Fantasies of my youth

When I was young, my family used to spend two weeks every other summer with most of my mother's family in the mid-west. While mom and dad and my brother would stay in town, I always went to the farm as soon as I could and stayed as long as I could. My cousin, Travis, was two years and one month younger than I, and we always had loads of fun. We usually worked in the field bringing in hay, but as we got older, my Uncle would send us out to cut thistles, plow, or feed the cattle.

There was a pond on one of the pastures within riding distance, and Travis and I would always find at least a couple of opportunities to ride the family horse over to that pond to go skinny dipping. Although I grew up playing doctor with several friends at home, Travis and I never paid any attention to each other's naked bodies. This in itself is rather curious since normally I never passed up a chance to look at another boy's genitals.

Once Travis was old enough to drive the farm tractor, we began taking advantage of a pond on another pasture even further from the house. One day at that particular pond has become the foundation of some of my oldest fantasies. Travis and I had been sent out with shovels to cut thistles and had really worked up a sweat. Since Uncle Roger never had time to drive around supervising us kids, we never worried about someone catching us when we took some time off to go swimming.

I must have been in the tenth or eleventh grade because my pubic hair was fairly well developed as was my penis. But even now it's only about 3 inches soft and 6 inches long and 3/4 of an inch across rock hard.

We had been at the pond for 15 or 20 minutes, I suppose, and I was sitting naked in the grass with my knees drawn up, feet flat on the ground, penis and balls hanging down towards the grass. I don't remember why, but I started to get a hardon. When I was about half to three-quarters hard, Travis happened to notice. Upon seeing it, all he said was "Wow!" I don't know why, really. I've never been all that big, but I guess I must have been well into puberty and being two years behind me, he might only have just started, so maybe I was big compared to him.

But I remember he seemed impressed. Funny thing is, I can't remember if he had any pubic hair yet. Anyway, nothing more was said by either of us, and I guess I got soft pretty soon after that. But this is where my fantasies begin. There are several of them, basically, one building on another. This epilogue deals with those fantasies, and since I can't remember what Travis's cock and balls looked like, I can make them anything I want them to be. So I'll just say that he was just beginning to sprout some hair around the top of his groin, with his ballsac being hairless.

Fantasy #1:

Upon hearing my cousin's exclamation, I look up to see him staring at my crotch. I look down and see that he is looking at my growing erection. His interest excites me even further and I lean back and spread my legs as we both watch it become fully erect. When I look back up at him standing right in front of me, staring intently at my hardon, I immediately see that Travis's dick is also getting hard. It is especially exciting because I have never really looked at his penis before. Now I am seeing it, almost for the first time, as it gets stiff. He is circumcised, just as I am, and his penis looks really cool.

Even as I sit there leaning on my elbows, enjoying my hardon and Travis's stare, I watch as his face turns red and he covers his growing erection with his hands.

"Have you done this before?" he asks. "Except for the showers after gym class at school, I've never even been naked with another guy before, much less seen a guy with a hardon."

"Yeah, I've done this before. My best friend and I have been playing doctor with each other since we were in grade school. Now we get together once in awhile and beat off. But if you're going to hide yours, I'm going to hide mine." And I start to sit up, placing my hands in my lap.

As soon as I say that, Travis hesitantly drops his hands from his crotch, allowing me once again to see his erection. So I lean back again and let my hardon spring into view. The two of us just stare at each other's crotch for several minutes. I suppose he is fascinated to be looking at another boy's erection for the first time, while I am enjoying being able to look at his penis and scrotum with unhidden interest.

I guess I'd have to say that two years made a lot of difference in development at that age, because I have more pubic hair than he does and my hardon is bigger than his. On the other hand, while my erection is too heavy to stand up on its own when I lay down or lean back as I am doing then, his is small enough that it looks like it would stand up straight as a flag pole even if he were lying flat on his back.

All this staring at his penis, though, is really causing the sexual tension to build in my nuts. When I reach down and grab my penis, giving it a strong squeeze to provide some temporary relief, I see my cousin's eyes widen and a grin spread across his face.

"Wow! I've never seen anybody touch himself down there like that before," he said. And immediately he does almost the same thing. He places the palm of one hand on the head of his penis and pushes down, forcing his erection to point towards the ground. As stiff as it is, sticking straight out from his groin, I know he is creating the same effect that I am. It looks great when he removes his hand and his penis springs back up to stand perfectly parallel to the ground.

"When you and your friend get together like you said, what all do you do?"

"Well, like I said, we beat off."

"Yeah, I know you said that. But give me some details. I mean, describe what you do. I've never had a chance to do anything like that. Do you do it together at the same time, or do you do it one at a time? Do you do it in the same room? Is the light on?"

