Training Them Young #8 (D.Abby) (BGbbbg,group,inc) (8!14)

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by D. Abby

Chapter - 8


It was pretty heavy when we walked in on the kids. Clara stood there with her mouth open. She hadn't expected anything like this. Jim and Harry were thrusting their pricks in and out of Mary's two holes. Howard was hanging on to Jim's hips to make sure his prick wouldn't be dislodged from Jim's asshole. The bodies moved faster and faster. There was some cum around the prick that slid in and out of Jim's ass and around Mary's ass too, so I guessed the twins had come once in this round. All of them were approaching climaxes, Jim and Mary for the first time and the twins for the second.

Harry shot his second load of little boy cum into Mary's ass. Howard added some more cum to the load he had deposited in Jim's ass earlier. From the way Jim's hips jerked I knew he was lubricated Mary's cunt with his cum. You could hear the boys' cocks squishing in and out of the cum loaded holes. Then, after much moving around and changing of position, there was the slurping sound of crotches being tongue bathed and cleaned up.

Clara just stood there and watched. The twins caught sight of her and for the first time they were shocked and they acted embarrassed.

They hid their little pricks with their hands and tried to hide behind Mary and Jim until they realized that Clara had just a little clothes on as they had. Having noticed this they made a clever deduction.

"Were you and David -

doing things upstairs?"

Clara wasn't expecting a direct question like that. She stammered and blushed. "Uh. Well. I guess we were."

The twins looked at each other and communed again.

"Are you going to do things -

with us too? We'd like to do -

the same things with you that -

we've been doing with Mary."

Clara was a taken aback. She hadn't considered having sex with her kid brothers. "Well. Uh. Oh. Yeh, I guess so, if you want to."

The twins weren't nearly as reticent.

"Gees, sure we want to do things -

with you. We talk about it all the time."

Clara made a clean breast of things.

"Well, I didn't have anybody to talk to, but I did think about it. I used to sneak looks at you while you were taking a shower then, at night, I would think about you while I played with myself."

The twins grinned at each other. Clara had no problem following their tandem sentences.

"Yeh, that's why we left the -

bathroom door open. We -

hoped you were peeking and -

we pretended you were peeking- -

when we sucked each other off."

Clara was still a little taken aback. "You wanted me to see you?"

"Sure, we did. We tried to see -

you too, but you never let us."

Now Clara grinned at her twin brothers.

"I'm sorry. From now on I'll let you see me any time you want. You can even feel me and do other things, if you want. I guess I want to feel you and do other things with you too. Every time I spied on you I had to go to my room and rub myself between my legs."

The Reily kids, like the Cohens, wanted to explore each other. They weren't sure how to get started though, each was afraid to take the initiative. Again, I got things moving. Once they got started I knew that they would let nature take its course.

"Twins, you know the trip around the world that Jim and I showed you last night. Why don't you give your sister the treatment. You can get to suck on her tits and see her cunt up real close that way."

The twins were just like Jim, they'd go along with anything that was suggested, especially if it had to do with sex. Clara lay down between her brothers and fondled their hard little cocks. Both of them snuggled up to her and began with the french kisses. One sucked her tongue, the other licked her earlobe and pushed his tongue into ear. They switched activities to lick her other ear.

Each of them lifted one of her big tits in both hands and worked at making the nipple hard and the aureole crinkly by sucking on it. It didn't take long. Clara was horny already.

Harry tongue bathed Clara's tummy while Howard moved around to her ass. Howard ran his tongue down her ass crack and probed at Clara's asshole. I watched for Clara's reaction, this was something new to her. I don't know how it happened but somehow I had missed doing this to her.

Clara had an immediate reaction. She pushed both boys away and looked at them in astonishment.

"Oh! What were you doing down there. That feels good, but isn't it nasty? I don't think I could ever do anything like that."

The boys parroted what we had said to them about liking to lick ass after you found out how good it made the other person feel then went back to work. It was a lot of fun making their sister act this way. They had Clara squirming. They switched around and Howard worked the front while Harry worked the rear end.

The twins were just as fascinated with Clara's oversized clit as Mary and I had been. Both of them took turns sucking it. Then one sucked her clit while the other pushed his tongue between her inner cunt lips.

Clara was jumping all over the place. "Ohhh! Ahhh! Oooo! I love you! I'm coming! Ahhh! I wish I'd had the nerve to try something like this a long time ago. Maybe I did have the nerve if I'd known what to do. I just never thought of it."

She pushed the boys away. She couldn't take any more. "You've had a good look at my cunt, but I haven't had a chance at your pricks yet switch around and let me see them. I want to play with them and suck them too."

