Training Them Young #9 (D.Abby) (BB,mast,oral,anal) (9!14)

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by D. Abby





Chapter - 9


By the end of the next week things were back to normal at our house. Sunday morning came and we were ready for the arrival of the Joneses. Allen and Marcia had four kids. Edward was fifteen, Sophie fourteen, Raymond thirteen, and Heidi twelve. Marcia was blond and Allen had brown hair but the younger kids were red heads.

The swimming pool had worked with the Reily kids and the Cohens so we tried it again.

The two younger ones were more communicative than the older ones. The girls were good looking and had good figures, but neither of them was Clara. Their boobs were bigger than Mary's but weren't in Clara's class at all. Both boys were well built and Ray swaggered a little to show off his muscles.

Sleeping arrangements were made without too much trouble. Both of the boys wanted to sleep in my room. It seemed that Ed, the older, should sleep with me and Ray should sleep with Jim but Ray was more insistent and he was almost the same age I was. Ed finally went along with it. The two girls would share the spare bed in Mary's room.

With the youngest girl at twelve and the youngest boy at thirteen we figured that they'd be ready. Whether they were willing and able we would have to find out. So far our luck had been pretty good. Clara had been the most difficult and it hadn't taken more than one night to get her to do things with us. We just hoped we would have the same good luck with these four that we'd had with the six that preceded them.

Our first impressions held good at the pool. Ed and Sophie stayed by themselves and had very little to do with us or with their brother and sister. I felt Heidi's tits and she pretended nothing happened. Mary said that Ray gave her a feel too. Ray and I wrestled in the water and I felt his prick get hard when his body rubbed against mine. My prick got hard and I hunched up against him. He hunched back. This was a good sign but I didn't go any farther even though I wanted to feel how big his prick was.

I tried to move in on Sophie once and she just pushed me away. Ed moved out of the way when Mary tried to go after him. The two of them stayed together in the water too and I thought they were pretty close together for longer than usual a couple of times, but couldn't see anything going on. From the cold way they acted I wondered if he had a prick and she had a cunt. If they had those organs they sure didn't show it. I just about gave up on them.

If Ed and Sophie were going to be hard nuts to crack, Heidi and Ray seemed ripe for the picking. The three of us had learned that the best way to handle any situation was to let nature take its course and give it a nudge when opportunity presented itself. Sometimes opportunity nudged us too.

One thing that had remained constant was that getting undressed for bed was a good starting point for any action. That night I went through the procedure that had worked with Dick. I got undressed, pulled on my prick a couple of times to raise a hard on while I was still facing Ray, and got into bed. Ray watched what I did like a hawk. This was a good sign.

He stood there for a few minutes just looking at me, took off his clothes, grinned at me, pulled on his prick a few times while he was facing me, and got into bed. His prick was half hard when he took his pants off and it fully hardened as soon as he touched it. He was thinking of the same things I was. His prick was just about the same size as mine, but had a lot of flaming red hair around it. I waited to see if Ray would start the conversation. I didn't have to wait long.

He didn't beat around the bush. "I like to go to bed without pajamas because it's easier to jerk off. I like sleeping here better than sleeping at home. Ed gets upset when I go to bed naked. He tells me it's not nice to sleep naked and it's not nice to jerk off, but he does it too. He waits till he thinks I'm asleep, and does it sneaky."

Ray had opened a lot of doors. It seemed to me that he was trying to reverse our roles. I'd let him take the lead and get me to do things with him.

I sneaked up on the subject. "Don't you get a hard on when he jerks off?"

Ray wasn't reticent. "I sure do and as soon as he rolls over I jerk off myself. I like to watch him. I wish I could jerk off at the same time. That would be neat."

Bingo! The perfect opening. I pushed off my covers and exposed my hard on. "Let's jerk off together. I like company too."

He pushed off his covers too. His prick was as hard as mine was and it was about the same size. Ray didn't waste any time. He came right over to my bed, and sat down beside me. He stopped and he looked at me. I wondered if I should suggest that we jerk each other off when he started up again. "David, if I tell you something do you promise not to tell anyone ever?"

That got me real curious. "Why should I ever tell on you? What could be so bad? I'll keep any secret you want me to."

Ray hesitated again for once he didn't look me straight in the eye. From the way he was acting this sounded real good. I didn't think he was going to suggest that we suck each other's cocks, but he seemed to think what he was going to suggest was that far out of line. I guessed that he was thinking of a mutual jerk off and I was all for it. I was sure he wasn't going to tell me anything that would shock me, but he seemed worried about what he was about to say. "Well, I have a friend and when we can we jerk off together. Uh, one time we jerked each other off and found out it feels a lot better than when you do it to yourself. Now we do that every time we get the chance."