I can tell Travis is really getting into this whole thing. Not only has he not taken his eyes off of my crotch the entire time, but he is now starting to touch himself more frequently, sometimes wrapping his hand around his cock to squeeze it just as I am doing. It is exciting for me to be introducing him to something he has never done before, and I am looking forward to touching him and having him touch me. I know we aren't going to leave the pond without at least fondling each other.

"Well sit down before you fall down and I'll tell you."

Even as Travis sits down just a foot or two away, neither of us can take our eyes off of the other's penis. But I can tell we're both warming up to the idea of being on exhibit because we keep our hands away from our hardons as much as possible. Travis can't seem to get over the size of mine, and I can't get over how stiff his is. As he sits down and lays back in the grass, I can see I'd been right. Even lying down, his erection stands straight up like a flag pole. I stare at it in wonder and building excitement as I tell him how Sam and I have masturbated and played with each other.

"When we were little, in grade school I mean, we used to sleep over at each other's house as often as possible so we could play with each other. We didn't know what we were doing, but we knew it felt good. It was always as much fun to play with his penis as it was to have him play with mine. I always wanted to stay at his house because when I did, we'd sleep downstairs in the basement and his younger sister would play with us too.

"We used to go into the crawl space under my front porch which was high enough to stand on our knees and play with each other. We'd even put a pup tent up in the back yard and play with each other out there. I can remember one time we had another friend with us and all three of us stripped and ran around the tent naked thinking no one would see us. Shoot, half the neighborhood was probably watching, but nobody ever said anything.

"Then as we got older and found out what masturbation was all about, we didn't spend as much time together. Sam and I still get together once in awhile, though. Gosh you ought to see his dick. It's as big around as my forearm and almost as long. When he's hard it pulls right up against his stomach and reaches all the way to his belly button. It's so tight he says it hurts if he tries to push it down further than straight out.

"I think yours looks a lot better than his. You don't have as much hair as he does and your prick looks a lot nicer. Have you ever played with another boy?"

Grabbing his erection and squeezing it, Travis answers, "Heck no. Like I said, you're the only guy I've ever been naked with except in the school showers. And it's sure the first time I've ever seen another guy's hardon & the first time anybody's seen mine. What's it feel like when somebody else plays with your dick, anyway?"

Leaning up on my elbow, I look down on Travis's crotch, almost salivating at the sight before me. Travis continues to stare at my erection throbbing against my leg.

"It's sort of like doing it yourself, but different. I guess it's because you don't have to do anything but lay there and enjoy it. And only your penis feels anything. Your hand isn't involved. You want me to show you what it's like?"

Travis's head jerks up as he looks at me with surprise. After only a brief pause, he gives in.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm kinda nervous though."

"Just let go of your dick and close your eyes. Then you won't see it coming."

I let him lay there for maybe thirty seconds with his eyes closed, his eyelids fluttering with excitement and anticipation while I stare at his erection. When I gently wrap my hand around his penis for the first time, I think he's going to cum right then. But of course he doesn't. But as he's sort of shaking and gasping for breath, I start sliding my hand up and down the smooth skin of his penis, reveling in the feel of it in my hand. My eyes move back and forth from his dick to his face, and pretty soon I see his eyes open. Right away, he looks down at his cock, watching my hand moving up and down on it. I can tell he is absolutely fascinated by the sight and the feelings he's experiencing. Once in a while I let my hand slide down off his penis and over his scrotum, toying with the hairless jewels. His nuts are bigger than mine, but they're fun to play with.

After about ten minutes, Travis looks up at me and says with quite some hesitancy, "Can I do that to you? I want to see what another guy's hardon feels like in my hand."

Letting go of his cock, I lay back in the grass, my hardon throbbing at my groin. "Go right ahead. I was hoping you'd want to try it."

Because this is his first experience playing with somebody else's hardon, I keep my eyes open to see his reaction. I'm not a bit disappointed, either. As he gingerly reaches out and wraps his fingers around my cock, his eyes widen and his breath quickens. At first he just holds it snug in his hand, feeling the blood rushing through my penis making it throb against his fingers and palm. Then he begins to masturbate me and I see that at least he's familiar with how to do it. Obviously he's been beating off by himself.

Eventually I close my eyes and just enjoy the feel of his hand gliding up and down on my erection. But as I get more and more excited by his hand motions and I feel myself getting closer and closer to a climax, I decide I don't want to be the first to cum. Sitting up, I place my hand over his and squeeze. It feels great to feel his hand squeeze my dick even though I'm the one applying the pressure.

"I want to play with you some more. Lay down and give me more time. Your cock is really nice. I wish mine stood straight up like yours does."

I can tell he is really turned on by my praise of his penis. His chest swells as does his cock, and he gets this little smile on his face.

"Maybe so, but yours is a lot bigger than mine."

"Well, not so big, really. Besides, this time last year it was about the size of yours, so look what you have to look forward to."

