The water in my bath was slowly cooling down while I drifted on that ridge between being asleep and awake; that point where you can control your dreams and live in that world where nobody else can intrude.


I finally manage to get away from work at about 10 o'clock that Friday evening. It has been a long difficult week with one software problem after the other. I hardly ever slept in my bed, spending most of the week behind my PC. I am tired and can not wait to get home to relax and listen to some music. I just want to be on my own and spoil myself.

When I get home I grab an ice-cold beer and get out of my clothes. I get into the shower, turn it on and flop down on the floor. I half-sit half-lie there, sipping my beer, water streaming over my head, thinking about the good times. I release that I am horny. I haven't had an orgasm since last Sunday.

I slowly become aware of that familiar stirring in my loins - my cock is reacting to the memories of previous pleasures. Soon it is lying on my stomach pointing straight up, demanding some attention. I soap up my hand and slowly stroke my hard prick, twisting my hand over the head. By now my boner has reached full operating dimensions and all seven and a half inches of thick, hard, circumcised penis is ready for action. I circle my prick with my thumb and index finger and softly stroke the ridge of the head, emulating the lips of a lover going down on my cock.

In typical delay action I decide to first prepare myself - not only for tonight but also for the rest of the weekend. Who knows what delightful encounters might lie ahead, and a guy should always look his best! I like to remove all the hair from my cock - not the pubic hair but only the hair growing on and around the base of my cock. This has the effect of emphasizing the size of the penis as it sticks out of the hair around it. So, without wasting any time, I lather up the old guy and shave off all the hair from its base. My hand slips away from time to time just to give my prick a reassuring and loving rub on the head.

By now the precum is starting to ooze out of the little cum-hole, and I know it is time to get into some serious wanking. I quickly rinse off and get out of the shower. Wet and naked with my hard cock pointing the way, I pad into my bedroom where all my toys are kept - some very slippery lubricant, a nice long vibrator with a very realistic penis-like sleeve, and some condoms. Not to mention a VCR and some really naughty tapes! I pop a video into the machine, open the sliding doors and step out onto the patio taking along all the required goodies.

It is a beautiful hot African summer night with millions of stars in the sky. I lie down on the sun-bed, lube up my cock and start a slow steady stroking whilst imagining that I am part of the writhing group of people on the TV screen that I can see from where I am. It is scene of about ten beautiful bodies - guys and girls sucking, licking, kissing and fucking one another in one happy bunch. Oh fuck, I need this BADLY.

I stroke my cock with long, wet, soft strokes imagining myself deep inside some unknown willing hot sex partner - pulling my cock out all the way and burying it again to the hilt in long, easy, deep strokes. So good, so intense. My cock feels like it is going to explode. Rock hard. I slip a well-lubed finger into my anus, penetrating myself as deeply as possible, touching my prostate, rubbing it, enjoying the waves of pleasure running through my lower body. I am dangerously close to shooting my load and know I just HAVE to slow down a bit.

I slide my upper torso off the low bed lying with my shoulders on the floor and my arse on the edge of the bed. This always cools me down a bit with the blood moving to my head rather than all being concentrated in the center of my existence - my cock! I reach for the vibrator and slick it up with some lube. I slowly penetrate myself with the thick rubber penis, suffering a bit of discomfort at first. Slowly my anus opens up and I feel the satisfaction of being stretched wide open. I start fucking myself, slowly pushing the life-like thick cock deeper with every stroke, pulling out all the way and pushing back in, back and forth, deeper and deeper until I take the vibrator all the way on each thrust - all seven inches of it!

I just lie there fucking myself into oblivion: deep long, very slow strokes. My other hand idly toying with my cock, softly massaging my balls which are hard and full and heavy and pulled tight against my body. Then back to the head with little circular movements, up and down, lightly stroking my shaft. I move my wet hand over the inside of my thighs, my buttocks, over my stomach and back to my balls, my prick, in little massaging movements while being repeatedly and thoroughly violated from behind.

Once more I feel the familiar and, oh so pleasant, rush of my approaching orgasm and know that it is time to slow down again. I stop and relax for a while, my arse sticking up into the air, the vibrator buried deep inside me, my hand slowly playing with my hard throbbing dick, rubbing the swollen head, my other hand massaging and squeezing my balls.

I glance at the TV screen just in time to see some girl urinating on a guy's face while another guy is trying to shove his huge ten inches into her arse-hole. The guy that is getting the shower shoots his load in big white globs while another guy is hungrily trying to catch the flying cum on his tongue.

