Training Them Young #7 (D.Abby) (BG,bbbg) (7!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 7


When Mary told me about her talk with Clara I had to whistle. I'd never heard of a girl like that let alone met one. I told Mary how eager the twins were for any kind of sex and she was pleased to hear that. The only time we'd mentioned boy-girl sex all night was when we found they let Clara peek at them.

The twins were so much like Jim that I was sure that they would go along with anything that anyone suggested when it came to sex. Anything that made them shoot off was bound to please them. I was sure that it was only because that was all that was available is the only reason they only tried boy-boy sex.

Mary was pleased with the idea of having all three boys to herself until I could get Clara into the act and I think she suspected that it would take me a while to get things going. From what Mary said I wasn't at all sure that I could in one day. I hoped it wouldn't take all week.

Mary didn't say anything but I think she hoped that I wouldn't get to Clara too fast. I'd told her that the twins reacted the way Jim did to each new idea and she wanted to try to wear the three of them out. I didn't mention the fact the twins might wear her out first with their ever ready cocks.

We made the same sort of arrangements with the Reily kids that we used with the Cohen kids. I would pretend to be sleepy and go up to take a nap. Clara would follow and the rest of them would have the family room for a play pen.

Clara reluctantly went along with this plan, she was still a little frightened and wasn't sure she could go through with it. The twins weren't told anything. I knew that Mary and Jim would be able to take care of anything that came up. (pun intended) I wondered what Mary would do with the pricks that stayed up all the time. I purposely didn't tell her about the twins permanently hard pricks, I wanted it to be a surprise.

After breakfast I put on the act that was expected of me. I stretched, yawned, complained about not sleeping well last night, and made my excuses. Clara blushed and didn't look at me but she said she could use a little more sleep too.

The two of us went upstairs and I waited till she went into Mary's room. I didn't mind letting her see my prick and I hoped that she would let me see her cunt. It seemed that the bigger a woman's clit was the more she reacted to having it sucked. I wanted to suck Clara's clit and see what happened.

She hadn't backed out so far, but she had been hesitant. I was afraid she'd get cold feet and back down at the last minute. I waited ten minutes then tapped on Mary's bedroom door. No answer. I tapped again a little louder. Was she going to back out now? I hoped not. "Come in."

I barely heard her voice. I opened the door, came in the room and wasn't original in my opening remark. "Hello."

She was sitting stiffly on the very edge of the bed and she was still fully dressed. Her head hung down and she wouldn't look up at me. This wasn't going to be easy, I tried to think of what I could do or say to break the Ice.

I didn't think taking off my clothes would be very effective. As a matter of fact it could queer whatever chance I might have with Clara. I sat down on the chair and looked at her. I had to think of something to say.

" I think you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. I like you. I'd like to get to know you better."

Clara just glanced up at me for a fraction of a second and blushed but I thought I saw a pleased expression on her face. I guess there's no way you can go wrong by telling a girl you think she's pretty.

"Do you think so? I'm glad. I think you're cute. I'd like to know you better too."

There are other things I'd rather be called than cute, but since it was Clara I was willing to accept it. I'd finally gotten an answer out of her and I wanted to follow up on that. Mary said she really wanted to see what a prick was like. Maybe if I seemed to be wiggling out of that I could get some more response.

"I tried to get you to talk to me yesterday, but you were too shy. I really like you and I do think you're the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Just talk to me. Even if you don't want to do what Mary said, I'd like to just talk to you and be with you."

This got a partially good reaction.

"Oh, I do want to do what Mary said, but I'm scared."

"There's nothing to be scared of. I won't do anything unless you want to. I'd like to see you without any clothes and I'd like you to see me too."

She blushed and squirmed then for the first time she looked right at me. She steeled herself for what she was going to do.

Clara started to unbutton her blouse. I took off my tee shirt. She reach behind and unfastened her bra then slipped it off. Wow! What tits! I made no move, I just sat there and felt my hard prick push out the front of my shorts. Clara's eyes were riveted on my crotch. That was okay, mine were riveted on her tits.

She took off her shoes and socks. I took off my shoes and socks. She took off her shorts. I took off my shorts. She took off her panties. I watched her and removed my jockey shorts so that they came off at the same time. She sat there. I sat there with my prick standing at attention. It wasn't easy not making a move.

"You're gorgeous! I've never seen anyone with a figure like yours. I could sit here look at you all day."

I barely heard Clara's voice and I had to lean closer to hear what she was saying. "Can I touch it?"