I immediately begin masturbating him and eventually he closes his eyes, his hands clasped behind his head. He's really getting into having someone else play with his penis, and I'm really getting into playing with someone I've never played with before. As I'm playing with him, I'm watching his reactions. He can't seem to decide whether he wants to keep his eyes open or closed. First he closes them, then he opens them so he can watch my hand moving up an down on his penis. And if I stop stroking him to play with his nuts, he definitely opens his eyes to watch what I'm doing and to see his hardon throbbing at attention.

I'm getting so turned on myself, I start playing with my own hardon with my free hand. The next time Travis opens his eyes, he sees what I'm doing. At first he just watches me.

"I can't believe we're doing this," he says. "I've never even thought about something like this when I beat off. Watching you stroke yourself is almost as exciting as feeling your hand on my dick."

After a couple more minutes of watching me play with myself and with him, he asks hesitantly, "How does it feel to have my penis in your hand? Is it really exciting?"

"I'll say. I'd rather pump your penis than my own. Do you want to do it together?"

"Yeah, I think so."

So I turn around so we're lying in opposite directions, head to feet, our waists about even. This way I can lay back and play with him and he can do the same to me without our arms getting tangled. As I start to play with his penis again, I watch him slowly reach out and wrap his hand around my cock. I've been hard so long now that his touch is like velvet. I can't help speeding up my hand motion on his cock and soon he is cuming buckets. His hand stops on my dick as we both watch his cum shoot straight up into the air. Three or four times, it spurts out of the tight hole in the head of his penis, falling back onto my hand and his stomach. All the time, he's gasping for breath, his eyes wide with excitement.

When he's finally calmed down, we don't even stop to clean him up. He raises up on one elbow and begins playing with me again, his hand stroking softly, lightly up and down my erection. I am almost as turned on by the way he's looking at his hand on my dick as by the feel of it.

"That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. I can't believe how good it felt to have someone else doing it for me. And I can't believe how playing with your penis makes me feel. Playing with yours is really different than playing with my own. And it looks neat, too, to see my hand moving up and down on your prick."

His words just add fuel to the fire his hand is fanning as it strokes my penis. Soon, I'm grunting and heaving as I shoot my wad. His hand keeps pumping, grasping the skin tightly as he milks the cum from my dick.

"Wow! This is just too cool!" he exclaims as he watches me cum, his hand being covered by it just as mine was by his. When I have finished cuming, he continues to stroke me a few times as my penis begins to soften.

"Your penis feels good in my hand even when it's soft."

"Thanks. Your hardon sure felt good to me too."

As soon as we have calmed down, we get up and dive into the pond where we can wash the cum off of our hands, stomachs and cocks.

Fantasy #2:

Every time Travis and I go out into the fields after that day at the pond, we are looking for opportunities to strip and go naked. It was fun before when we just went swimming in the nude. But now that we can add the enjoyment of looking upon each other's nakedness without reservation and enjoy having hardons together, it is even better. Add to that the ever increasing desire to play with each other's genitals and the willingness to be fondled, and our joy knows no bounds.

We begin taking chances we never thought of before. Now, we frequently strip as soon as we're off the tractor, weeding in the nude, searching for stray cattle in the nude, shoveling feed into the troughs naked, and of course swimming.

That first day, as soon as we're home, we strip together in Travis's room, each of us watching the other's crotch intently as our penises emerge from our underwear. Travis grabs his towel and wraps it around his waist as he heads to the door to go down to the basement to take his shower. As he opens the door, I'm standing naked at the window looking out into the yard. I hear a gasp and a girlish giggle and Travis saying, "Don't look in there, Kim." Looking back over my shoulder, my face already turning red with embarrassment, I see the door closing behind Travis. My cousin Kim, who is about three years younger than me, has nice boobs and has a crush on me, is framed in the opening, and I know she has just gotten an eyeful of my bare behind.

I wait a few minutes as my penis begins to harden at the thought of Kim looking at my naked butt and then softens again. But before Travis has time to finish his shower, I wrap my towel around me and leave the room, hoping to catch him before he's finished. I figure none of the family will think anything of it as long as we're not down there together too long. As it happens, my erection has not completely diminished and my penis is making a fairly obvious impression in the towel. As I step from the room, I see Kim standing in her doorway across the hall looking as though she was just waiting for me to appear. Her gaze starts at my crotch, lingers there briefly and then moves to my face. By the time we make eye contact, just a matter of seconds after I open the door, she is trying to hide a smile with her hand, but can't erase the one in her eyes or stifle a girlish giggle as she gives me a shy but knowing look. I move to the stairs quickly, my face turning red once again.

As soon as I arrive at the basement, I move quickly to lock the door behind me. Turning and tugging the towel from around my waist, I join Travis at the shower. His cock is stiff as a board, and I know he has been masturbating. I immediately reach out and grab his penis as mine rises to full erection. Even as I am stroking his hardon, he reaches out for mine and begins to run his soapy hands all over it and my nuts as I tell him of meeting Kim in the hallway.

