Training Them Young #6 (D.Abby) (gG,mast,) (6!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 6


I expected I would have to work hard to get Clara ready for our family games. I hadn't been able to get her into a conversation about sex all day long. I wasn't sure of how I could get her to open up now that we were in the bedroom.

I stripped and got into bed as planned, but Clara didn't look in my direction while I was undressing. The lights were out before she undressed. Wow, as my brother would say, how was I going to get to her. This looked like our first failure and I didn't like it.

I tried to figure out an approach. It would be pretty bad if I couldn't get Clara into our act. David really had the hots for her and I couldn't blame him. She was the best built of the girls that we were supposed to teach the joys of sex to. None of the girls at the pool came anywhere near her in looks. David would be very disappointed if Clara was our first failure. I knew he wanted to bury his prick in her cunt. I wouldn't mind lapping her cunt myself.

I heard sounds of crying coming from Clara's bed. After ten minutes or so, I went over, sat on the edge of her bed, and asked her what was the matter.

At first she wouldn't say a thing, but she grabbed my hand and held on. I took this as an invitation to stay it seemed that my being there was a help. Clara sobbed for a while more then seemed to force herself to stop. I didn't know what else to do so I asked her if there was anything that I could do again.

She sobbed, "No, no one can help me."

Well, at least she was talking. I remembered reading how talking could help people with problems. I tried to draw her out.

"Maybe I could help some, but even if I can't maybe it would help if you just talked about it. I heard that sometimes that can make people feel better."

She sobbed again, took a deep breath, and started to tell me about it. The problems she was having were just the ones that the boys and I wanted to cure.

"I'm a nasty bad person and I do bad things to myself. When I go to bed at night I get a funny feeling between my legs and I get all wet down there. I can't stop myself and I put my hand down there and rub myself. I don't want to do it but I can't stop. I swear that I won't do it again, but I can't keep from doing it."

Well, that one wasn't hard. I even had the facts to back up what I said to her.

"Gee, that's not nasty or bad. My mother gave me a book and it says that it's just natural. Everybody does that. I do it myself sometimes."

"Everybody does it?"

She stopped crying and sat up.

But that wasn't the end of her problems.

"Oh, but that's not all. I spy on my little brothers when they have no clothes on. Then I think of them while I do it. I pretend they're doing the things between my legs. Tonight I was trying to imagine how David and Jim looked without their bathing suits on."

Books are marvelous things. If you read it in a book everybody thinks its true and I remembered a lot of things I read in that book.

"The book says that's natural too. adolescents are curious about the opposite sex. They want to find out what the differences are. The word it uses for what you do at night is 'fantasies'.

"It says that most people fantasize when they masturbate. That's the word it uses for rubbing yourself. What's more it says that they usually fantasize about some one close to themselves that they know well."

Clara's sobs subsided and she was showing real interest now. For the first time she opened up and asked me a personal question.

"Do you try to peek at your brothers and do you fantasize too?"

This was an opening that was too good to miss.

"Well, I used to, but David and Jim let me see them now, and I let them see me too."

"That's what I what I was crying about. I felt funny - Uh. Oh. My cunt felt funny and I was trying to imagine what David would look like. That is, what his, uh, prick looked like, and what it would feel like if he put it in my cunt. - I never used those words before. They're not supposed to be nice."

This was much farther than I expected I would get. Maybe things would get even better. I was going to try. I remembered what mom had said when she found David, Jim, and me sucking and fucking.

"Oh, pooh! There's nothing wrong with those words. They describe what your talking about? That's the purpose of words, isn't it? I can't think of any words that describe what we're talking about better."

"Uh. I guess that's so. - But I never thought of it that way. Does David have a big, uh, prick?"

"Well, it's still growing. But it's big enough. I like it the way it is. Jim's prick is just starting to grow. I think it's cute. I'll bet he has the same size prick as your brothers have. I'd like to get a look at them."

It was time to go a step farther. I slipped my fingers into my cunt and pushed them in and out. I got the response I expected.

"What are you doing?"

"This talk has me horny. I'm finger fucking myself. That the common name for masturbating."

"Oh. - Can I watch you? I never saw another girl do it. I've never even seen another girl down th - another girl's cunt."

Maybe this wasn't going to be hard. Maybe we just caught Clara at the right time and she was ready to go on to better things than finger fucking herself.

"You must be horny too. Why don't you finger fuck yourself at the same time as I do. I'm sure that it will make you feel better."