Clara wasn't up to using the four letter and I was just as careful with the words I used to answer her. "You can touch me if you want, I'd like that. I won't touch you unless you want me to."

I sat down beside her on the bed and let her take the lead. She put a finger on my prick and moved it down to the base. Her touch was feather light. She got bolder and wrapped her fingers loosely around my cock. She slowly slid her hand up toward the head. She stopped, but didn't remove her fingers, and looked me in the eyes. "I think I'd like to have you touch me th - my cunt, David."

Wow! I'd never seen any one as scared of sex as Clara was, but it was obvious that she wanted it too. She kept her light hold on my cock and held her breath as she watched me to see what I was going to do. I was sure I knew more about finger fucking a girl than she did. I wanted to make her feel real good and I was going to use every trick I knew.

First I slid my fingers along her slit. Her cunt was sure ready for this even if she wasn't. The hair around her cunt was soaking. I pushed a finger in. Her cunt was so tight I don't think I could have gotten more than one in.

Mary told me about Clara's clit and I saw how long it was, it stuck out between the outer lips of her cunt. I lubricated my fingers with cunt juice jerked on it like I did with Jim the first time I jerked him off.

Her hand tightened around my prick and she started to pump. I pumped my other forefinger in and out of her cunt. I kept right on jerking her clit off. She was quickly bringing me to a come and I was hoping she would come at the same time. No matter what you're doing it's always best when the boy and girl come at the same time.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, jets of cum splashed all over her body; dribble, dribble, dribble, more cum oozed out of my prick. She kept right on jerking. It felt better now with my cum to lubricate it. I kept working on her cunt.

"Ohhh! Ahhh! It feels so good! Oooo! David, what are you doing?" I had been trying to be careful with Clara. I was trying not to be too forward but I just couldn't help myself. That big clit of hers had fascinated me from the time Mary described it to me. I had her clit in my mouth and I was sucking on it for all I was worth. I hoped I hadn't queered everything, but it was much too late to stop now. I kept right on sucking.

"Oh David, don't - don't stop! That feels so good! I never heard of that. Ohhh! Ahhh!" I kept on sucking till she pushed me away. She fell back on the bed and lay there panting. I laid down beside her, wrapped my arms around her, and just held her. Her tits felt good pressing against my chest. We were still for quite a while.

"Oh, David, I love you! Why did you do that to me. I never thought anything could feel so good. Could I do anything like that to you. Oh, David, I want to make you feel good too."

"Well, sure, you can do the same thing. Mary does it all the time and I like it when she does, but you may not like doing it and you might not like it if I shoot my cum into your mouth. If you want to try it I'll pull my prick out of your mouth before I shoot my cum."

She had a hand on my cum slick cock. She took it off and licked at her fingers. She licked again. She reversed herself and licked my cock. She looked at me.

"You say Mary - uh, - sucks your cock?"

"Sure, and I lap her cunt too."

"Do you pull your prick out of her mouth before you shoot off?"

"Well, no, she likes to suck the cum out of my prick. She always swallows it all. I think if I tried to pull away from her she'd hold on to my hips till I finished shooting off."

"I just tasted your cum and it didn't taste bad to me. I think I like the taste. I want to find out what it feels like to have a boy shoot cum into my mouth. Don't pull away when you're ready to come."

Clara sucked my still limp prick into her mouth again and that did it, my prick came to attention. Clara let my prick slide out of her mouth again, blushed, then grinned at me. She licked a drop of pre cum from the tip and slid her mouth over the head of my prick. My hips pushed my prick farther into her mouth.

Clara bobbed her head up and down on my prick. My hips reacted and I started to fuck her face. Her cunt was in front of my face so I dove in. She sucked on my prick and I lapped at her cunt. I never can last very long the first time I do things with someone, particularly if I know they've never done anything before.

As much as I tried to hold back, spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I delivered a full load of teen age cum. Clara swallowed it as fast as it shot out of my prick. I felt her cunt spasm again as my cum was shooting into her mouth. She moaned and wiggled and sucked my whole load down her throat. It was obvious Clara liked sucking cock.

When my prick was totally limp I pulled it out of her mouth and turned end to end so that I could hug and kiss her. She caught on to french kissing right away and didn't have any problems with it. We kissed and hugged. I sucked on her tits for a while and went back to kissing and hugging. I got hard. My prick pressed against her belly. She reached between our bodies and felt it.

She wasn't shy now, she looked me in the eye, "David, I want you to put it in - - Uh. I want you to fuck me."

I had my usual problem of not wanting to hurt anyone, "But you're a virgin and I'll hurt you. I don't want to hurt you."