Knowing we can't linger too long together down here, we concentrate on our efforts at masturbating each other. Soon we both reach a climax, our cum shooting out onto the shower floor to mingle together as it runs down the drain. Travis seems just as thrilled at what we're doing together as he was the first time, and our hands linger on each other's penis and balls. Too soon, however, he leaves the shower, dries quickly and heads back upstairs.

The first few days after our initial episode at the pond seem to pass too quickly. There never seems to be enough time when we can be naked. Nights in the same bed are really quite different. We always slept in our underwear before. Now we sleep naked. Not a night passes that we don't play with each other or with ourselves. The first night we repeated our experience at the pond. But the second night, Travis wanted to try something different. As I am fondling his hairless dick and testicles under the covers, the only light coming from the guard lite outside, Travis brings up the subject.

"What's it like to beat off with another guy watching? Do you and Sam do that, too? Or do you always do each other?"

"Oh we masturbate together and watch each other, too. It's really just as exciting as doing it to each other, but in a different sort of way. It's fun knowing someone is watching and getting turned on by what you're doing."

"You want to try that tonight?"

"Sure, but we'll have to turn on some light. It's too dark to see very good."

As Travis rolls to his left to turn on the bedside lamp, I kick the covers off of us and push them to the foot of the bed. From under my pillow, I pull out a stack of paper towels I have collected from the kitchen to catch our cum and clean ourselves with. The bedsprings protest loudly at our actions.

"Gosh this bed sure is noisy," I say. "Do you think anyone wonders what's going on?"

"Nah. It's been making noise like this for ages. I'm sure everyone in the house is so used to it they don't even hear it any more."

Au contraire, however. With her door open, Kim has not only heard the bedsprings, she has seen the light come on from under the door to Travis's room. She knows we're awake and wonders what's going on. Silently she leaves her bed and tip toes across the hall to Travis's door. Kneeling down, she puts her eye to the old fashioned keyhole and has a clear view of the entire bed, us in it. She almost gasps aloud as her eyes feast on her brother's penis and mine, both hard as rocks, his sticking straight up from his lap and mine lying against my stomach. She watches as the episode continues.

As soon as Travis rolls over onto his back once again, we each bunch up our pillows so our heads are raised allowing us to see ourselves and each other clearly. Immediately we take hold of our cocks and begin to stroke them slowly, each his own. While I have enjoyed playing with his slightly shorter penis these past several days, watching his hand slide up and down on it is just as exciting. I see that he likes to play with his nuts with the hand that isn't on his penis, just as I do.

Glancing up to his face quickly, I see that he is staring at my hand moving slowly up and down the length of my cock. The look on his face tells me he is just as turned on by watching as I am.

"Didn't I tell you? Don't you find it exciting knowing I'm watching you masturbate?"

"Yeah, I do. But I really like watching you play with your cock like that. I may cum faster tonight than I ever have. Can you time yours so that we don't cum together? I don't want to miss anything."

"Yeah, I think so," I answer as I slow my hand movements even further.

Outside, Kim has slipped one hand into the top of her nightie to stroke her boobs. The other she has thrust into her crotch where she is playing with her clitoris and the lips of her pussy. She can hardly believe her eyes or ears. Even though Travis and I are trying to whisper, she can hear almost every word.

I continue to watch Travis as he masturbates in earnest. His eyes are glued to my hand sliding slowly up and down my hardened penis. On impulse, I decide to add words to the experience to see how he will react.

"I think your penis is really neat, Travis. I like the way it sticks straight up from your lap without any support. And when you stand up it sticks straight out, too. I like the fact that the hole in the head of it is little and tight, not big and wide like mine. I think your nuts are neat too, and I like the fact that you don't have any hair down there yet. It really feels great when I play with you. Are you ready to cum yet? I can hardly wait to see your cum start spurting out of your cock."

Glancing quickly at his face, I can tell my words are adding to his excitement. His facial expression is a dead giveaway, but the speed of his hand moving up and down the length of his short prick also tells the tail.

"You can't believe how exciting it is to watch you beat off, Travis. I had to let go of my penis to keep from cuming myself. I really like seeing your hand sliding up and down on your hardon. This is great! You're about to cum, aren't you? I can tell."

With a groan, Travis just nods his head as the cum shoots from his prick. Fortunately he is able to direct it so that it falls back on his chest and stomach. But the first spurt must go a foot or more into the air. I am amazed and almost cum myself. He continues to stroke his penis for a minute or two as he comes down from his orgasm, his breathing ragged and raspy. I am so turned on I have lost all control. Reaching out without conscious thought, I rub my fingers over the head of his penis, capturing some of the cum that lingers there. Then I thrust my fingers into my mouth to see what he tastes like.