I let her get a good look at what I was doing. She watched closely as I pushed my fingers in and out of my cunt, then pushed her covers off. She was wearing her pajamas over her panties. She reached her hand through the waist band and started to rub her cunt.

"Pooh again. You can see me. Besides you can't make it feel as good with all those clothes on."

"Uh. Oh. all right, but close your eyes."

If she wanted to play games it was all right with me. When she told me I could open my eyes she had finally stripped naked. Her tits stuck straight out. I hoped my tits would grow like that.

I knew Clara was horny because her nipples were hard and the skin around the nipples was all crinkly. She had a lot of golden blond cunt hair and the biggest clit I've ever seen. It stuck out of her cunt like a tiny prick. I wanted to suck on it, but that would have to wait.

"Boy, David would like to see you now. I'll bet he got a hard on every time he looked at you at the swimming pool. I saw his swimming trunks push out every time he glanced your way.

"I'll bet he's thinking about you and jerking off right now. Boys do the same thing girls do, they fantasize about girls when they jerk off. I can just see him pumping his prick through his fist with his eyes closed pretending you were doing things to him."

I laid it on thick to build Clara's self-confidence up. Thinking a boy wants to do things with you is a big confidence builder. I really wasn't telling a lie, I expected that David was jerking off and thinking about her just then. He was in bed by himself and he wasn't used to that anymore. I didn't know about the twins at the time.

I'd been pumping my finger in and out of my cunt while I was talking. Clara started to rub her cunt lips, then seeing what I was doing she pushed one finger into her slit. She copied my pumping motion.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! I never put my finger inside before. It feels real funny. It feels real good."

Could it be that this girl had never had an orgasm before? Wow! I couldn't see how that was possible. I'd learned how to make myself come before I had my first period. Clara sure was repressed. I think that's the word they use. Clara brought me back to the present.

"Do you think that I could sneak a look at David's prick?"

Now we were really getting somewhere.

"Oh, I know David would let you see him. I could set it up. He'd be happy to let you look, but he'd want to see you too."

Clara hesitated and blushed. At least she was over her crying jag.

"Gee, I don't think I could do that but I do want to see him."

" You let me see you and you'd never let any one see you before. It makes you feel good to have a boy look at you. If you watch his pants you know it's you that's making their prick get hard. Giving a boy a hard on is a lot of fun and it always makes me feel good."

Clara pondered over this and shook her head as if she agreed with me then she hesitated and blushed again.

"I see my brothers naked sometimes. They forgot to close the bathroom door when the were standing at the toilet to take a pee. What does a hard prick look like?"

"Gee, that's not easy to describe. Instead of just hanging between their legs it swells up and gets bigger around and longer. Then it stands straight out from their body, and it throbs. It's real cute. You have to see it though. Words aren't good enough."

I'd been finger fucking myself and I'd already come a couple of times. Clara finger fucked herself. She seemed to be concentrating on that alone. I told her how to rub on her clit and she took it between her fingers and jerked on it as if it were a prick.

"Ohhh! Oooo! That felt good too. That's another thing I never knew about."

Clara concentrated on what she was doing. She pushed her fingers into her slit, pumped a few times, then use the lubricated fingers to rub up and down her clit as if it were a boy's prick. I'd seen my brothers do that and I'd done it to them too. Her whole body shuddered but she kept right on. She shuddered again and moaned.

She stopped then and looked at her fingers as if they belonged to someone else. She sat there for a long time looking at her fingers then she turned and looked at me.

"Uh. Oh, Okay I guess I do want to see David, and if I have to, I'll let him see me but it won't be easy. I haven't let anyone see me naked since my mother used to bathe me when I was little."

Clara stopped talking again, looked at her fingers and resumed finger fucking herself. Her breath was coming in short pants and her whole body jerked. She must have been having quite a few real good orgasms. I got that real good feeling sometimes when I had three males at one time. Just thinking of having a prick in my ass, one in my cunt, and still another in my mouth had me coming again.

Clara collapsed and fell back onto the bed. She'd just had the most violent orgasm she'd ever had. I wondered if David was going to get his prick into her cunt. I wondered how that would affect her. As David would say 'Wow'.

I'd never expected to get this far when the evening had started out. I almost gave up before I heard Clara crying. Now it would be up to David.

I speculated about how Jim was doing with the Reily twins. They had rubbed their pricks against me in the pool and they'd been hard but their pricks weren't very big. I was sure they weren't as big as Jim's was. They were cute, but they were a little young.

Were they old enough to shoot off yet? Wow! It would be a disaster if they weren't. I hoped he didn't have as much trouble with them as I had with Clara.