and Jim milked Howard's cum from his balls. We sucked gently on the pricks waiting for them to get soft. They didn't! We stopped sucking after a while and asked about it.

"We stay hard till our balls ache from coming. -

We usually don't stop sucking till then."

These kids were really going to be hard to keep up with. They'd come awfully quick so Jim and I went back to sucking. It took a little longer this time and the boys fucked their pricks into our mouths. Jim and I each got another small load of little boy cum in just over a minute. The twins hardly stopped to take a breath.

"Let us do you now. We'd -

like to try those things out. -

We don't know if we can lick -

your assholes. But we'll try."

They were as willing as Jim had been. First the french kissing, then the nibbling and licking the ears and down to the nipples. They spent time moving from one nipple to the other. They were intrigued when our nipples crinkled up. They examined us while the rubbed them with their fingers. After satisfying their curiosity, they probing our navels and licked down to our cocks.

They licked all around them and paying attention to the sensitive spots. After that they worked our legs and feet over studying our reactions to every thing they did. They licked up the backs of our legs and slowed down when they got to the inside of our thighs.

We knew they were working up their nerve for the next action. Harry cautiously ran his tongue up my ass crack. He skipped my asshole and continued on to the top. He came back again with a little more pressure and touched my asshole. He hesitated then ran his tongue along my ass crack again and pushed his tongue up my asshole. They were hooked. They had tried licking ass and they found out that they liked it.

It was time to suck our cocks. They turned us back over and after licking the tender spots again and sucked our cocks into their mouths. They bobbed their heads slowly at first and speeded up as we fucked our pricks into their mouths for the deepest penetration. They speeded up. We speeded up.

"Ahhh! Oooo!"

"Ohhh! Wow!"

I shot off and Harry sucked my load of cum down his throat without any hesitation. Howard drank my brother's smaller load of cum. The two of them kept sucking on us even after our pricks got soft.

They were surprised at this. They'd wanted to suck another load out of us this round. After all we'd sucked two loads out of their pricks. We explained this happened to most men after they came. They didn't like that. The always shot off too fast and they enjoyed shooting off the second load more.

They discussed the loads of cum they'd just swallowed. Harry said that mine tasted a little stronger Howard's but he liked it that way and I shot off an awful lot. Howard thought that Jim's cum tasted pretty much the same as Harry's but the was more of it. Each wanted to switch and try the one they hadn't sucked off yet.

Howard couldn't wait to suck my prick. He put his head down and teased the head of my prick and licked around the rim till he got it hard. Jim was hard again and the twins were never soft.

I suggested a daisy chain and after we explained what it was the twins were all for it. Howard latched onto my prick, I went to work on Harry's cock, Harry latched onto Jim's half grown prick, and Jim completed the ring by sucking Howard's cock into his mouth.

We started slow and gradually speeded up. Soon we were a mass of bobbing heads and pumping hips. All you could hear was slurping. I got a load of Harry's little boy cum as soon as I sucked his prick into my mouth and Jim milked one from Howard at the same time. We had expected that so we kept right on sucking.

Neither Jim nor I had come yet. The two of us didn't have much staying power but compared to the twins we lasted a long time. The twins hadn't missed a beat they kept bobbing their heads over out pricks and pumping their pricks into our mouths. It really didn't take very long till I couldn't hold out any longer.

Howard finally got his chance to taste a load of my cum. I got another load of Harry's. Harry received my brother's cum. Howard's load of cum shot down Jim's throat. We kept right on sucking. Jim's prick and mine softened up, but the twins' pricks didn't get soft at all.

What the hell! Why not make use of them? We had already gotten the twins to lick ass, why not have them fuck ass. A hard prick up your ass gives your a hard on in a hurry. The twins didn't have big pricks but they were big enough to give us a good prostate massage.

"Have you guys ever fucked each other in the ass?"

"What's -


"Well you wet the other guy's asshole with spit, then you stick your prick in and fuck him."

"We never heard of that. -

We'd sure like to try it."

We situated ourselves on our sides so that Jim and I were almost in a sixty nine position. The twins got behind us, licked at, then deposited spit on our assholes, and had no problem inserting their immature cocks.

We knew the affect that a prostate massage had and it wasn't long before my brother and I had hard pricks again. The twins were very enthusiastic. They were pumping away as fast as they could.

I got a load of Harry's cum up my ass and Jim's ass was greased with Howard's load. The twins had come again but we hadn't shot off yet. Their small loads of cum just made for better lubrication. The twins kept right on pumping. Not loosing your hard on after you shot off had its advantages. Both Jim and I were on the brink by this time. We were pushing our hips back to meet each of the twins thrusts.

I slurped Jim's prick into my mouth just as he started to shoot his cum and Jim went after my load of cum the same way. The twins deposited their second load of cum up our asses.

The twins were still hard. They wanted us to fuck them now. I knew that Jim would shortly be able to accommodate them but with three quick comes, I had to rest for a while. I convinced the twins we had to have a breather. Besides I hadn't had a chance to question them about Clara yet.

"Do you ever get to see your sister without any clothes on?"

"We try to get to see her when -

she takes a shower, but she -

always closes the bathroom -

door. We let her see us sometimes -

though. If we take a piss when our -

parents aren't home, we leave the -

bathroom door open and she peeks -

in. Whenever she does we go to -

our bedroom right away and suck -

each other off a couple of times. -

It gets us real horny to know -

she's been peeking at our pricks."

Well, that was interesting. Clara showed some interest in sex. If she was peeking on her brothers, maybe I could give her a peek or two. Spying could lead to a lot of more interesting things. It had with Mary and me.

The twins were hot again. They wanted to do some more things. I convinced them I wasn't up to it but that if one of them fucked the other's ass I would suck the cock of the one that was being fucked. Jim would be with them all night and he would sit this one out and be ready for the next round. The twins were willing and after a short discussion that consisted of few looks and shrugs they decided who would do what to whom.

One of the twins, I still couldn't tell them apart, got on his knees and his brother licked his ass then inserted his prick. I eased my head in under the bottom boy and sucked his prick into my mouth. His hips jerked and I got a mouthful of cum. I sucked it down and moved out to lick the cum from around where his brother's prick was fucking into his ass. His brother had shot off too.

I moved back and sucked the cock into my mouth again. Both boys slowed down for a short time then speeded up again. I sucked another load of cum out of the prick and the twins separated. Jim sucked the other twin's prick clean and licked at my twin's asshole.

The boys were a lot of fun but I had the hots for their sister and even sucking a load of cum out of a prick hadn't gotten me hard. I was ready to go to sleep and I went back to my room. As I left, I could hear Jim and the twins deciding who would fuck who's ass first. The twins weren't tired at all. With all the new ideas and their perpetual hard pricks, I expected to find the twins still fucking each other's asses when I woke in the morning.