Kim's gasp of astonishment at this is only hidden by Travis's own exclamation of surprise.

"What in the world are you doing?"

"I couldn't control myself. I saw you cum and all that stuff was just lying there on your chest and stomach and the head of your penis, and all of a sudden I had to see what it tasted like. You won't believe this, but it actually tastes good."

Outside, Kim is beside herself. She has just watched her brother masturbate to orgasm and seen his cum shoot out of his penis, the first time she has seen this happen to any boy. But the one she has a crush on still hasn't finished beating off. She wanted to cum when she saw Travis doing it, but forced herself to wait. Now on top of her already almost out of control excitement she has seen me eat some of her brother's cum and heard me say that it tasted good. Kim may be younger than me, but she already knows from talking with her friends that girls sometimes go down on boys. Now a new curiosity enters her own bank of fantasies.

My fantasy continues as I grab some paper towels and begin to clean the cum from Travis's stomach and penis while he cleans his hands. When I'm finished his penis is limp and soft, and I toy with it briefly, rolling it around in my hand.

"I don't think I want to know how yours tastes," he says. "Are you going to beat off or what?" he asks anxiously.

I can tell that even though he has had an orgasm, he is still excited about watching me do what he has just done. So I lay back and grab my erection and begin to masturbate in earnest. Outside, Kim is watching with the same rapt attention that her brother is, her hands busy in her lap and on her chest.

As I play with my prick, Travis raises up on one elbow and turns slightly toward me so he can see better. Being on such open display as I am provides an added thrill to what I am doing. As my hand glides up and down on my cock, Travis's own penis begins to harden again. But he ignores it.

Reaching out with his free hand, he gently cups my balls and rubs them with his finger tips, his eyes never leaving my crotch.

"Your penis is bigger than mine, but your balls are kind of small aren't they. I like the way they pull up tight like they are now. Do you mind if I play with them like this while you masturbate?"

"Heck no! That feels good. It'll probably make me cum even faster."

At this point, Kim is beside herself. With Travis's hand on my nuts, she can't see my prick as well, and she's afraid she's going to miss something when I cum. But she is close to cuming herself and continues to stroke her clit as she watches and listens, our words turning her on, too.

Sure enough, just a moment or two after Travis begins to fondle my scrotum, I feel my orgasm approaching. My hand begins to speed up on my cock as I warn Travis. By this time, though, I am so turned on to what I'm doing that I don't even try to whisper. The words come out a lot louder than intended making it easy for Kim to hear it all clearly.

"I'm almost there. I'm going to cum!"

All three of us stare at my hand on my penis as the cum starts spurting from the end. For the first spurt, I have stopped moving my hand and squeeze it at just the right moment. This seems to highlight the ejaculation, and we all gasp or groan as it shoots straight up. Then my hand begins moving again, pulling the skin up and down on the shaft of my cock. Kim is glad Travis and I are making so much noise with our own groans because she begins to cum right after my first spurt and her groans seem awfully loud to her. She is a little afraid her younger sister, Jimeen, will hear her.

As I continue to stroke my penis, the cum keeps shooting from the hole in the head of it, flying up and landing all over my stomach, hands and thighs. Eventually, my hand stops and I just hold my cock, the head just sticking out past my fingers as my erection quickly diminishes. Cum covers my fingers and the head of my penis until Travis grabs some paper towels and starts the cleanup process.

"Wow. You really came a lot. That was so neat, watching you play with your prick. I got hard all over again, see?"

And he leans back for just a moment to let me look over at his erection sticking up from his lap. Then he leans back and finishes cleaning the cum from my stomach and thighs as I start to wipe my hands on the rest of the paper towels. By this time, Kim has snuck back to her room, hopes for the future already beginning to form in her mind.

Fantasy 3:

Travis had an aggravating habit of spreading out all over the bed as he slept. In reality, this used to upset me because it frequently woke me up and I had to try to get him to move over and make room for me. This was never very easy because he was a very heavy sleeper. But this provides the basis of another fantasy.

The same night we watched each other masturbate, I am again awakened by Travis hogging the bed. As I awake, he is lying on his back, his legs spread wide and his arms flung out to either side. One arm is across my chest, and one leg is lying across mine. Most of the sheet is draped across his body and hanging down off the bed on his side. I find that lying on my stomach as I am, my bare butt is exposed to the cool nite air.

As I lay there in frustration, I suddenly remember the time another friend and I were on a camping trip. We never played with each other sexually, except for this one occasion. I don't remember how it started, but we were alone in a pup tent lying on our sleeping bags. His parents and sister were in another, larger tent. We were playing with each other's hardons and getting really excited when Jim offered to go down on me if I would go down on him. We didn't do it, but in my fantasy this memory gives me an idea.