The boys changed their position. Clara handled one of the pricks then the other. She lapped the pre cum off the heads of each of the boys' pricks and gave each of them several gentle sucks. She found several sucks were all that was needed to get a fresh load of cum. Clara swallowed Harry's load of cum then went to work on Howard's prick and extracted a load of cum from him.

The boys, in the meantime, were giving her cunt a close examination. They hadn't done very much looking before. They held the outer lips apart and probed at all of the interesting plumbing that was exposed. They'd examined Mary's a short time ago but this was their sister Clara's and they'd fantasized about doing this with her many times. That made it much more exciting.

Clara was ready again. "Oh, Howard, Harry, I want you to fuck me. Do what you were doing to Mary. Fuck my cunt and my ass at the same time. I want both of you at once."

The twins, of course, were ready. They were never not ready and what's more they were always willing and, more to the point, able. They deposited spit on their sister's ass, each of them got into position, and they pushed their diminutive pricks into the proper holes. They started the rocking motion and Clara was soon moving her hips back and forth to meet each of their thrusts. Harry's prick was flashing in and out of Clara's cunt and Howard's prick was massaging her asshole.

As usual Harry anointed her cunt and Howard added lubrication to her rear after the first strokes. They kept right on pumping. Clara moaned and tossed her head from side to side. She was having one continuous orgasm. Harry dropped another load of cum in Clara's cunt while Howard's second load was added to the one he previously shot up her ass.

The boys turned end to end. Cum and other juices got sucked off their cocks. Clara's cunt and ass got cleaned up. The boys reversed again. Howard plunged his cock into Clara's cunt, and Harry pushed his up her ass. Those twins could go on for ever! Each deposited another load of cum.

The twins' balls were beginning to ache and once was enough for the twins this round. They were taking a little longer to come anyway and Clara tossed her head and moaned. They sucked pricks, lapped cunt, and cleaned ass, then collapsed into a heap. They were all out of breath. Even the twins were ready for a break.

None of us were really fresh and lively just then and decided to take a break. We got into our bathing suits and went to visit the pool. We had a better time that morning than we'd had the day before.

Clara didn't pull away from me when I rubbed my prick against her. She did blush and looked to see if anyone was watching when I felt her tits.

The twins had a heyday. They swarmed over her and felt her all over. I saw one push his hand inside the crotch of her bathing suit and finger fuck her till she came. She just reached into his suit and jerked a load of cum out of his prick.

When we got home we all stripped again and were ready for some more fun and games. Mary examined Clara's big clit again, she was fascinated with it. By this time Mary thought Clara had loosened up enough so that she could reach over and play with it. She hadn't tried touching Clara's clit the night before as much as she had wanted to. As soon as Mary touched Clara's clit it erected like a little boy's prick.

Mary held it between her fingers and examined it. "Gee, I've never seen a clit that big. Do you think you could fuck me with it?"

This was a little much for Clara. She sat there with her mouth open. Then She looked Mary up and down with a surprised look on her face and nodded as if she'd made a decision. "Why not? I've enjoyed everything else I've done."

Without any more ado Clara french kissed Mary and pushed her down on her back. She positioned her clit over Mary's cunt and inserted it. Then she started fucking. We four boys watched in wide eyed wonder. The girls hips were going faster and faster.

"Ohhh! Wow!"

"Oooo! Ahhh!"

The girls had orgasm after orgasm. Clara got as much pleasure fucking Mary as Mary was having being fucked. They finally broke apart panting and the twins lapped their cunts as dry as they could get them.

Clara looked at me speculatively. She'd never seen it done but she was wondering about having three cocks in her at once. She wanted me to fuck her again and she wanted to have one of her brother's fuck her ass while she sucked the other off.

The twins were agreeable and Jim and Mary were satisfied to do a sixty nine. It would be a break from the hectic activity that had been going on.

We got into position and started slowly. Clara caught on fast. The twin she was sucking off had his ass in my face so I reamed it a little with my tongue. I felt it contract and knew he was shooting his first load. From the way he jerked and lost the rhythm for a moment the other twin shot a load up Clara's ass at the same time.

By the time the boys shot their second load and I shot my first, Clara was tossing her head from side to side and moaning again. For someone who was so cold to start with she sure got a lot of pleasure out of having sex. I guess she just didn't know what she was missing.

The rest of that week went pretty much as it had with the Cohens. We played mix and match every night and had orgies every day. With four boys and only two girls, each of the girls managed to get three boys pricks in themselves at the same time at least once a day. Clara enjoyed that position as much as Mary did.

The rest of us got a little protective of the twins. We would call for a rest after they shot off eight times or their balls would start to hurt them. By that time we were usually ready for a rest ourselves.