She shook her head., "I want you anyway. I don't care."

I offered her the compromise position so she could control the penetration. "Well then, you get on top so that you can control the pressure on your maidenhead."

She hadn't thought of that, "Uh. All right. I'll try it." I rolled over onto my back and Clara crawled up between my legs. She hesitated then positioned her cunt over my prick and lowered her hips. I held my prick so the head slid into her tight cunt hole as she lowered herself onto it. An inch went in and there it stopped.

Clara pushed down. Nothing happened. She pushed harder. NO more penetration. Clara was desperate. She raised her body and dropped her whole weight on my prick.

"Oh! Ow!" I could feel the tissue tear. I felt a flood of warm liquid around my prick and when I looked down I could see that it was blood. Clara sat there with my prick encased in her bleeding cunt and her mouth formed into an 'O'. She leaned over and lay on my body. "That hurt at first, but it feels better now. I want you get on top, David. I want you to fuck me."

We rolled over and Clara wrapped her legs around my hips. No one ever has to teach a teen ager how to fuck, it comes instinctively. I pulled my prick out of her cunt and pushed it back in. Clara pushed her body against mine each time I pushed in. I moved faster. She pumped her hips back at me.

"Oh, David. It hurt at first but it feels good now. Push it into me. You're making me feel real good again. I like fucking you. I like fucking! Ohhh! It feels good! Ahhh!"

"Oooo! Wow!"

I felt her cunt spasm around my cock and it brought me right along with her. Her cunt seemed to suck my cum out of my cock. Again, we hugged and kissed as my prick shrank and slipped out of her cunt. I reversed positions and cleaned my cum, her cunt juices, and her virgin blood out of her cunt.

Clara hesitated only a second before she sucked my limp prick into her mouth to clean the same mixture of juices off of it. She sucked real hard on my prick and massaged it with her tongue but I'd just had three quick comes and I couldn't recover fast from the third one. I had to pull my prick out of her mouth after a minute or two or she would have kept on sucking. Boy she had really changed in the last half hour.

We lay there for a while. I wondered if she was ready to join the rest of the group. I didn't think that she was. She would probably freak out if she knew what Mary was doing with Jim and the twins. I couldn't figure a way to keep her from discovering what was going on down stairs. She brought the matter to head right then. "David?"

I sort of knew what was coming, "Yeh?"

She asked the question I was expecting. "Do you know what the rest of the kids are doing?"

There was no way to cover up. "Well, I'm pretty sure they're in the family room doing the same things we were doing up here."

She didn't seem to be bothered, but she was curious. "Aren't the twins and Jim too young? I've spied on my brothers when they were in the bathroom and their pricks aren't nearly as big as yours is."

I could assure her about that. "No way! You should have seen what they were doing last night!"

Clara was still rather naive. "But there were no girls! Mary and I were in here together all last night. What could they do?"

Trapped again. How to explain boy-boy sex to Clara? I decided to just blurt it out. "Well, boys can suck on each other's pricks. You can fuck an ass the same way you can fuck a cunt. Your brothers have been sucking each other off since before they could shoot off and when Jim and I taught them how to ass fuck they loved it."

She cocked her head to one side. "Do you think they're doing some of that now?"

I had the answer to that one too. "I don't think, I know. Mary couldn't wait to have three boys all to herself. She was waiting for us to get upstairs so that she could start the party going down there."

She patted my still limp dick. "Do you think they'll mind if we watch?"

I was sure of the answer to that one too. "Hell no! They'd love it. They'd like to have us join them. The twins let you spy on them on purpose and wanted to do other things with you too. Let's go downstairs now."

She actually clapped her hands. "Oooo, I'd like that."

Wow! What a change!

Clara started dressing. It didn't take too much to convince her that we should go down as we were.


David and Clara had gone upstairs and the rest of us went to the family room. After what David told me I didn't have to mince words or even use any.

I'd worn a skirt that morning and, after what David and Jim had told me, I took off my panties. I wanted to find out how the twins would react to me snapping pictures of them with my cunt. They sat on the couch and turned on the TV with the remote. I sat on a chair near the TV and spread my legs apart to let the twins admire the scenery.

One of the twins glanced my way and did a double take. I pretended I was reading a magazine. The one who noticed first (I can't tell them apart either) nudged the other. Both of them were fascinated with the show I was giving. They tried to act as if nothing unusual was going and pretend they were watching the TV. They kept looking in my direction several times a minute, then reluctantly looking back to the TV.