Crawling from under Travis's arm and leg, I move over into that wide area created by his spread legs. In the process, I move the sheet away from his body, exposing his limp and soft penis and nuts. Encouraged by the knowledge that whatever I do he isn't likely to wake up, I lay down between his legs with my face close to his crotch. With my eyes dilated by the darkened room, the light from outside is sufficient for me to see his penis and scrotum clearly.

At first I just stare at them, marveling at the detail. His penis is really cute and I can feel myself getting hard already. After I am completely hard and beginning to get sexually aroused, I finally work up the courage to lean forward and gently suck his limp penis into my mouth. This is the first time I've ever done this and I am amazed at the thrill it provides. The feel of his soft cock on my tongue is fascinating.

I begin to roll my tongue around his penis, holding my mouth still. Then I add a little suction to the activity of my tongue. As I begin sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing as on a straw in a thick milk shake, his penis begins to harden. Quickly, I look up to his face to see if he is awake, but he is still asleep. I lay there for several minutes sucking on his cock and rolling my tongue around it, long after he has reached full erection. My own penis is so hard and has been throbbing so long it is beginning to ache. Wondering if I can get back to sleep without first masturbating, I leave Travis's penis standing straight up from his crotch and move back up beside him.

As I am trying to get him to move so I have room to sleep, he awakens and immediately realizes that his cock is hard. As I am lying on my back also, it is easy for him to glance over and see my erection throbbing against my leg. As he reaches for his penis, I am fearful that it is still wet from my saliva. But he doesn't seem to notice, so I immediately follow his example and reach for my own hardon. Obviously, he now knows that, I too, am awake and he releases his penis and reaches for mine. We roll towards each other and I grasp his cock in my hand and begin to stroke him gently.

"One of us is going to have to sacrifice a t-shirt or something. We need something to cum in," I whisper to him.

Silently he rolls over and pulls an old ragged t-shirt from under the mattress.

"I hid this there a couple of days ago, just in case," he says, rolling back and laying it out on the bed between us. Then he takes my penis in his hand and begins to stroke it as I continue to do the same for him. At first, we are slow and gentle, still a bit sleepy and in no hurry. But as the sexual arousal builds in our bodies, our hands speed up and grip the cock they are playing with harder, moving the skin along the shaft. Almost simultaneously, we reach our orgasms.

"Here it cums!" I whisper harshly as the cum spurts from my penis and puddles on the shirt between us. Some of it slides along the heel of his hand and remains there. As I am cuming I am still pumping his penis hard and fast. Halfway through my orgasm I hear his announcement.

"Get ready! I'm going to cum!"

And the semen shoots from the cock in my hand. He starts to shoot just as I have pulled my hand towards me, the head of his penis in the center of my palm. As a result, the first squirt puddles in my hand, the remainder falling on the t-shirt. As soon as he is finished, I lift my hand to my mouth and lick his semen from my palm. It still tastes good.

This time, however, I see Travis hesitate and then follow my example. Tentatively, he runs his tongue along the heel of his hand and takes a small taste of my semen that rests there. Then, gathering his courage, he licks it clean. There is a startled look on his face that quickly turns to a smile.

"You're right! Your cum doesn't taste bad at all. This doesn't mean we're queer does it?"

"Of course not. Let's get cleaned up and get back to sleep."

Fantasy 4:

A couple of nights after Kim watched us through the key hole, most of the family has gone to watch Travis play softball. This is just too much for me, an old city boy who isn't used to working from sun up to sun down and then going out to play ball every night. I have begged off going with them because of fatigue. Kim has volunteered to stay home and keep me company and no one had any objections.

I have had my shower and am lying in bed naked under the sheets reading a book. Moments before, as Travis left the room to go play ball, he left the bedroom door open to allow a breeze to come through the window. My shower wrap lies on the floor next to the bed in case I need it. The moment we hear the car pull out of the yard, I see Kim walk past my room wearing a thin cotton nightie and dragging her towel.

"I'm going down to take a shower," she says as she passes by. The ceiling light at the head of the stairs is behind her, and I get a brief, but clear image of her body under her nightie. She has nice boobs and I feel a twinge in my nuts.

Maybe fifteen minutes later, Kim reappears, her hair damp but otherwise looking just like before. This time, however, instead of passing by, she comes into the room. Sitting on the foot of the bed and drying her hair with her towel, she asks me what I'm reading. We begin to talk about the kinds of books we like and go from there. Kim is a good conversationalist and keeps the chatter going easily. In the process, she has dropped the towel on the floor and moved further onto the bed, crossing her legs to sit Indian style. Her back is against the brass bars of the footboard, while I am leaning against the headboard, almost in a sitting position.