Bingo! again. This was going to be easy. How much farther was Ray going to lead me? Since he was admitting to a certain amount of boy-boy sex, I could admit to some too. "Sure, I know that. Jim and I jerk each other off all the time. Do you want us to jerk each other off? I'd like that too. It sure does feel better when someone else jerks you off."

Again Ray wasn't waiting for me to take the lead, he lay down beside me, and grabbed at my prick. Like any good host, I did the same for him. I felt the pre cum on the tip of his cock and spread it over the head. I felt him smear my pre cum over the head of my prick. I spit on my hand and let it slide down his throbbing prick. He followed my lead.

Ray was a perfectionist. He wanted to make every move feel the best he could. He massaged the underside of my prick near the pisshole with his spit wet finger. He formed a ring with his thumb and forefinger and slipped it back and forth over my cock head so that it just agitated the rim around the helmet. He was doing the things that I'd found felt best. I copied all his actions and added some of my own.

I ran my finger up the crack of his ass and tickled his asshole. Boy, did he jump. He had a sensitive asshole, I could really make him feel good playing around back there.

He panted, "Gee, I never heard of that before. It feels good."

He went to work on my ass. I slid one hand up and down his prick, wet a finger on my other hand and pushed it up his ass. He almost jumped off the bed this time. He followed my lead again. This sort of action has a tendency to make teen age boys shoot off. Both of us were ready. I pumped my prick in and out of his fist. He fucked my fist the same way.

"Oooo! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; he spread my cum over my prick as it softened.

"Ohhh! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I massaged his cum into his prick until it was soft.

Ray held on to my prick for quite a while and I released his prick at the same time he let mine go. He didn't say a word. He was hesitant about something again. He held his hand, covered with my cum, up in the air. He started to turn away, looked at me, blushed a beet red, shrugged, and licked my cum off his hand.

Bingo, one more time. He liked to eat cum. I copied his actions without saying a word. I wanted to see what would happen now. Ray was leading me up to all the things I wanted to lead him up to.

He looked at me with his eyes wide. "You like to eat cum? I almost didn't do it because you might think it was dirty and nasty."

It was time we got on to the better stuff. Ray had lead the way so far and I thought he was ready to take the next step. "Yeh, I like the taste too, but we're missing a lot of it this way."

Now I would find out just how far Ray was willing to go. Without saying a word, I got into a sixty nine position, sucked his still soft, cum slick, prick into my mouth and cleaned it off with my tongue. Ray's hips jerked and his prick got hard. He didn't pull away and didn't say very much. "Wow! Awesome!"

Having me suck his cock had startled him, but my estimation of the situation was right. Ray wasn't going to let something like this get away. He hesitated then cautiously licked at my prick head. After hesitating again he moved his mouth over the head of my prick and sucked the rest of it into his mouth. My prick throbbed up to its erect state right away.

It was obvious that Ray had never sucked a cock before. He waited for me to initiate each action then copied it. I rubbed my tongue over the head of his cock and he rubbed his tongue over the head of mine. I applied suction. He applied suction. I bobbed my head. He bobbed his head. I liked Ray and it was as much fun sucking cock with him as much as it was with Jim.

I fucked my prick into his throat. He pumped his hips to meet my sucking mouth. We speeded up. The tension was building up in both of our bodies . In spite of the fact that we'd just jerked each other off, we didn't last very long.

Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum squirted into my mouth and I swallowed it as fast as it boiled out of his prick. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; my cum shot into his mouth and he gulped it down. We sucked each other's shrinking cocks until they were limp and all the cum was licked off. I turned so we were facing each other. I didn't say anything. He didn't say anything. We looked at each other and he took a deep breath.

He repeated what he'd said at first. "Wow! That was awesome!"

He started to say something more and stopped. He looked at me again. "Uh. Does this make us queer?"

"Not me. I like sucking cock and having my cock sucked, but I like girls better. Sucking his cock is just another way of jacking another boy off as far as I'm concerned. Jacking another guy off doesn't make you a queer and I just think of it as jerking another guy off with my mouth. It's a lot better than a hand job!"

He let this sit for a while and kept quiet while he thought it over. Then, as if to show that he agreed with me, he reached down and held onto my prick. I did the same and gently massaged his soft member. He looked at me very seriously. "You said you like girls better than trading blow jobs with boys. Have you ever done anything like that with a girl? You sound as if you have done things with them. I haven't but I've always wanted to."

After doing a sixty nine I felt I could level with Ray on what Mary and I had been doing. The only thing I had to keep back was the fact that his mother and father wanted to get at his prick too. "Well, yeh. Sometimes Mary, Jim and I get together and do lots of things with each other. When the Cohen kids were here at the beginning of the summer, the six of us got together and did a lot of things. The same thing with the Reilys."

Ray wasn't going to let me be vague about this. "Oh. Uh. What kind of things? What do you mean?"