I spread my legs a little farther and noted that their pants were pushed out in front. It hadn't been difficult to get their pricks hard, but I hadn't expected it would. Now I had to convince them to let me use those two hard pricks. I didn't think that would be too difficult and I was sure the boys would enjoy using them.

The boys looked at each other and back at my exposed cunt. Jim saw what was going on and he sat there and ginned. He had a hard on too but that wasn't unusual, that was his normal state this time of the morning. The three of us usually got together for an early morning round of fucking and sucking before we came down to breakfast.

Having company put a crimp in our style. One or both of our parents usually joined in. As a matter of fact mom usually woke the boys up by giving them a blow job. I always love it when pop wakes me up by lapping my cunt.

When both of the twins had their attention riveted on my cunt I hiked up my skirt a little more, I grinned at them, put my hands down between my legs, and spread the lips of my cunt as far apart as I could get them. I spoke in the most nonchalant manner I could and acted as if what I was doing was perfectly normal. "Is this what you're trying to see? Why don't you turn off the TV and come a little closer. You can see it better then."

The twins were flustered and both of them blushed and stammered before they could get themselves together. David was right they could read each other's minds. Each of them knew what the other was going to say next and they didn't miss a beat.

"Gees, we've never seen a girl's -

cunt before. Can we see yours up -

close? Clara always closes the door -

when she goes in to take a shower."

Then each of them got in a sentence of their own.

"We've tried to spy on her."

"She just never gives us a chance."

I grinned at the boys again and took off the rest of my clothes. My direct approach surprised them, but it didn't take them long to recover. I grinned again at them, lay back on the chair, and spread the lips of my cunt farther apart than I had the first time. The twins eyes were popping out of their heads.

I wanted to get the action started. "Not only can you see it, but you can feel my cunt and lap it too. I like playing with boys and having boys play with me. It's fun. Jim and David say you like to have your cocks sucked. I'd like to suck them. Having a boy shoot a load of cum in my mouth is a lot of fun. It's fun having them shoot a load into my cunt too. If you come a little closer to me you can see my cunt better. Why don't you take off your clothes and let me see you too."

I was stripped for action. All three boys stripped to joined me. David was right again. The twins had cute pricks and they pointed straight up at the ceiling. Each prick had a bead of pre cum poised on the tip. They didn't take their eyes off my cunt while they undressed and they fumbled some.

Jim undressed quickly and just sat there with his hard on and a big grin on his face waiting for the more interesting things to begin. He would wait for the action to start before he got in on it.

Harry and Harold came closer. One of them pushed a finger toward my cunt then looked at me as if to ask for permission. I just pushed my cunt closer to his finger and he slid it into my well lubricated hole.

Having him push a finger in my cunt felt pretty good to me. The other twin pushed a finger in too and wiggled it around. As I found out with Dick, virgins are something special. Having those two young virgins playing around with my cunt was a real turn on. I started my orgasms almost at once. They still weren't certain of what was going on or what they were supposed to do.

One of the asked, "You suck the boys' pricks until they shoot off and they lap your cunt?"

One of the twins looked at the other again and started off with their combined delivery.

"We've sucked cock but we've -

never lapped cunt. We wonder -

what cunt tastes like. Can we -

try lapping your cunt?"

At that point nothing would have suited me more, I was hotter than the hammers of hell. They didn't waste any time waiting for an answer. Each of them pulled out his finger, licked it, then sucked it into his mouth. They grinned at each other and took turns diving for my muff. (I heard pop use that expression and I liked it.)

They weren't at all reticent, they took turns licking my ass and lapping my cunt. They settled into a routine. One sucked my clit while the other licked the inner lips of my cunt. They brought me off a couple more times and communed again. Both of them had decided they wanted to try boy-girl sex. If it was as much fun as boy-boy sex they were going to have a ball.

"Do the boys fuck you too? -

We've had our cocks sucked but -

we've never fucked. Can we fuck you?"

Following who was saying what was confusing but I liked their direct approach. All three boys were sporting hard pricks. I made some constructive suggestions. I always liked it when I had three males all to myself and with mom around that didn't often happen. "Sure. I heard that you learned about ass fucking last night. Harry, why don't you fuck my cunt. Howard, fuck my ass at the same time. Jim and David like that position. I'll suck Jim's prick while the two of you fuck me. Then we can switch around."

The twins were ready and their pricks were throbbing. I got down on my side and guided Harry's prick into my cunt. Howard licked my ass, grabbed my hips, and pushed his prick into my asshole. Jim presented his hard cock for me to suck on. The twins started to pump away. In seconds Harry shot a load of cum into my cunt and Howard deposited a load of up my ass. This was awfully quick, I had recovered from my first round of orgasms from their cunt lapping but this was too quick for me to start another.