I have always declared very publicly that I am not into golden showers at all, yet, watching it now from my awkward position, I start wondering what it would really feel like. I think about it and decide that should I ever try it, NOBODY will piss on MY face! I pull the vibrator out of my arsehole, immediately missing the wonderful full feeling and the pulsing head against my prostate.

I relax totally and concentrate on going a bit soft. I let out a small amount of urine - and love the warm feeling of the liquid running down my body! I can not believe that I am actually doing this AND enjoying it! I release a little bit more and then even more until a small stream of warm piss is running in little rivulets over my body. I stop. I squirt out a stream hitting myself in the face! And still I like it. A totally weird feeling comes over me. I am so turned on that I just cannot believe it! I feel as if I am going to come without touching myself! My cock is rock hard again.

I force myself out of this weird frame of mind - enough of this! I jump up and towel myself down. Time for some REAL "normal" action!

I insert a big glob of lube into the tip of a condom and get my cock sheathed in rubber. Now is the time for a good imitation fuck. I grab two pillows and kneel next to the low sun-bed. A pillow on the bed, then my cock and then another pillow on top. Light pressure on the top pillow on either side of my prick. I slowly fuck into the condom trapped between the two pillows.

Long slow strokes just like the real thing - so soft and smooth. Slowly increase the pace, in and out, deep long strokes. The pleasure of a fuck where you can be totally selfish - you don't worry about your partner - just take it all for yourself! Going all the way - oh shit it is so fucking good, the extreme pleasure! My whole body feels like it is one huge big cock with raw nerve-ends all over. One hand sneaking up, rubbing and pinching my nipples in turns causing pleasure ripples to run down my chest into my groin. Fucking very slowly now, enjoying every movement, groaning and moaning, almost shouting out in ecstasy. Stop just in time. Relax - think about other things - the dentist, whatever - just don't come yet - oh please.

And then the crisis is over. Take a deep breath start moving again. Slowly, careful this time almost fucked it up just now - not ready to come yet.

Tired of the condom and that isolated feeling - need the direct contact of my hand on my cock. Stop. Take the condom off. Fuck deeply into my hands, long slow strokes moving my entire body backwards and forwards concentrating just on the deep penetrating feeling as my prick glides in and out of my clenched fist. My whole being now concentrated in my cock. Fingers up the arse again, softly, insistently probing the inner depths of my body. Heavenly waves of pleasure centred on my prick and arse-hole. Oh shit, this is so fucking good.

Very urgent now. Get down on the floor again. Lie on my back. Raise my buttocks as I shove the vibrator roughly into my arse. Deep. The thick pink head of the rubber penis now vibrates against my prostate. Fucking myself hard with the substitute penis while my other hand is rubbing my cock which is now extremely wet with a mixture of precum and lube. Just like being deep inside a hot real wet pussy whilst having a guy screwing you in the arse - the feeling is getting more and more intense.

I feel the orgasm building from my toes, ripples of pleasure running up my legs, knowing that I won't be able to stop it this time. Slip the vibrator out; throw my legs over my head looking straight at my rock hard purple huge penis my hand rubbing the head, stroking it lovingly. That out-of-control wild, beautiful, deep pleasure knot building inside me, building higher, faster, more intense, and almost an unbearable pain of pleasure.

There it is - the red-hot molten lead burning sensation of the semen rushing through the plumbing into the base of my cock up through my prick and then the deep groan, a shout, the ultimate. "Oh God I'm coming". The first white stream of semen comes flying at my face, hits me on the cheek, quickly turn, almost too late, catch the second spurt on the upper lip. Then more explosions of cum all over my face. Experiencing that special drowning feeling, your entire being is pumping out through your penis, you just come and come and come, almost black out with pleasure, coming, squirting, pumping, time suspended, just hanging there in a wave of deep pleasure, oh fuck, so good, so fucking GOOD, I just want to die. Coming out of it at last. What a release. Beautiful. Oh fuck. Amazing. Surfing off the mountain on waves of pleasure.

I lie back and relax. Totally. Enjoy the smell of fresh hot cum mixed with the aroma of tropical flowers on a hot summer night. Lick the semen off my upper lip. Savour the taste, that very special, salty clean taste. Rub some cum into my face, my neck, and my chest. Oh fuck what a buzz, a high like no drug can hope to give, so intense, so satisfying.

I close my eyes. Drift away into a dream world, half-asleep. Hand idly playing with my still half-hard cock, softly stroking it, feeling a small movement, a minute stirring. Oh fuck, not again! Is the thing never satisfied! Can a person be so horny after only a week of abstinence?

I think I'll just have another beer first, will clean up later, and maybe call somebody to come over and join me for some action...


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