I got explicit. "We do just about everything. We lap cunt, the girls suck us off, and we all fucked each other. I'm sure Mary wants to do things with you. I'll just tell her that you're interested. She likes to suck and fuck and she's told me she thinks you're a pretty nice kid. Gee, don't you have anything going with your sisters?"

Ray shook his head. "Gee, nothing like that. Sophie's a prude. You don't even dare say a dirty word when she's around. Ed's the same way. He hides the fact that he's jerking off.

"I do sometimes get to see Heidi with no clothes on. She knows I'm peeking but she leaves the bathroom door open when she goes to the toilet and lets me see her with her pants down. I let her see me that way too. I leave the bathroom door open when I take a piss. I even jerked off one time when I knew she was watching through a crack in the bathroom door. It was right after I jerked off for her that she started to leave the bathroom door open when she had to go. I've seen her but you can't see very much on a girl. I guess you really have to get up close to find out how they're made."

All the kids we'd done things with that summer had tried the spying bit to some degree, and most of them had let their siblings see them through the bathroom door. Do all siblings play that game?

Ray continued, "Gosh, I'd really like to do things with Heidi like you do with your sister, but I wouldn't know how to talk to her about it. I bet if I got up the courage she would do things with me the way Mary does with you. At least she would let me play with her cunt and jerk me off. I'm sure she's just as interested in me as I am in her. Uh, do you really think Mary would do some of those things with me?"

There was no sense in beating around the bush any longer. I let him in on the whole plan. "Gee, yeh, we planned to try to get the four of you into our fun and games. It doesn't look like we're going to get anywhere with Ed and Sophie but I bet Mary is talking Heidi into doing things with us right now."

Ray's eyes got big but the only thing he said was, "Oh, Wow!". I took that to mean that he was ready to go along with our plans.

I felt Ray's prick getting hard. My prick was getting hard too. Talking about doing things with Mary and Jim always had that effect on me and I guess talk of fucking and sucking would always affect Ray the same way. This time he took the initiative and turned around into the sixty nine position. I wasn't as fast this time.

I just licked the pre cum off of the tip of his prick and teased the head of it with the tip of my tongue. I licked the tender underside of his prick and that made him squirm. Ray closely followed every one of my moves. I was going to find out just how far I could get Ray to go.

I moved down to his balls, licked them, then sucked them into my mouth. He copied my move. I licked below the balls. He did the same. I licked his ass crack. He hesitated but kept right on with me. I licked his asshole . He pushed his tongue against my asshole. I tongue fucked his ass.

"Ohhh! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum squirted all over my chest. He had the most sensitive ass of anyone I'd ever encountered. Ray was abject. He apologized. He licked me clean. He would do anything. Anything?

I calmed him down. "Gee, that's nothing to be ashamed about. Your ass is just real sensitive. I bet you would really have a blast if anyone ever fucked your ass."

This got to Ray. He sat up straight and looked at me. "Fuck my ass?"

I explained as best I could, "Sure, they say there's a gland up there that has nerves connected to the head of your prick, and I know that being fucked in the ass makes me shoot off."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You've had your ass fucked?"

I went farther. "Jim fucks my ass and I fuck his ass too. It's different but it's just as much fun."

Ray didn't even hesitate. "Oh? Will you do it to me? I want to see what it feels like."

He was up on his knees and ready to go. I licked at his asshole and his prick started to get hard again. I deposited some spit and pushed my prick in slowly. He pushed his hips back against me. By the time my prick was fully embedded in his ass he had a hard on again. "Oh, Wow! I never felt anything like that. It feels real neat."

I pumped my prick in and out of his ass. He pushed his hips back to meet each of my thrusts. Soon the pace picked up. My prick flashed in and out of his tight asshole. We were both grunted with the exertion.

"Ohhh! Ahhh!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; I shot a full load of cum up his ass.

"Oooo! Wow!" Spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble; his cum squirted out of his prick onto the bed.

As my prick got soft it slipped out of his asshole, and we collapsed. When he caught his breath he turned around and hugged me.

"Boy, am I glad we're staying here while my folks are away. Just think of all the things I've learned tonight. I hope I can get my friend to suck cock and ass fuck with me. Maybe you and I could get together sometimes, if my parents will bring me over here."

Ray was so nice that I hated to keep his parents' secret from him. They'd be more interested in bringing him off than bring him to our house. Was he in for a surprise. I knew he wouldn't have to go very far for his sex, but I wasn't allowed to tell him that. Besides that I liked him better than the rest of the kids I'd met. He and I seemed to have more in common. I wouldn't mind a visit with him now and then.

Since my bed was wet with Ray's last cum, we decided to sleep in his bed that night. We only woke up twice, once we sucked the cum out of each other's cocks, and the second time he wanted to try fucking my ass. We did get along very well together.