To my surprise they kept on pumping. They didn't get soft! Wow! The cum just made their pricks slide in and out more easily. Maybe these boys could keep right up with me. With the edge taken off, the boys settled to a rhythmic pumping and synchronized their strokes so that one pulled out while the other pushed in. I pumped my hips back and forth to meet their strokes.

With a prick in my mouth, one in my ass and one in my cunt; I was having multiple orgasms. Harry deposited another load of cum in my cunt and Howard shot his second load up my ass. I sucked the first load of cum from Jim's prick about the same time.

I love having my three holes filled at the same time. I hoped that David would keep Clara busy for a while. The twins were still pumping away but Jim's prick had softened and he'd pulled it out of my mouth. I had come myself at least a half dozen times and I needed a rest.

Jim came to my aid. "Hey, kids, stop for a while and we'll clean Mary up."

They stoped pumping and looked at him. "How do we do that?"

Jim gave them instructions. "You pull out your pricks and lick up the cum that's leaking out of her cunt and ass."

Howard had something else to say. "Yeh, Harry, I want to find out what it's like to fuck a cunt. Fucking her ass is almost the same as fucking a boy's ass except that I could feel your prick pumping in and out. Let's clean Mary up then we can switch."

I think that was the longest speech I ever heard either of the twins make. Usually a couple of glances were enough for them to get what they wanted across. Each knew what the other was thinking and they didn't use any words.

The twins got on each side of my cunt and spread the outer lips. They probed with their fingers and played with my clit a cunt was still a novelty to them. Jim reminded them about cleaning me up they took turns licking my cunt and ass.

The twins were willing to try anything. Their pricks stayed hard. I licked the cum and other juices off of them whenever one of their pricks was close enough to slurp into my mouth. Harold was getting impatient. He wanted to fuck a cunt. He pulled away from me and tugged at his brother. "Can I fuck your cunt now?"

Harry was right with him. "Can I fuck your ass?" Then he looked at me. "We're both still ready."

They sure were. Harry got behind me and Howard got in front. Jim's prick was just beginning to get hard and he decided discretion was the better part of valor and he would sit this one out, he knew from the night before that he would never be able to keep up with the twins.

Once I said yes it only took the twins seconds to lubricate my ass, get their pricks in position, and inserted into the appropriate holes. Both of them started to pump and shortly they built up the in and out rhythm so they could feel their pricks rubbing each other.

"I like the feel of -

Your prick in Mary's other hole."

In short order Howard shot off in my cunt and Harry shot off in my ass. I was having orgasms again and I loved it. As usual, it was just a starter for them, they kept right on pumping. The twins seemed to want to double their pleasure every time. The only way to describe it is with David's expression. Wow! It was a while before Howard let my cunt have another load of his cum and Harry shot another load up my ass. I was still having orgasms.

The twins slowed down then stopped pumping. Apparently hey liked a short rest after each two comes. They pulled their still hard pricks out of my cunt and asshole and started to clean me up. Howard got himself into position so I could clean his cock while he lapped at my cunt. I sucked it into my mouth and worked it over. I kept on sucking and pretty soon, spurt, spurt, dribble; I sucked out another load of little boy cum out of his three inch prick.

The twins switched positions. I went to work on Harry's cock as he worked my cunt over. Spurt, spurt, dribble; I was rewarded with another load of cum. I was beginning to think the twins could last all day. The well would never run dry. I was willing to go along with them. As long as they could shoot off I could drink their cum. I never got too much of that.

By this time Jim was ready again. He had tried to get in on the act but the twins hadn't given him a chance at my cunt or asshole. He'd satisfied himself giving their cocks a suck when I wasn't doing it and they each licked his cock a couple of times too. He was hot again and he wanted to fuck my cunt. Harry wanted to fuck my ass one more time and Howard wanted to try Jim's ass, he'd only fucked Jim once last night and he'd liked it.

Jim liked the idea too. He always liked to have a prick massage his prostate at the same time he was fucking my cunt. We got into the appropriate positions and started to pump back and forth. I waited until Harry and Jim to get into rhythm and pumped my hips back and forth to match. Howard found out that it was best when he waited for Jim to pull his prick almost out of my cunt then he would plunge his prick as far as it would go up Jim's ass.

I felt Harry shoot his first load up my ass and I guessed Howard was giving Jim the same treatment. We kept right on going. We were really having a ball.