Kim is rather animated in her talking and frequently lifts her hands from her lap where she is holding down the hem of her nightie. Standing, it wasn't all that provocative, coming half way to her knees. But as she sat and scrunched her way further onto the bed, her nightie has ridden up to the point that if she doesn't work at keeping it pushed down between her legs, it rises to expose her.

I can't help but see what she is trying to hide. She has a very pretty thin covering of light brown hair just above her pussy lips, not too thick and not too big. The soft fold of her vaginal lips is clearly visible as there is no hair there yet. Although I try not to look, I am unsuccessful. Between the nipples of her breasts poking out the top of her nightie and the brief glimpses of her crotch, I find myself getting hard. What an embarrassment. Here I am naked with nothing but a sheet over me. If I try to hide my developing erection, she'll see me. But if I don't do something, she'll see it.

Finally, I just lay my hands in my lap, but it is too late. She has already seen the outline of my erection. I can tell by the way she keeps glancing at my lap.

"You know, Kim, you need to be more careful how you sit. You're showing a lot more of yourself than you probably realize."

"Oh, I know it. And I could tell you were looking. You got hard, didn't you."

I am shocked by her comments.

"What do you mean, Kim? What makes you say that?"

"Come on, Cory. I wasn't born yesterday. I know what happens to guys. Your penis is stiff isn't it. I could see it under the sheet before you covered it up."

By now, she has unfolded her legs and is sitting with her legs crossed at the ankles. The hem of her nightie covers her crotch but not by much. The affect is tantalizing. She changes the subject and we talk of other things, but my hardon won't go away. She scratches her shoulder, the lift of her arm pulling the hem of her nightie high enough to expose her bush briefly. I suspect she is teasing me but don't have the will power to tell her to leave.

As we talk, Kim begins to tickle my feet through the sheet. As I try to pull my feet away, I struggle to keep the sheet pulled up to my waist. But this means I can no longer keep my hands in my lap to hide my erection. Suddenly, Kim changes position and lunges towards me to tickle my ribs. In the process, she flashes a clear view of her bush. As I try to fend her off good-naturedly, both of us laughing as we usually do, I am trying to tickle her also. My hands, however, keep coming in contact with her breasts. This just adds fuel to the fire in my groin and I am sure she knows how hard it is from the way her legs keep coming in contact with it.

Soon she starts kidding me about trying to stay covered up and tickle her at the same time.

"You wouldn't have such a hard time defending yourself if you'd forget about that silly sheet," she says, sitting back on her heels, breathing heavily.

"Well I can't very well just ignore it now can I?"

"I don't know why not. I've already seen it stiff anyway."

I almost choke at her statement.

"What do you mean? When have you ever seen me that way?"

"I know what you do with it when it gets like that, too," she says coyly.

"What are you talking about, Kim?"

"I saw what you and Travis did with each other the night before last. It was the most exciting thing I've ever seen. I almost came when Travis did, but I waited for you. When your cum shot up into the air I was sure you guys could hear me. I was afraid Jimeen might hear me and come out and find me at the keyhole."

I don't know what to say or do. My face is so red it feels like I'm on fire. I just sit there speechless. After the briefest of pauses, Kim continues.

"I played with myself while I watched you guys play with yourselves. Watching your hands slide up and down on your penises was the greatest thing in the world. It was just too cool!"

She begins tugging on the sheet, trying to pull it off of me.

"Come on, Cory, let me see it up close."

While I struggle to hold onto the sheet with both hands, she begins tickling me again. As I try to defend myself, she manages to straddle my legs and is soon sitting on my lap. The top edge of the sheet is barely covering my hardon which is now lying on my stomach, throbbing painfully with Kim sitting right on top of it. We stop our tickling and I lie there gasping for breath as Kim sits on my erection, resting. I can't prevent the natural contractions of my penis, and Kim immediately notices them. Scooting backwards just an inch or two, Kim takes advantage of the opportunity to reach down and grab my cock through the sheet.

"Wow! It sure is hard! Let me see it, please?!"

I half-heartedly hold onto the sheet as she scoots back some more, but as she continues to tug on the sheet, I finally give in and let go. Kim slowly and teasingly pulls the sheet back, first exposing the pubic hair at the top of my groin. As the sheet finally slips off the head of my penis, it springs back and bounces against my stomach. The excitement of her looking at it is even greater than when Travis stared at it. As I lie there not quite knowing what to do, we both just stare at it for a minute or two. She is obviously excited by what she sees, and her excitement is contagious. As my hardon throbs in front of her, she reaches out and wraps her hand around it. Her hand feels cool on my dick, and she just holds it, feeling it throb and looking at it intently.

Without asking, she begins to move her hand up and down on my cock, moving the skin along the shaft.

"Wow!" she says, almost in a whisper. "Your penis feels neat. The skin is so soft, but your penis is so hard!. This is amazing! No wonder you guys like to play with each other."

At this point, I am beyond words. I close my eyes and revel in the feel of her soft, cool, girlish hand sliding up and down on my rigid young symbol of manhood. After stroking me for several minutes, I feel her other hand begin fondling my scrotum. She is gentle with it, as though she knows how sensitive a boy's nuts are. Suddenly she releases my penis and testicles. As I open my eyes to see what she's doing, she is slowly removing her nightie.

She must have been watching to see if I would look. As the hem slides past her nether region, I gaze longingly at her thin fur. It is even more attractive totally uncovered than it was before. My eyes follow the hem of her nightie as it moves up her body, past her belly button and up her chest, finally passing her breasts which are now exposed for the first time. I marvel at their beauty, the nipples light brown and hard, the circle around them small and pretty. As young as she is, her breasts are beautiful, sticking out proudly, too small to sag, but large enough to make my penis throb.

Tossing her nightie on the floor, she slides one hand down her body, lingering on her breasts to rub them and tease the nipples, her eyes locked on mine. As her hand begins to move toward her crotch, I raise my hand from my side towards my crotch. I grasp my erection just as she slides her hand into her crotch, her middle finger sliding easily between the lips of her vagina.

"You have a really nice body, Kim. I've never seen a girl naked before. Watching you play with yourself is really turning me on."

"I like watching you play with your penis, too. It looks so cool to see your hand sliding up and down your hardon."

After a moment of playing with ourselves, Kim moves from her sitting position on my legs to lie next to me. She immediately replaces my hand with hers.

"I want to do that for you," she says. "I can't get over how smooth your penis is, how soft it feels. I want to make you cum like you did the other night. I can hardly wait to see it shoot out up close like this."

Murmuring my consent, I just lay there enjoying the feel of her hand on my cock. Soon I can feel my orgasm approaching. Wondering how she will react to my words, I let her know in a gasping whisper what's about to happen.

"I'm pretty close, Kim. I'm going to cum pretty soon. Careful you don't get it all over the bed."

I continue to talk her through the experience as my back arches, thrusting my hips into the air, humping my penis against her hand.

"Here it cums!" I practically shout as the semen spurts from my penis and flies into the air. Over and over again, seven times, the cum shoots from the head of my dick, falling back to land on Kim's hand and my stomach and legs. Kim continues to pump her hand up and down the length of my cock as she stares at the cum I'm producing. Finally, she stops stroking me and just squeezes my penis as the last few drops of cum ooze from the head. I almost ask her to lick me clean but then decide against it. Maybe some other time, I think.

"I'll be right back," Kim says. And she runs naked from the room to the bathroom downstairs to get something to clean up the mess. She returns with a warm washcloth and proceeds to wash my penis, testicles, stomach and legs. When she is finished, she lies back on the bed.

"Now do me, before I explode."

Rising up on one arm, I begin rubbing her young breasts with my free hand. Her nipples quickly become stiff and distended once again and her breathing begins to become more ragged.

"I can't believe we're doing this," I say. "You're the first girl I've ever seen naked, and you have a really great body. Your breasts feel so good in my hand."

With her eyes closed, Kim just moans softly and takes a deep breath, pushing her breast into my hand. Without too much delay, I let my hand glide down from her breasts, across her flat belly to her pubic region. Her hair is quite sparse, just barely covering her vagina with a little extra right at the top. Her lips are easily visible and appear to be full and pouting.

At first I just cup her sex with my hand, rubbing her mound gently, feeling the moisture collecting at the lips. I marvel at the beauty of her crotch. This being my first encounter with a girl's vagina, I'm a bit ignorant. Soon, Kim has to guide my hand.

"Here," she says, taking my hand and pressing it to her clitoris. "Spread my lips a little bit and rub this little button right at the top. That's called my clitoris, and it's really sensitive. It's sort of like your penis."

She gasps and moans as I find her clit and begin rubbing it. I am so fascinated by this experience that I am caught completely by surprise when she is suddenly overcome by her orgasm. Thrusting her hips against my hand, her vagina opens up and my middle finger slides easily through the moisture of her cunt and enters her vagina. As soon as it is imbedded up to the middle knuckle, she grasps my hand with both of hers and holds it firmly against her crotch, pushing and grinding her clitoris against the heel of my hand. Her moans and groans fill the air and my penis, which has already gotten hard again, begins to throb.

When she finally comes down from her orgasmic high, we look at each other with shy embarrassment. Lifting my hand from her crotch, she pushes me over onto my back.

"I guess I should leave," she says in a quiet voice, glancing down at my erection. Then she climbs across me to the side of the bed where she left her nightgown. As she does, her vagina rubs across my hardon causing us both to gasp. With her nightgown in one hand, she suddenly leans over and kisses the head of my penis. As I look at her in amazement, she whispers, "If you decide to play with yourself before Travis comes home, would you let me watch?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess." But I fall asleep before anything further happens.

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